The White Faced Posse Is on the Loose; Know Whose They Are?

white faced horses 

These horses have been rampaging in the Ettersburg area for around the last month, says Denise Nyby. She’d really like the owner to collect them. They are beautiful but not hers.

If they are yours, please contact Denise or send us an email at

Here’s a closeup of one with a distinctive coat.
painted horse



  • Call the brand inspector.

  • Wow. Wow because the horses are free range that long…oldschoololdwest. and wow because I never knew there was a “brand inspector”. Wow.

  • Rumor has it that they belong to S. Wilson in Dutyville.

  • These horses have been running loose since at least July. It’s pathetic. And yes, everyone says they are Summer Wilson’s, who lives on Fire Creek. She does not deserve to have them back. She is too messed up to care for a hamster. They need to be rescued, before some[edit] shoots and eats them.

    • Messed up is right! Those horses do need to be rescued. Druggies should not be able to continue “owning” animals they can’t care for. I’ve got a neighbor like that, too, with horses. Matter of fact, those two are friends. What a sad wasted world.

    • They are not Summer’s and anyone who says so doesn’t know the whole story.

  • Are their 5 horses total?

  • Not good. Can someone contact Heart of the Redwoods Horse Rescue? 440-9140.

  • Looks like the same horses that were kept in bad conditions in Whitethorn a few years back.
    Free ranging is prob better than tweaker neglect. I guess if anyone wants a horse, go get em.

  • Yes, there’s such a person as a brand inspector. In fact, Humboldt has 2.

    Humboldt-12 Jorie Brundy
    Eureka, CA 95503 Cell:
    Office: 707-442-3486

    Humboldt-12 Erin McClure
    Blue Lake, CA 95525 Cell:
    Office: 707-668-1723

    It’s their job to read any identifiable brands, marks or tattoos to determine ownership. Animal control would be the next call after speaking with the brand inspector.

    From the pics they look pretty healthy, no ribs showing and their hooves aren’t curling.

    • Horses usually are not branded. jorie is not the brand inspector anymore and Erin never was…

      • I apologise for my error, I copied contacts from an older PDF on the CA website. This number should be current.

        Gerald Beeson Potter Valley (707) 815-1298

        You’d be surprised how many horses are either branded (stock or BLM) or tattooed. Regardless, I’d call the brand inspector first, animal control second.

  • That was also her junk truck on the road that got pushed over the side

  • That’s it, I’m going to ride one,

  • Loose horses are fun, but they eat everything in sight, including things horses shouldn’t eat… And then they poop, and generally horse around… Take your horses home! Or turn them over to someone capable of caring for them!

    Horses are often the more intelligent figure in the equation, and humans are only here to care for the horses anyway!

  • maintenance on a horse could cost $100.00 a month.

  • I love to owe one if no one wants them…

  • If they aren’t claimed, we love to own a couple also. They’re beautiful!

  • When I first saw this story I knew something wasn’t right from the comments so I asked around the neighborhood.

    These horses have been running loose for months. I live on Dutyville Road and have seen them all over our valley. I know and have talked to some of the people involved in this sad tale. The parts of the story I give the most credence to are that a woman, possibly named Lorrie, had the horses pastured on someone’s land across the river towards the Council Madrone and abandoned them. That landowner did not want responsibility for them and let them loose. Then they began to roam as a herd and annoy and cause concern among the neighbors. Someone was threatening to shoot them. Summer tried to rescue them to keep them from getting shot, but her fencing was not up to the job and they kept jumping fence and escaping. She’s not the bad person here, they’re not her horses. People have tried to herd them and they take off running anytime a quad approaches them.

    They need to be rescued by someone who knows what they’re doing and can catch and transport them to a safe pasture with proper horse fencing and take care of them. They’re hungry and keep moving around looking for graze.

    • You forgot the part where Zack gave them to Summer. I heard they were in a much worse situation in Phillipsville before being brought to Ettersburg. This is a case of good intentions actually creating more headaches than good. The responsible party(s) needs to make this right.

    • Thank you for the information! B’anna have you had any luck with the rescue groups? They are still here on Council Madrone Rd and running around our cabin! I was going to call authorities but wanted to touch base with you 1st.

  • These horses have been pretty much stationed at my house for weeks now. They like me and will follow me anywhere. They are completely abandoned and need some proactive care. I am awaiting a response from some rescue groups… Meanwhile Catdance and Rama C. if you are able to provide a home for any of these horses please contact me here!!
    Kym, how can I give interested people my email without making it completely public?
    (Please disregard my previous message!)

  • Contact Shannon Miranda..he is experienced in rescuing horses.

  • I have two acres and a barn and lots of horse experience and would love to adopt a few of these email is

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