Humboldt County Man Arrested With ‘Stoner Stocking Stuffers’ and Underage Helpers

Karl WittOn Friday, December 8, at approximately 11 a.m., the Ukiah California Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle containing Karl Witt, the owner of Eden Farms in Southern Humboldt. According to an article in the Anderson Valley Advertiser, Witt was arraigned last weekend in Mendocino County Superior Court on charges stemming from traveling to the Emerald Cup in Sonoma County with “underage helpers” and possession of marijuana.

According to what one courthouse staffer told the Anderson Valley Advertiser, officers found 1,419 “stoner stocking stuffers.”

Witt is being held on $150,000 bond and is still currently in jail in the Mendocino Jail. 



  • Don’t cross the Jacksons I guess.

    • Made this the night he got arrested. In my image posting impedance with a lack of social media account I was unable to share. Hopefully this brings a gleeful holiday smile to the world..

      • Ivory Silverheels

        Wow, that’s really quite impressive. I have a feeling you must be a very busy, well liked, successful and important to others kind of individual.

        • Well, I wasn’t on my way to sell drugs under the guise of medicine to drug users(stoner stocking stuffers, not medicinal patients’ prescriptions) so yeah.. killing time
          Big big loser

          • At least you know, and see it in yourself. That’s a big step. Even in jest, you are correct. The above is a Losing creation. The compiled mishmash is not art. Not moving nor thought provoking, simple drivel. Use those photoshop skills to create something positive. I’ve a feeling you’re young.. please don’t waste it. We need help here.
            I hope you were trying to be funny and not political.

            • If your going to bash a person’s art, maybe you should post something of your approved talent for comparison ?? Otherwise you just sound like a jealous loser.

              • The misadventures of bunjee

                There’s a few people that think works by Warhol, Picasso and Dali are unmeritorious garbage too. Their works are in museums and started trends. Everyone has to learn Photoshop somewhere.

              • my use of the word art was credit enough, IMHO. I acknowledged ability, and as an (ass-u-me’d) elder, tried to adjust the sail to the winds.

                there is a serious story here, and it has nothing to do with the workers age…

                this is from prop 64:

                26080 (b) A local jurisdiction shall not prevent transportation of marijuana or marijuana products on public roads by a licensee transporting marijuana or marijuana products in compliance with this division.

                Last Dash Cash Grab.

    • SilverLining:

      I don’t know why so many reply to YOUR comment with isht that has nothing to do with it.. Representative of the lack of thought put into most comments here.

      I hear you. Still trying to wrap my head around it. Feels unreal. Maybe I just WANT it to be unreal. I’d like to think there’s a reason behind most actions, but money being the mental magnet it is, can become a Hellova Drug. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m overthinking it, we’re all somewhere on the addiction spectrum.. just saddens me. For both parties.

  • Congratulations on your Emerald Cup awards Eden.
    If only the crooked Jackson crime family got pulled over.
    Life isn’t fair.

    • I am a friend of Eden farms and just wanted to say we are thankful that people are remaining positive and focusing on the great job Eden farms is doing to provide the highest quality medicine to patients in need.

      • Promoting drug use and using underage “employees” is criminal, socially and otherwise. He deserves a long term. As do all drug pushers.

        • Do you feel this way about all drugs, or just the ones you are ignorant about and that make you uncomfortable?

        • Ivory Silverheels

          Marijuana is not a drug. It is medicine. My uncle passed away from leukemia and found alot of relief from both psychoactive and non psycho active CBD oils. Marijuana benefits are too numerous to list. Sure there are recreational users, but even in that vein, there is no comparison to the damage that alcohol, pharmaceuticals,and tobacco use causes vs. marijuana.

          • If it alters your mind. It’s a drug

            • If it’s made by man it’s a drug. If it’s from the earth it’s a plant.

              • Doesnt actually cure anything

                Mescaline comes from plants too. And for that matter, fruit can ferment to create its own alcohol, therefore alcohol is a plant too.

                Good lord, the twisted logic people use to justify their behaviors.

              • Cool! Cocaine and Opiates are next on the list for the hair-shirt-tree hugging-gonzonians to push Californians to legalize.

                “Hey man, If it comes from Mother Earth, it must be good for you!”

                You people scare me!

            • Dopamine surges IS WHAT KEEPS THE COMENT SECTION ALIVE.
              You are hooked. As am I.

