Missing Spanish Man Last Seen a Little More Than a Week Ago

Ivan Linan canoIvan Linan, a Spanish national whose family said he was a professional mountain climber and guide, disappeared off Hwy 36 after an apparent mental health episode on November  29. Searchers, including Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue, combed the nearby area but were unable to find him.

According to family, there have been several unconfirmed reports of sightings in the local area including one by a hotel clerk in Garberville on the evening of Wednesday, November 29. Other unconfirmed sitings include Arcata and Eureka. The last one was more than a week ago. They are hoping to remind people to look for him.

The family provided us with information given to them by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The piece said in part, that Ivan Linan and several friends…

Ivan Linan cano most recent photo

Most recent photo.

were employed by an unknown person and were working on a marijuana cultivation site located in the area of Mad River Trinity County California. I was told by Fernandez and other subjects who knew him and were working with Liñan, that his behavior was becoming strange approximately two week before the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was described that Liñan was becoming less social with others and increasingly paranoid. Liñan had been smoking marijuana and on the Thanksgiving holiday had consumed an hallucinogenic (LSD). Liñan’s behavior continued to get worse. On Monday, November 27th. Fernandez drove Liñan into Eureka and booked a hotel room at the Travel Lodge. Fernandez spoke to Liñan that night about arranging for him to return to Spain. On Tuesday, November 28th Fernandez was driving Liñan back to the Mad River area from Eureka in order to get a different vehicle to travel to Oakland International Airport on Wednesday. Liñan was the passenger and Fernandez was the driver. Liñan’s behavior had become increasingly strange and paranoid according to Fernandez. While driving East Bound on Highway 36, Liñan grabbed the steering wheel and steered the vehicle to the road side where the vehicle had a minor collision with a fallen tree. This occurred around 8 PM at night. Fernandez stated that there were no injuries sustained from this collision. Liñan became assaultive with Fernandez and a physical altercation was initiated by Liñan over obtaining a cell phone which belonged to Fernandez….Fernandez last saw Liñan run into a wooded area heading south from their location on Highway 36.

There is a reward for his return. Below is a poster provided by his family.

Ivan Linan
Earlier Chapters: See more photos of the missing man at these links.




  • Victor G. Flashman

    Mountain Climber? Professional?

    It appears that “professional” is nearly the most misused word in the English language…

    Also it appears that “professional marijuana growing assistant” is the latest misuse…

    How does a Spanish guy come here, work, hang out, and now consume the energy of our “Professional law enforcement and rescue operators” in a continuous manner? I thought that visitors to the U.S. had temporary visas, and had to leave in an organized manner…

    It is sad that he is lost in Humboldt, as many people are. I hope law enforcement and INS locate him soon…

    • What is sold in the US as LSD can actually be 25I-NBOMe, a very powerful phenethylamine active at a very low dose.


      Please be aware that this is a dangerous substance, a research chemical, without medical use. The effects of 25I-NBOMe are said to be similar to LSD, and since the dose is small, a kilo can make 3-5000 doses.

      Remember, a gram of LSD is so toxic, it can kill an adult elephant. These substances are among the most powerful poisons known to man.

      • “Of the 20 drugs ranked according to individual and societal harm by David Nutt, LSD was third to last, approximately 1/10th as harmful as alcohol. The most significant adverse effect was impairment of mental functioning while intoxicated.” WIKI.
        LSD has never killed anyone in a drug overdose.
        it is known to open doors to intelligence that are normally closed.

        • Hey, the misinformation here is amazing! I suppose no one was EVER died from shooting up Heroin either…

          The neurochemistry of LSD: LSD blocks the re-uptake of neuro-transmitters, effectively short-circuiting your brain. The reason for the “hallucinations”, or the altered perceptions, is that there is an overload of sensory information due to the continuous transmission of neural information, just as your MacBook Pro would go crazy if all the transistors switched to “on” at the same time.

          The idea that LSD “opens the doors of perception”, “repairs psychic disorder”, or somehow “makes you more intelligent” is absolutely absurd. Even Timothy Leary said that being sober will get you higher than ANY drug.

          LSD is a ticket to a drug trip, that is all. Like in the Dan Ackroyd skit, you have taken a powerful drug, it’s going to wear off.

          LSD is neat poison, and, even in the 60’s, it was never a high dose, or chemically pure. “LSD” was often mixed with adulterants like amphetamines or strychnine, and, in my limited experience, it was generally poorly manufactured.

