[UPDATE 5 p.m.] Elderly Clearlake Oaks Couple Arrested in Nebraska With 60 Pounds of Christmas Cannabis

Press release from the York County, Nebraska Sheriff’s Department:

Christmas presents for those back east

[Photo courtesy of the York County, NE Sheriff’s Department]

On December 19, 2017 York County deputies observed a 2016 Toyota Tacoma failing to signal a turn and driving left of the center line and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon contact with the vehicle, deputies detected the odor of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle. When asked about the odor of marijuana, the driver, 83-year-old Patrick Jiron admitted to having contraband inside the vehicle and consented to a search of the vehicle.

Located inside the vehicle’s truck topper during the search was approximately 60 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of over $300,000. Also located were multiple containers of concentrated THC.

Both occupants advised that they were traveling from California making stops in Boston, Massachusetts and Vermont to distribute the marijuana to family and friends as Christmas gifts.

Cited on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and no drug tax stamp was 83-year-old Patrick Jiron and his wife, 80-year-old Barbara Jiron of Clearlake Oaks, California.

UPDATE 5 p.m.: According to the York News Times,

The elderly woman, the second defendant in a case where she and her 80-year-old husband were allegedly transporting $336,000 worth of marijuana they said was intended as Christmas gifts, has not been jailed.

York County Sheriff’s Lt. Paul Vrbka said Barbara Jiron was cited in the case but was not jailed “due to some medical issues.”

It has also been clarified that Barbara Jiron’s age is 70. The sheriff’s department inadvertently originally said her age was 83.

Her husband, Patrick Jiron, was taken into custody and booked into the York County Jail on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp. He has since posted 10 percent of his $100,000 bond and has been released.



  • Man i wish i was on that Christmas list !

    • Me 3!!! I hope that they are released for time served or whatever, especially since they weren’t SELLING it!!! Bad enough they were arrested over a HARMLESS Herb!!!!!!

      • Funny how the article noted a lack of a “tax stamp”…

        • The actual name of the original law prohibiting marijuana in the 1930s was the Marijuana Stamp Tax Act. It made it illegal to sell or posses weed without paying the tax (similar to the stamps on cigs now) but never developed a way to do so.

  • $5000 lb? The cops in York Co have been getting ripped off.

    • There was concentrate also. You can see multiple jars in the photo.

      • If that is the concentrates then they have the wrong story! I thought the concentrates were the 4 or so small flat green canisters in the bottom left and the mason jars are canned garden goodies. The quart most visible looks like canned chili verde.

      • A pound broken down to street value at a minimum of $10 a gram is $4540 per Lb.

        • Yes thats true but, lets be honest. That man wasnt going to get $300,000 for that. Its actually really fucked up considering a man from nevada got busted with “2060 lbs and over 22k in cash in trinity” gets let go and is told to appear in court at a certain date. While, these elderly people who are old enough to be MY grand parents get arrested. Well the guy, atleast.

          Furthermore, and this is a direct poll as of april 2017. “52 percent of Americans over 18 have tried marijuana at some point in their lives. The survey conducted by Yahoo News and Marist Poll found that not only have most adults in the U.S. smoked pot, 44 percent of those who tried it once still use it today.”

          Thats 1 in 2 people, simple math. 300,000,000+ Americans, 150,000,000+ stoners.

          There are far more deadlier “drugs” out there, that your kids can get access to waaaay easier than pot.

          Safe Holidays to everyone. ✌

          • 1 in 2 ADULTS…. not the entire population. Still a lot of folks, but important to be accurate, eh?


          • Yeah. What she said: 44% of the 52%. Hope you’re not handling the money. And it’s “far more deadly” or “deadlier” not both at once. Not that anyone gives a shit anymore.

  • Sad that the chumps parents got busted.

  • Glad to see Mom and pop are still in business, hope they get a slap on the wrist and a warm cocoa.

  • A costly reminder that those of us who left California to get away from that crap don’t want it in OUR states. Keep it on the west coast…

  • No we cant and wont. Stuff your pipe and chill.And don’t forget to leave a bowl full for Santa.

    I bet you don’t have a problem with your local doctor flooding your community with legal opiods .Big Pharma has been slingin dope for years .

