[UPDATE 2:51 p.m.] Deputies Investigating Death of Man in Hoopa

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff HumboldtThis morning at approximately 11:25 a.m., a male body was located at a residence on Hostler Creek Road in the Hoopa area, confirmed Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The man’s body was located by family members. By 11:35, Hoopa Tribal Police were on the scene.

Karges said that deputies are trying to determine whether anything suspicious in nature occurred. “They haven’t ruled anything out,” she said. But no detectives have been sent to the scene as of 2:30 p.m.

According to the Two Rivers Tribune who broke the story, “There are presently two Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies onsite as well as several Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Officers.”

UPDATE 2:51 p.m.: Samantha Karges spokesperson added the following, “We received a call around 11:25 a.m. today for a report of a “male down” at a residence on Hostler Creek Dr. Hoopa Valley Tribal Police and Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the scene. The 52-year-old man was declared deceased around 11:45 a.m. There is no indication of foul play at this time. The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate.”



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    How long before some right-wing racist leaves a comment attacking Native Americans?
    30 minutes? 40 minutes? 1hour?

  • Skim over the rude comments. Condolences to the family.

  • Sad another person rest in peace regards to the man’s family .

  • Trump Is A Traitor

    That’s right. As soon as some right-wing Russia-loving Republican moron launches into a racist attack against Native Americans, skip right over it.

    • You trash nearly everyone but Native Americans, including insults based on physical appearance. And tell those who disagree with you to move. Hope that glass house you live in has thick panes.

  • Trump Is A Traitor

    No, I specifically trash Republucan racists, dumb criminals, and dumb criminal racist Republicans.

    And if a blog could do better by finding a different focus (other than petty property crimes that don’t even qualify as serious felonies), I see no problem with making some constructive criticisms, hoping that particular blogger might actually listen to what I’m saying & even further, understand what I’m saying about how they could make positive changes in their content.

    For instance, enough of the obsession with petty misdemeanor crimes, like this one. However, violent crimes do deserve your focus
    Get it now? See the difference?

  • Trump Is A Traitor

    Petty crime comment was in regards to the story about $100 being taken from a cash register.

  • Kym I think trump is a traitor is trolling and name calling, definitely using hate speech, even if it’s against republicans, they are people too. Please disallow this on your site. Hating and bigotry is the same animal attacking even against people we may not agree with. I hope you trump, sir find a way to deal with your rage and self discust a different way. The only hate speach has come from you in a totally inappropriate forum. You must not actually interact with live humans much to assume you know the characteristics of so many people based on the word republican. I hope you block him Kym this is a story on loss of life it has nothing to do with his bias and belief regarding republicans.

    • I keep trying to block him. But he’s using different ips.

      • Good luck with that, sweetheart. Thanks for your work.

        • Trump Is A Traitor

          Kym, calling a racist a racist is not trolling.
          It is as American as apple pie! 🇺🇸

          Again, I will attempt to explain myself. So hopefully this post isn’t deleted like the last one.

          Read the polls.
          Most Americans hate Trump. Proven fact! 🇺🇸

          If the only people who are allowed to comment on this blog are those who are respectful towards neo-nazis & Putin’s puppet “president”, you just excluded most people.

          If that’s your choice, fine.
          But be up front about it.
          I have no interest in wasting my time on what apparently is a forum for white supremacist wannabe lynch mob members.

          Not the first time I’ve encountered backwards scared racist White folks in Humboldt County.

          So, just let me know….

          “No colored people allowed”?

          It’s your blog, after all.
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      • I’m sorry that people misuse the comments secton so wildly. I’m thankful for your dedication to local information. It seems best to avoid the comments on many articles however.

      • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

        He’ll (is he a he, or a very bitter woman?) will get tired, or his meds will kick in, or he’ll go back to posting on LoCo. Thanks, Kym, for keeping the sane part of the population up to date on what is going on around us.

    • And it’s not just against republicans. Apparently, we are all white supremacists just for posting on this site, if we don’t agree with him. The biggest hypocrisy is he insults people for their physical description. Like the guy in the White House!

      • Trump Is A Traitor

        Oh, poor little Trump. 🎃
        He’s such a nice guy.
        How dare I criticize him!

        And unfortunately, my post from yesterday was deleted here where I asked y’all to go read the multiple previous posts elsewhere on this blog by Republicans that are blatantly racist towards Native Americans, employing demeaning stereotypes, hypermoralistic judgements, etc. (Context is important, so when you delete posts that in no way constitute trolling, you delete the context of the conversation as well.)

        • Darn it all. I had to go back and delete my response as he sucked me in again.

          If you really are sorry, stop posting on this article.

    • I’ll 2nd that, NorcalWarmth.

  • What does any of that have to do with my cousin losing his life? He wasn’t a Saint, but he made sure to check on his elders, provided food for those that didn’t have it, and always held the door for little old ladies. Plus he was a talented jewelry maker. As much as I dislike Trump, this is one time I don’t want to read about him being a d*ck. Thank you to all that offered condolences, I will pass it on to his mother. May the Creator bless you all, and may you walk in happiness.

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      To you From_Hoopa, I owe an apology.

      My condolences on your loss.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    • Thank you I’m so sorry for your loss. Death is an awful reality that has nothing to do with politics or race, rather our unfortunate lack of immortality. I hope you can find peace in this time of grieving. I am so thankful to hear how this man was a blessing to others. Truth is we aren’t promised another breath, in the loss my family and I have experienced in recent years I have found an acceptance that allows me to love and be loved like never before. Remember to cry when grief shakes your soul, as it will, this was the best advice I’ve been given regarding mourning. Look to those who love you, they will lead you through this as you also lead them.

  • I’m sorry to have allowed the Trump troll to have lead me into frivolous troll games. It is wrong to do that in a space intended for serious consideration of a person’s death.

    Even an unknown man’s death deserves more. It deserves respect. Knowing that life is a treasure too soon lost.

  • The are two types of people in the world, the ones who work towards the life they want and the ones who don’t want to put out the effort but expect to get the same results. You could have five identical houses on a street, all the owners have the same job, same income, cars, etc. The difference is the amount of effort each family puts out to better themselves. The house on the right gets out and landscapes their yard, paints the house and washes their cars. The house on the left has cars parked on the grass, the house is filthy and they complain that the people on the right got the better location. Now switch houses and the same results occur. It’s not about where you are, it’s about how much effort you are willing to put out to better yourself. Calling the people who are willing to work racial slurs only shows the hate you carry, not about color, but about entitlement.

  • My sincere condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. dear soul.

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