From the Homeless Corner: Declare a Shelter Crisis

Robert cox bob coxRobert Cox: I’m not just a squishy liberal. I’m an ex-marine, a retired educator with a Ph.D. in philosophy and literature, a senior activist with a nice little government stipend, which gives me the freedom to do the important work of a citizen. I have no agenda beyond a desire to reduce the suffering caused by homelessness. I believe we should spend more time on healing our communities, and less time on figuring out how to take them back. Law enforcement has its place, but it’s not the solution. Ask any cop.

cIn last week’s column I described how local non-profits and government employees came together around a plan to dramatically reduced the harm caused to the homeless while mitigating their negative impact on our communities. After meeting with representatives from many of the agencies involved, I’m impressed by the quality of their plan, which is designed to provide a pillow in a safe place for anyone without shelter or housing. Money is an issue, of course, but it turns out that a major barrier to acquiring additional resources, and not just money, is the reluctance of the County Board of Supervisors to sign onto legislation declaring a shelter crisis.

It seems to me that the Board’s decision to commission a private company to explore the nature of homelessness in Humboldt County was a mistake. Instead of engaging with the major on-the-ground stakeholders, including members of the homeless coalition, the Board elected to bring in experts, which has left all of us with an expensive study and a set of recommendations that point to unavailable solutions; there simply isn’t anything like sufficient affordable housing available. And there won’t be any time soon.

Fortunately, the shelter crisis declaration, if signed, presents the County with a second chance to get it right—to sit down with local people whose expertise and lived experience could open the door to finding solutions based on a shared intention of simply trusting in a democratic process aimed at promoting the general welfare. Moreover, it could turn out that we will all re-learn the important lesson about why democracy is superior to other forms of governance. After all democracy is about more than just voting. And outsourcing responsibility for addressing the homeless problem was essentially anti-democratic. But, fortunately it’s not too late to give democracy a chance.

I recently attended a Board Meeting: the chambers were packed with concerned citizens, the majority of whom came to support placing the shelter crisis on the Board’s agenda— hopefully, on the way to forming a Task Force “that includes representatives from all stakeholder groups to develop services and land access to successfully relocate all homeless people temporarily into multiple legal sanctuary camps to tiny house villages… in available areas UNTIL there are adequate and accessible shelter beds or low income housing available for these persons.”

Approximately 20 people provided verbal and/or written statements to the Board. Signed petitions were submitted. The comments were marked by strong feelings for the 1,330 homeless people currently surviving in Humboldt County, alarm over their impact on our communities, and a commitment to pitch in and help. The sentiments expressed included: “We want to share in your responsibility to protect public health.” “Get the red tape out of the way, and let’s do something together.” “It’s time to act.” “The problem is only getting worse. “ “Do your job.” “We’re sick and tired of your denial and failure to act.” “People are dying.” “It will even reduce costs” A long list of the names of people who have died on the street was read. Do you hear the cry for a democratic solution?

Before the meeting, the Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives provided the Board with arguments in favor of placing the crisis declaration on their agenda, because doing so:

“will allow public input and discussion of the lack of housing for homeless people in the county. There¹s tremendous value in declaring a shelter crisis in Humboldt County: increased funding for services and savings in public health and safety. In a rural county, with a widespread chronically homeless population, a county shelter crisis declaration can support solutions. California legislation on shelter crises was intended to allow elected bodies to relax zoning, not incur liability, and be broadly applicable. This state law was intended to be a way for a county or city to give critical assistance to efforts to create multiple solutions to this crisis of lack of housing. The city of Eureka, so far, has applied its shelter crisis declaration very narrowly. A countywide, general declaration would be helpful to create housing solutions across the county.

California’s Department of Housing and Community Development and the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development are looking at counties to see who’s supporting solutions for their communities. There’s a broad spectrum of potential support; many lenders and foundations want to add to and contribute to county supported efforts. County support, via this declaration, will be used in grant applications to federal, state, local public and private lenders. Staff interpretations of rules and regulations that might otherwise bar a project will be viewed under a different light. A declaration gives clear direction to all decision makers about what projects and programs to support.

…The intent of the shelter declaration is to trigger a state law that allows jurisdictions to wave requirements that prevent emergency shelters from operating. Permits and approvals can be entirely waived as needed. Projects can be moved up in priority, allowing projects housing homeless persons immediately. The county agencies (Department of Health and Human Services, Building and Planning, Department of Public Works) have tremendous power to assist homeless housing allowed by the shelter crisis declaration.

This is a crisis. People are being injured. The lack of adequate shelter has been recognized by the state and it has passed legislation to enable the counties to take all of the steps within the power of county governments without the normal liability. This power can have far more economic impacts on public health and safety, and cost savings related to emergency services, hospitalization, law enforcement and incarceration than any specific grant or funding. The legislation was targeted in part to allow things like “tiny house” communities to be formed and constructed within reasonable health and safety considerations that are far, far less costly. Other California cities and counties are using shelter crises now.

AHHA cannot urge the Board of Supervisors more strongly to acknowledge this shelter crisis, by simply declaring this county to be impacted by a severe shortage of housing, affordable housing, emergency housing and areas that allow impoverished citizens to exist safely near necessary services.

The emergency shelter declaration can go several steps further by identifying county controlled property for use as emergency shelter. In San Francisco and other jurisdictions this has included warehouses, schools and other property that can be safely used to allow people to shelter in tents, RVs and cars. These are supervised settings where services can be delivered and where police can provide security for all. There are now many elderly and ailing citizens facing a winter without housing, without secured storage, without a legal address necessary to even begin to get assistance.

