Arcata Woman Arrested in Tennessee Airport With Pounds of Marijuana According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations

Erin Reed Dennis BonneauPress release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations:

A joint operation by several law enforcement agencies has resulted in the arrest of two individuals accused of trafficking a large amount of marijuana into Tennessee.

On Thursday, authorities received information about a scheduled delivery to the Crossville Municipal Airport. Upon arrival, law enforcement officers discovered a small plane on the tarmac and its pilot, Dennis Howard Bonneau (DOB 12-20-70). In searching the plane, authorities discovered approximately 66 pounds of pharmaceutical grade marijuana inside the aircraft. Agents also encountered a woman inside the airport’s lobby, identified as Erin Elizabeth Reed (DOB 3-7-83), who was in possession of a bag containing approximately 90 pounds of pharmaceutical grade marijuana, along with edible marijuana products.

Agents arrested Bonneau, of Weston, Florida, and Reed, of Arcata, California, and charged each with one count of Manufacturing, Delivery, or Sale of Schedule VI. Authorities subsequently booked each into the Cumberland County Jail, where – at the time of this release – they were each being held on $500,000 bond.

Agencies participating in this operation included the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Drug Investigation Division, the Crossville Police Department, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, the Middle Tennessee High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Homeland Security Investigations.



  • Guess what dipshits? Tennessee isn’t Humboldt. You’re going to prison. She’s not smiling in the Tennessee mugshot like she would be in Humboldt.

    • What a shame too. Its absolutely disgusting and immoral that people would go to prison for this.

      • You play you pay. Across state lines. Look at the tax free money they could have made. If you want to grow for personal use fine but when you are being greedy you deserve what you get.

        • yeah, but if elvis had been supplied with decent weed, he wouldn’t have needed all those pills; then he wouldn’t have become so fat and bloated and useless. of course, the military and hollywood didn’t help. but you see my point. it was greedy of the state to deny elvis his weed. man.

      • normally that would be true. but this fella has an airplane they can confiscate and many pounds that can be lost from the safe room. these can equate with funds needed for local black ops or purchases of anti-riot roboswats. or maybe just a nice night out for the boss and his old lady. ms. reed is not in a good position, but her friend looks amiable and confident. he has a plane and weed to trade for freedom. isn’t amerika great?

        • Ya they hardly give a shit about the plane, or the weed, they was ratted out, simple and plain and the cops looks like hero’s!! If homeland security is worried about the weed that organization is use less… There function is not that, but they have the right to label you to get involved, Loop holes are undignified!!!

        • The airplane was rented.

      • Exactly.. so wrong to lock up non violent offenders in prison. What a waste of funds, tax money and police efforts. Snitched on obviously by a coerced weakling taken advantage of by fishing cops.
        Very professional.

        • If it were money laundering would you be saying the same thing, :”so wrong to lock up non violent offenders in prison”
          It doesn’t matter what the commodity was, it was a crime.

        • I agree rather legal or illegal. This Shit should be illegal. Now smoking or growing personal im coo with 9 – 20 plants but when u get greedy and expect not to work or pay taxes like all the rest GO TO PRISON where yu ain’t got to pay taxes

      • What you mean smuggling drugs into a state that they are illegal in.

      • To hmm,
        She is disgusting and immoral. Read my other post to see how she really is.

      • I promise this woman deserved it. She was illegal and put familties at risk. She told me she had permits, she said she was legal and this is what she was doing behind my back I left a state run facility to work for erin reed. This is universal karma so she can’t hurt anyone else. I watcher her hurt every person she touched. She needed this. The world needed this to happen to her. To keep other out of her harm.

        • Dude I agree she needs to go to Prison but lets be honest just because she played your dumbass doesn’t mean she is a risk to us or the citizens. Yu got played and her greed caught her I believe you tipped the police off Tbh u are the only person who had motive

      • Well it’s clearly federal jurisdiction. Cry me a river. So do you cry when Indonesia executes drug offenders? They f-ed up bad, and will pay their debt to society , as many others already have. Quit acting like you give your medicine away for free or even the cost of production while you hid behind your scrips all these years you profiteers!

