[UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: Good News!] Sequoia Humane Society’s Vehicle Was Vandalized and Now Money Meant for Animal Care Has to Go to Fixing It

Sequoia Humane soc cat

All pets shown are from the Sequoia Humane Society.

Over the weekend of December 9th and 10th, Sequoia Humane Society‘s vehicle was vandalized. Community Outreach Director Nicole Bradley was furious. On Monday following that weekend, she had to take some of the dogs to the vet and noticed that the gas level was low so she pulled into a station and started pumping. Her feet started “getting splattered on.” She looked and it appeared that gas was pouring out from under the van. She got down and looked.

“Sure enough someone had cut the intake and the return,” Bradley said. “They probably did it to take gas.” The Society had had problems with gas theft before. so they’ve started taking measures. They have started keeping a minimal amount of gas in the van.

“We had put a locking gas cap on it,” Bradley explained. “We started parking the van where it is light and there are cameras.” Sadly, the quality of the footage retrievable from the camera didn’t provide any help as to suspects this time.

“We use the van to transport the animals and for our thrift stores,” she explained.

The Society provides a no-kill shelter for adoption as well as spay/neuter and education. This vandalism impacts their ability to help animals. “[I]nstead of using the funds we need for our animals,” Bradley said. “We get to use some of it to fix the van…[add] new lights, more cameras and who knows what else?”Sequoia Humane Society Dogs

If you have any information, please contact the Eureka Police.

If you would like to help, please follow this link.

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: Good news! Community Outreach Director Nicole Bradley, “The van has been fixed by a volunteer, however, there is one more alteration we will make to safeguard the gas line by adding a plate to cover the lines. We had a wonderfully generous couple bring in and donate a brand new, still in the box security system which will be installed by volunteers, staff and the couple even offered to install it for us since they have already installed 2 at their house.”

Then she added more good news: “And we received a couple [of] really nice donations online that I just got notification of too!! Our community is amazingly generous and warms my heart! Thank you for helping us out, this story has been invaluable.”



  • Special place in hell for those who did this. SOMEONE knows who!

  • I missed this on the tv news. Or was it not reported on the tv? I’m wondering if more media coverage, maybe one of the auto repair shops would donate the parts n service to repair the van? It’s a start n I think, worth a try.

  • Do county vehicles have no INSURANCE?
    This is such BS

    • Sequoia Humane Society is not a County entity. It’s a non-profit organization.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      This isn’t a county vehicle……

    • Wrong again, as is stated in the other comments this vehicle is NOT County owned!!!!! Wake up & look it up, before you assume things!!!

    • Unfortunately as a nonprofit(not a County entity) completely dedicated to saving as many lives as they can, even a $500 insurance deductible is a huge impact. They exist solely on community donations, fundraisers(which cost money to put on in even the very best of situations) and their adoption fees(which, to remain reasonable, don’t even cover basic care and vetting for each individual pet let alone any animals that come in with special medical conditions – and they take many of these in). They rely on dedicated volunteers to flesh out their daily duties as well. If it weren’t for our amazing community they wouldn’t be able to be the miracle makers that they are in the capacity that they do. So yes, this is total BS that someone would prey on an amazing animal rescue that fights tooth and nail to rescue and rehome. Please understand every penny counts when lives are at stake. This is a huge blow.

    • I believe the county is self-insured. In answer to your question, that means they are not insured.

      • this isn’t a county organization, but google REMIF (redwood empire municipal insurance fund) if you want to learn about the County’s insurance. its an insurance pool.

  • How much to fix the van and do the security updates?

  • sorry that happened, happened to me 6 months ago. some people are just pos

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    we can hope that they splattered enough gas on themselves to create a nice burn, and if we are REALLY lucky, when they try to put the gas into another vehicle, one of these assholes will be smoking and catch themselves on fire. A fitting end to gas thieves!

  • I’d fix it for free.

  • I wish I could afford to help but I barely make it through the month on what little I get as it is!!! [edit]

  • I will never understand how rotten people really are. GOD BLESS ALL THE BEASTS🐶🐺🐩🐎🐖🐫🐐🐄🐏🐿🐇🐧🦃

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