              Cannabis does not work on the dopamine system, recent studies show it actually dampens it, look on Pub.Med for recent posting on CBD and Opiate reward system.

              Belief Drops Bombs.
              Knowledge Reigns Supreme.

              • drug use is down in teens across the nation due to the fact that they get their dopamine releases from their electronic devises. the problems lies with what do they replace it with when they become young adults after high school. it seems heroin is filling that hole.

                • Local Observer:

                  That’s very interesting statement and connection made there…
                  I see it but would like to research it more. Thank you. Something to actually chew on!

              • like pot is only CBD … uh-huh, right; comments supporting or against often seems to be like a trail mix …you only pick out the parts you want and throw out the rest.

            • Really? then spinning around really fast for a few minutes is a drug? who knew….

              • Leaving aside the loaded (have the pun) term DRUG for a second:
                You don’t have children? Do you remember being a kid? I loved that little Sit-N-Spin toy. Talk to any hula-hooper. Talk to a serious cyclist. Yes, runners high is real. I used to live for my time at the gym and always push it as hard as possible.

                Dopamine. Endorphins. F Yes. These are terms used in addiction discussion. The word DRUG still means what we were fed by Nixon and Anslinger to too many.

          • Stoner stockings, totally medical dude…lol

        • Ivory Silverheels

          This isn’t the best source but rather a quick run down of some of the positive uses for the marijuana plant. Look,I accept your opinion, I won’t change it n I can’t. I’m just asking you to consider another aspect. Sure marijuana can be addictive, anything can be addictive… and it can cause chemical imbalances when used incorrectly…but I’m not taking about that. I’m talking about the positive medicinal aspects of the plant as an herbal medicine. Can you try to see that that is also a valid perspective? I can understand where you are coming from.

          • Cocaine, and all forms of opiates are some of the highest prescribed “medicines” in America and both are derived from Plants as well. I don’t think anybody would say they’re not a drug.

      • nomorecostaricaformyneighbors

        patients lol.

      • He is not going to stay in the farming game this way or do you think the county is ok with breaking laws he signed to uphold?
        This isnt a joke.

      • Weed is a medicine and there’s no crime involved….

      • Assume that all is permitted and regulated by FDA and DEA.

      • Is that a quote? From whom? Thanks.

      • You don't want to know him

        You must not really know Karl. You say you are a friend of Eden. I’m not sure what that means , but I have personally known Karl for over a decade. He is not a good or kind person. He uses people and throws them away. He makes promises he does not keep he treats his staff like they are animals. He doesn’t pay what he owes. He is the worst kind of lying manipulative person there is.

      • Yeah, it’s easy to win when you buy the judges

  • Hopefully them kids weren’t harmed by that monster.

    • He is not a monster. He is my friend, and he is a kind man with a good heart, a father, a son, a partner, a sponsor,a farmer, and a human being trying to make it through this bizarre existence as best he can. I gently suggest doing your part to make things”better not worse”, by being kind rather than judgemental… You may find yourself on the other end of cruel and misdirected judgement during a painful traumatic time in your life. Please don’t be a bully. A monster? “What is not a part of us cannot effect us”-the tao teh ching
      May you perpetuate love, in love, all your days.

      • Get better friends. You’re part of the problem. Eden Farms is a fraud.

        • Why be so vile to someone who is just stating the truth about someone they know personally ? Why are you so angry and malicious? What did Eden do that was so bad to you, winning the Emerald Cup? Please have a happy Christmas Day, but reflect on the source within you for all those animosities. You will be better for it.

          • Vile? Sounds like you’re the angry one. I don’t like carpetbaggers. Or fraudsters. Reflect on the reasons you choose to defend him. What saintly things has he done that make you so blindly defend him, and insult others you don’t agree with? Typical SoHum behavior. Happy Holidays.

        • Ivory Silverheels

          It takes all kinds from all walks of life. “When all is good, this in itself is evil”-tao teh Ching. This man, me, your neighbor, the people you dislike, we are ALL ONE. WE ARE ALL RELATED. MITAKUYE OYASIN…
          Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

        • 💯👍

      • Hope he gets ten years. Won’t last long in the big house.

