Man Arrested in Connection With Burglary of Redway Restaurant

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Richard Lee SmartHumboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Richard Lee Smart, 38, today (Dec. 30, 2017) in connection to the burglary of a Redway restaurant on Dec. 27.

Smart was booked on charges of burglary and vandalism.


The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office needs the public’s help identifying the suspect of a burglary at a Redway business.

Just before midnight on Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017, the suspect gained access into a restaurant on the 3000 block of Redwood Dr. in Redway. While inside the business, the suspect stole food and approximately $100 in change. The suspect also damaged a door inside the restaurant and may have taken unknown items from a storeroom.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian adult, approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall, wearing glasses. The suspect has a prominent tattoo or henna of a flower on the back of their right hand. Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Man the names lately are killin me haha, aka not so smart

  • Trump Is A Traitor

    At last!

    The crime of the century has been solved!

    Praise God and pass the ammunition! 🔫⛪️🕌🕍🕋🎳👼🏾👰🏼👏🏽✊🏽💪🏽👈🏽🙏🏻😳😤🤑😇

  • Wow! When I read the last name I wondered if there would be a reference and right out of the gate. Come on.

  • Surprised he got caught. He looks like a very ‘Smart’ individual !!! 🙂 You and your cell mates have a great new year.

  • So fucking what. Its not like he’ll do any time.

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      For pilfering $100?
      He should do time?
      What, like 5 days? 7 tops.
      Let’s see if he’s even guilty first, you jackals!

      And again, fantastic job on “solving” THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY.

      While you were freaking and lynch mobbing out over $100, someone was being raped in this county.

      Kym, time to focus again on sexual assault & harassment. I heard you’ve done some excellent work in exposing the extremely widespread often unacknowledged travesty of predatory male behavior in Humboldt County.

      Please focus on that subject in your blog. I think the focus on petty crime only reminds one of Lost Coast Outpost, which is unfortunate.

      • What you do not seem to want to understand is that if this guy got away with this once he will do it again. If you owned a business you might be a little more concerned. Sure it is not the crime of the century but nobody said it was. Except for you. And why would it be ignored? Kym would post any rape, murder, ripoff, car theft, house breaking and entering, horse theft, lost dog, lost cat, water theft, and anything else that comes across her desk. Why would you think she should ignore a business being broken into?

        • I love the obituary section as well. My fiancé and i sometimes know these people. In fact Im very appreciative of the may interesting stories here posted. Gives us something else to talk about besides our own dreary ducked up 2017 – Im new to the site.

        • Please post a link that correlates time in jail for theft with a decrease in crime Zippy.

          The amount of Unsolved Rapes (indeed ANY crime that requires competent cops and not just crooks with clout). Those adept at retroactive investigation, interviewing suspects, fingerprint analysis and DNA, writing and executing a search warrant… and an interest in spending two years to solving a rape case when it’s so much easier to get 10 arrests a day shoving hands in a homeless mans pockets.

      • OK I tried to ignore the trolling, [edit]. This incident shows why and how blogs should work. The community as a whole needs to take action in forming it’s community and quit making excuses for bad behavior. Who are you to decide what crime should be ignored and which crime should be solved. Kym’s blog is about the community and the outside world. It helps the community to be informed about what is happening and allows members to help one another.

        CRIME OF THE CENTURY…maybe not, but to the business owners, employees, and even some of the customers it is important that this kind of behavior isn’t dismissed as petty. If you are so unhappy about the community being involved in helping solve and defeat criminal behavior start your own blog. You may learn something about it and it may open your eyes … it’s not just a man’s world anymore and you may see that it’s not just “predatory male” behavior. I may not always agree with Kym, but I respect what her blog has done for the community and the way she does it is more professional than some national news coverage.

      • Spoken like a business owner.

        • LMFAO! 😆

          Enjoy your corporate tax cut, “Enough Already”. 💰

          • iforgotmyblogname

            “Mike” and “Republican Jesus,” why are you so vicious about small business owners? People enjoy eating in restaurants; restaurants employ people; restaurants pay taxes; and the best way to fight corporate control over our economy and lives is MORE small locally-owned businesses. Guys, what do YOU do for a living? (You don’t have to answer; just THINK about it.

