[UPDATE 8:17 p.m.] Missing Man in Mendocino


The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is requesting that everyone keep an on out for the following man. They wrote on their Facebook:

Alexander Vance was last seen on December 20, 2017, in the Travelers Home Trail area of the Mendocino National Forest. Alex is described as 6’01”, 180 lbs, with brown hair and blue eyes. (Clothing description is not available.)

He was also known to drive a gray 2001 Kia Optima with a Massachusetts License of 7HH647.

If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at (707) 463-4086.

UPDATE 8:17 p.m.: According to the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office:

Alexander Vance was found this afternoon in the Travelers Home Trail area of the Mendocino National Forest. Unfortunately, he was found deceased. The cause and manner of his death are currently under investigation.

Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his family.

We’d like to thank everyone who assisted by sharing information about Alex being missing.

We’d also like to thank the Redding Air Unit of the California Highway Patrol for their assistance with their helicopter in this search.



  • Looks like yet another East Coast snowflake has come to California chasing The elusive green dream, he’s either gotten himself into trouble or he’s on his way to Humboldt to cash in on the excellent welfare package we offer

    • what is the issue with folks like you.. some one is lost,
      their family is trying to find them..
      just keep your negative unwelcome comments to yourself
      as you have contributed nothing positive on kyms board.
      in short.. go AWAY!..

      • “Liberal hypocrisy” is merely following the example set by Old #45 himself. Sad times we live in, isn’t it?

        • You know, Kim, I used to enjoy reading your site, the news, and so forth, but dipwads like the foregoing dipwad tough guy commentary have pretty much killed it. Some kid is missing, and it gets turned into a whackoff clenched teeth theory for the round pounders. Sad.

          • You should see the ones I deleted. It makes me sad that people are so eager to look funny and cynical that they will jump in on a tragic story to make fun of the missing person.

            • How is “dipwad” not a personal insult?

              • Liberal hypocrisy

                “Hypocrisy “

              • Because if you are such a snowflake that the term dipwad does anything more than make you chuckle, maybe the internet is not the place for you,,,

                • Not my standards but Kym’s. No personal insults. I just think that if you establish a standard, then guess what- It’s a standard. And applying the standard arbitrarily says something.

                • My whole point was who the hell takes dipwad to be a personal insult? Why would anyone give so much power to such a silly word? I honestly have no idea how people like that can even live in this world.

              • I took the term to refer to a type of commenter not one commenter in particular. Though rereading the comment makes me question myself.

                • This is the reason I admire you in the faded world of media. Bias is unavoidable being that it tends to regard itself as reality. But even to ask the question makes you a notch above most.

                  Geesh. I better be careful. I’m in danger of becoming a sycophant.

                • Don’t worry. There’s plenty of folks telling me I’m bad. One saying nice things isn’t in danger of turning my head.

            • Hey now. Don’t look at me. I only heckle the criminals. Hope all ends well with this lad

            • Most of us would love for Kym to stop printing ALL of these icky creepy comments! They need to go away permanently. There’s no redeeming quality to justify printing them anymore. Energy is directional& these people are not any help to anyone. Kym- take a vote – hopefully “the Tribe will speak”. Enough already!! Adnauseum

            • Alex was a good friend of mine is there any more details you can provide

          • At least holier than thou

            First he’s not a kid. Second, while the first comment is unsupported by anything in the article and a jaded, possibly unkind negative outlook, it was easier to step around than the spewy , self righteous pile on of equally uninformed nastiness that followed.

            What is the difference between objecting to a comment and trolling? The purpose of the first is to oppose the ideas in a comment and the second is to insult the commenter, apparently with the belief of the effectiveness of sinking lower. One has the possibilty of effecting change. The second goads both participants into even further extremes.

            Luckily there is no need to pick sides. “A plague o’ both your houses!’

          • This same troll wrecks the LOCO comment sections also. This jerk takes every opportunity to write something to purposely piss people off. A sad, mentally challenged ghoul.