      • No no no Karl is a total monster. An evil ego maniac. Worst person I’ve ever known. And I promise you I’ve known him longer than you

      • No hes not! HES NOT A GOOD PERSON! n KARMA WILL MAKE THE LOOP-it does for us all
        we all believed n what he does-n his word hes a liar n its sad people have no regaurd for others feelings or whats right n whats wrong anymore
        HE BURNED ALOT OF PEOPLE-people who busted their ass n worked their asses off to help him n earn money to live!! they all had his back n believed n him n his word
        its sick n sad
        Karma – 💯

    • I’m guessing “underage” in this case means under 21. Who knows, they could be his 19 or 20 year old workers.

    • Trump Is A Traitor

      Child Molester Roy Moore’s Trumpian alternative “facts” claim of voter fraud were laughed out of court in Alabama today. One less pedophile, indeed!


  • Accchhhhhhhh!

  • This guy used to brag about how he was untouchable and would even sell people if there was money in it.

  • You should check out some of the cons that went down from local sociopaths who enjoy the suffering of others while they enrich themselves and live like kings.
    I hate lying thieves.

  • Those people belong in prison and you know it .
    Unmasking is a crime but from the bullying syndicate that employees dozens what else would you expect.

  • A convicted felon can own a marijuana farm. Seriously? Are the regulations that lax or is it the county doesn’t do their homework.

    • Obviously it wasn’t a felony or it was off his record as being old or expunged. Obviously you never got a permit yourself if you think that Humboldt County is lax.

  • My comment was deleted for pointing out that this guy had been arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance in a residential neighborhood a few years back?? Funny you also chose to leave out that he’s a 2 time convicted felon from the AV article.

    • The term “underage wooks” was actually why you were deleted. Note: This info did not get deleted.

      • So you’re covering up the fact that he employees (illegally) [edit]..
        Why defend his behavior by deleting information that is public knowledge?
        There’s was nothing in my comment worthy of an edit let alone being deleted entirely. Sounds like collusion to me.

        • I believe your comment was deleted due to your use of the colloquium, “wook”. You can go to war and kill people at 18 but you can’t grow God’s gift and help to provide healing to people? Does that really make sense in your mind, body, spirit? Don’t respond to me… Gently Ask yourself. Really. Do it. Think about it. Take a moment.

          • Merry Christmas!

          • Help provide healing? Or sell weed?…so the 1419 stoner stocking suffers were to give away to patients in need?
            Or to sell..?

            • Ivory Silverheels

              The emerald cup is ONLY for patients. It is all medical marijuana legally documented for sale to patients. They give away lots of freebees too.
              Look, I understand your perspective, but consider that those words, “stoner stocking stuffers” were chosen by the writer of article to get your attention and It worked. In media If you can control the narrative you can control the story.
              For example if it read, 1419 jars of “medical marijuana” confiscated; leaving many documented patients with rare, serious, and potentially fatal conditions , without medicine…. If it read like that you might have had a different initial reaction. My point is there are many sides to consider. It behooves the individual to do so. Mendocino, as well as siskiyou are traditionally conservative. That said, the constraints of conservatism can make it challenging to get a clear perspective.

              • Mendo? conservative? ROFLMO! I’m sorry but I don’t think Mendocino has been conservative since the very early 60’s! Once the mills died and many of the fisher folk had move on, there was that last bastion that may have been considered ‘conservative’ sliding away. Hippies, yuppies and the SFBay and SoCal monied moved in … all pretty much liberal.

        • There is nothing wrong with the term ‘wooks’, most ‘wooks’ wear their ‘wook’-ness as a badge of honor.

        • What are “stoner stocking stuffers” and why do you think it’s cool to ridicule people who smoke cannibus? Maybe you voted against legalizing but you lost.

          When a legal grower is attacked the Community should rally around him and his young family. The so called “public knowledge” is Trump type BS “spin” that was leaked by gov employees to wrongly trash someone in the press. Why repeat it? That’s not Christmas spirit.

          • Neither is insulting people who disagree with you. Just because someone reports the news, and you don’t think they should, doesn’t make it fake news, or Trump type bs. We all have opinions. And, we’re all entitled to have one. Just because someone doesn’t support this guy, or Eden farms, doesn’t make them anti pot, anti legalization, or a Trump voter. Please lighten up.

        • I wrote the article which talks about underage…so I am not covering up anything. However, wook is a slur. And underage wook means you are sneering at kids.

