With Freezing Temperatures Predicted Tonight, Extreme Weather Shelter Opens Again

Last night twelve people sheltered at the Healy Senior Center in Redway. More are expected to show up tonight as the temperature is predicted to dip below 30 degrees and the Extreme Weather Shelter will be open again.

Peg Anderson who operates the shelter said people donated “lots of coats and socks and hats and hiking kits” and everyone who came received some items. She wants to remind everyone that the shelter will open at 6 p.m. for dinner and in the morning for breakfast.

There is free transportation from Garberville to Redway at 5:11, at 6:21, and 7:30 p.m. on the bus. If you say you are going to the shelter it is free. The bus will pick up at the vacant lot at the corner of Melville Road and Redwood Drive. Then the riders will get dropped off at Signature Coffee and will need to walk the three blocks to the Healy Senior Center. (See map below.)

Directions to the Healy Senior Center in Redway

Directions to the Healy Senior Center in Redway.

Though they have enough volunteers for tonight, Anderson said, “We are always looking for people who will volunteer overnight.”


In addition, she said, “We are always looking for coats, sweaters, and clean socks.” There is a donation barrel at Chautauqua or donations can be made at the Senior Center on the night of the Shelter opening.

If you have any questions, please call Peg Anderson at (707) 223-0344.



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