These are unfortunate times and a shelter declaration is a necessary first step in this county, in order to prevent further tragedies.”

The Homeless Coalition hoped to open a shelter on the 2nd of December. It’s the 28th today, and they still haven’t found available space. It’s cold. Nine people have died on our streets so far this year. Isn’t it time to sign the declaration, and to begin a democratic dialogue?



  • Trump Is A Traitor

    “I’m not just a squishy liberal…”

    Well said, sir!

    Squishy liberals/progressives are a problem indeed. Invertebrates generally do not do well in American politics or at blogging.

    • The anti-liberal sjw’s have nothing to do with progressive values. They actully use violence to stop free speech, cant get much less liberal than that.

      • Really? What I’ve seen lately is various bunches of liberals, from universities to the media, trying their darnest to bully those with different opinions into disappearing.

        All you have to do is look at Jared Huffman’s spew in the tweets below. It’s not so much that Trump got elected because of his sterling credentials as he could match liberal spew tweet per tweet.

        He has proven much more rational as President, even if highly unsuited, than I thought he would be. So many Huffman is not quite as much of an idiot as he appears either.

    • “…I’m an EX Marine…..”
      There is no such thing as an EX Marine.

      • Yes there is. A dead marine.

      • Semper Fidelus

        Thank you for your service to our country.


        I love my country. I LOATHE that it has turned in to a fucking shitty reality show to the rest of the world.
        It’s embarrassing.

        Wake up! Liberal or not, we all are US CITIZENS and whatever policy that is”in” right now is ridiculous.

        Liberal, conservative, WHATEVER…

  • Amazing that such a small percentage of the population can take up so much and apparently never ending amount of the world’s resources and time.

    I wonder if there really are so many more people failing to live up to basic participation in society or just that the resources that used to take care of them like crappy hotels and rooming houses have been declared blight and eliminated. Surely drug use has exacerbated the situation.

    Anyway, it all sounds fluffy and warm. Just make places available for the homeless as a first step. But then they bring all their problems to those places too. The drugs, violence, disease, crime, mental illness, etc.

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      Those widespread problems are of course not the sole province of homeless folks, as you know.

      Solving homelessness is relatively simple, if we have the will to make it happen. You give homeless people a roof over their head, so that they are no longer homeless! Easy, right?

      Well, not so much… You see, there are still backwards individuals in this country and community who believe in enforcing that old 19th century concept of “the deserving poor”. They believe virtually all social programs should be eliminated, and like in the 19th century, churches should be the sole providers of social welfare. And religious indoctrination should be a requirement of aid, according to religious “conservatives”. Of course back then, people used to starve in America for the perceived crime of being “undeserving” of aid.

      Now please, like just about every other time I’ve posted, please attack me with the “troll” label for expressing a point of view, which may not be identical to yours! So sorry. My bad… 🔙

      • No one is attacking you for a point of view. They find you a noisy, illogical egotist who thinks being rude is the same thing as being effective.

        Personally I think spouting other people’s poorly thought out rants is rather amusing. But you need to improve your reading skills. You inserted “deserving” from your own internal voices. There’s medication for that you know.

        Too bad for me that you bring out the wickedness in me. Someone whose obvious hatefulness makes it ok to respond in kind. I will try to be better at ignoring you, which certainly will become easier as even the first few words of any post you make will be such a bore it will end there.

        If you think that there is too much ugly in everyone else, you need to spend some time asking whether it isn’t really you.

        • Trump Is A Traitor

          If you are unfamiliar with the American history of social welfare or the concept of “the deserving poor”, that is your problem – not mine. And what do you find about the above post to be rude or inaccurate? Specifically?

          So, I’m hateful for pointing out the fact that people in America starved in the 19th century, because the conservatives of that time (much like today’s conservatives) were too moralistic and judgemental to take the principles of their claimed religious tradition seriously?


          And your post above, “Guest”, is easily the most moralistic, judgemental, and illogically insane comment that I’ve read
          on this blog so far. 😜

          • I love liberal revisionist history. Take any problem and find a way to blame it on conservatives. If people starved in the 1800’s it was because of a lack of food due to primitive technology. Since the industrial revolution, that liberals like you despise so much, there is an abundance of food. People weren’t starving in the 1900’s and during the depression people humbly waited in line, embarrassed at having to rely on others. Today homeless demand free everything and sneer at you for not giving enough! Shit, they don’t even ask for change anymore, they ask for dollars!
            And yes, charity DID take care of people; they did a much better job at it too. An uneducated man could raise a large household and his wife didn’t have to work just to make ends meet. Somehow, the warped liberal mind views this as misogyny and credits greedy, scumbag unions for the wages of the forgotten man. Never mind the reality that most people didn’t have a union job.
            Health care was affordable BEFORE government got involved! That same uneducated man, who maybe laid bricks, or was a carpenter could actually afford health insurance! And guess what else, doctors, who weren’t drowning in red tape, actually helped the less fortunate and didn’t practice in fear of a lawsuit around every corner. THEY EVEN MADE HOUSE CALLS!
            The demise of this country will continue due to policies that liberals advocate. Steal people’s production and hand it to overlords, kings, and politicians and it will invariably go up in smoke; this is the lesson of history that the self righteous liberal annoyingly ignores.This country was founded by rugged individuals who didn’t want fucking handouts. They wanted to be left the fuck alone and keep the fruits of their labor. They didn’t want to hand their production over to lying ass politicians under the guise that it was going to magically help the populace. That is how this country became the wealthiest nation the world has ever seen. Handing money to overlords HAS NEVER WORKED for anyone but the overlords and their cronies. Jealously whining about people who are successful doesn’t help. If you take from the productive they will produce less because what’s the point of producing? If you give free shit to people they will do less because what’s the point of producing? That is what liberals like you, Hillary, Bernie advocate and the antithesis of what made this country wealthy. These are the real traitors.
            Gotta go, I’m off to produce now. And I won’t shed a single tear for the scumbags traipsing up and down Broadway, turning this city into an embarrassing shithole. Instead, I will thank a misguided liberal/traitor.

