UPDATED: [Audio] Man that allegedly shot deputy near Ferndale pleads not guilty; Humboldt’s last week of news

UPDATE, Tuesday Dec. 26: According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, from 2011 through 2017 there were 56 reported assaults on Humboldt County Sheriff’s Officers. Those reported assaults ranged from suspects using fists or a basketball, to using a knife or guns. The recent incident that occurred near Ferndale marked the first time in those seven years that the assault suspect was an undocumented immigrant. There were only three reported incidents involving a firearm.

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (9:27): (Warning: Violent content) A man who allegedly shot a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Officer at a dairy ranch near Ferndale pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of two people, among other charges.

“(Sheriff Billy Honsal) had mentioned that the shot from the 12-gauge shotgun that hit the deputy — it was very lucky that it didn’t hit her maybe a few inches in another direction where it could have potentially been fatal,” said Times Standard reporter Will Houston. “He said it was very fortunate that the deputy was not killed.”

The 30 year old suspect is a Mexican citizen with a reported criminal history who’d previously been deported and was in the country illegally. Among the aforementioned charges he’s also accused of one count of false imprisonment and one count of assault on a peace officer.

In the podcast, Houston discusses what Honsal said about the incident at a press conference, the suspect’s court appearance, how the incident has been covered nationally, and how the suspect’s citizenship status could impact his case moving forward.
The interview begins at 9:27.

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The suspect’s booking photo and the deputy’s shot uniform



  • Liberals vote for higher taxes while embedding illegal immigration. They vote for decriminalizing violent behavior while excepting and encouraging the hanius belief systems of the Muslim faith. Liberals have been disgusting humans from the beginning of time.

    • Liberals are like yeast in bread. Some of their uncritical enthusiasm stretches the rigidity of the wheat that is conservatism and the real virtue of bread to make it taste better.

      Unfortunately too much liberalism creates bread with giant air pockets which is not useful. So thinking of liberalism as hot air is good. The right amount raises pleasantly. Too much kills what it seeks to make.

      Actually Islam has its good traditions but it does not work well in democracies. It values conformity whether it’s for good or bad. And sanctions violence in service of itself. At least as it’s current practiced. Unfortunately liberalism has given it a freer rein than is safe for others. For some reason liberals seem to hate what they know while assuming what they don’t know is better. A defect of emotions ruling the head. Too much hot air ruining the bread.

      • Sometimes I agree w you. Not a bad analogy. Merry Christmas!

      • Liberal hypocrisy

        I really thought that was going in a different direction but in the end I have to say I like what you said

      • What the fuck does making bread have to do with political philosophies?

        Other than the fact “conservatives” (who are mostly fascists these days, actually) come up with the most irrelevant poorly thought out analogies ever. 🐘

    • There were liberals at the beginning of time?

      I guess that means –

      I knew it all along! 😇🙏🏻

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  • Wow! In this country illegally, prior criminal history which says repeating first offense I mentioned,possessing a firearm and shooting people and law enforcement which is not legal for the illegal to have, I hate to say it but why even have a court case ? So they can deport him for a day?Hes not a citizen so innocent until proven guilty and getting a fair trial aren’t rights he has.
    Fact 1 – he has repeatedly broke into the country
    Fact 2 – he shot a citizen
    Fact 3 – he also shot a LEO
    fact 4- he was impaired by drugs
    Fact 5- he was in possession of a fire arm that alone with the existing gun laws …)
    Fact 6- 1 of us in his country doing the same thing would be in prison for life or dead
    I think USA should take up punishing them no less then they would punished in their own country,would save lots of money and cut through a lot of bs

  • They clearly are not sending their best.

  • We definitely need tighter border control. The Pennsylvania officer shootings on Friday were a result of family chain migration. This and immigration lottery programs have proven to be very dangerous to the US. Politicians who want ‘open borders’ to allow all immigrants in are putting everyone in danger. The increase of terrorists and ‘just plain bad people’ make it essential to mandate legalization of all immigrants. Become a citizen and get your own SS#.

  • Now the tax paying citizens have to house cloth feed a illegal citizen , for the next 59 years.

  • Brown will probably pardon him anyway

  • That is one of the things he’s doing this holiday, giving people pordons that commit a crime coming to this country illegally and then again by committing felonies.


    I know there’s lots of good people down south, and all over the world. But there’s lots of bad ones too. We cannot just let them come into this country without scrutinizing who they are and why they are here. Or allow them to come here and commit crimes citizens would be incarcerated for, but then give them a pardon or not alert the proper authorities because they might get deported.


    It’s not some back burner issue anymore.


  • Hey Myles! Who gives two shits what the trolls say? Your podcast is great and if people don’t like it they shouldn’t listen to it, thank you for what you do!

  • So what happens if ICE files a warrant he just gets away scott-free they sent him over the border ,so he can turn around and come back.?Or do they go to ICE prison ? I just listened to the podcast and I enjoyed it very much thank you Kym

  • That’s a bad frijole

  • Pleas, not guilty.
    What ever happened to right and wrong, fuck, you shoot, hit an officer or anyone, you go to prison. I just don’t get it, this world has gone mad.

  • I can’t help but wonder who will make it to jail first, this guy or Marcy kitchens?

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