    • She may be from Arcata, but where is the weed from?

    • Mugshots can be so telling. She has the “Can we get this over with I have things to do” he “I can’t believe I did this for $10,000, I am an idiot”

  • If there was 156 pounds of it going to Tennessee it was not pharmaceutical grade marijuana. It was chem shwag from some greenrush grow.

    • i’m figuring the mafioso in the volunteer state pay more than the clubs in oakland. supply and demand. also helps to explain the bust since ATF and mafioso are in the same line of work.

  • What other grades are there, 7 – 11, gas n go, ?

  • What does “pharmaceutical grade” even mean?

    • That was my first question. My second question was what do you mean “scheduled delivery?” My third question was what kind of bag holds 90lbs of pot and how strong is this lady?
      So many small planes busted lately. Does the FBI have agents working as janitors at the Murray Field? Or did they simply put up game cameras at all the airstrips in the area?
      WTH is going on around here?

      • And rhymes with ditch

      • I’d wondered about the 90# bag too. It’s probably an oversized rolling duffel. One of the best selling items at Schatzi’s, or so I’m told.

      • Canadian hockey bags. We had closets full of them up in Oregon when BC weed was flowing south.

      • It was a snitch that’s all it ever is

      • Paperwork and Laptops

        Anybody flying out of here is an idiot. You can easily drive it to small airports in much less notorious areas and meet your plane there. Like…any place that’s NOT here! However in this case it’s obvious that somebody back there ratted them out. But why did the rat have their arrival info? Why let anybody have that crucial info? Laziness and sloppiness. More distinguishing characteristics of an unprofessional greenrusher. Nobody should know- get your load back and safely stashed before you call your connect. Or give them a date and time that is false and have another unassociated friend case the airport to see what happens….that’s how you avoid rats. I expect to see much more stuff like this as greenrushers who rolled out here with zero markets get desperate with their very surplus product. These 2 people will do serious prison time but probably they will try their best to roll on other people.

        • thanks for the slime-ball insider tips

          • Paperwork and Laptops

            Very basic info for safety. Nothing slime-ball about it. Slime-ball would be like telling people how to rip-off or narc out others. The real message here I hope to convey is: This interstate trafficking is a serious business with serious consequences. If you are not up to conducting yourself with severe attentiveness and professionalism (which includes research and education) then you should not do it. I hate seeing people ruin their lives. It’s not all chill like Humboldt out there- not at all.

        • Smart.

        • I promise this woman deserved it. She was illegal and put familties at risk. She told me she had permits, she said she was legal and this is what she was doing behind my back I left a state run facility to work for erin reed. This is universal karma so she can’t hurt anyone else. I watcher her hurt every person she touched. She needed this. The world needed this to happen to her. To keep other out of her harm. If it was a snitch, it’s because she hurt so many it was bound to happen. I swear to God this the only time I’ll ever say it. Thank you snitch. First and only time you get a pass. I know your scum if your a snitch but in this case. I love you. Props. Thank you. YOU STOPPED HER SPREADING PAIN AND HURTING OTHERS. sometimes people to tell the truth.

      • scheduled delivery means it was a fed set up. the bag that holds 90 lbs. is the one they stuffed gareth williams into. and ms. reed looks pumped with adrenaline for obvious reasons. fbi don’t get paid much so most of them moonlight as janitors or prostitutes. pharmaceutical grade simply means they will go to jail longer. or maybe they injected the weed with demerol. 1/2 million bail means they’re welcome to go home if they can come up with the cash. what else do they care about in tennessee except for the cash? not as if there is any remnant morality in the state government and as can be seen from these posts the populace are thoroughly brain dead. game cameras it is, but not needed in this case since it was an illicit fbi purchase. otherwise, the info provided wouldn’t be quite so sketchy. hope that helps.

