[UPDATE 5:36 p.m.] Molly Is Lost; Her Owner Thinks She Knows Who Might Have Her But Doesn’t Know How to Contact the Woman

Black and white dogThis is Molly.

Her owner Jennifer Drewry told us, “She ran off last night in Redway.” Drewry said that Molly was last seen at the Shell gas station around midnight “getting in a truck with a lady named Heidi Durtsche.”

Drewry hasn’t been able to locate Durtsche and so she asked us to share this in hopes that someone who knows her can contact her so that Molly can get back home.

If you have any information, please call [edit] and ask for Patrick Drewry or call [edit] and ask for Jennifer Drewry.

black and white dog

UPDATE 5:36 p.m.: Arrangements are being made for Molly to get back home!



  • Yay! Thank you kym!!! ♡♥♡

  • I must ask this, for the sake of Critters everywhere: How is possible for Molly to “run off?” I’m very glad she’s home safe and sound, but they are like little kids…if they can, they might… Welcome home, Molly.

    • She’s a ranch dog so she’s used to running freely at the ranch. When she’s in town she likes to do the same, but she always goes back home.

    • Yes. Not all dogs are too stupid to stay out of traffic. The idea one (canine, human etc) must surrender their freedom for safety deserves much more scrutiny than it currently gets.

  • Molly percaset?

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