            • LOL, Liberals despise the industrial revolution!? That’s a new one. No need to read further, that enough humor for a week.

            • Well said Rollin!

            • Sorry, Rollin, a huge part of the accumulated wealth of our country was from slave labor. I guess that doesn’t count in your narrative. Also, speaking of hard working people, I suppose you forget that starving folks from the Dust Bowl states were turned away at the California boarder, the one allowed in had to work for starvation wages in the orchards and fields. The struggle to unionize these workers wasn’t spearhead by the ‘conservatives’. As for the now deeply red south, at the time they were too busy making Jim Crow laws and lynching blacks to help the poor ruggedly individual farmers. Until honest wages reasonably catch up to housing costs every low income person will be struggling.

              • Yeah sure slave labor, just as the irish, just as any othet race in history has been enslaved at one point or another. What about the black slave owners that were here ? What about the fact the only 10 percent of aferician slaves came to america ? Why is slavery still used here as an excuess where other nations with large aferician populations dont use this as an excuse ? There are many questions such as these , what about all the black or afericians that have come here since the end of slavery ? Why is it that the gettho life is so glamorised here in america , some call it their heritage and culture bow , yet in same populations in other parts of the world it is despised by the same groups of people that promote them here . When did it become shameful to succed ? What is wrong with battleing and overcoming on your own and being proud of that. Black slave owners and their decendants , remember slavery wasnt white men capturing wild native afericians and forcing them on boats to work here. They were bought and paid for and imported, the sellers were black afericians. The first slave ship to land in america was a dutch flaged ship. To this day there are still open air slave markets in parts of aferica . Instead of dwelling on the past and using it as an excuess look to the future and built your own. If you stay looking in the past you will never be anything but the past. The future is there for everyone it is just a bit more work for some than othets , and that is just fine, because the harder one works the sweeter the reward.

              • Road Weary,
                I guess the fact that you conflate Jim Crow laws with the “deeply red south” should not be surprising givin your ignorance of the history of slavery. Jim Crow laws were introduced by southern Democrats, thank you! And NO, slavery was not even close to a “huge part of the accumulated wealth of this country”. The vast majority of people did not own slaves. A cursory look at the facts, that you would undoubtedly ignore anyway, would reveal that if you bothered to research, which…. you won’t.

            • Trump Is A Traitor

              LMFAO! 👏🏽😝
              You crazy! 😂
              Liberals despise food? Hilarious! 😆
              I’m guessing you also agree with perv Republican Roy Moore about slavery being the time in history when America was “great”?

              I’m guessing you also want to make “America Great Again”, right? 🐘

              • Trump Is A Traitor, thank you for your reply, or rather, your lack thereof. You are a typical liberal. You have said utterly nothing in response to my argument, nice emoji’s though. You look like a complete fool for the world to see. I only reply to empty headed comments like yours, knowing you will make an ass of yourself (mission accomplished), in the hope that my reasoned arguments will save someone from falling into the mindless, emotional abyss that is liberalism.

            • Man, what happened to you? Did a liberal kick your ass? No, they must have kicked your head. You have just enough misinformation to link together words into sentences but they don’t make much sense.

          • Jesus made it abundantly clear that we are to self govern with principles.
            Giving, not taking.
            Donating charitably, not forcing others to do what we cannot.
            Visiting prisoners, not creating prisoners.
            Living freely so others may live freely, not regulating them out of entrepreneurship.
            Examining our own lives so we can improve our own lives so that we can then become beneficial to selves and others, not force others to become as impoverished in principles and wealth as we allowed our own selves to become.

            Self loathing creates loathing for others.
            Self love creates love for others.
            Love of God creates love for self and for others.

          • judgmental

            • Hopefully judging correctly. Not judging at all is psychotic. It would mean having no understanding at all.

              You probably just mean judging differently than you. Because I sense you are judging constantly.

          • Where do you live please, if you don’t mind my asking?
            Do you live near where your future village would be?

        • “No one is attacking you for a point of view.” Goes on to immediately attack them for their point of view with ad hominus.

          “Someone whose obvious hatefulness makes it ok to respond in kind.”

          Ahh the kind of “logic” that motives idiots on both sides.

          • Nonsense. The attack was totally based on the nature of the speaker because as I said that’s the problem. The nature of the speaker. Not the point of view.

            • Trump Is A Traitor

              And what is the nature of the speaker? Are you an expert on the subject?