          If you use the term again, I’ll ban you.

          • I had to google “wook”. I know nothing about this person’s helpers, but it seems to fit a non-trivial portion of people around here…

            • They’re called W***s. They self identify with the term proudly. That’s what they are. In no way is the term derogatory, a simple google search would reveal that.
              Eden Farms comes across more of a Cult than anything.

              • I agree. Maybe we should refer to them as slackers? That pretty much defines people who won’t work, or further their education, without giving them any other special label.

          • How Kym? Why would you (re)write such a thing? You must research what you write?? I thought this site to be journalism. Journalism requires fact checking, and whenever possible interviewing, or at the very least researching the LEAD of your piece….

            We live under the laws of 215. Under 215 an 18 year old can be both patient and caregiver.

            Prop 64 is NOT to supersede 215.

            I feel like Walter Sobchak. “Am I Wrong????” NO.

            The REAL story here: Mendocino Cops are Criminals with Clout on a Last Dash Cash Grab.

        • nomorecostaricaformyneighbors

          Kyms agenda is very apparent. With impending legalization and the demise of black market drug dealer / growers, the funding for this site will dry up and it will dwindle into obscurity. However she is a bit more proactive at reporting news than loco.

          • Because I don’t want people to use a slur word? I have an “agenda?”

            Break that down into simple terms, please. Because that makes no sense.

          • Black market isn’t going anywhere, but hopefully most of the asshole greenrushers that showed up here will be leaving since it won’t be so easy anymore.

          • To Mr.Nomorecostaricaformyneighbors – not everyone or everything on this site has to do with the “black market” or even cannabis for that matter. I really hope that you are wrong about this site “drying up and dwindling into obscurity”. We all value and read this site for many reasons. Ms.Kemp always presents her stories in a factual and informative way. She also graciously allows 99% of people to express their opinions. On most news sites, this is not an option. I understand you are frustrated, yet I feel the need to ask you to vent your frustration in a more productive way. The Redheaded Blackbelt and Kym Kemp are both highly respected, and I hope that you either grow some respect, or spew your hatred at someone more deserving.

    • And he who has not sinned shall cast the first stone. You know nothing about a person and yet are so quick to add to their vilification and crucifuction? You must be a very busy, loving, and helpful person…Merry Christmas… Peace on Earth… Forgiveness… Brotherhood/sisterhood and hope to you. Marijuana is not a controlled substance. It is a plant that grows by God’s Will and provides incredible healing when used correctly as medicine.

      • This creeps record speaks for itself. Of course, there’s always someone to defend any loser, no matter what they do, in this county. 😂

        • I believe people are inherently good. No one deserves to be called names. You can love anyone if you know their story. Fight the hate. You are what you feel. Your inner world is your outter world. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done it matters what you’ll do after you make mistakes. Pray for others, have hope, reach out, be a friend; rather than condemn, hate and judge. Can you feel the difference that way of being could change the world?

          • Peace on earth is a farce. We would breed ourselves into extinction in under 100 years. We need wrath,famine,war and murder just to keep our population in
            Check. Peace will only work When there’s 500 million of us left….we will talk then

      • The FDA thinks differently

    • Maybe it was deleted because you’re a [edit] who makes fun of children.

      • Laughable that you label people, because they label people. And, if they’re 18-20, are they children, anyway? “Underage” is an odd term to use in this story.

  • Wisconsin green rusher

  • Can anyone elaborate on what a “stoned stocking stuffer “ is?

  • So this is Eden farms… I would never buy his weed if I saw a pic of this guy. That mullet , COME ON

    • Power cut

      Also, it isn’t technically a mullet just because the alleged mulleteer is balding on top. If this were allowed, captain jean luc Picard would have a mullet, monks would have mullets…tons of mawfuckas basically.

      Let us not forfeit the rare glory of authentic mulletude with overgeneralized and cheap usage of the word.

      Besides, if he hadn’t trimmed the top you woulda called him out on bad combover.

  • Wisconsin [edit] king. Everyone that works for him is a transplant/ trimmigrant. He had a booth at the cup in 2016, lots of “Eden Farms” swag, crappy herb. When you hear of bad players who ruin things for everyone else, this is a prime example. He’s been busted for much more than herb in the past which makes me wonder how he was able to get permitted.

