Garberville Man Arrested for Assault

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

ron machadoA Garberville man is in custody after assaulting another man with a rock.

On Dec. 21, 2017 around 8:20 a.m. sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a gas station on the 800 block of Redwood Dr. in Garberville for the report of an assault. The California Highway Patrol was called to assist.

When deputies arrived on scene they found the suspect, 48-year-old Ronald Machado, detained in a CHP patrol car. According to the victim, Machado began to verbally harass the victim while walking on Redwood Dr. Machado then began to follow the victim down the road, eventually throwing a rock and injuring the victim in the head.

Machado was arrested and booked for the following charges: assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and violation of probation.



  • Keep this pos in jail this time he threatened to kill a ercp member this man is dangerous

  • Will these clowns ever leave ? Get jobs somewhere and lead decent lives? Whats so cool about being a burn out bum in garberville? Not like you cant get drugs anywhere else in the country.

    • He’s mentally ill.

      • And your point is?

        • “And your point is?”
          I think the point is that we no longer have even the basic infrastructure needed to deal with society’s problems. There’s no place for the police to take the mentally ill, except jail. And they can’t keep them in jail forever. If we didn’t have greedy, crooks and traitors running things, we could rebuild our society, and create mental-institutions for those severely disabled people who go around hurting others.
          Yeah, yeah; I think that might have been part of his “point.”

      • Not to sound callous, but is he mentally ill because he had a diagnosis of mental illness and then he turned to drugs? Or is he mentally ill because of a life long drug addiction which now manifests itself as every mental illness known? Because hearing the second one is getting pretty old…

      • Yes, Trump is mentally ill. 🎃

    • You can’t punish the mentally ill into sanity. This man is a local, and he needs help for which Humboldt County has no infrastructure to provide. Now, if the county used some of the funds it’s expecting from marijuana licensing to benefit people like this man, it would be great.

      • Thank you💖

      • I’ve known Ronnie since I was 15, I am now 37 he was not mentally ill, if he is now it’s because of all the drugs. The dude’s been a piece of shit ever since I first met him. he’s also a registered child molester.

        • Figures. So does this mean the commenters above who always default and somehow defend this behavior as natural mental disease and/or dismiss the persons responsibility by claiming his victimhood will rethink their position?

      • Thank you, I think he’s a decent human that’s been through some brutal trauma. Always seems peaceful and working on some strange street art. I think there’s more to the story. People do and say fucked up shit to homeless people.

      • Again, the use of this term “local”.

        What do you mean by “local”, exactly?

        Half the time it seems like people use the term “local” around here to mean some old white man (or not so old).

        My concern is that when you say he deserves help in part because he’s a “local”, does that mean citizens who don’t qualify for being labeled as a “local” are undeserving of our community’s help?

        We are all in this together, are we not? WE THE PEOPLE, right? 🇺🇸

        When you define your recognized community in such narrow terms, you diminish both yourself and your concept of community.

        And you come across as EXTREMELY PROVINCIAL when you do so. Just saying.

    • He is not a bum who drifted here. He is a born here local who is mentally ill.
      Were you born here? If not, I suggest YOU go back where YOU came from.

      • How about YOU stop defending this asshole. He stalks people, and threatens daily. No one but YOU thinks he’s special, because he’s a local loser. And I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE, because YOU think I should leave, because I don’t agree with you. Pathetically entitled. You are absolutely part of the problem here. STOP DEFENDING VIOLENT LOCALS!

        • Well. Ganjo started the conversation about who should leave town. Veteran’s recommendation is if people don’t want to put up with the local flavor, and since Machado is born into the local flavor, maybe it’s on you to make the change. It’s not about defending anything. We simply don’t jail-for-life pains in the ass. We don’t put them in concentration camps. We deal the best we can.

        • Go back to where you came from. We help our own and fuck you. If you feel the need to incarcerate the mentally ill you are definitely in the wrong place. That dude needs a long term 5150 commitment to a psych hospital and put on meds for his illness. NOT LOCKED IN JAIL. Our prisons are full because we lock up mentally ill instead of treating them.

      • O he’s a local. My bad. Keep molesting children, doing drugs n assualting people…its ok if you were born here. WTF!?

    • Nahh they get free meals from that lady from the Mateel and old guy at the post office parking lot. Would you leave if the food was free. No rent to pay..just hustle for some hard drugs and throw some rocks at is easy!

    • Ron is a local he has been here for a very long time . He was once perfectly normal . If he is to be crazy in the streets , these are the streets to be crazy in . It’s his home .

  • Ron’s at it again… the body armor he made of beer boxes was pretty creative

  • I knew him back when I was using 18 yrs ago .he was always cool to me ,but I see 18 yrs later what has done to him .Maybe this will be a turning point to try to quit ,but those odds I feel are astronomical in his case. His eyes look tired and beat down so sad.