              However, the nature of the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was that he was not only a high school wrestling coach, he was a CHILD MOLESTER as well. Care to vouch for that Republican as well? 🐘🙏🏻

              Oh, and don’t forget about Rapist Roy Moore either. 🙏🏻

              • I only know what you post but it is pretty telling. 1) You think shooting a childish insult is the same as making a statement. 2) You are almost universally unkind except for the times you put your stamp of approval on a comment. As if it meant something. 3) You misread a lot and insert mistaken meaning then chastize people for what you yourself inserted. 4) Since you never bother to come up with an independent thought, it must be assumed you don’t have any. 5) You apologized to a person and expressed condolences yet went right back to your irrelevant insults so you don’t keep your word. 6) Apparently you have developed a personal manifesto that attacking everyone in deliberate trolling will be effective at something, although the only goal that makes sense is to get everyone else to shut. A bully in other words.

                That’s a lot of information and none of it has anything more than entertainment value. Nothing more.

                • You sir are out of your mind. 😜

                  You clearly have not actually read
                  most of my posts, yet are intensely obsessed with me for some strange reason. I hope you don’t have any desires to grab me by the pussy Trump-style, because I’m an outie, not an innie.

                  Why you decided to compose a mini-manifesto about me is entirely unclear. Yet you falsely claim that I wrote a manifesto somewhere on Kym’s blog that I am completely unfamiliar with, since I have not done any such thing. I look nothing like the Unabomber. Manifestos appear to be your thing, little man.

                  Why you are imagining manifestos & more justifications for Trump’s criminality that only a sicko would take seriously?That’s for you to figure out with your therapist. Not my problem. 🖖🏻

                  I realize the thought of sharing a city, county or blog comments section with someone less White than yourself is a disturbing emotional experience for you, but again it is not my problem. Work that one out with a licensed professional therapist.

                • Are all these similar posts just one angry, either white wannabe or non white wannabe (they sound the same) person who believes revenge is sweet? And thinks being free to trash talk is revenge?

        • Well said Guest!

      • Great post Trump is a Traitor.

        • He is a traitor to those who feel betrayed via his bombing of the poppy fields, the taking out of ISIS, the rounding up of MS13 gangs, the strings cut to the UN agenda 21 takeover, the Commies who set the government up for complete takeover, …
          tsk tsk.

          Here is a short list of things he’s done to betray the takeover.

          • Trump Is A Traitor

            Not to mention selling out the country and realm to our Russian enemies, undermining constitutional order by his blatant criminality and subterfuge of American democratic principles in exchange for his own personal power and pocketbook.

            • Inner voices, inner … wait! Not inner voices. That’s straight from bargaining stage the press’s Post Clinton Loss grieving

              Anger- that Trump had the nerve to do an end run around the Absolute Power of the Press

              Denial- Clinton can not be beaten so we go on not listening to anyone else

              Bargaining- Anyone not voting for Clinton must be an old rabid righty so trick them by mentioning their boogie man from the cold war. They will turn on him.

              Depression- those who aren’t still pretending it never happened are pretty depressed

              Acceptance- that’s not in the lexicon of many rabid liberals- they’re still objecting to Reagan. Reality has no lessons for liberals.

              • Guest, your hero Donald David Duke Trump is on the verge of being the first American President to die in prison.

                • Inner voices. They only say what you want to hear.

                  But, if you are just going to make stuff up, please let it be more interesting. Maybe more elegant, interesting or creative. It’s impossible to even work up a good offense at such trite, self exposing silliness while laughing.

                • Aquaman knows the answers

                  Trump is a joke. However, if you look at the comically corrupt shit the Clinton foundation did an NO-ONE went to jail I’m seriously doubting our quid pro quo oligarchy would allow trump to get

                • Trump Is A Traitor

                  The oligarchy doesn’t run everything.

                  Robert Mueller is not an oligarch.

                  The FBI aren’t oligarchs.

                  The CIA aren’t necessarily oligarchs.

                  The NSA are not oligarchs.

                  The NSA intercepts did him in.

                • Washington DC is a small, incestuous world run by patrons and clients. The political appointees under the Clinton and Obama machines did place the same small group of people in all those agencies and they in turn hired spouses and other relatives of loyal campaigners and donors.

                  Trump tried the same idea but it often misfired because he was not in the established circle, the people he knew were not as capable of handling a hostile bureaucracy as they thought they were and they were easily done in sabotage. Just like so many here, hatred has overwhelmed any respect for the country itself. As long as they can harm, they don’t care about the collateral damage.

                • So “Guest” is an Alex Jones fan. 🍕⚡️Shocking.

                  You keep preaching that “deep state” stuff if you like, but your paranoia is showing. 😳


                  Google it!
                  Hilarious! 😆

                • Alternate Guest Experience

                  I have no idea who these people are. There is no conspiracy involved. It is the nature of people who have fallen so in love with personal power that they sacrifice every altruistic goal to it. They surround themselves with people they have bought, thinking that is as close to safe as they can make it.

                  Independent people are too dangerous for those who see everything in terms of themselves. But independent people also bring a chance of great rewards because they bring drive and goals. While sycophants can bring destruction because they too are all about their own personal power, even plotting to replace you while mouthing what you want to hear.

                  Keep the balance is they tricky part.

                • Wow you guys just solved our homeless population issue. Great job!

      • Backwards people is a huge insult, not just to those whom you are projecting your insult towards, but to yourself as well. Socialism is as far backwards as one can get.

        Socialism was the tragic method the Pilgrims implemented during the first years. It didn’t work. Thousands of people died. It didn’t take long for them to change over to self responsibility and private property. They proved that when it is up to the individual to take care of themselves instead of taking from others, they miraculously manage to step up and do the work they need to do in order to survive and prosper. The more prosperous ones donated their surplus to the genuine needy.