            • There are much MUCH more important issues that severely understaffed local law enforcement agencies have to deal with in Humboldt County.
              Much more serious crimes than some street urchin stealing all of $100.

              Do you have any idea how difficult it is to serve as a law enforcement official in this county? (If not, ask somebody sometime.)

              My concern (other than the obvious wannabe lynch mob mentality at play here) is that law enforcement, which is stretched thin in Humboldt to say the least, is being pressured by financially and politically powerful right-wingers in this community to take time away from investigating serious crimes to act as unpaid security guards for their business.

              Hire some security guards, you cheap bastards!

              • So according to your concern, the businesses owners who ask for law enforcement assistance are all right-wingers (I don’t know too many business owners that don’t expect law enforcement protection for their property), and should not be given the same consideration that our Marijuana farms are given? Does that mean that family disputes, neighborhood disputes, or even residential burglaries should not be reported or asking for Law Enforcement assistance…does that mean the community should have to pay for private security while still paying taxes?

                Law enforcement’s problem is that the “street urchins” as you call them are going unchecked and taking over our communities. They are taking more money from our social services and demanding more from the tax payers. Our current state government is more concerned about being politically correct and has an attitude that if it is politically correct the tax payer will pay out more…not in taxes, but “fees”. If Law Enforcement is concerned about being stretched, they need to take the fat out of the supervision and put more officers on the streets.

                As far as being pressured by business owners to serve as security for their businesses, provide names and evidence that this is happening. And as to your comment about the “wannabe lynch mob”, if you allow the “street urchins” to have a free range, you will see a lynch mob mentality much worst than a few community members expressing their fustration at people turning their heads and ignoring the criminals walking the community unchecked. Consider this so called “lynch mentality” as assisting the Law by providing them with information they obviously didn’t have. And no I am not a business owner, just a victim that has been ripped off and had to work twice as hard to replace what was taken.

                • REPUBLICAN JESUS

                  This is an important message for the Garberville business community (and elsewhere) that should be taken heed of. 💵👮🏿 ⚖

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        You give him a hundred bucks and the key to YOUR place. Get back to us in a few weeks.

      • I think you’d be singing another song If it was your hundred dollars or your store that was broken too but being a liberal with liberal ideology it’s okay to have somebody else’s stuff

      • Forget the hundred dollars. The charges are Burglary and breaking and entry. It doesn’t matter the amount of the theft. It’s the fact that he is willing to break into a place and rob it. Maybe it will be your home next time. It’s a serious crime. Don’t try to downplay it because the amount stolen was small. Ps; Why are people so quick to get off topic and throw politics into every conversation? This is so simple folks. A grown man broke into a local business and robbed it… PERIOD!!! Don’t pity the fool. Don’t throw race or Mr. Trump into it. Just be happy he is not out breaking into YOUR HOUSE tonight.

  • He stole $16,000 from me 4 years ago. Heroin addict. Not at all smart.

  • “Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation”

  • Last name Smart, grows up to be a dummy. Darn it

  • As Zippy points out above if you are a business owner you might be concerned because if this fellow got away with it once, he most likely will do it again.
    I want to add that any one in the Garberville, Redway areas should be concerned as it may not just be businesses he targets. Home owners should be concerned too. He did break and enter a closed and locked establishment.

  • It’s not the $100 they stole this time. It’s the dozens of times they have broken into someone’s home or business and disrupted people’s lives. Years ago some scumbag stole my new color tv that it took me three years to pay for. How much did they get for it? The police said $30! When he got convicted, he got one year in jail. The cops had been looking for him all over the county. When was our house burglarized again?- They day the scumbag got out of jail. The system just doesn’t give a shit and they just don’t learn.

    • It also stated that he took things from the freezer. The damage caused from his entry is probably expensive to correct. The $100 is only in cash and coin. I have been the victim of theft myself, not a business owner. The principle of the offense is what matters to me, not the dollar value. Ever had someone break into your home? What’s the value of feeling secure in your own home? What other crimes is he willing to commit to feed his addiction? What if someone had confronted him during the act? Getting criminals off the streets, if even momentarily, is a good thing.

  • Cabin in the woods

    Herpe New Year!!!