  • Fuck him, tweaker asshole!

  • These are the same dregs that Hang out at the Townsquare day in and day out causing trouble, stealing, shooting up, and being violent.
    These are the same violent dregs that Truit, Anderson and Borassa built the town square bathroom for.
    Truit,borassa and peg Anderson should be forced to stay at the town square for minimum 48 hours, just to experience what everybody else has been trying to tell them that goes on there.

  • Poor Ronnie. I have known him for more than 20 years. The sheriff KNOWS he is mentally ill & arresting him is futile. He needs help that he will never receive & will probably be killed if he is sent to prison.
    I hope all of you who curse him are never blessed with a friend or family member who is mentally ill. This is not a character flaw. It is a physically based condition.
    He is a friend of mine and is always polite and nice to me.

    • That’s great that he’s your friend. And you are such a compassionate soul…what if he’d killed someone with that rock? He deserves our sympathy because he’s sick? [edit] look around you, have you seen our neighborhood lately? Wake the fuck up. If prison keeps him from hitting people with rocks then book him already. What if it was your head he hit with that rock? Still feel bad then?

    • I actually think he can be treated better in the state prison system then on the county streets or in and out of the hum co jail. Sherriff’s Dept doing their job keeping others who cross his path and those whose property he violates safe from him. (and safe from himself for that matter) He will be warm, dry and fed and under supervision. Win-win.

      • Have you ever been to prison ? Do you know what it’s like for prisoners?

        Prisons are for Child Molesters and murderers…

        People who threaten people and think they should go to prison should personally go to a prison and experience it.

        I have, Ive seen the walls of old Folsom, I’ve met these prisoners….

        Our Prisons are failing convicts left and right… he would be dead in there in no time.

        I’m not defending this because I don’t like violent people whether they are local or not. I work in town and I see the stuff that happens in the square M-F. I don’t like feeling nervous being a woman walking to her car at night.

        But know your prison systems, know your jail systems… know where you think you wanna send these people.

    • Duuude. Do you even give a flyin fk about the person he threw a rock at? Maybe he’s “mentally ill” too. But just leave him alone, right, since he’s cool to you and hasn’t hit you with a rock? Got it.

  • Ron’s been around for many years but mentally unstable or not he needs to be put away no matter what..maybe that’ll keep him off the drugs.. he’s been a menace for Garberville/Redway for years..

  • I hope, for Ron’s sake, it won’t be catch and release. I hope he gets a ‘cot and a hot’.
    I work in town, and he was quite agitated last Sunday. He (and all on the street) must be freezing. I would be surprised if he made it to any Extreme Weather Shelters.
    Currently, the jails ARE the mental health housing in our country.

  • We need to turn the old Kmart into a new mental health facility and extra jail.

    • Interesting idea

    • I actually love that idea! I also think we need LOCKED drug and alcohol treatment for those who fit the criteria… (danger to self/others or gravely disabled due to substance abuse) And, they can do a detox for minors while they are at it and one for folks who are Co-Occurring. However, if they commit a crime…. then even if they have a mental illness- they should go to jail. And while in jail/prison they should have to do treatment or classes for whatever fits the need. If it was a DV charge, then start their DV classes in jail… or child abuse… then parenting classes…. And mandated medications for those who would benefit.

  • So sad, so many need to be placed in a mental health facility, at this point it would probably be larger than our prison system

  • Does Ronnie have family? Shouldn’t they be responsible for him if he’s mentally ill?

  • So mad ..... He needs to get help

    Omg im so over him and his bs … day he will kill someone then what …..makes me so mad ……

    • Yea, like the pos Gary F*^%head Bullock from the Redway & he did kill!
      He is mentally ill & after a series of offenses & police involvement, incarceration & unfortunate release, he was allowed to carouse freely when he CLEARLY should not have been & the result? He killed Fr. Eric Freed who was a much loved & respected man & he did it in the most brutal way. It was senseless & such a high price to pay for his sickness. I am an empathetic person but I don’t want people like Bullock or Machado in my community! He will injure, molest, kill one day, just you watch. He’s NOT harmless, he’s ill.

      • And how about if someone is brought to Jail from So Hum, that someone arrange transportation for them back to the community they came from. Why do all those who go to jail or mental health or St. Joes without transportation back to their community become a problem for Eureka residents to deal with.


    How many more of these type of guys to keep popping up to show liberalism has failed humanity?

