Man Wanted for Attempted Murder

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Lee Allen Conoboy,

Lee Allen Conoboy,

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man wanted for attempted murder in Fields Landing.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to St. Joseph Hospital on Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017 around 10:30 p.m. for a report of a stabbing victim. The victim told deputies that he and the suspect, 23-year-old Lee Allen Conoboy, were both renters at a residence on the 6000 block of West Ave. in Fields Landing. Around 10 p.m. Wednesday, the victim and Conoboy reportedly got into a verbal altercation. The victim told deputies that Conoboy stabbed him as a result of that altercation. The victim sustained a non-life threatening stab wound to his torso.

When deputies later arrived at the residence, Conoboy could not be located.

Conoboy is described as a white male adult, approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall, 135 pounds with short dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. Conoboy is possibly armed.
Anyone with information regarding this case or Conoboys’ location is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Crime Tip Line at (707) 268-2539.



  • I hope it’s not my friend John cono boys kid.

  • It’s sad when anybody resorts to violence.
    The article says there was an altercation. The suspect is a big person. Why did he feel the need or the impulse to stab? What isn’t being said? Was it self defense or was it craziness impulsive power tripping’ violent reaction?
    I hope this gets settled and dealt with in a timely matter.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Everybody so scared of a ass kicking these days, They go right to deadly force with weapons.

    • Well yeah, why bother learning to fight when you can just pull a knife on someone? After all, in the movies when you pull a knife YOU WIN and the other guy just backs off. It’s a little different in real life.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Just a little back history. Mom is Marjorie Burgess. Marjorie was the mother of Christopher Burgess who was killed by EPD several years ago after refusing to follow directives of officer and holding a knife. Lee is also the Cousin of Anthony Burgess who was just sent off to prison after a brief, illustrious gang banging career and miscellaneous mayhem in Eureka. Lee has been involved in gangs since a wee lad. He has had an awful life raised by a drug addict/alcoholic. He is the product of his environment. Turn yourself in Lee before this gets ugly. You were always a nice kid and I still think you have a chance.

    • OMG. More liberal excuses. “He commits crimes because he wasn’t hugged as a child!” Blather.

      • SoHumMountainRanger

        Ugh, you are the type of person I despise to see on comments. Stop trying to start arguements by bringing up shite that has nothing to do with the situation. 🙄

      • this is a fruit and tree thing. his FB states he is in the biz of “Hustlin”. just another local crime family.

      • Great job troll.
        Just keep up the random uncalled for hatred towards your fellow Americans who dare to possess opposing opinions than yours. Like a racist who ALWAYS talks about the race they claim to hate instead of just not thinking about them at all, ever. Kind of attracted to the currently stereotyped pink haired 250 pound SJWs aren’t you?
        Anyway… Long term immersion in horrible environments have zero influence on an individuals demeanor or disposition huh? WOW. Lastly…He needs to go to prison if he is trying to kill over an argument. Good thing nobody died.

        • You might try ignoring it instead of returning it in spades. Personally I see little wrong in holding a person accountable for their own actions no matter where they learned them. If there is some sort of magic “get out being responsible” card, then when does it stop?

          • Generally, that is what money is called in our culture. Look at how rich kids get treated, versus poor. Having a rich daddy or mommy is usually considered a “get out of being responsible card”. And it doesn’t stop.

            • Can’t argue that point at all. Money certainly helps and drastically changes the way one is perceived and treated. I think the overriding question we are left here with is how do we decide as a society if we are in the business of punishing or rehabilitating and if the latter, where do we draw subjective lines such as when a person is past the point of being rehabilitated. You certainly can’t succeed in every case and the resources necessary to attempt would be unreasonable to allocate. I don’t think the answer is on either extreme end of the spectrum, but rather some place in between. How do we get a country of people so divided to agree upon that though is more beyond my grasp now than at any other point in my life. Sad! 🙁

            • So in the name of equity and fair play, poor people should be given a get out of jail card too? Or should the effort be to figure out how to ensure rich people are not so advantaged?

              Strictly statistically speaking, society is better served by not worrying too much about rich privilege as there are relatively few rich people. It’s the poor ones who exist in large enough numbers to ruin everyone else’s life.

      • Nobody said what you are saying. Sphincter alert.

      • Double speak outside of cheek

        I never said one word about excuses and the like. Just a history of yet another Humboldt County habitual criminal. This is for you Stormy. You seem to misunderstand my reason for writing the back history. I believe in accountability 100%. I don’t believe in being an ass to people who simply wrote a little history regarding the alleged criminal.

        • To what use do you intend this history to be?

          • Double speak outside of cheek

            No use. Just facts. Jesus. Does everything have to have an ulterior motive? Lesson learned. Don’t bother commenting. Some idiots will always complain or argue or assume. Thanks for the lesson in Humboldt humanity. It’s a beautiful thing. Not

    • A good kid involved with gangs? Isn’t that a contradiction?

    • why do all these local [edit] dirtbags look somehow related to each other? A history of familial relations behind the redwood curtain?

      • It’s a small place. Insult someone in Humboldt and you find it’s your next door neighbor’s cousin or best friend. Just small town politics.

    • Is this the same family of Casey Burgess, who just got half his face scraped off by a security guard?

    • 1/2 of pregnancies are accidental.creating generations of depressed females.owning a small human .instead of property or a usefull job.if I were a girl.

  • SoHumMountainRanger

    Poor lee. He’s a good guy, usually mild tempered and definitely not on meth. I hope more light gets shined on this situation, he wouldn’t just attack an innocent person. Btw, as someone who knows him, he’s not gang affiliated. Stop spreading bs rumors around.

    • Maybe you’re the one spreading false rumors — he’s a “good guy” with a record for corporal punishment ,among other charges. Enabler you are

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      He liked to flash the gang signs and hang out with those fellas. At least he did when he was younger. If he currently doesn’t do this I stand corrected.

    • Cristal is not good enough for him?

    • Thank you! I’ve known Lee since the day he was born and people who don’t know him personally and don’t know his sorry need to back off… Guess what, all of those negative comments just make him feel worse about himself. He tries really hard to fit into a society that has a whole different set of rules than what he knows. And he’s not skinny from merry, HE’S HUNGRY

  • Charles Manson once said “Everybody`s afraid of a knife”. I wonder if he said that just because he thought it sounded cool and hip or if ol’ Charlie actually had personal knowledge?

  • I agree with Mr guest Generation x is what I call them .

  • so tired of all the “but he’s a good guy!” BS around here. get real, people.

  • This kid looks dumb as fuck just sayin

  • Maybe the local schools should have classes on choices? Too many people think they have no alternative and others “made them do it” when they really have made the choice to be there in many small steps along the way.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    It seems like a lot of the LOCO haters are venturing over to this site. Too bad. Get kicked off LOCO? There may be a reason for that. Try being a little nicer. Less critical

  • Lee is my son from another mother I love you. We be from the bay Humboldt Bay I know what a wonderful person you are screw all these haters they just wish they were players. Keep your head up son I love you and miss you very much I don’t care who knows that you’re always welcome in my home! Can’t wait to see you again. I love you son! From Rachael

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