        Socialists think that prosperity consists of money, stuff, status afforded by how much stuff or money they have. They are consumed by greed. They hate prosperity in others. They spend their lives damming those who prosper.

        Conservatives know that prosperity consists of spirituality, principles and the fruits of their labors. The principled person does not worry about greed, they go out and prosper. They are a principled people who want abundance for all, not misery.

        • Trump Is A Traitor

          Feeding people is what sane human beings do.
          Or would you rather have the poor starve to death?

          Call it socialism, who cares? Only you.

          Making sure people have a place to sleep at night so they don’t freeze to death in the streets is what humane people do.

          This shouldn’t be so difficult, people. Seriously.

          • Ah but liberals make it so difficult. Nothing is good enough. Liberals always claim policies that fail is just because their newest idea, slogan or policy is needed. Never the fault of delusional thinking in the first place.

            Saying “That won’t work because people are not like that,” always gets the response “Well they should be.” Can’t ever reason with folks like that. They think blame, insult and regulation will really work this time.

          • Trump is a traitor ,How many homeless do you have living with you at your house?

            • Trump Is A Traitor

              LMFAO! THC, Did the county and /or city government ask you to allow homeless people to move into your house? Seriously?! Hey, Kym, now there’s an awesome story! I’m surprised Sinclair Broadcasting’s Channel 23 TV wasn’t all over that story?

              THC, how much money did those gubmint jackboots offer you? 💵🇺🇸
              Or did they demand that you give up your bedrooms to local homeless folks like American patriots were required to give quarter to British soldiers during the 18th Century? 🇬🇧

              • A tiny bit better. At least a point for referring to a bit of American folk history even if it is totally irrelevant.

                Like a drum beat, you offer nothing but hate. No solution, no understanding, no insight. Just your drum beat of TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP…

                • Dude, you’re the one who can’t stop hating on me personally. Many of
                  my comments are politically based & yes, sometimes even funny. If you are a typical Trump acolyte who can dish it
                  out, but can’t take it, again that is
                  NOT MINE.

                  Perhaps you are simply attempting to emulate your hero Donald
                  & his legendarily thin-skinned and nasty angry temperment?

                • Alternate Guest Experience

                  Yes, it is totally personal. But not hate. It was a sort of recreational sport, baiting the fool and watching them whiz around. Like a cat with a lazer light, always attacking but never getting the point. The cat is always going to go after the bait and miss because he can’t out think his instincts.

                  But it can be dangerous too because there is always the chance that such a person is a sad, boarderline decompensating human that would be excused if met in person, with their weaknesses sadly on display. The internet “sanitizes” by isolating people from seeing the full reality, never noticing what is a game to one is a wound to the other.

                  Besides, while the cat will play a long time, the laser owner gets more easily bored with watching the cat spin around in the same circles. So altogether, I guess I’m over it.

            • Does anybody know where Mr. Cox lives? If he doesn’t live in
              Eureka, he should not ask to make a homeless village here.

          • TiaT quote “Making sure people have a place to sleep at night so they don’t freeze to death in the streets is what humane people do.

            This shouldn’t be so difficult, people. Seriously.”

            This we agree on 100%.
            Where we differ is how to achieve it.

            You prefer everyone closes their eyes and opens their wallets and give self responsibility over to a central power to redistribute as THEY see fit. This puts every form of life at the mercy of the THEY. This is accomplished through heavier regulations that forbid the individuals to help other individuals or groups. Only the groups/endeavors selected by the THEY are recognized as worthy. THEY command how much to help and when and where.

            I prefer everyone open their eyes and wallets and donate to the worthwhile causes they fully believe are beneficial, whether directly or through direct deposit. This is self responsibility. It is the person’s obligation to track and hold accountable those whom they establish beneficial teamwork with. This also frees up the funds to help another endeavor when the first no longer needs the extra help because they have finally gotten on their feet and are now helping others themselves.

            There is a world of difference between legitimately being beneficial to others and it’s opposite of enabling others. Enabling a cesspool of corruption doesn’t sit well with most people. If we lived in a fairy tale world of zero corruption, we wouldn’t have to be forced to give to a central hub for proper distribution. We’d be happy to give, not only our funds, but our time and expertise as well. But it’s not. It’s a cesspool.

        • Cranial rectal inversion must be a problem for you. Have you ever read any socialist writings or visited a socialist country? Your sure don’t know much about it and yet you act like a John Bircher.

    • Guest, Is the general meaning of your remark ‘who are these idiots who can’t keep it together and do we want to spend the money and energy to keep them from dieing in the streets?’
      I continue to be surprised that our community cannot connect the dots between the facts that there are few living wage jobs, three people in our nation own as much as half of the rest of us, and 1% of us are failing life.
      This seems like a simple equation to me. And it seems like the ire ought to face up, not down, the economic food chain.

      • Trump Is A Traitor

        Well said, Lotta! You rock! 🎸

      • The reality is that there isn’t enough resources to take care of every need of a even small percentage of the population that needs everything done for them. Homelessness is generally a symptom and until the cause is addressed, there is no resolution. These people are not dogs to be sheltered against their will and someone else’s direction. Their will will likely include violence, crime and drugs, to the detriment of those around them.

        There needs to be a reformation of views on the rights of the mentally ill in that release from treatment is not on demand. That would be at least an honest first step. Unpleasant but needful. Not the magical solutions so often touted as caring.

        That alone would half the homeless population. About drug issues I am not so sanguine.