    • Fake News by DA Eyster. The so called “underage workers” were 19 and 20. They were supposed to be helping at at a booth and were approved by the Emerald Cup to do so. Why is it ok for the DA Eyster to leak this fabricated stuff and for newspapers to imply they were minors? That’s just “fake news” from the DA, isnt it? Someone on this thread actually thought it was cool to call Witt a child molester because of the “underage comment” with no facts attached. Really? Since when is Eyster our friend? Why isn’t the focus on why Eyster is attacking a legal Humboldt grower? The Emerald Cup announced this as a travesty of justice by the DA and they are supporters for Eden Farms. The Community should rally around growers who are treated like this, and their families, not be PR helpers for the Eyster.

      • The “Emerald Cup” is a travesty against society. Disgusting promotion of drug use by (mostly) criminals and deviants. Anyone who promotes drug use, manufacture of drugs (growing is manufacturing, since it’s artificial, starting when man tampered with nature), etc. deserves to be ostracized. But not here, where criminals and other trash are welcomed with open arms.

      • David Eyster has been using the pay to play program for years. He will offer a fine to cover “costs” of the bust in exchange for a misdemeanor and three years of probation. Even though possession of weed is a missdemeanor he will threaten conspiracy (which is a felony)
        When people are busted they are asked to pay fines in cash

      • Guess what everyone? You can get a permit to grow acres of weed, but there is no transportation permit available. Next year the only legal way to transport more than personal cannabis off farm is thru a licensed transporter.

        • Same to a ton of whining born-n-breeds. Guess what? Some people actually LEAVE their hometown. Some see STRUGGLE. Some see the WORLD. Some have other TRADES. And some CHOOSE to make a life for themselves and their families here, after having done all of the above.

          Don’t like it? YOU TOO CAN MOVE! Check out West Texas…. Northern Montana.
          (I hear you can grow mean dental floss there)

  • Well, it says he had herb, in the form of 1400 stocking stuffers. If they were a gram each, he had 3 pounds with him. If they were an eighth each he had almost 11 pounds with him. I doubt they were gifts. They were for sale.

  • Merry Christmas Kim, and Merry Christmas to everyone else, even the ones I (sometimes) disagree with. May we all have one day of peace and love and get so addicted to it that we crave it for every day afterwards…

    Just so you know, if we all talked nice to each other, we might find common ground by coming together and we might solve some of our more serious problems…

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    Look this guy up. Check the timelines. He came here as a greenrusher opportunist who played the medical co-op card in order to blow up huge grows. He will claim he was here in ’91 but that was like hanging out for a year and then bailing back to WI. He only returned when our local law stopped busting anybody- but even then he pushed it so blatantly that he got popped. He was convicted of assault back in Wisconsin so there goes the “peaceful” claims. He’s not awesome. Not a molester but he is employing underage workers and so Eden Farms should have their permit revoked. Yes he will have people saying he is wonderful but that’s because there are always stoners here that are easily bamboozled by a manipulative personality. I’m glad Eyster pressed charges. At least in Mendocino they have some standards for behavior.

    • As someone else commented, who are you to cast the first stone? Maybe you were as pure as the snow on the convent roof, but referring to something that happened 30 years ago when he was a kid (leaked courtesy of DA Eylers to try him the press) has zero relevance to these charges. He is a legal Humboldt grower who was busted by a morally corrupt DA. Why aren’t you outraged by that? And what’s your Trump like smear against Wisconsin all about? Good think Witt wasn’t a dreamer from Mexico or you’d probably want him executed.

      • Paperwork and Laptops

        I’m not “casting stones”. I’m referring to actual documented crimes that he committed. I am encouraging people to look them up and read it themselves. I know- there are a hundred ways to excuse all behavior around here and accept anything anybody does but that s exactly how our place here got so crappy! I’ve been here since ‘8- I question the integrity of everyone who arrived in green rush time and I don’t believe their first story. A few have won my trust and admiration- because they are actually decent people. Not greedy, not exploiting my county. My standards actually aren’t even that high- but many fall way below!

  • Nobody is above the law…
    merry Christmas everybody!!

  • They’re are not 21yrs. of age this is why they’re under age helpers,it didn’t say they were juveniles

  • Mob mentality so many people are so quick to judge. I believe it’s jealousy.

