‘Which intersections are most important to you?’

This is a press release from the Department of Public Works:

The Department of Public Works is in the process of undertaking a massive project to install and upgrade curb ramps to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications. There are more than 700 intersections that need to be improved. In order to prioritize the intersections, Public Works is seeking your input.

We are asking that you tell us your top 10 most important intersections.

There are several different ways to share with the county which intersections are most important to you:

1 – You can write out the intersections (cross streets) you want to see improved. If you’re unsure whether your intersection is up for consideration, we have a list of nearly 700 intersections to choose from.

2 – We have also provided an interactive map that allows you to place pins on the intersections of your choosing.

3 – If neither option above work for you, you can also email staff or send your suggestions in via U.S. Mail.

In all, the survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. https://www.peakdemocracy.com/portals/131/forum_home?a=145




  • Awesome tax dollars at good work for a change.

  • Where do we go? Where do we go now? Oh, where do we go?

    This press release failed to provide the webpage, or even website, to take the survey on.
    Do you know what webpage/site it is?
    I’m tired of my crutches slipping and tripping up on those yellow things when they get wet or mossy or dirty.

  • Potholes and sidewalks and STREET LIGHTS are far more important. Political correctness has gone way over, OVER the top in HumCo.

  • why not fix the intersection where 101 and 299 meet….(north bound)what a joke! almost got killed again going home last night!

  • How about shelter cove road?!

  • And by all means, install more of those retarded yellow bumpy pads anywhere you can because they do nothing but help people find a slope or something…not to mention..they’re AWESOME!

  • Those yellow bump things should be banned. I have personally witnessed an elderly gentleman trip over them and suffer a head injury, and I’ve heard countless tails of them dumping old ladies with walkers on their faces. They are dangerous in every way, and do not even provide the supposed benefit to the visually disabled that is used to justify their existence.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    They are dangerous and slippery. How does this make a walk way ADA compliant? One would think it would make for a heck of a bumpy ride for someone in a wheelchair and dangerous for someone who has mobility issues to begin with. What next?

    • They are, in theory, to aid blind people in knowing they’re about to walk into a road, just in case they didn’t notice the slope, surrounding curbs, gutter, and every other indicator they’re used to looking for. A worthy goal… Except they’re harmful to everyone else, especially people using walkers, which have a habit of dumping their occupants. They’re slippery when wet, they trip people, they cause anything with wheels to jostle or catch, and are responsible for far, far more injuries than they’ve prevented. They’re also expensive and require routine maintenance to keep them from getting moldy or muddy.


    Those yellow things are disabilities compliant for blind using crosswalks approx $7000 a@piece Look at new Rohnerville Rd and new bike path have not seen 1 Blind ever and new bike lane takes up 8′ of lane with zero parking section for 4 miles THANK YOU MUCH GOVERNMENT CENTRAL PLANNING. (One size fits all).

  • Is this Humboldt County Public Works department? FYI, most cities each have a public works department as well as each county.

  • Delusional liberal yes it is Mark the mad mopar man .

  • Ya I got 5 mopars two 69 road Runners a 70 Dart Swinger 74 cha llenger ,and a 73 duster .i got issues lol


    Cool I found you here I thought the challenger was a 70, I’m the cuda dude.

  • Dear delusional liberal I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Auto Expo this year.

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