    • this the begining to the end of this town i have lived here 6 years and i have seen it going down rapidly. i grew up in a place back east and i saw the same thing happen.
      fighting over who is local and who is not local.
      its the same story:
      incidents like this will keep happening but more frequent, higher divorce rate, more domestic vilonce cases. more dui’s and accidents. lack of housing we didnt have back east so didnt see them so much in the street but in houses we called them crack houses.
      So hum has a large elderly population with one person living in 3 and 4 bedroom houses.
      it might be time to pack your parents up and move them to floridia. this redville town could use like two or three good crack houses.
      they would be off the street, by they i mean the tweekers not your parents.

      How about sponsor a tweeker pack them in a car with your parents and ship them both off to floridia. floridia knows how to deal with old people and tweakers.
      energical the fear that is going on in this town is amazing! its off the charts! i have seen good kind people act out of fear and desperation.
      people are scared. There is no real leader sorry estale we followed you to the end of the rainbow empty pot of gold and poo poo leadership your not the leperchan we needed
      – i can say that i am irish.
      i have never seen any meetings with town leaders like all the preachers and business leaders and community orgs. every happen.
      seems like this a time when the mattel is needed to ralley the community!

      tourism cant save us! reggae cant save us. bikers cant save us. bigfoot? i just got back from oregon they got a lockdown on him or her.
      weed isnt going to save us or pot tourism no way. there is no uper management mentality around here. i have meet a few folks but they got solid jobs. if you wanted to import this type of work force they need housing.

      California is in a ressision for the last 3 quarters but your not going to hear about it. We have been in a bubble for many years with always the outlaw element.
      well the bubble here is not just going to pop!
      its a slow leak slow slow leak. a slow leak is worse some people will be in denial untill its too late:
      most towns or neighbourhoods are saved by diversity. so how cant attract diversity! what does this town to acctract to it! Nada!
      local business guage prices on almost everything. schools are poo poo.
      hospitals poo poo-
      i really think rotr was the last straw when i saw the native american lion teeshirt i said this place will be cursed by the ghosts from the past.
      i dont think you can save this place karmaically its done. if your over 50 sell your place move out go south!! people with kids get out while you can schools will never prepare them for this world. Homeshool kids will be over sensitive emotional basket cases when they are older. You can’t socialize them enough to actual deal with real world problems, unless you dont live in hills and are in town your good you got all kinds of madness to socialize them- homeschool kids in town might make it actually.
      AS for the creative rock throwing guy this is your canery in the coal mine garberville redway- Your time is over! Your economic stability and the fear you have you will all drown in the native ghosts laughter- the real locals.

      sorry my editor left me for another guy. if your going to troll on me for type os and grammer, then waste your time, cause i dont care

    • You popped into his world

    • It wasn’t a liberal who closed the mental hospitals. It was Governor Ronald Reagan.

  • I was a local house builder here & actually hired Ron as a laborer! Yes I knew very well about his mental condition then . He worked for me many months on a house , was always on time , worked hard consistantly , followed my directions, etc. Of course this was in the mid 80s. He had my trust & proved he deserved it ! Over the years he has kept going down hill ,but he is mentally ill & addited.; I still feel bad for him ! He needs mental hospital – not jail – our goverment let this happen to him !

    • why always the governments responsibility. what about individual responsibility to society? and where are family and friends? some people don’t know what to do with themselves and turn to self-destruction. too much “freedom” imo

    • Yes but there is also individual responsibility.

  • We are all part of the problem

    Well with a mentally ill person as our president, we might just look in the mirror and work on ourselfs. We pay taxes and just expect to have all problem people go away. But most of the folks who have made money not paying taxes have not contributed to our community. At least I don’t see it. Just buy another peace of property to seel up you neighborhood. Maybe we are all a little crazy to think we don’t all have to pitch in to help each other. I have called the police on Ron, just to keep myself from hurting him or getting hurt.
    Much love to all. Love and light to Ron.
    I’ll keep looking in the mirror
    We all need each other.
    Peace to all. I’m no better that you all

    • Conservative Stupidity

      You’ve got Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump PEGGED!

      • Typical liberal comment. Closing psychiatric hospitals was a liberal movement, just like Prohibition in its time. Both based on the belief that all the world’s ills are fixed if the right person is blamed and then controlled. In the case of mental illness, the liberal solution was Science with a capital “S.” There were going to be drugs to cure everything. And the government was the villian, holding people against their will. So liberals got together and fixed the problem. As usual it turned out that the liberal choice was way too simplistic to be a real solution. What the heck- out with the old and in with the new. No listening to conservative thinking about change needing to be thought out.

        It didn’t matter when Obama was President or Trump is now, liberals are always looking for scapegoats in the deluded belief that, if you just get them out of the way, the rest of humanity will be able to exercise their innate liberality. Yet , somehow, it never works out because, darn them, people themselves get in the way. A true frustration to the liberal. If nothing else though, liberals are adaptable. Having screwed up one thing, they promptly blame someone else and move on to the next screw up.