            • Don’t give him the attention and satisfaction then silly. You all are just feeding into the game they are playing while sitting back laughing at you. If something offends you maybe just scrolling past it would be your best option.

              • We have a winner.

              • Like you did concerning my comment? Practice what you preach.

                • It is a conundrum. How to put off trolls without becoming one. So I generally go with my mood of the moment. And right now my patience with those who post only to attack another poster with invective is at an all time low. Because, if people who post unpleasant remarks about the article can be difficult, those who post extremely unpleasant things about other posters, especially sanctimoniously, are unbearable. Any discussion that others want to have or to read is immediately derailed by the huge crowd on the accusatory bandwagon.

                • Practice what I preach? Are you saying you are a troll and I should ignore you? I certainly wasn’t offended by your comment at all I was just giving you an honest suggestion. Trust me there are plenty of idiots on here that aren’t worth my time of day. There is nothing more in this world I cherish than freedom of speech so I will gladly tolerate people expressing themselves on here even if I don’t agree. Whats the fun in living in an echo chamber? Not a good way to actually evolve as a person.

      • Alex was a good friend of mine. He was funny, bright and he will be sorely missed.

        • Very sorry for your loss Bert! Condolences to his family in their time of grief.

        • I’m just learning about Alex a month later, and the loss is heartbreaking. It’s hard to also have to accept there are people who, after misreading the situation with breathtaking ignorance, would then go on to desecrate his grave in such a cowardly (anonymous) and permanent (online) manner. Many thanks to Kym, the host of this site, for putting out the missing person report and showing us the better side of humanity.

      • Thank you for your good words. I agree, mean, rude and totally unnecessary.

    • I really don’t understand how the photos and story would inspire attacks on this young man as a green rusher or snowflake. He appears to be a robust capable young man out hiking in the woods.

      • Conservative Stupidity

        Conservatives tend to be stupid losers. Understand that and you’ll understand how some congenital dumb ass would make a disparaging comment like that.

      • smart looking people scare them. these towns have fallen apart due to the fact that the parents don’t want their kids indoctrinated by liberals (aka – educated). and it is because of their fears. meanwhile in MA 42% of adults have a BS or higher education level. the town I grew up in MA has a average annual income level of 149K, Fortuna is in its low 20s. its not rocket science. its no different than Maine for a comparison on many levels.

        • Those who prefer self reliance are always at a financial disadvantage compared to those who hoover up the fruits of other people’s work. But, unless your values are all about money, that is not the point with them.

          Prefering just enough is a choice that can allow the freedom of personal expression. Prefering an old but serviceable vehicle is a choice for example. Yet many superficial people look at the vehicle and decide that the owner can’t afford more. What the owner has decided may very well be they don’t need a new one as much as they need their freedom from debt.

    • Please post a pic of yourself so we have the opportunity to judge and condemn you for the way you look.
      Its only fair.

      Youre so out of touch with reality, if only we had a way to actually support those in need things would be a lot better. Unless you can prove you have less than $50 bucks to your name there is no way to get monetary assistance.
      Maybe 50 bucks is what you need to buy a clue oh hypocratic one.
      And watch out for rocks while you live in that glass house.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      Conservatives are the REAL snowflakes: afraid of everything they don’t understand. Snowflakes elected the ultimate snowflake LOSER Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump.

      • Filling the mind and heart with hate (for people, in this case) usually conjures up illnesses to the hater.
        Conservative, Snowflakes, Liberals, are considered people, not issues. When grouped, they can act like an issue, but they are still people.
        Why your hateful posts are not deleted is beyond me.

      • Heir, not hair. But you nailed it. Blindly following the lies and re-mouthing them like good little meat puppets.

    • Well, he’s dead. Bet that’ll make your day. Let’s hear again how he was headed to Humboldt to get welfare. *facepalm.

