Fortuna Resident Nabs Porch Pirate and Recovers Stolen Package

fortuna policeAn alert and angry homeowner and Fortuna Police snagged a porch pirate this morning. The incident occurred about 8:15 a.m. when the suspect allegedly took a package off a porch on Summer Street. The resident was alerted to the attempted theft by a neighbor.

The resident followed to persuade the poaching pirate to return the package. The alleged thief reportedly attempted to flee but the resident eventually found the pillaging pirate hiding in a backyard. Aided by the arrival of Fortuna Police, the resident was able to capture the suspect and recover the package.

Fortuna Police confirmed the incident and said they arrested Demarcus Conley,  age 37, for the theft.

UPDATE 11:03 a.m.: Press release from the Fortuna Police:

Demarcus ConleyOn December 22, 2017 at approx. 8:15 am, Fortuna Police Department received a report of a male who had just stolen a package from the front porch of a residence on the 500 block of Summer Street.  The victim told police he was chasing the male on Fortuna Blvd.  

Officers arrived in the area and began searching for the suspect.  The Sergeant contacted the victim who told Police the suspect had thrown the package while the victim was chasing him.  The victim provided a description of the suspect and his last known location.  While Officers were searching the area, the Sergeant observed a male matching the description provided by the victim walk into a backyard of a residence on the 1600 block of Newburg Road.  Officers entered the backyard and located Demarcus Conley hiding near a fence. Conley was detained without incident.  The victim was transported to the scene and positively identified Conley as the suspect in the theft.  Conley was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Jail and booked for the following charges.

?PC 488– Petty Theft

?PC 647(h)- Prowling on private property

The Fortuna Police Department would like to thank the alert citizen and home owner who contacted police after noticing suspicious activity in their neighborhood.  During the holiday season, the Fortuna Police Department routinely fields an increased number of theft calls in regards to packages being stolen from the front porches of residences.  Due to the heightened awareness of these citizens, the victim was able to retrieve his property and an arrest was made.  The police department would like to remind citizens if they observe suspicious activity in their neighborhoods to contact the Police Department 725-7550.



  • Can we push to have these a$$hats charged with Federal mail tampering? Please?!

    • you are funny. crime is not a punishable offense in humboldt county.

    • Just wondering if this is a possible suspect in the U.S. Mail Box break-in (actually ripped open the rear of 2 of the sidewalk lock boxes two night ago) just off of Rohnerville Road, at Hillras …these thieves are certainly brazen! Or perhaps it’s the drug addiction. Sad.

  • Agree. The thievery in this town is out of control. The dis-ease of these career criminals should not be something our community has to continually endure. It’s time to revisit who we allow to walk back into the community and make our streets and homes safe havens without the threat of loss to modern day outlaws.

  • It always helpful if the police can provide a mugshot of these criminals.

  • Or you can get with the times and keep up with the criminals, practice some current security measures or continue to lose to criminal activity. Was it Federal or was it Amazon? I don’t need the Feds charging me to police Amazon too. This was a target of opportunity. Police react, security protects.

  • Theft of packages not delivered by US Mail is not theft of mail.

  • Just got this message from Lieutenant Daniel Monk of the Sacramento Police Department. Looks like they are using “bait packages”:

    “Good Morning-
    In a post earlier this week, I highlighted our holiday crime reduction strategies which included bait packages being deployed in various parts of the East Command. Earlier this morning, we were notified that one of our bait packages in the Elmhurst neighborhood had been taken. Our officers quickly arrived to the area, and located the suspects. Upon searching the suspect’s vehicle, our hard-working officers not only located the stolen bait package, but found packages that had been taken from other residences”

    • They put GPS devices in the packages. Our LE should set up bait cars, bicycles, etc. with GPS; and they could take a lot of criminals off the street. Problem is, they don’t want to deal with those people because there is nothing in it for them except paper work. Those they do arrest, get released before the ink dries on their booking sheets.

  • Wish our law enforcement had a game plan of any sort.#lazy Humboldt Cops .#Do your jobs.

  • Another unemployed porch thief from the “unsuccessful Democrats’ relocation policies of Katrina’s New Orleans program. Hell- ship’m out to all the states and get rid of them. They become someone else’s endowment problem. This guy doesn’t look like he should be anywhere in Fortuna, let alone Humboldt County. HOW DID HE GET HERE????????SAN Francisco Amtrak-YES!

  • Are we allowed to say “porch pirate”? That really sounds like something we can’t say in 2017.

    • I was going to say [edit] but held my tongue the first time.

    • Are porches and pirates somehow slurring a nationality, a race, a religion, a gender, a sexual preference? Nope. So, there we are. Have at it. Porch pirate is free range fun. Also, to be perfectly clear, the race of the suspect was not known to me when I originally used the term.

  • You should have. You’re banned.

  • ARRRRRR!!! Walk the plank.

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