The Ink People’s Annual Color-Themed Show ‘True Blue’ Kicks Off The Brenda Tuxford Gallery’s 2018 Calendar

This is a press release from the Brenda Tuxford Gallery:

“Arcata Bottoms” ink on linen by Kati Texas

True Blue, the Ink People’s annual color themed show kicks off the Brenda Tuxford Gallery 2018 Calendar.

Color has the ability to affect us in many ways, both physically and mentally. Color carries history, symbolism, personal associations and has allowed artists to tell stories, share world views and express emotion.  Just the mention of a particular color can evoke strong emotions.  It doesn’t take an artist to know that, but who better than artists to explore this idea?  Each year, the Tuxford Gallery takes the time to dive deep into a particular wavelength in the visible light spectrum.  Some artists choose to explore common cultural associations with a certain hue, while others provide a juxtaposition of color and theme, challenging  our automatic reactions.

The annual color themed show has been an Ink People staple since 2003, and has challenged hundreds of artists to explore the palette in a new way.  Like many of the monthly Ink People art shows, this exhibition is open to submissions from a wide variety of artists.  In the Tuxford Gallery, you will often see the masterful works of seasoned professionals next to the unexpected gifts of everyday artists, students, and beginners.

Since their first color themed show, the gallery has now been through all primary and secondary colors.  They’ve even gone on to black, white and grey. This January, artists will be guided back to where the color shows started, the color blue.  True Blue opens January 6th for Arts Alive at 6:00 p.m., then continues during the Tuxford Gallery’s regular hours Tuesday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturdays noon to 6:00.  They are located at 525 7th Street in Eureka.  More information is available on their website,


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