    • Pharmaceutical means that the flower has a particular content and particular strain that has been proved to stop cells from growing. Not all strains do this and if the medicine was in flower form it cannot help cancer or pain patients. Patients who are using cannabis to fight cancer use the concentrated oil from only a few different high cbd thc strains. Many farmers with access to flower that can be turned into medicine don’t donate. They really should. Only a handful of good growers do grow for patients and that’s a shame.

      • For sure, marijuana growers are the greedeest form of American farmers and almost none of them donate to patients or $ to charities. Just rape the land and book that month long winter vacation! So sad.

        • Youd obviously be surprised be surprised how many growers offer patients free meds and grow the highest forms of healthy medicine for severe patients at no cost. Every grower I know tithes to their community and to legitimate charities. Not sure what farmers you associate with but obviously the shady ones .

        • You need to get out more

        • Most growers do pay a decent wage , unlike mega veggie or fruit farmers who rely on cheap exploited workers . You should maybe think about how that works out.

  • Would have nice if it was meth or heroin ,but no it has to be weed . These two are clearly not rocket scientists.

  • I agree Wordworth how strong is she to be toting 90 pounds through the airport. Straight brute force.

  • Is this the woman who makes Jacks Hand Cleaner?

      • No no no!!! I love that stuff!

        So sad

      • That’s a shame she has a great product and is at the front of the wave in terms of useful item for industry . My optimistic bet is that she will be out and it will disappear . The lady who had her drum kit stuffed came home promptly haven’t heard another word about that mishap .

        • she paid a hefty ‘civil fine’, but didn’t get a receipt. then she departed in the wee hours of the night. that is how criminal civic organizations generally function.

      • I knew it was her. She’s been doing this for years and it finally caught up with her. Sucks. Can’t have feet on both sides of the line. Either you are an outlaw or not. Pretty sure she has other cannabis businesses here.

      • Clearly a cover so she can launder her drug money. No sympathy for them . They knew the risks . Pure greed. Baffled as to why people are defending these criminals. Oh wait Humboldt is full of drug dealers.

    • I guess hand cleaner sales wasn’t paying the bills, dam it

  • Stupid ! Stupid ! Stupid !

  • “A joint operation”

  • Schedule 6? Tennessee is not marijuana friendly at least not yet.. Wonder where authorities got the information. Enjoy your new digs in the not so smoky mountains..

  • They rolled on her. She roll on someone in humboldt and yes….you will never see her again

    • lighten up, dude

    • Big accusation to make. Are you saying she narced on someone out here?

      • No. Not yet. When faced with 10 years min in a Tennessee prison … maybe.If she thinks she was narked off it’ll change her mind.

      • I met her and her man through a girlfriend of hers. My first impression of her was good. She seemed nice. She is far from nice. She is evil, and morally bankrupt. She had her man put all land and houses in her name telling him that it would protect him if he was on the property and feds showed up. She could play dumb with the feds pretending to not know what was going on at that property. She lived hours from the land. Since his last names different then hers he could just act like a worker. He believed her. Then she decides to leave him. They had a baby together. He worked hard for years and she took it all. She very rarely went to the property, leaving him to do all the work. I heard his partner stayed on with her after she kicked her man off the land. So she betrayed him and his partner betrayed him. Then she took all the weed and betrayed the partner. Now she gets busted. That’s karma at its best. I was told she ratted someone out. Knowing her man, he isn’t happy that she got busted. He isn’t that kind of guy. He would never want this for her. But she was always a greedy person. I personally don’t smoke marijuana but I do think it should be legal. They called me when she had their son and so I got some gifts and went to her house the day she got home from the hospital with the baby. I was shocked and disgusted when I walk in and see her smoking a joint with the baby laying on her chest. I left and never spoke to her again. If her man had seen that, I’m sure he would have went off. She is a nasty skank. I feel so bad for her man and their son. He had no idea what she was doing.

  • I wish it would had worked out for them.
    I see some are glad they got caught.

    I know it’s a different state but still consider.. Bill Lockyer formerly AG of California just started C4 a distribution company for rec weed. Yep the man who jailed people who did the same. So If you think these people deserve to suffer than I hope life treats you accordingly.