    • couldn't help myself, sorry folks

      It is quite obvious that the ball is gonna drop within the next 24 hrs

      (Just goes to show, there’s no such thing as a “Smart Dick” that belongs free)

      Last time I saw a cold sore like that, I was being tested for chernobyl syndrome

      (I failed)

  • Isn’t that Kyle from Road Trip?

  • Our power is in voting! Don’t let anyone tell you your vote doesn’t count! It does. Vote dems. Repeal props 57 and 67. Read the props, we did this to ourselves. We voted to save reduce felonies to misdomenors, we did this! Quit bitching and vote! WAKE UP READ THE PROPOSITIONS AND VOTE!

    • Unfortunately I don’t think they even count them anymore, if ever. Also didn’t help that brown/trump/Obama sign things without voting at all.

  • What? Me worry?

    Alfred E Smart

  • So mad .....hmmmm

    I see he got hit ……i seen him on Thursday and called it in the cops let him go then he got beaten up that night then the cops got him Friday….. Its not the first time he has gotten in trouble…… Photo is of him at my work Thursday

  • Forget the pic of his face. I wanna see that right hand!

  • He broke in cause he needed second breakfast.

  • Keep patting yourselves on the back, y’all! JESSE JAMES is dead. Now you can go back to your lives and let law enforcement do its job. No need for a posse anymore. Excuse me if I am somewhat sensitive to a bunch of White people acting like a wannabe “local” lynch mob focused on petty property crimes, while you same reactionaries have nothing whatsoever to say about the criminal traitor in the Oval Office! 🎃⚖

    Again, acquire some perspective.


    • Republican Jesus = What say?! your post is not quite with the thread of what folks are commenting on here. I’m sure plenty of the posters have strong feeling about the issue you speak of also but can you stay on Subject? What is your point anyway?

      • We’ve been having an ongoing discussion on the topic. Please read the posts from the previous story on this same topic.

      • [edit]I go by two names on this blog: Republican Jesus & Trump is a Traitor, and have never attempted to fool anyone. Trolls generally make the attempt to change their writing style and/or topics.

        I have done no such thing.

        And keep in mind, “Guest” [edit]insisted I had written some sort of manifesto elsewhere in this blog. [edit]
        Seriously, if there was a manifesto by me, it would be an interesting read indeed. Kym, what do you think? Would you like me to write some sort of a manifesto for Redheaded Blackbelt? Any preferred topics, perhaps?


        Kym, since Troll “Guest” is insisting upon the existence of a manifesto elsewhere on this blog (which he of course did not give any specifics on, since it does not exist), please resolve this subject so that the Troll “Guest” will finally get a clue.

  • Probably won’t be having any lunch at Debbie’s anytime soon like never.Is he a trimagrent? He’s not smart enough to notice that there’s video surveillance at least should have put a glove on his hands, so no fingerprints.he looks like typical scum bum from [edit]redway .I wish kym it was like it was when we were kids .

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      Seriously “local” reactionary business owners, quit harassing the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office with your petty bullshit.💩


      If your excuse for not having the sense to hire some security guards is “…We’ll go out of business if we have to show some personal responsibility and give a few folks here some jobs protecting our establishments…”, then realize this:


      That is your job ladies & gentlemen of the bourgeoise. 💰

      And please don’t plead poverty, “local” business owners. We’ve seen your cars. We’ve seen your homes. You’re doing just fine!💵

      • Their mission statement says “all citizens” and “to maintain order.” So those afford business the protective and investigative services of HCSO. Businesses pay a decent amount in taxes also. They probably only receive police and fire assistance for a higher tax bill. How much government assistance do YOU take? How much in taxes do YOU pay? And BTW, most politicians sold us out a long time ago, in the infancies of their careers. There is too much money in politics for it to have any validity as honest, transparent, or in the best interests of the people.

  • This need's to stop i hate ripoffs

    He is not a trimagrent and this is not the first time he has ripped off a business and from what im hearing he has gon in to people’s homes. …..yeah keep a lookout

  • I wonder if he still in custody probably not curious to know what his bail is . If he’s not on probation he’s out already on his own recognizance lock your doors people there’s a thief amongst us.

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