What Works? What Doesn’t Work? Your Input Needed on Pedestrian Facilities on County Roads

Press release from the County of Humboldt:

The Department of Public Works is seeking input from the community regarding the standards Humboldt County Seal 2017that the County uses to design pedestrian facilities on the county-maintained road system. The county is in the process of undertaking a massive project to install and upgrade curb ramps to current ADA specifications. This will be an ongoing project for many years. The scope of the project covers all of the county-maintained road system.

Prior to designing the new curb ramps for this project, Public Works will be updating its standards for pedestrian facilities. These standards include, but are not limited to, curb ramps, sidewalks, landscape strips, driveway aprons, pedestrian features at traffic signals, cross walks, transit bus stops.

To make sure that the updated standards meet the needs of the community, we need your input. We would like your input on pedestrian facilities in the county constructed within the last 10 years or so— regardless of which jurisdiction that they are located in:

We want to know what pedestrian facilities work really well for you so that it can be replicated elsewhere. We need to know what works and why so that we can make sure that future improvements are built to the needs of the community.
We also want to know what pedestrian facilities fell short of your expectations. We need to know what does not work and why. We need to learn from you why it does not work and what should have been done differently to make the facility work for you.
Public Works will be hosting a series of listening sessions throughout the county. The schedule is as follows:

Eureka Area

Humboldt Area Foundation
363 Indianola Road
Jan. 8, 2018 at 6 p.m.

McKinleyville Area

Azalea Hall
1656 Sutter Road
Jan. 22, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Garberville Area
Redway School
Student Services Building
344 Humboldt Avenue, Redway
Jan. 29, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Staff will on hand to hear the concerns and the needs of the community. Please bring a list of specific examples – both good and bad. Public Works will be consolidating all of the input received. The more requests for a particular curb ramp feature; the more likely it will be incorporated in future improvements.

Submissions may also be made by email to bbronkall@co.humboldt.ca.us or by U.S. Mail to Humboldt County Public Works, Attn. Bob Bronkall, 1106 Second Street, Eureka, CA 95501.

The deadline to submit requests for consideration is 02/23/2018 at 5:00 PM.

The entire process:

Listening session workshops/meetings to identify community needs. As discussed above, Public Works will be holding a several listening sessions around the county to determine the needs of the community.
Public Works to prepare draft plans. After reviewing the needs of the community, Public Works will prepare draft standards for pedestrian facilities that incorporate community needs.
Public Workshops to refine the draft plans. Public Works will hold workshops to review the draft standards for pedestrian facilities. The Department will be looking input from the community on how to refine the draft standards.
Public Works to finalize the plans. The Department will finalize the standards for pedestrian facilities based upon community input from the workshop. The standards will be used by the Department when constructing new pedestrian facilities.
Anticipated Time Table:

The Department anticipates the entire process to be completed in about five (5) months.

Item Duration Month
Listening Sessions 1 month January
Preparation of draft standards 2 month Feb-March
Public Workshops 1 month April
Finalize Standards 1 month May



  • I don’t know if this qualities but a rest area south of Garberville would be nice.

  • I’ll print here what I sent them in email:

    ~Hmmm OK. Well for starters, they could fix the old favorite tourism route of walking up Stagecoach Road in Trinidad from the State Park/town towards College Cove. Didn’t the Clam Beach Run used to go that way? Have a look at that gaping chasm a flood caused a couple of years back at the graveyard gully.

    Trinidad is a major draw to the area of Humboldt. People up and down Patrick’s Point Drive, Westhaven Drive, Stagecoach Drive and Scenic would have an easier time attracting vacation renters if a safe route of biking or walking to town extended at least a mile or two in each direction. Say from the Casino north on Scenic to town. Stagecoach to town, from say Rainbow Lane south across the newly fixed portion of Stagecoach across the gully at the graveyard. Patrick’s Point Drive from say the Larrupin south to town (this road’s straight path and wider shoulders would be the cheapest of all, so longer?). And N. Westhaven Drive from say Luffenholtz gully north to town? In the future these paths could be extended as money allows. If you really wanted to drop some coin, get some major crews and engineering on Scenic Drive all the way down. It is a natural extension of the Hammond Trail with the best Ocean vistas in the County bar none.

    I’m pushing for major cash to be spent in Trinidad. I won’t be shy about it.

    Beef up the towns that are the best tourism draws. Trinidad in nice weather is packed to the gills with tourists from near and far who are spreading the word about our cool little town. The spillover to other areas of Humboldt being dolled up for tourists is a natural outflow of featuring Trinidad first. Dollar for dollar this is the best idea. In my humble opinion.

    • good points, thanks for contributing it to the county. I live in Arcata and like cycling up to Trinidad via Hammond Trail, but past the north end of Clam Beach it gets sketchy, and the roads in and out of Trinidad are quite dangerous for cyclists/pedestrians, especially from the Casino north to Trinidad.

    • Paperwork and Laptops

      Right on! I go up there all the way from Eureka to run my dog and enjoy the spectacular views. That road is on some mushy clay so I understand the costs may be prohibitive. Also I don’t want it being pimped out to the rest of the world as Too-Many tourists are not what I moved here for 25 years ago! But yeah- that is an amazing stretch of road. World class.

  • Bathrooms at more beaches

  • I have an idea…let’s repair the potholes first! I think this money could be better spent. Our roads are rough, and in some places falling apart. You know, a sidewalk and bike lane would be nice, on say Eel River Drive in Loleta, but maybe we should repair the WASHOUT first. Just sayin…

    • unbridled phillistine

      Cannot agree more! Fix the existing pot holes before looking for other places to spend money. One can hardly drive any where with out pot holes. Port Kenyon Road in Ferndale is close by the county yard and is ignored! Pot holes everywhere. Makes no sense that county cannot keep up roads that are nearest their facility.

  • Speed up towards the stop sign

    I sit at work and watch pedestrians nearly hit by cars everyday at the corner of Redwood Rd & Redway Drive. That place really needs a cross walk!!

    I have emailed Estelle for years about this, but as always it falls on deaf ears.

  • How about Kneeland Road & Alderpoint Road as well???!!!

  • Shouldn’t we be repairing the roads Bridges and public Transportation Systems first?

  • Fortuna;
    The crosswalk at rohnerville and Newburg flashing lights in the street quit working about a week after installing them and have never been fixed. Way over a year now.
    There are flashing lights on both sides but the street embedded lights are not working.

  • I’d suggest getting rid of the horrible yellow bumps, but I doubt they’d listen. They claim they help blind people, which they do not actually do, but instead they dump senior citizens with walkers on their heads.

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