‘When You Give the Gift of Nature, You’re Giving a Gift That Will Last for Generations’

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Photo: Arcata Community Forest by Michael McDowall

The Arcata Forest Fund at the Humboldt Area Foundation provides a source for private tax deductible donations to assist the City of Arcata in purchasing forest lands to be added to the Arcata Community Forest, the Sunny Brae Forest, and the Jacoby Creek Forest. Donations to this fund will go only towards the purchase and restoration of forest lands, and will help the City leverage State and Federal grants. Forest lands purchased through these funds preserve and expand open space around the City, and will be managed for recreation, watershed and habitat protection, carbon sequestration, and sustainable forestry use.

Donating to the Arcata Forest Fund is easy online at: https://www.hafoundation.org/Giving/Make-a-Gift-Today/Give-Now?fn=Arcata+Forest+Fund

Or call the Humboldt Area Foundation at 707 442-2993 or mail at 363 Indianola Rd, Bayside, CA 95524

For more information on the Arcata Community Forest including the volunteer workday schedule, contact the Arcata Environmental Services Department at (707) 822-8184 or visit http://www.cityofarcata.org/190/City-Forests



  • Being informed? Think again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ofmAGaMfkA
    Now you are. You’re welcome.

  • Remember when Arcata officials had loggers cut the trees in the community forest so they could get some money to build playgrounds around town? Mayor Alex Fair-less (sic) I believe it was. Seems like they should have looked elsewhere for the funds. Such is the way with environmentalists, 70’s style. Think they’ll do it again?

    • Paperwork and Laptops

      Umm….Pretty sure the Arcata Community Forest is being managed as a sustainably-harvested forest. And it has been from the beginning? So yes- there will be harvesting of trees. I guess they are trying to demonstrate that logging and conservation don’t necessarily have to be exclusive? After all- we need both! I think it’s a noble experiment but there will always be people unsatisfied by this model. I have lots of contentions with Arcata government but this area is not one of them. The Community Forest is not a wilderness preserve. But if you’d prefer that then you are welcome to campaign for it! You’d get a bunch of people supporting that cause but then the city would need to find a separate income to pay the rangers that constantly need to pull the dirty squatters out of there! (Not all squatters are dirty…but left to it’s own the situation would get as bad as that old camp behind Bayshore Mall).

  • Remove more road for redwoods.

    Unless Caltrans and a bunch of backscratchers in office want to make some millions paving it.

  • I worry that “sustainable”. Does not mean the same thing to them as it does to me. Forestry is deeply corrupted by monied interest. Even-aged managed tree farms are considered sustainable to some experts.

    • The ACF operates on an uneven-aged management system and they cut less than a third of the annual growth on the forest. This results in a continual increase in tree size, structural diversity, wildlife habitat, etc. This occurs in a forest system that also provides recreational activities for mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, slacklining, etc. The stocking on the three forest management areas (ACF, Sunnybrae, and Jacoby Creek) ranges from 80,000 to 115,000 board feet per acre, which is way higher than what you will find on a commercial even-aged forest. The post-harvest units typically have between 60,000 to 80,000 board feet per acre, which is stacked with large trees and still two or more times the volume than what you would find on a pre-harvest commercial even-aged stand.
      Pretty damn sustainable.

      • Thanks for the info Dennis! Sounds like a good management strategy.

        • That’s what the indigenous people in India, Zaire, Central Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Bostwana, South Africa, etc were led to believe. Look at them now.
          That’s what the farmers and ranchers in India, America, South Africa, etc.. were led to believe too. Look at them now.

          World Wildlife Fund, BLM, Cap and Trade, EPA, … Smart growth, Sustainability, … energy monopolies.
          When Oiligarchy’s play, nobody wins.

          One simply cannot “create open spaces” without destroying the habitat of those who live there. Don’t we have enough homeless poverty stricken people already?

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