Wanted Sex Offender on the Run For Over Two Years When Nabbed on Solstice

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

STRAUHALA wanted sex offender is in custody thanks to proactive efforts by a Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy.

While responding to a call for service on Thursday morning, Dec. 21, 2017, the deputy observed a black sport utility vehicle covered in tarps while parked in a two hour parking space on the 700 block of Redwood Dr. in Garberville. Around 2 p.m. that day, the deputy observed the vehicle still parked in the same location. The deputy approached the vehicle and found Justin Case Strauhal, 28, in the driver’s seat. Strauhal exited the vehicle to speak with the deputy.

A warrants check found that Strauhal was a wanted sex offender out of Oregon. Strauhal was in violation of parole and had been on the run for over 2 ½ years. Strauhal was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for his warrant and is awaiting extradition to Oregon.
Anyone with information regarding this case or other related criminal activity is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Crime Tip Line at (707) 268-2539.



  • LOL, Justin Case

  • Get a haircut dipshit!

  • Should have checked her id to make sure she was 18, Justin Case

  • Streets of Garbrevile and redway are way safer think he’s the only one

  • Legal weed. Yay, sex offenders wanting jobs. How many idiots have hired this guy to trim around their family and kids. You know who you are. This town has gone down, way down. Was he parked in the new wrecking yard next to the Humboldt House? Don’s closed down and it seems the yard has moved to parking lot next to the hotel. Lame

    • Drone pollinators inc.

      Ray’s foods hanging out with what’s left of the trimmigants. God that place is a sad site to shop now. Wtfhttp.

  • Thank you law enforcement for removing this grease stain from the streets.

  • perfect disguise for Garberville, he made 2 years!


  • Does anyone know if urinating in public will get one on the short list of sex offenders? It seems every guy I know on occasion goes behind a dumpster, between 2 buildings, in the bushes, by the side of the road, between cars in a parking lot, etc.

    I know this is technically some sort of crime, but how much of a crime? It would be a real shame to end up in the same class as a real pervert just for answering the call of nature in an alley behind a dumpster.

    • It can get you on the list and it is pretty insane if you think about it. My neighbors cat can come over and pinch off a fat loaf in my garden. The dog being walked on the sidewalk can lift his leg and piss all over the fire hydrant in my yard. The woman with her baby can pop out her tit in a damn restaurant to feed the thing, but if you or I were to discreetly answer nature’s call somewhere and get caught we technically could make it on that list. Have no idea what this guy’s crime was, but I am betting it is something far more serious for him to be on the run from a parole violation.

    • Backgroundchecked

      This dude was busted for raping a child, not pissing in public.

  • Humboldt, home to the finest mofos and scumfucks on the planet

    • I guess you don’t get out much.
      We are far from the worst, in big cities they push undesirable people to whatever spot is furthest from public eye.
      Check out san jose and other areas around SF, pretty nasty.

      There are unfortunately many local child molesters. I remember a mob of filks years ago going after the Barbie backpack wearing scumbag who had that van with all the nasty writing on it, & the cops stopped them. Mr scummy had his video camera out immediately taunting the mob saying go ahead and hit me, ill get it on tape and press charges. The cops said no vigilante acts allowed and when asked what to do, the cop answered come file a complaint with us. The majority of the folks already had done that, for years. A few things happened to his ride that made him leave town and now hes up in arcata, last I saw he was parked by the Finnish sauna&hottub place. I called the APD numerous times to tell them he was dangerous and they should talk to sheriffs about him. They did nothing. I guess backhills justice is the only effective thing.

      Plus a lot of the scummiest folks in our country are Hollywood producers and politicians. They just hide it better.

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      No, that’s Trump Tower.

  • Ewwwww love the spacey look.

    He is one of those w@@¥$ that were getting mentioned the other day.
    There is a facebook.They view themselves as free, easy and to hell with rules or social acceptance. The reality that the term is a derogatory slang for a female marine is lost to them. They are far from a productive reality. Content to beg on corners, or peddling scavenged crafts to buy their next bottle or ???

    Funny thing is I know this one looser lady that is SOOOO proud of it! Claims it’s all these street ladies with no baby daddies. Wanderers…making due with whatever’s around. Trolling the parking lots, bars and festivals to scam, and score whatever they can. Drunk most of the time. Swapping co@#$, sharing a bottle or a bed it’s all the same to a wandering w@@¥!!!

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    There was a time when dreads were worn by people of moral and ethical standards. The few people I knew with them were vegetarians, respectful of others and trying to live with rastafarian ideals of natural world and anti-Babylon behavior- even though they were white people like me. Then- just like a Grateful Dead t-shirt- it devolved into just a clothing style that would allow you to cloak your selfish and squalid attitudes by assuming the outward appearance of somebody who had actually earned respect through overcoming negative stereotype with hard work and good vibes. Parasite and poser- is what dreads say to me these days. Unfortunately my impression has been reshaped by first-hand experience. (Outward GD trappings are now also suspect ! Bummer.)

  • What does it say about our community? That this guy could just fit in here going with the trimmigrants look, hanging in our parking lots, finding his way. There are others. One back in june at benbow ect..all living here in our cute little , accepting, trusting, community..sohum = little eureka = little tenderloin
    We need to wake up. This is a failed social experiment.

    • I know crooks and criminals that are able to make themselves fit in any community they find themselves. Hell a guy in my community just got busted for diddling some kids and he worked high up management at one of our nicer restaurants. And to my eye he fit in perfectly and I would never have ever suspected a thing. I just share that as a warning that even in you think you live in a great area there are still those doing undesirable things they just may be better at hiding it than some less sophisticated criminals. As a comfortable short haired person myself I feel bad for all the old schoolers who have had their dread look tainted by stuff like this. Like P&L said I remember a time when I would often associate dreads with a lot of positive traits.

  • This dude molested children and the last one was hella young. He hasn’t had any charges yet because the child is out of the county right now. I hope this guy suffers as much as he made my niece has suffered mentally and physically…. Fuck this guy….

  • Someone call geico, their caveman got out.

  • If he is guilty of this crime he will get what’s coming to him locked up so no one else can be harmed by him. He probably was a victim himself. Hopefully he will get the
    Help he needs to stop this impulsive pervert act on innocent children. Glad the sheriff down here is awake and doing something about these derelicts who park any where they feel like it and think that’s ok. The first day in prison, you learn RESPECT if he lasts that long. Anyone in prison that has kids on the outside don’t like these perverts.

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