    “If a law is unjust, a person is not only right to disobey it, they are obligated to do so.”

    Keep all this in mind when spreading those salty vibes.

    • people in tennessee were smoking weed before california became a state. people in tennessee have no ability to change the laws there. people in russia aren’t talking about legalization either. and you’re of course right about the salty vibes, but meanwhile citizens of san luis obispo will still need to drive to monterey to get some buds and the residents of chico can drive a few hours to get their ‘legal buds’. and you know that california trolls can be saltier than anybody. happy new year in any case.

    • To troll patrol, This girls getting what she deserves. She has done those closest to her wrong because of greed. If you don’t know the whole story, keep your opinions to yourself. If this was just some person I would feel bad but she is evil! And it seems like your the one trolling!

    • If someone is so self involved as to consider getting stoned as a matter of “justice” and human rights, then their thinking is already so poor that to have it impaired further should be the last thing they want. But sadly people don’t work like that.

    • It’s not that they( actually SHE) deserves to suffer, not at all. It’s that Erin Elizabeth Reed, the “owner” of Jacks extracts and Jacks handcleaners needed to stop putting people at risk, stop hurting people with life altering lies, and manipulations and thievery. I am a law abiding citizen. I smoke weed yes, I have a med card yes. But i dont pull shit like this. I work at a dispensary. A legal state approved one. I left one becasue she sent me phoney permits with phoney permit numbers to talk me into moving from AZ to nor cal, cuz I would never work for some illegal operation when I can work in a Laboratory(like I am now) making the same amount as she was paying me…. Its an 18 hr drive. One way. If u take no detours. And don’t stop to pee. I loved her. I believed in her, but All she did was use everyone around her, including me. She tried to steal 150k from an investor. I watched her do it. We all did. We didn’t know what she was doing until i called the guy. Personally and asked about it, he was just figuring it out, that transdermal patch machine you know. I saw her hurt every person she came across or try to, maliciously out of personal greed and a deep need for superiority and because of the bro code, she needs to be superior to the bro code. She used iso (ISO = thats rubbing alcohol) to make rso for cancer patients ( it wasn’t purged at all, it was still in liquid form) and when her concentrate tech told her no because it’s morally wrong and creepy, she did it herself and sold it anyways, I watched her, she even gave some away as charity, this was real. This happened o her, because something, anything needed to happen to get her to stop and think. She hurt her man who was a good guy, stole his part of the farm and his father’s work, screwed both her farmers over. Deep down I do believe she is or has good. BuT only she can decide to show it and become it. She needed this. Anyone that was, is , or could have been near her, needed this to happen. just having her off the road, makes everyperson in America safer, she shouldn’t have a license, she almost went head on more times than I can count, becasue she cares more about gum, texting, smoking, anything other than watching the dam road. I’m so grateful I saw and watched her decline/ fall into her pit of adderall, I protected myself becasue I saw it, becasue I knew it was only a matter of time until her negative energy spewed onto me and my life. This is only a tiny bit of what she was doing, this crap should be a movie. I got out barely in time. I’m legal again and now I’m my own boss. Thanks erin. I wouldnt have come this route if you hadn’t screwed me. My whole life is different now. It’s actually good now that I’m not around you. I do hope you find peace and some type of positive intentions. The world, everyone around you, your son needs it.

  • 90 lbs ? Must have been a huge bag and she must have been a very strong woman to be lugging that around.

    • a nice man in a blue uniform helped her most of the way.

      • Check out the Netflix show el Chapo.
        It’s all about the corruption.
        He had a bounty on him for years but it was a joke until he was not useful anymore.

    • Paperwork and Laptops

      Have you heard of wheels? They put them on luggage these days! Then you don’t have to carry it- you just roll it!! You should check it out.

  • Hope whoever ratted on these people is having a very very shitty new year.

    • According to Kermit the dog there was no ratting going on. I suspect different

    • That woman didnt pay her workers i heard. Jacked it all from the guys she was supposed to split it with. Now how do you feel? Karma payback plan!

      • Well that would be a different situation. If she had karma after her than not much else to say.

