Shelter Cove Fire Rescues Stuck Dog on Christmas Eve

Shelter Cove Fire

Shelter Cove Fire sets off to rescue a stranded dog. [All photos provided by Shelter Cove Fire]

Yesterday, Shelter Cove Fire rescued Sadie, a large dog, from a cliff at Deadman’s Beach.

According to Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire, around 10:30 yesterday morning, Sadie had gone walking with her owner and had climbed a cliff 70 feet.

She got stuck.

“They tried treats…nothing,” said Antony. “She wouldn’t budge. The owner was so worried about her dog.”

The crew prepared to go rescue Sadie and Antony offered them dog treats to coax her. “Nope,” said the team, “we have the ultimate—a fresh hambone.”

They arrived on the scene after high tide fortunately so they didn’t have to worry about their ATV. They tried to coax Sadie down.

No luck.

“So,” said Antony, “eventually they climbed 70 feet up.” They used the giant hambone to let them get close and then one of the firefighters “got the dog.”  According to Antony, the firefighter held the dog as he and his crewmate “slowly inched their way back down.”

This took hours.

Meanwhile, Antony joined in Christmas Caroling at 4 p.m. as the rescue continued.  “It worked, but it was a long day,” she said. “From the time they started, it was maybe three to four hours from start to finish.”

Antony explained that as Sadie was brought down the hill her caroling group was “singing Silent Night.”

Sadie brown dog petted through a window

Sadie safe in her owner’s car.



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