    • This is my godson. I loved him more than I can put into words. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?

      • Amen. He was gifted and special. Whoever moderates this page needs to do something to stop the posting of such cruelty. Imagine your parents grieving for you and encountering a page like this. For shame.

  • I hope they find him safe and well

  • Above all I hope he’s found safe and sound

  • It’s hard being a cust’y

  • Hope he is found safe and tells his side of this story.
    Up on Mt. Hood,OR if hikers or mountain climbers climb they check first with the ranger station. If they don’t and they get stuck on the mountain and rescuers have to rescue them the hiker or climber has to fork over the $ for the rescue..maybe that could happen here. Just a solution.

  • Lets hope he’s OK. The weather has been mild, and he hasn’t been gone that long. Who cares where he’s from? He’s an American. As far as Trolls? They are everywhere on the W.W.W. where they can remain anonymous and spew all manner of hate and vitriolic nonsense.
    That’s what Trolls do. They Troll for an emotional reaction which they feed on, when they get a response they get fed.
    Quit feeding the Trolls.

  • lorrie neuenfeldt

    He is someones child brother or sister. Lets bring him close for those who love him!

  • Not sure about LH’s comments about snowflakes, but the photo shows what appears to be a nice young man (smiling in each photo), who hopefully knows about hiking (photo on top of mountain), and was in Mendocino, not Humboldt. If he is still out in the woods, lets hope for the best for him, assist him in any way you can, even if it is just a prayer, and leave it at that.

    • Smiling in photos makes one appear to be a good person? Hmmmmm

      • Making a comment like that always makes someone appear to be a fucking douche bag and a coward hiding behind a nickname freedom club . Someone died probably suffered to I’m sorry for the family to get this news condolences from mine , rip sir

        • Conservative Stupidity

          You’ve got that dumb ass Conservative PEGGED!

          • You couldn’t be more wrong about me, but you are certainly entitled to believe what you like. I can’t believe how hostile you all get when I was just asking an honest question. I don’t have any issue with or said anything bad about the kid in this story. I was simply questioning another commenter.

  • This is a question for Kym. Why do you include a section for comments at all? I understand sometimes people can send helpful information useful in sorting occasional situations out, but couldn’t they be direct letters to you and not shown in your feed? I read your site often, I moved from the north coast years ago and appreciate you and your news dearly. I quit reading the lost coast years ago because of their lack of ability to do unbiased reporting and obvious promotion of trolling. Honestly your site would be better served if you just removed the comment section all together. So why keep it live? Let the trolling go elsewhere. Keep up the great reporting without allowing all the trolls another platform. Do you allow this because it brings more traffic which brings ad revenue? If not why?

    • I believe that conversation between different points of view is generally helpful and my favorite parts are when people add information to a story.

      • I agree with Kym, sometimes there is a heck of lot more info and insight in the comments than in a press release. Unfortunately there is always someone looking for attention. My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of this man, RIP.

      • Wow Kym I really thought you might give me a legit answer and this is what I get! “conversation between two points of view is generally helpful “!!! WTF Generally people are hating on your thread and others are asking them not to hate is this what you are referring to? Is it your favorite part when family and friends, such as Anna constantly have to post begging people not to be jerks on your site?
        I’m saddened by your answer.

        • That is the truth. I have a comment section because, while some folks are assholes and I’m working on how to deal with them, many people have interesting information to add to the conversation and one person is never as informative as many people with a variety of viewpoints.

          I’m sorry you don’t like my answer but I love when someone offers a different point of view that opens my mind outside of my small world. Yes, I hate when people are judgmental and harsh but I don’t think that the opportunity to learn should be squelched by the actions of a few especially when people can choose not to read the comment section if they are offended by it.

      • It used to be mine, as well, until all the Chump (wow, what does that rhyme with?) driven societal ticks started trolling.