    • and there lies the crux … legal vs illegal! It doesn’t matter if you are for or against. It doesn’t matter which is ‘more vile’ or ‘better’. The fact remains that it is still illegal Federally and in certain states. Being an asshat towards someone with a different opinion doesn’t change that fact.

      • Might I remind you that there was a time in this country when slavery was perfectly legal and aiding runaway slaves was a very serious crime. A law on the books does not mean it is just and it is the duty of the citizens to stand up and rebel against them.

  • Missed opportunity to pile the weed up in the shape of a Christmas tree for the photo.

  • They need a Field Senility Test! How dangerous for them to be attempting that.

  • 83 years old and they don’t know to keep their mouth shut when being questioned on the shoulder of the road by any cop. And no one ever told them to never ever consent to a vehicle search? Never! I feel for this old couple but they probably fucked themselves by giving up so much information.

    • Forget name of movie, but muchMuchlyMuchoHilarious Cheech+Ching scene when police stopped loaded smoking vehicle & loaded smoking occupants.

    • When the have a dog and the dog ‘alerts’ then you’re pretty much screwed. They can get a warrant.

      • Never agree to a vehicle search…….even if the officer claims that the dog “alerted”. The so called “alert” will be probable cause for them to search the vehicle anyway, but still never give consent to search. Your attorney will be happy about it. Who knows….. might even save yourself a couple hundred bucks of attorney fees.

        • I’m not going to take advice from someone that think attorneys cost a couple hundred bucks.

          • Dude, it’s sound advice, adhere to it or be possibly fkd by law enforcement

          • Well shit neither would I. When it comes to criminal attorneys it costs more than that just to walk into his/her office.

            My point was that when someone gives consent to search the vehicle they are creating one more issue that the attorney will have to deal with and that’s not cheap. Exercise your rights and never agree to a search, or volunteer information, or answer questions and you not only better your chances in court, but you also make the attorney’s job easier, therefore saving yourself some $. Also We already pay that cops salary so make him work for it. Make him get the warrant. I mean your going to jail anyway. Are you in some kind of hurry to get there?

      • True dat Emily. The dog will “detect” weed every time and if the dog is wrong….then in court the prosecutors say “well the dog is right 80% of the time”. Shut case. Your screwed

    • Sleepy is correct. Never ever give consent to officers to search you. Even if they find it anyway you can sometimes get evidence thrown out for a number of technicalities. It is amazing how many people blow their own cover while having consensual encounters with the police and not even being detained. They like to make it sound like they can help you out if you are honest with them. It’s all a big con. Stay silent and get sound legal advice. Make the law do their own investigation don’t help them do their job.

    • The misadventures of bunjee

      When you’re 83 you can tell whatever story you want.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Never consent to a search, ever, by LEO’s but never resist. Gives your attorney crumbs to work with. Something, and it might work. Yes it is weird that couriers don’t know the absolute minimum requirements. Your rig MUST be street legal, lights, stickers everything and OBEY all traffic laws. Geez.

  • I feel so bad for these folks
    Seriously cops should spend more time on busting child molesters and elderly abuse instead of picking on 83 yr old grandparents.
    Give them back there Christmas presents you bullies

  • Dumb asses didn’t even seal a Meal it

    • You know, gram and gramps probably grew it themselves, made their own salve, etc. They don’t seem to be the ‘grower’ or black market types that would know all the ins and outs of transporting illegal drugs. Why don’t you, since you are a know it all, sit down and write a book for all those ignorant older folks about the ins and outs of transporting illegal drugs across state lines.

  • “charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and no drug tax stamp” because it’s one of those states where if you want to sell drugs you have to go to the tax office and pay a tax on each bag you’re going to sell and then you get a tax stamp that you’re supposed to put in each baggie you have for sale. If you fail to do this, you get this charge. But who’s going to go to the tax office in a place like Nebraska or Kansas where drugs are highly illegal to ask for these tax stamps? They should fight that charge on the basis that buying the tax stamps violates their right to not incriminate themselves.

  • Clearly intended for glaucoma patients on the East Coast.