        There are fewer “living wage” jobs but that is another lack that can be addressed if the will is there. Surrendering to the idea that there will never be such work is a self fulfilling prophecy. And that is what is offered by many caring people. To never allow the hard work of fixing the cause in favor of making the symptoms less distasteful.

        • Guest…You ramble on but still miss the point. Three People’s got half of everything.
          Give people living wage jobs and suddenly crime goes down without hiring one extra cop. Drug abuse also goes down.
          And with jobs, People’s have enough money and time to take care of crazy aunt Clara. And hopefully not against her will.
          In short: It’s the economy, not our moral character, that needs solved.

          • From experience, if the economy is bad, then it’s the economy getting the blame. If the economy is good, it is society that gets the blame.

            People are not ‘given’ a wage. They earn a wage. And that is the hang up- the earning part.

            If what you say is the truth, the economy is firing pretty well right now. There are signs up all over town about hiring. See any difference? No? Then ask yourself why.

            It’s because homelessness is rarely circumstantial despite the anecdotes. By far most is due to drug addiction and/mental illness. Until people are willing to deal with those issues, a good economy is not going to change much.

            From , “San Francisco initially responded by providing temporary, spartan shelters. Now, it permanently houses thousands of people salvaged from the streets through multimillion-dollar residential and counseling programs. But still, the city remains home to sprawling tent cities, junkies squatting on blankets shooting heroin, and all manner of anguished destitute people and beggars holding out hands.”

      • You do realize, don’t you, that you are promoting the 1% who take all? They own the media, which we’ve been brainwashed by. They promote scarcity where none exists, so that we are fooled into giving them more of our precious resources.

        This video explains quite a bit of it. Note how the innovators started off with electrical cars and busses? Note how they were ripped out, and replaced by gas? Note how there are over 300 years worth of oil in reserves, so now they invest in elec and command for all to go electric? Follow the money. After we’ve all switched over to elec through their mandates, and the value of that dollar depletes, suddenly the OIL will be the way to save the world from it’s loss of carbon that feeds the trees that produces our oxygen…

  • We ARE NOT a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic!
    (The creeping mob ruled democracy is why there are so many jobless and homeless in the first place! create a crisis, offer a solution, Delphi a consensus, implement).

    The concerns and thoughts of the people have not been addressed in your last letters. (There is no attempt to communicate, only implement. There is only a story line of what you are supporting, which is the Agenda 21).

    The Delphi Technique that promotes the UN agenda is glaringly obvious.
    (Tricking the listeners into choosing preselected answers to questions. Do you want homelessness. The fix outlined is up to you. Fill out our questionaire: Do you want to fix homelessness? By saying yes, you are agreeing to the UN Agenda plan).

    There is no such thing as an ex-marine!
    (Once a marine always a Marine. The only ex-marine is an ex-american, like the PIER 39 marine).

    There are more, but my blood is boiling.

  • Note the zoning regulations, fines, fees, in the last part of the video. How does it compare to Calif, to Humboldt, to Mendocino? What did the town do to fight it and win?
    The entire video is educational and important. Understanding is the key that opens the door to freedom.

  • Robert Cox, thank you for caring, thank you for doing something about it and standing up for what’s right. Living in So Hum I don’t know the problems in Eureka but I will express my opinion to the board of Supes.

    I find it hard to believe the comments that came after this story. Trolls will grab on to any story and spout their various realities. It always makes me wonder. Anyway, don’t stop please. Thank you and really Good Luck in 2018.

    • HA! The perfect example of the Delphi Technique (besides the OP’s attempts), just jumped into our laps. That was awesome!
      (All who have questions or opposing ideas are to be shamed, ridiculed, and insulted into hushing up).
      Manipulation 101.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    People. Choose. This. Lifestyle.

    Drugs, alcohol, begging, repeat.

    The assertions of the self-denying “squishy liberals” make me ill.

    If you like people lying around begging and making your towns unliveable, just keep giving them food, money, housing, whatever!

    Being homeless should be hard, it should be difficult as possible! Wasting resources on rousting, jailing, policing and giving medical services is so far outside common sensibilities, it is impossible to understand.

    All these folks should receive is a ride out well past the city limits, and a stern lecture about the perils of returning…

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      I believe I made it perfectly clear at the top of this discussion thread that many (of the more effective) liberals/progressives are in fact vertebrates.

      And you will of course come to realize this as of November 2018, when blue-state Republican statewide office holders & blue-state Republican members of Congress get moved from the endangered species list to political history’s halls of extinction. 💀

      • That reminds me of Hitler in the The Beer Hall Putsch. He made it up too but with such violence and venom and outrageous behavior that people thought he really was crazy enough act as he said.

        He said kI am going to fulfill the vow I made to myself … to know neither rest nor peace until the November criminals had been overthrown.” As if everything was all about him.

        You are not so convincing, though just as nasty. You too picture yourself as some knight in shining armor attacking the evil doers. You threaten and bully. But I think you would act just like Hitler if you could.

        Somehow, you file every opponent under one label “Trump.” Trump is your own obsession. But maybe that is what gave Nazis their power. Their own frustrated Obsession, leaving no room for anything else. It would be just another ridiculous laughable delusion except it is so widely shared by so many frustrated liberals, especially the national news media, who have been on a downward slide to insanity ever since Bush was President. Trump has driven you insane and you haven’t even noticed.

