[UPDATE 8:30 p.m.: Suspect Bit by K-9] One in Custody After Car and Foot Pursuit in McKinleyville

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About 5:15 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was in pursuit of a vehicle on Hiller Road in McKinleyville. The driver stopped the vehicle and fled on foot. The California Highway Patrol helped form a perimeter around where the suspect was believed to be hiding in the area of Hiller Park.

After a search, one person was taken into custody about 5:50 p.m.

UPDATE 8:30 p.m.: Bobby Kroeker was on the scene and spoke with Deputy Chelsea Brewer about what had occurred. According to Brewer, “I observed a vehicle that I know to be associated with Robert Ganfield. Robert Ganfield is a wanted felon.” She initiated a pursuit. According to Brewer, the suspect attempted to turn his vehicle into Hiller Park and the vehicle crashed into a fence. The suspect took off on foot. She chased him through a yard toward the dog park when he hopped a fence into brush.

The suspect’s car after the crash. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

She said she maintained a perimeter and waited for backup. Eventually, she was joined by an Arcata Officer with his canine.

After failing to comply with commands to surrender himself, the suspect was bitten by Arcata K-9 Baron, said Deputy Brewer. The suspect is currently at Mad River hospital getting treatment.

Deputy Brewer

Deputy Brewer examining the suspect’s car. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Ganfield is wanted on multiple charges stemming from stolen property, Brewer said. She added that one of his most recent charges was for evading a peace officer in a way that caused an injury to a peace officer.

Listen to the full interview here:

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APD Captures Fleeing Suspect



  • these assbites cost ,more money everyday .#revolving door
    .Hope I spelled Assbites right.
    Go to hell spelling Grammar police!!!!

  • Kym, I can’t find anything regarding of missing man, now found, Richard hall. Can you help? I’ll check back in at 7. Thanks. Merry christmas🎅🎁🎄

  • When is the County going to start making real efforts to turn around the growing drug abuse in our community. Law Enforcement can’t do it alone.

  • In today, out tomorrow.

  • Hi kym. He went missing last week, I think. He was found in eureka. I saw it on krcr news. I thought you reported it too. I could be wrong…😒

    • She said : Richard Hall

      • Maybe it was this Richard Hall?


        See also from Trinity county…

        On Monday 11-16-2016 at approximately 10:45 hours, Trinity County Sheriffs Dispatch received a 911 call from a cellular phone in the Ruth area of Southern Trinity County. Initially, the caller reported a Burglary, in progress, on Souza Road.
        The cellular call was dropped prior to any other information being relayed to the dispatcher. Several attempts by the dispatcher to re-contact the caller were unsuccessful. Several minutes later, the 911 caller was able to re-establish a connection with the 911 dispatcher and was able to give a brief description of the vehicle associated with the burglary suspects, before the call was dropped a second time.
        Two Trinity County Deputies began responding to the area, while the dispatch center attempted to establish contact with the 911 caller. A report soon came to the dispatch center of two vehicles “chasing each other with guns” in the area where the 911 caller was reporting the burglary incident. A request for additional assistance from USFS Law Enforcement units and California Highway Patrol was made by responding deputies. A USFS unit, in the Ruth area, arrived in the area where the two vehicles were observed “chasing” each other. The officer spoke with another witness who stated the two vehicles were last seen driving eastbound on USFS Road 30 {Wild/Mad Road) at a high rate of speed. The two deputies then diverted to the eastern end of USFS Road 30 at State Route 36, to intercept the vehicles.
        The deputies were advised the two involved vehicles had just been seen passing Harrison Gulch, on SR 36, headed toward Platina Road in Shasta County. Trinity County Deputies requested CHP Air Operations respond to assist in locating the two vehicles. A request for Shasta County Sheriffs units and CHP units, out of Redding, to assist was made as the suspects were headed towards Shasta County.
        At approximately 13:20 hours, a CHP Air unit located the two vehicles in the lgo area of Shasta County. The vehicles were traveling westbound on Platina Road, back towards SR 36. After a brief pursuit by a USFS Law enforcement unit, the suspect vehicle was disabled and Hall, the passenger, fled the vehicle on foot.
        Hall was taken into custody by the USFS officer minutes later. It was discovered that 44.3 lbs of processed Marijuana, along with miscellaneous tools and food items were stolen from the victim’s shed in Trinity County. No firearms were located in the suspect’s vehicle.
        Richard S. Hall and Tommy A. Horton were both arrested by Trinity County Deputies, who had continued into Shasta County.
        Person(s) of Interest, Involved or Arrested:
        Richard Hall: DOB: December 21, 1972 (Arrested)
        Tommy A. Horton: DOB: October 31, 1975 (Arrested)
        Burglary, felony vandalism
        Posses controlled substance, possess marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana (over 28.5 grams)
        Conspiracy to commit crime, obstruct / resist public officer
        Possession of ammunition by convicted felon(s)
        Possession of stolen property and possession of paraphernalia smoke / inject controlled substance
        Agency’s involved:
        Trinity County Sheriff’s Office
        U.S. Forest service
        California Highway Patrol
        Shasta County Sheriff’s Department
        Submitted By: Sgt. Will Oliver # S-2 Trinity County Sheriff’s Department 11-07-16

  • Wendy Davis Windsor

    THANK YOU law enforcement for making our neighborhood safer.

  • Can we get the tv show LivePD to broadcast from Humboldt?

  • Thank you for your diligence. Glad you and the Arcata officer and the dog were ok.

  • Law enforcement seems to be trying to do their job, but between the props that past years ago, lack of DA’s going for high bails/harsher sentences and judges giving the most lenient sentences; LE is running in circle. Many times, judges have the opportunity for a maximum sentence, but give the very least. Time to repeal the props and elect judges who care about protecting the people.

  • Can dogs get Hep C?

  • Awesome news, good work police and sheriffs!! Lots of stories lately about how our local law enforcement agencies have been kicking ass on the criminals around here. Good stuff keep it up, and general public keep on reporting suspicious behavior.

    Well done Humboldt!! Shut the druggies, zombies, felons, criminals….down.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • So he was a wanted felon, meaning he must have been in custody at some point. He was released and an officer has to risk her life to re-apphrehend. Does not make any sense.

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    Felon W/Firearm? No way to play dumb on that. “Gee officer, I didn’t know that was wrong?!”
    Should be re-sentenced to the original time for the original felony, plus 5 years for the gun!

  • For a county with such limited resources This response is to be commended .Humboldt County should take a page from their book.

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