Firearm Stolen From Garberville Business

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:


alleged thiefThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office needs your help identifying a man who is believed to have stolen a firearm from a Garberville business.

Deputies were called to the business located on the 700 block of Redwood Drive around 6:45 p.m. on Dec. 19, 2017 for the report of a burglary. According to the owner, the business had just received a pistol in a new shipment. That afternoon the owner had taken the firearm out to sign it into the business’ log book when a customer asked for assistance. The business owner left the firearm on the counter to assist the customer in the back of the store.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect take the firearm and walk outside to a vehicle parked in front of the business. The footage later shows another suspect, known to law enforcement, leave the business and also enter the vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Office needs your help identifying the unknown suspect. He is described as a white male adult, approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall, with brown hair, a brown beard and a mustache. He was wearing a black sweatshirt that said “Welderup” on the back, a red t-shirt, grey pants and a black hat. Both suspects were last seen in a silver/grey late model sedan with black aftermarket rims.
Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Crime Tip Line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Honorable William Burger

    A firearms dealer leaves a gun on the counter??? Say what? Stolen gun? It’s more like he was playing Santa Claus giving away toys to street thugs. It seems this careless action should result in the loss of their firearms dealer license. Unbelievable.

  • unbridled phillistine

    I am almost as upset at the store owner for leaving that weapon in a manner it can be easily taken! The public is now in danger because of lack of common sense. Yes this scumbag is to blame, But come on the owner is almost as bad.

  • So when these alleged ‘thieves’ murder someone will the store owner be responsible for aiding and abetting?

  • This looks like Bucksport… have you guys ever been in there? There’s kind of just shit out everywhere. Went in to buy ammo and there are just like receipts and info from fish and game licenses strewn all in the front cabinet and other clutter throughout. Maybe he thought the gun would just blend in with the chaos 🤣


  • I hope all businesses are paying attention to the “distraction” method employed by thieves.
    Sometimes they keep your clerk busy at the counter while their partners raid the goodies off the shelves.
    Leaving a package on the counter is dumb as rocks, especially a package like this one. Very suspicious if you ask me. Extremely dumb at best.
    We all have our dumber than dumb moments. Wake up sleepy heads.

    • Sorry, I have comment on a funny story. Most merchants are aware of the “distraction method”.

      Two people, a woman and a man came into the Garberville Radio Shack at separate times. The woman started randomly scanning the shelves. After the woman had chosen what she was going to “lift” the man came into the store and asked my wife for help. She told him “I can’t help you right now, I’m watching a shoplifter”.

      Later they both filtered out of the store (separately) with long faces and empty hands. We sneakily followed them down the street and saw them get into the same car.

      Suspicions sometime pay off….

  • It’s obviously Brown’s. The owner of that place is a total jackass!

  • The community should easily find this ugly -uck! What a loser and pathetic example of a humanity! YOU ARE UGLYYYYYYYYYY.
    Remember his mug folks-and he’s packing. Whatever store it was yes shame on you for dropping your guard. The BATF is going to be visiting you soon.

  • Anyone who knows Darren or is a regular customer knows hes old school and really easy going which is how he runs his business and unfortunately the scum of the earth, pouring in to our community take advantage of him.

    • Yup. Browns was here before many of you and will probably survive the crumbling away of Sohum as we know it. Darren is a good enough guy and has always been helpful.

    • Agreed, agreed. I worked with his grandfather, and his father, and he is a good man, I can’t believe all the negative bs this thread started with – I suspect some relative newcomers. If Darren is guilty of anything, it is he is not up to speed on the ‘new’ So Hum. Neither am I.

      And I’m not sure I really want to be as cynical and paranoid as is now necessary.

      I will be looking for this guy though.

  • Instead of bashing a small store owner. Who might I mention has been running that store since before you had to be worried about some scum bag swiping a gun off your counter. Worrie about who might get hurt because a gun made it into the wrong hands.

  • Go ahead blame the victim, not very smart, but a victim none the less.

    • We’ll blame the victim that gets shot by one of these thugs and the firearms dealer who was careless. For those that say ‘everyone makes mistakes’ needs to check themselves, you never make a mistake while handling a firearm. Never.

  • Stop worrying about the gun, if its new it will probably work. you should be worried about the thief that took the weapon, is he stable? will he sell it? trade it, or use it in his next theft. or home invasion, maybe just a drive by.

  • Born and raised in garb 1960 ,so lets just say bought my first 22 rifle there in Browns sporting goods genie thorp worked there .,and darrens dad was running it then.,so sorry some scum stole from you hope you get your gun back Darren.i wonder if my grand dads picture is in the window he wa holding a big king salmon 50 years ago .spell check Ernie branscomb

  • So glad to see Ernie branscome back on the comments

  • It wasn’t stolen. It was a gift from the dumbass store owner. He should have his permit yanked. Beyond stupid.

    • I am so glad there are so many perfect people in the world who have never made a mistake or who have never been taken by creeps. (sarcasm)

  • Guns are kept under belt,or in secure locking container with 5 pin lock or equivalent .

  • Darrens is a good guy, we all make mistakes besides this pack of thieves having strategized getting one over on him.
    Times have changed and i always wondered how all of you small business owners got your pants on in the morning with such giant testicles.
    I mean your literally going to work only to deal and cater to some of the worst human scum on the planet.
    Having to chase them through town to get your items back while the sheriifs busy fiddlin his noodle or whatever the fuck they do to keep so busy not being able to handle a small town. Good luck yall. I said it before and i say it again. Its your town. Handle it. Not like the law is doing much so handle it.

  • What about sending pics of this thief (who HCSO doesn’t know) & pic of partner that HCSO does know, to all the local ammo dealers? Is that practical?

  • This is another non story. Hey Sheriff, if you want help with the negligence, perhaps stop covering up the name of the business, which screwed up big-time. So without much data, such as the business name, it appears more of a coverup than anything. Oh you have to protect the negligent business though, right?

    Trump was right about one thing, the news media is lazy. There are so many articles here, and everywhere published, get copy and pasted from one source to another. Spelling errors, etc. Facts incorrect. So why not mention the name of the business? Just like when some people get arrested here, some never make it to the police blotter.

  • Seriously???? What a dumb a** leaving a gun on the counter what if a kid walked in and took the gun off the counter!!!

  • I was in a Garberville business the Saturday before Christmas Eve visiting a friend who worked there and I saw a woman put a scarf in her purse and she looked up and saw me. Then she made a lame excuse and put the scarf by the cash register and said she forgot her purse in her car and she would be back for the scarf. She never came back. FYI

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