        • Trump Is A Traitor

          Trump reminds me of Hitler, with more makeup.🎃

          • So you say but then you say a lot of things just because they are nasty. I have never compared someone to Hitler before as that is a trite anaolgy used by angry fools who think that simply using the word condemns those they want to out shout.

            In this case I meant it precisely and specifically. In the incident I meantioned, Hitler, out of fear of being trivialized and angry over failures of others to support his strange ideas, decided to copy the tactics that succeeded for Mussolini. He attempted to force a captive audience into acting as he wanted by bullying and lying. It was a failure in the end.

            You do the same. Bullying and threatening in an attempt to control others who you feel are defenseless. Unable to persuade, you bully and lie. And you fail. It is just unfortunate you are given a platform to do it.

    • @ groba dude-I’m liberal and I pretty much agree with you (I’m def not squishy though) in the sense that homeless are there because they have failed to make their lives work, and I don’t think the society owes them anything. Exceptions are handicapped homeless and legitimate veterans. The mentally ill ones should be in an asylum, the drug addicted ones should be in prison or some kind of serious rehab that is maybe state funded and keeps them off the streets. And families should take care of their own. That would solve most of the problems wouldn’t it? Done

    • Yeah, that’s what we did to the blacks, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Indians, Union members and any others that the good Christian Republicans disliked.

      • Alternate Guest Experience

        Also to Irish, Swedes, Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Slavs, etc. As did and do Chinese, Rwandans, Hindis, Buddhists, Cambodians, etc did and do to their local minorities. One recent surprise is to read articles by Bhutanese disparaging Nepalese when I failed to think through the media infatuation about “gross national happiness.” As all groups do to other groups when they can. All groups except those who can both be brave enough and open enough to deal with their own fears on a personal level.

        What you are really talking about with such venom is winners and losers. That is a problem hard to fix. Can a group both keep its integrity and function inside the territory of another larger group? It’s hard and any such accommodation fragile.

        Coopting the Guest name fools no one. Nor does switching through your other choices. A person is what they write, not what they call themselves. And you are very successful in identifying yourself but what you expect to get out of it is not to be had.

      • Trump Is A Traitor

        “THE BLACKS”?????

        Kym, you delete approximately half of my posts on this blog (for mostly non-profanity related reasons), but RACIST GUEST continues to post this racist sh*t, and apparently you are OK with that as far as I can tell… 👎🏻🤐🚽

        If racism is perfectly acceptable on your blog, then ridicule should be as well.

        Just saying. ☺️

        Or is “Guest” perhaps a person that you know personally (unlike me)?

        Either way, if my particular form of ridicule towards racists offends you (again, profanity not the problem for the most part), then at least show some fairness in this discussion, if you please.

        I believe in the First Amendment. I do not believe in censorship. No one is reading these comments sections under duress. If they are offended by a racist like”Guest” being chastised, then forget them! Unless………
        “Guest” is a local business owner that you happen to be friends with? That’s OK if that’s the case .🆗 Just give someone an opportunity to respond to the racism sh*t:

        “THE BLACKS”????????????🖕🏿

        You should see some of the obnoxiously ignorant racist business owners that Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost cozies up to, like the racist homophobic Harvey Harper klan for instance. It might explain all of the racist crap on Hank Sims’ blog.

        And don’t forget, the North Coast Journal removed Sims as editor for good reason! And the NCJ definitely improved after Hank Sims left. Imitating the Lame Lost Coast Outpost is a bad idea.👎🏻

        As bad as “Guest” may be, none of the people who post on your blog are as awful as Harvey Harper.

        Except for the focus on who got arrested that particular day (no matter how petty the crime), I like Redheaded Blackbelt very much. I wouldn’t waste my time if I didn’t appreciate what you have to offer this community.

        And Hank Sims gets paid 💵 by the Harvey Harper klan🔥, which is just another reason why Lost Coast Outpost sucks.


        HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🍾💌

        • I think you should try to read Guest’s comment in context. Perhaps a little less jumping to conclusions might help realize when someone is stating something less smoothly than is perfect but still is trying to express something you might not disagree with.

  • Until people learn to distinguish between the truly homeless that can benefit from our help and go on to be productive and the self-hating leaching bums that don’t give a shit about anything, we won’t be able to help anybody. How many of you people that think all homeless deserve handouts have actually been to some of the local homeless camps? I mean seriously, if you bought your child a new toy and they broke it and literally shit on it would you go out and buy them a new one? You should seriously go visit some of these camps and see for yourself.

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      It sounds like you have some camps in mind for America’s homeless citizens, THC.

      Those wouldn’t happen to be FEMA camps?

      No, as hateful towards the less fortunate as you are, you would probably prefer Trump Family Death Camps, which would be another way Putin’s favorite American family can rob the American people blind! 😎

      Enjoy your corporate tax cut, THC!

    • I agree THC.
      The saddest part is how easy it was for the politicians to create such a crisis in the first place. We’ve all heard about the drug running c-a, the fast and furious, the soros backed environmental sue and settle groups, the UN agenda zonings, MKUltra and so much more it would take all day to type out.
      Rescuing those who can still be saved because they want to be saved, makes sense.
      Trying to convince the others to return to life, makes sense.
      Treating the two as if they were one and the same is ultimate insanity.

  • People are building a large encampment on the Fortuna River Bar as we speak. Building a wood structure and no one cares. There are encampments scattered everywhere in the County. It would be nice to have a village where it would consolidate the homeless population and clean up the mess being left from those who disrespect the land they reside on. We have a problem that is not going away, getting worse and needs something done about it. You can’t walk in many of the woods these days without running into garbage strewn encampments. Some of you are right, there are two types of homeless. One who wants to make life better and those who choose to live a life of thievery. Humboldt needs to open it’s eyes and take action. This place is becoming a vortex of drugs, crime and homelessness.