  • I totally agree with what Dan Fuller says

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    The concentrates are a more serious felony. People in CA forget that other states are different in their laws. Concentrates are like hash- manufactured cannabis- and are actually quite serious. Transporting is a serious charge, more than possession. They may not have consented to the search- police lie all the time about that and about the smell and about the traffic violations. They see a CA or OR plate and pull it over to search. Nothing new. It was a bad plan from the start. Get Grandpa a new license- not from here- and a car with plates-not from here- that match and triple his chances. Driving w/ CA or OR ID is like throwing yourself in the fire…Also- never admit you are distributing to others! That’s another serious felony!! Say nothing and remember- it’s all your personal stash. No sales, no sharing as far as they get to know… Whoever sent this couple into this situation in this condition should get punched and/or charged with the crime. That is elder abuse.

  • They are in for a rude awakening as far as the legal practices of Nebraska are concerned.

    I’m afraid they might spend considerable time in prison for this venture.

    A friend from Colorado was caught in NE with less than a pound and is now a felon for life. And they really made him jump through some hoops to stay out of jail for that amount.

    Good luck grandpa and grandma. I hope they don’t throw the book at you guys.

  • Californians don’t seem to understand that you can actually go to jail in other states for criminal behavior.

    • We understand and we are high!!! One thing we do not understand is why you have persecuted a plant and the people who grow it as criminals when the plant has never harmed anyone. The plant has obvious medical properties yet this plant is according to the federal government does not. Legalization has happened in Colorado, Washington and Oregon and all those lies and horror stories by the anti-marijuana politicos are not true. As far as Grandma and Grandpa they got busted in one of the most ignorant states ever in regards to the truth about the plant.

    • Which is why CA by far has the largest incarcerated population in the country (and yes I do know CA is the most populous state).

      Nobody goes to jail? Please.

      I guess that’s why the courts found CA’s prisons to be dangerously overcrowded, right?

  • Somebody put them up to it, hoping to get a piece of that $ 300,000 Christmas pie. Probably convinced them, that nobody would search an 80 yr old couple. The Grandparents were hoping to make a buck also.

  • I sincerely hope that the friends and family members who were the intended recipients of these holiday gifts will come forward, step up, or otherwise care for and protect these elders. Their situation just boggles my mind, and I hope they were not blind-sided to the risks. What an ugly scene.

    • I hope so too! People of that age shouldn’t be put in jail. I think perhaps the judge will consider this. It would be nice if the intended receivers meet with attorneys and get them off with maybe just a fine (that they would chip in to pay!).

  • interstate transportation of a federally illegal substance .book em Dano and keep on puffin.

  • The value of pot on the east coast is far higher than the west coast….

  • I wish they would have made it. I wish they would have followed the rules, dangit. Even when you follow every single rule….the po po have exquisite high resolution x-ray equipment out there folks and they want money!

  • Well they will probably pay a fine, and get zapped for “tax evasion”, and their business may be marginally disrupted, but I doubt that anyone is gonna put an 83 year old man in jail for very long, if only to avoid caring for an elder. The greatest loss here is that of the 60 pounds of bud. I have a home across the lake from Clearlake Oaks: the growers around here are no slouches either, Humboldt County…

    I hope these folks still have an enjoyable holiday, live even longer, and are around to have more adventures in retirement in Lake County next year!

  • Nobrainnoheadache

    Wow the value is finally going up! It increased 36k by the end of the article!!

  • Never ever!!! Travel with medical cannabis in turkey bags! Across state lines even..? Sealing is the only way, even multiple seals. Stupid is as stupid is still doing! Santa never brings all the gifts you want anyway. Merry Merry

  • Does anyone see the thievery here? $300,000 bust for 60 pounds. That’s a said value of $5,000 each? Ya and my car is worth $400K when it gets stolen….Right….Sounds like an insurance fraud. This case, its a police fraud. They get funding for busts that are worth 10% of what they say they are. $the government says they bust units at a value of $5,000 each. What?

    On another note, when are we citizens going to extract the dangerous pit bulls and defense dogs and require licensing or just completely get rid of them, such as bad poultry…..round em up and get them off the planet. Tired of idiots being allowed to use an animal as a weapon, then let the weapon run around, loaded and armed. Maybe Pink Floyd was right, lets get em up against the wall.

  • i been away at moms and didnt see this article till just now .
    seen him across the street at neighbors house . now i know where some of their 500 illegal plants went .

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5254627/Elderly-couple-stopped-month-pot-arrested-again.html

    And their saga continues. Arrested on the way back in Nebraska (again) with possession of $18,000 in thank you gifts. You’d have thiught they’d go the long way around this time.

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