  • He looks like a healthy young guy. Has the weather been cold enough for him to die of natural causes? I`e. hypothermia. It seems like someone would have to work at it to die in this area of natural causes, then I`m no expert.

    • We had a wet storm roll through with sub freezing temps as it left. I was on a dog sled expedition in Canada where it was never warmer than -36 for 2 weeks and I have had a couple really bad snow experiences in the Sierras, but I have never had my ass kicked so hard as to my first heavy, wet northcoast snowstorm that soaks everything to the bone and then gets sub-freezing. Not saying that is what happened but those were the conditions one night.

  • For god’s sake. I just read the update. Poor guy, Thank god he was found and the family was spared a delayed closure. May he rest in peace.

  • My condolences to the family.

  • Sad. Some family is getting the worst news of their lives. Their holidays will never be the same. RIP young man. May your family find peace.

  • If you are all so offended by the comments just read the news story and leave it at that. Clean, easy, simple.

  • Do you know if they found his car as well?

  • I hope his family and friends can find some peace.

  • may this young man rest in peace

  • So so sorry for HIS family ,and friends RIP .

  • Dear all,

    As I try to grasp this new reality — one in which my best friend is dead, I notice the things that are hard and the things that bring me peace. Reading negative comments about him is not something that brings me peace. They are offensive and very hurtful. His friends and family can’t make new memories with him. It is important that things said after his passing place him in a good light, which is an honest one. For the ones who have posted negative and frankly untrue comments about Alex, I hope you will consider taking them down. Many people who care deeply about Alex have already seen them. Let’s try to spare the people who haven’t. Alex was filled with grace, compassion and understanding for every person around him. Please show him the same. For those who have posted positive things, thank you. You are a light in dark times and your kind words are greatly appreciated.

  • So so sorry for his family. I never thought beautiful Humboldt/Mendo could have so many missing persons/murdered persons. Kym, is the FBI INVESTIGATING our problem.

  • Such sad news. My condolences to his friends and family. R.I.P.

  • Mr. Vance appears in the photos to be someone who has his life together, has goals and interests (hiking & outdoors) and in general an admirable young man. Quite unlike many of this age group whose images grace this website and much resemble something the cat packed in.

    My condolences most sincerely to his family and friends

  • RIP so sorry for his family and friends

  • My condolences

  • Alex was my nephew. He was a smart, witty, gregarious and kind person. He had many friends and was adored by them and family members alike.

    Why did this happen? Does anyone really know?

    Please be kind. His family and friends are suffering and grieving. He was 29 years old and
    had a lot of time to live ahead of him.

    We have no answers.

    • It is hard in an area of so much self centeredness and violence as ours to notice others. You are right . And just. I’m sorry for your loss.

  • People always grow balls and say things they never would face to face behind the anonymity of a screen. And anyone who feels necessary to pass judgement on the news of a 29 year old dying is a sad excuse for human. Condolences and I’m sorry for the loss of this man. I hope answers are found.

  • Alex Vance, kind, generous, witty, compassionate, an animal lover, an avid reader, a lover of music, a movie fan, a skiier, an enjoyer of nature. Had many friends, was loved by them and his family.
    He will never see another sunrise, mountaintop, pet his family’s beloved cats, read a good book, blog on social media, talk to his friends, eat dinner with his family, listen to much loved music, or watch movies. Never have an engrossing conversation again. Or eat an excellent vegan meal prepared by his mother. Or sit around chatting over a few beers. Or watch zany TV with friends. Or join in a political debate.
    Never is a very long time for a 29-year-old man. It’s a lot of life left to live, which will be missed.
    He is missed and loved by his family and friends, including me, his aunt. This loss is
    monumental I hope everyone realized. I hope someone figures out why this happened.

  • I just wanted to say to family and friends that I’m sorry for your loss. I worked with Alex a few years ago and he was a great guy. He was very funny, smart, and I’m sorry I won’t get the chance to work with him again. Rest in peace, Alex.

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