        • Blah blah blah.

        • Liberals didn’t close California’s mental hospitals. Governor Ronald Reagan did and he was no liberal.

        • Nope. Another fucking lie from the right. Ronald Reagan, your beloved Republican governor, turned the mentally ill loose on the rest of us. Google it.

          • Look up the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act. It was signed by Reagan just after he took office but it was shepherded through the California legislature by Pat Brown’s appointee, Vivian Walter. If Brown had not just lost the election to Reagan, he would have been the one signing the law.

            It was the law that emptied the mental hospitals. Hard as it is for liberals to ever acknowledge their defects, this one was by in large their own baby.

            I post this for others than the frothing at the mouth liberals to see. There is no force on the face of the earth that can get through a liberal’s determined delusions. That is the liberal version of lying- just refuse to look and call people names. It’s like talking to an insane person. They just keep shouting over you.

        • It wasn’t a political party that closed down the mental institutions. It was actually both sides and the reason was they wanted people in a less restrictive setting. They were going to have “case managers” follow the mentally ill after their release and they planned on continuing to give them meds. The $$ didn’t follow the MI out of the locked psych and they didn’t want to drink the kool-aid anymore. Other genius’s kept coming up with other plans, that also failed. NAMI (National Alliance For the Mentally Ill) started fighting on behalf of those with mental illness as a medical condition. The LPS act happened- now, a judge has to deem you incompetent to life or to stand trail or to be free before you get locked up. The problem is drugs. Many people who had a MI, schizophrenia or a psychotic disorder that mental health could treat, started using drugs and alcohol as a way to self medicate. And our local mental health refuses to treat people who are high. So it doesn’t matter if you didn’t use drugs in the past and had schizophrenia. If you use drugs now according to them you don’t have it anymore. We need to let everyone know that according to the ‘experts’ drug use will make your mental illness go away.

  • Cabin in the woods

    I have PTSD just from reading these comments.

  • I’ve seen this guy roaming around G-ville. He once gave me shit for wanting to enter one of the cafes there on Redwood Drive; I guess I was too close to his wagon. He’s not a nice guy, I don’t care what his supporters say here. He’s dangerous and he may well be mentally ill, and IMPO, he probably needs to be in a locked facility.

    Which brings up another point here: people like Mr Machado are not going to seek treatment on their own, and if taken for psychiatric stabilization, he will most assuredly refuse treatment. Involuntary commitment is a long, drawn out legal proceeding and even if Mr Machado was to be institutionalized, he has a right to a hearing for release every six months. That’s the law. Even the mentally ill have rights and I’m sure this man will NEVER achieve stability because he doesn’t want to. He gets too many perceived positives from maintaining his illness. Think about that next time you say Hi to Ron. You people aren’t doing him any favors by accepting his behavior.

    • Your right. 100% Cranky old lady.

    • Thanks people need to wake up I have been trying to help others and understand there problems I am a local and I’ve seen this happen for year’s I got hit with a rock by a violent person who yes needs help before he kills someone not that he hasn’t already

  • If he keeps it up sooner or later he will assault the wrong person and become one of the lost coast missing. And as far as people telling folks to go back where they came from if it’s another American location is assanine.

  • I am a local who loves to live here and I was picking up trash and this something I’ve done for year’s.I don’t take sleeping bags or clothing or hidden bags because I know it’s a homeless persons belongings. There was molding bread and maget infested meat in a Rays shopping cart you could smell it from the side walk.Ok I did not see Ron camping underneath a trail piled up with trash He started yelling at me to stop stealing his stuff I said its me Brian I’m only picking up trash sorry ,I didn’t see you sleeping underneath that trailer.U told him it was private property and I can help clean up.He said he work there so I called him a lier ask him to maybe clean it up some. And he flipped out on me followed me yelling in the middle of the street I was just trying below him off. Because my friend was getting off the freeway to pick me up.Then he ran across the street and hit me in the face with a rock Shell and a truck driver called the cops not me I’ve been to prison and I’ve done time for my share of crimes committed during my run in the hills of Humboldt so fuc k Ron and all the other problem people who don’t respect your family members and friends who live here in sohum

  • Busy Buddy 2017!!! ;)

    Buddy B didn’t you assault Ron ? Weren’t you the one with the rock in the beginning? Was Ron defending himself? What an awful violent event to occur on our streets. I think the videos should tell, right? Didn’t you have an altercation with another homeless man and damaged his arm and hit him over the head with a flash light several times and laid his head wide open? Buddy you have had a busy Christmas cleaning up . Hope you heal soon. Happy New Year!

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