  • I had to look it up:

    noun or adjective. a dirty, hairy, stinky, mal-nourished, dishonest creature that often travels in packs, with possibly and unfortunately, mangy, multi-colored dogs on hand-made all natural, organic hemp leashes, or alone wandering aimlessly around a concert (usually “hippie music”) parking lot with a few seemingly more important than the music goals; find as many mind altering substances and cram them into their bodies as fast and furiously as possible, get into the show somehow, don’t lose the dog this time, and if by chance they come across unattended property such as a cooler, chair, backpack, or a beverage, it will then become their own. also once inside the show and the music begins, even if it sucks, a true wook will never be able to tell the difference because once the substances take effect, many of them can actually be seen dancing and “gooving” to music that only they can hear. wooks are only useful in one way: if you are trying to warn or scare a younger more easily influenced friend about the dangers of drugs, just tell them to observe and study the behaviors of wooks in their natural surroundings, but warn them that if they get too close, they may risk becoming one themselves!

  • Good herb stolen from a great man. –the correct title. Sure, Prob 64 says you have to be 21, it also says six carrots means carrots are legal. See my point? Of course not. The title is profoundly misleading. You can die in Iraq at 19, be tried and sentenced as an adult, make all the babies you want… but… back to the “story”…

    Why does this get me so upset? I’ve never seen Karl turn down an opportunity to help ANYONE. From Wisco to the streets of Eureka, if you know Karl you’ve know opportunity. Never seen him use a pesticide divert a stream clear cut create failing flats or cross anyone. (Repeat: Or Cross Anyone, more than I can say for a lot of folks right now) Who’s the last person YOU took off the streets, offered up a bed and a job? With untold fees paid to play, surely in the tens of thousands by now, he was one of the first to get behind this “legalization” = aka cash grab by the county, and here we have it, the mad grab in Mendo. Could you stoop any lower??? Straight criminals with clout.

    “We used to make sh*t in this country, build sh*t, now we just stick our hand in the next guys pocket”. -Sobatka/Simon #TheWire

    Sorry to those whose efforts he so surpassed, sorry to those who are so miserable any opportunity to grandstand and drivel diarrhea down on ANYONE you don’t know… look down, your soapbox is smashed and economy collapsed (and now you’re wasting my time). Wipe your mouth. Do something brazenly constructive. Vision, foresight, action. This is why you know EDEN’S name and why it will be one of the few to survive. I see why this might upset a born-n-raised bumpkin. “Hey, this moneys MY birthright!” This man knows how to grow (repeatedly) Emerald Cup winning herbs on a large scale, employing compost companion plants cover crops and living soils some 30 yr vets haven’t a clue of how to do. Vision, foresight, action. A couple things this county and it’s “commissioners” lack ENTIRELY (yes I know some of them personally as well). Co/Incidentally, something Ms. Kemp excels at 😉

    No risk no reward, but this here is nothing more than robbery by and for Mendo county’s imminently and eminently emptying coffers. What oh what would/will you Drug Warriors do with Cannabis off the table? Simply not enough “drug” use to justify your existence.
    Why does this come to mind??

    “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee”

    Seriously, Read more, talk less. Happy Happy, Joy Joy. It’s a Holy Day. I’m dumbfounded by the ignorance of those in the same boat that just don’t have the eyes/vision/foresight to see it.
    Pssst, it’s sinking.*

  • Cannabis law reads 21 is legal age. So yes under age in that aspect.

    Dont even want to begin on the rest of it!

  • I don’t know if it’s still on this guys facebook page. He routinely verbally assaults his trimmers, threatens them with guns, refuses to pay them.

    Sprays undiluted milk on his harvested plants to get rid of PM. Bulldozes forrests without permits, wastes millions of gallons of water per year. Claims to be organic but produces landfills worth of fertilizer bottles.

    This guy is scum. He is not nice, he is not some kind of medicine messiah. He is an opportunist trying to game the system to make a buck.

  • I was convicted of a felony 31yr. ago and I can’t get legal because of that.So what makes him any different from me,because he has a bunch of whining hippies behind him. Whine for me so I can get my license. Thank you

    • Maybe he wasn’t convicted of a felony. Maybe he was just charged or it was a misdemeanor and nobody fact checked, but what’s that have to do with arresting a legal Humboldt grower who was following the rules? Nothing. But the anti canabis DA has no trouble releasing mugshots and lots of half truths to get the press to trash him publicly without a trial. Nobody deserves a lynching orchestrated by a taxpayer paid member of the “justice system,” but you’re very quick to grab a rope and join in.