      • To matt moss,

        She has screwed everyone who has anything to do with her. Her partner was her man’s partner before but when she conned her man into putting everything in her name the partner stayed on with her when she kicked her man off the land. So she screwed her man, her partner screwed her man, she screwed her partner, then the feds screwed her. Karma… Gotta love it!

      • She didn’t pay her employees. She “jacked” them (lol)…. didn’t pay me for a month and a half of work. She stole half the farm she’s growing weed on and took pounds from her farmers before they knew and didn’t pay them for it. Had my child “work” for her, babysitting her terribly unhappy son who punched, kicked and bit people because HE gets hit and punched and treated like crap or left alone so he acts out, erin told my kid shed get her a plane ticket home to see her family if she watched her son for a month, my kid worked more than just that for erin for over a month, she cleaned and helped move furniture, erin never even paid my child lol. The ticket was less that 300$ lol.. Even stole from a kid…. I can keep going but why? She’s a greedy creep. Glad people know.

  • Tree top flyers can make big bucks, but this flight went down in flames. They knew the risks, now they can do the time. Can’t say I’m sad.

    • doubtful that anything ever bothers you when the problem isn’t yours. i figure you’re the only authentic volunteer on the big board. can’t say you’re human.

  • Ya I heard that this was too risky from a pilot years ago.

  • We have gotten so used to large busts that we look at 150 pounds as being not only routine, but as not even a large bust, to the people of Tennessee this must look like a major trafficking ring. Airplane, crosscountry flight, 150+ pounds, and in the last week before legalization, A sign of times to come as we create a whole new smuggling market out of the state.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    These folks gambled their freedom and property on a chance for a big profit. Whether or not they understood the laws in Tennessee, they will lose their weed, their plane, and will now need lots of money to bail out, and then defend their actions in court.

    Good luck to them, and it seems, considering the way these interstate cases go, that they stand to lose their home and grow property, when California and Humboldt County get through with them…

    I hope you see that growing weed and dealing drugs for a living, just makes no sense anymore. Even if only 5% of all black market product is seized, the risk is too great!

    It’s bad enough, the waste and degradation caused by the “industry”, the mess, the lives destroyed by drugs, the destruction of life in Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendo… This is not a game, it’s just a stupid choice.

    Get legal, run it like a real business, work from inside to change the reality of pot, and, go grow your weed on farmland, somewhere else.

    Continuing to play this game, in a world full of surveillance, profiling, and piracy, will never work out.

    AND: If you grow and sell drugs, get a good attorney, as you will no doubt end up needing one.

  • Makes Safe Access Tennessee not so accessible..

  • So, to answer an earlier question, yes it will always be profitable to grow weed in Humboldt.

  • Her hand cleaner ad indicates she’s from Crossville, TN, where the plane landed. My bet is a family member or an old “friend” turned her in. I have nothing to do with Marijuana but I despise the “War on Drugs.”

  • Owns his own plane?
    Sheesh a plane. Most doctors and
    lawyers couldn’t even aford that.
    Guess crime does pay; until they get caught.

    • Most new trucks cost more than what you can get a good plane for. 45k gets a nice used plane . 45k gets you a beat up 4×4

  • Pharmaceutical grade. Explain what that is exactly. It can’t be sold in a pharmacy so what makes cannabis that grade

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Looks like mugshots from the 50’s

  • If you are on Instagram, check out #jacksextracts. There is a screenshot of a message she sent someone calling them a “nigger” and they should “burn in hell”

  • My wife and I take a round trip each year to Tennessee in our older motorhome. Each year, for the past 8 years, we have been pulled over in Tennessee, or Arkansas by state cops who have some flimsy excuse for checking on us. In Oklahoma, we observed state cops peering into the back window with flashlights of our motorhome, while we watched from a store in a shopping center.

    I almost never get pulled over, and I drive 50,000 miles per year, except for when I’m out of state in a motorhome, with CA plates and a Humboldt County registration.

    I think of this every time I read a story of someone getting busted while traveling out of state.

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