    • The history of providing shelters has been that they ever expand but, while those folk are sheltered, there seems to be ever more that come to replace the spaces they vacated.

      Is there anyone who has any first hand knowledge of a city that came even close to eliminating this problem? Where they took action that lasted more than a few months?

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      Dude, America is a vortex & Humboldt County’s problems are small potatoes. 🍟

      I really am beginning to detect a pattern of behavior & “thought” here by the reactionary far-right fools who litter this blog with their hypermoralistic garbage.

      Y’all have no perspective on American society or its ills or how lucky you are to live in a truly wonderful & magnificent place like Humboldt County.

      I have no idea what your life experiences have been up to now, but you come across as EXTREMELY PROVINCIAL.

      If you have never lived anywhere else, that’s fine, but I honestly feel sorry for you. There are so many amazing people and places in this world. Get around some time & don’t be afraid to spend time in locales not quite as lilly White as Humboldt County (90+% White folks in Humboldt).

      Give people who are different from yourselves a chance. Then if you find that you don’t like them for a legitimate non-racist reason, feel free to say goodbye.

  • Humboldt is well past the “becoming” stage. All persons choosing to live outdoors while stealing, drinking, drugging and begging need to be set on their way to somewhere else. Plenty of BLM land in Northern Nevada that would make a good central location for these types.

    Lest everyone think I am insensitive, I would do everything I can to help women with children, women escaping a violent environment, and persons victimized by abusive relationships.

    Any camp housing or centralizing services would need an inpatient rehab program, of course. We could build Trump’s fence around the place too…

    • Even if that would be legally enforceable, which it isn’t, it wouldn’t work. It would be unrelenting war. But the attempt mean while would make brutes of those who tried.

      We used to have such places. They were known as the “other side of the tracks.” As long as the drug abuse, violence and crime stayed pretty much there, it was tolerated. Nowadays, the existence of such a place would be considered a social blight needing fixing. Unfortunately, the theories about how have not worked.

      What would work is a national work ethic where being self sufficient is respected more than being a victim. But we exported our jobs and imported cheap labor. And subsituted drugs for pride.

      I wonder how much success Sean Swanson and his Fortuna Life program has had. The press only covers it that I’ve seen when there is a project. But what about the guys working for him?

    • “Other Side of the Tracks”?

      We all know what you mean by that comment, Guest.

      You think so long as your KKK compound flying swastika flags is safe from whatever, then f*ck everyone else (especially folks less White than yourself).

      Look at how the opioid epidemic is being treated by politicians & media vs. how the crack epidemic was treated by same during the Reagan/Bush debacle.

      Notice a difference?
      The difference is:
      CRACK equaled BLACK, so nobody gave a flying fuck about those communities in inner cities that were plagued with this shit, being brought in courtesy of Ollie North and his fascist criminal compatriots, many of whom of course ended up in prison.⚖🇺🇸

      Guest, if you are too young to recall Iran Contra, go do some research (watching Fox “News” is not research, by the way 💩).

      • Alternate Guest Experience

        Kym again how is constantly name calling and trolling insults not banned?

        To the poster (under all his pseudonyms), you are a member of the KKK trying to stir up trouble. That has become clear as no one with a real cause could be so one dimensional or so stupidly dense. You copy every statement read in radical blogs without understanding, thinking it has meaning.

  • Thank you

  • I think the author has some good points; but why not declare a housing crisis in the author’s backyard, or at least the city the author lives in? Does anybody know where the author of the article is from? I’ll bet not from Eureka. Having camps of junkies that should be in rehab. will turn Eureka into an awful ghetto.
    Why do people that don’t live here want to start homeless villages?
    Why do all theses “activists” pick on little towns like Eureka for their projects? Why not la or sf where they could do more good?

    A lot of people move out of Cali. because it’s so expensive, why should a certain demographic be any different. If the “activists” that don’t live here are so concerned they can declare a shelter crisis where they are, or move the homeless to a state with cheaper housing?

  • Kyme, I appreciate your paper, where is Mr. Cox from?
    If he’s from Eureka I’d say he’s a kind person like Betty; however
    if he’s from outside of Eureka and wants to turn it into a ghetto of junky
    camps, why can’t he do that to his own town?

    • (Not that) Guest

      Eureka is the home of the jail, the mental hospital, social services, and Betty Chin etc… There’s a reason the issue starts here and radiates outward. We might as well accept it and deal with the problem in Eureka because it’s here. Building shelters, whether you think it’s the solution or not, doesn’t create some drug camp, that is clearly already present. We all know low tide means non stop drug deals happening under the pier. The only reason it’s as bad as it is is because it’s the county seat.
      Also see: quit talking shit about Eureka and its residents, the problem isn’t created by Eureka being some analogous representation of it’s super different than every other town population, it’s just circumstantial to the location of services the homeless utilize. Quit hating on Eureka. (Not saying this comment is but it’s certainly a common theme in this comments section and it gets old).

      • they deal drugs all day on 3rd and 2nd, but most of the activity is in drug houses on the westside. most of the homeless population is from Eureka and most of the tweakers on BMX bikes and soon to be on the homeless list are also from Eureka. lets be honest, Eureka is the product of poor decisions. feel free to fact check everything.

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