      • I’m not against this guy in any way, but his supporters could look at it like this; the reason it’s been so profitable and has drawn people from all over the country, is because it is illegal. That’s the reason He is able to pay you so well. Just because someone is in the process of trying to get ‘legal’ doesn’t mean he/she *is* , for one reason it is still federally illegal and will be for some time. It’s a strange gray area right now. So you take the risk, for the reward, and sometimes you lose. It’s pretty simple formula. If you want to not have any risk, try growing kale or beets or something. And you will be paid accordingly.

        Also, it’s pretty pointless arguing against the anti-mj trolls here. They have found their way here from loco , and love to hate on any marijuana or race related story on this site.

        • Trolling seems to be more active by pro pot people. You know, the”it’s medicine, not a drug, get real”, “it’s legal, get a life”, “don’t be jealous” commenters.

          It just may be that people’s experiences with pot users and growers is not so easily ignored by those not high on it. Trolling is not defined as a differing opinion. Except by pot users of course.

          • I’m pro pot but not a user. Well, rarely. Yes some pro pot comments are tiresome because we all know that it is all about the money, let’s be realistic. But people like you who are trying to vilify all growers and can’t separate out facts…you are way more tiresome. I look at it like this: it’s a huge economic force around here. There are no shortage of idiot growers, to be sure, let’s move them out and back to Ohio or wherever. There are also lots of good smart entrepreneurial people who could and can keep this part of the economy going in a good way. So we should stop sniping each other and infighting, accept it as a legal commodity that might still be able to keep the economy around here alive. I kind of think, though, if there weren’t so many bad actors, it wouldn’t be so vilified by the ‘straight’ community. After all, the baddies are the only ones we ever hear about aren’t they?

            • Because of choices made by “local” journalists, editors, etc. to focus on this crap. 💩👎🏻

              Humboldt County is an amazingly beautiful place with some of the most compassionate & intelligent people I have ever met.

              Y’all really could be more appreciative of how lucky you are to live here (just think of the possible alternatives to living here, many of which would be so much worse than what you have to deal with here, I don’t even know where to begin…).

              I love Humboldt County . I hope you do too. 💌


  • Seems more like a simple case of stupidity, for which there is no cure.

  • Saddened by all this

    Anyone who expected the road to cannabis normalization to be straight & smooth has had their head in the stutzmans for the last 20 years.
    I know nothing of this guy, but he is just another sacrifice to the endless & pointless war on drugs. This is law enforcement & attorney job security. Nothing more.

  • I know someone else that was pulled over after leaving the cup right after he passed into Mendo. I wonder how many people were profiled that night coming back? How many cops were on duty that Sunday night compared to others? How many people were pulled over coming into Mendo verses any other Sunday night? The new laws do not go into effect until 2018 on age restrictions, but local laws may be different, but if a 19 yr old and a 20 yr old have an Rx, that was good enough until the law change. And, no you can not sell marijuana until 2018, but you can get donations for it to recoup the cost of providing it. People should actually understand the law before they speak like they know it. People trying to shame others about laws they don’t even understand themselves. My friend was charged with transportation and distribution even though he can receive donations until Jan 1 and was in the program. Was informed that as long as you have your paperwork in order you could travel with product until new permits come out in 2018. Was hoping new clear laws would finally protect people who were trying to comply, but apparently even the legal farmers are still being targeted.

    • Makes sense, soon there will be fewer and fewer trucks to seize, less cash to grab, fewer dogs to shoot. From the cops perspective, like the growers, this is the Last Dash Grab. Empathy is possible even amongst “enemies”, which I see all Drug Warriors as: Enemies of sentience, science, intellect, liberty, research, I could go on…

  • People want cannabis treated like other medicines? Not likely. You dont see home made Vicodin ads everywhere, Fentynl edible ads…antibiotic competitions?? don’t see contests and parties for legal medications…if it were truly treated like a medication none of this would be allowed…No, people here in Humboldt treat it as a recreational substance, thinly veiled as medicine…and sometimes the subterfuge comes back to bite the people who do that..

  • Trump Is A Traitor



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