          For you to sit there and say something is not dangerous, is pretty outrageous. Every chemical precursor to LSD is outlawed in the US. Penalties for manufacturing psychedelics remain high. The reason these drugs still exist has mainly to do with the high profit potential, prophets such as Alexander Shulgin, who have laid a groundwork in synthesis of other drugs like MDMA and 25I-NBOMe and many others, and stupid, hard-partying idiots like the ones you will commonly find in Humboldt County, who insist that frying your brain is not dangerous and in fact, is your right as a human being…

          Frankly, I don’t care too much WHAT you do, as long as you don’t start screaming for the government to come and save you, give you healthcare and mental health services etc. It is boring as hell to read about the disasters, social, physical, and psychological, caused by the level of drug abuse, general addiction, and the stupid drug crime occurring daily in Humboldt County, and Northern CA.

          Please go and take all the poison you like, and, if it kills you, soon or eventually, I guarantee it will cause pain and devastation on some level.

          And please, don’t call it safe.

          • If it has EFFECTS it has SIDE EFFECTS

            “1/10th as harmful as alcohol.” I don’t consider that a ringing endorsement. Yeah, alcohol was my worst drug problem but I knew when to quit-EARLY- and I got lots of help to deal with that and my underlying mental illness conditions.
            As someone with a much more serious underlying mental health condition than I realized in my teens and 20s, I was so lucky not to have experimented with LSD. I have witnessed several people in my lifetime who have been unable to get themselves back from an LSD trip. No one has ever been violent that I know of but at least one of those folks never made it back. Some of the folks who took the synthetic stuff have been violent including one who pointed a loaded gun at me and my partner while we were talking him down from threatening his mom and younger siblings.
            “Oh, he was cracked in the first place”
            So was I. Fortunately, when someone said, “It’s fine if you’re not already cracked.” I obsessed on the phrase. I decided not to try Acid.
            “It could have saved you all the time and effort that healing on other paths took.”
            Yes, and it could have been that I would have been one of the dozen or so young women and men I’ve known over the last thirty years whose enlightened friends left them to die confused on the streets of some cool party town. Sometimes their family comes to get them and sometimes they join the involuntary mental health system.

            If it has EFFECTS it has SIDE EFFECTS.

          • If it has EFFECTS it has SIDE EFFECTS

            However generated, a mental health condition deserves support, not scorn.

    • It takes skill to know how to navigate mountains and that kind of knowledge isn’t gained overnight, without effort- if he’s a mountain guide, that makes him a professional mountain climber and, as Liz points out, GUIDE. Ya know, the kind of person you HIRE when you want to go explore the mountains, but don’t want to get your ass kicked by Mother Nature.

    • Agreed! If he truly was a professional mountain climber, who were his sponsors? And, why was he trimming in Humboldt?

      NOTHING professional about him.

  • Continually smoking pot then taking LSD and who knows what else is NOT a MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS. Y’all driving around flipped out on drugs putting others and responders at risk. Didn’t tell the truth last month because …..fill in the blanks.

  • Ah the humboldt vortex has him trapped. It’s only been 43 years for me. Good luck buddy!

  • Ok well LSD will flip anybody out!! So maybe he is wandering.praying for him

  • The title says he was seen a little more than a week ago. I can’t seem to find information where he was last seen.

  • Could have sworn I just saw him yesterday morning in Garberville. He was dressed in brown pants, a black waterproof type jacket and he had a backpack. He was crossing the street and seemed totally fine. He was by himself and last o saw he was sitting on the bench in that veterans park thing by Dazeys. He certainly didn’t seem in danger or trouble, just a dude getting ready for the day…

    • Hello, are you sure that this guy was Ivan? Thank you so much

    • Norberto Ibanez Linan

      Hello “Wow”

      I’m a Ivan Linan’s relative. It’d be possible that you take a look at the area again? . We will pay a reward to whoever finds him and gets him handed to the Sheriff [1.000$]

      All the best

  • The day after he jumped out of the car I saw a city cab come out of redwood house road and drive up to the turnout with the green gate right before swimmers delight I pulled over to let someone pass and say there for a minute wondering why there was a taxi out there he went back to redwood house road and pulled in and was sitting there when I left tried to call it in a few days later when I saw the flyer out at swains flat but I got put on hold and eventually hung up on I think the guys fine he’s probably just broke and can’t figure out a way to get home

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    Because when somebody is acting differently it’s a great idea to let them eat some LSD….Gotta hand it to these trim crews!

  • If a person doesn’t have a strong mind and will power they should never drop acid. If he was with friends they should have talked him down. I was a guide in the 60’s and I would never let someone get to the point that he was at without helping them. He just took acid around the wrong people.

    • Ya or don’t do friggin drugs! It’s not worth it, you could have a good time or you could fry your brain permanently, might as well play Russian roulette while your at it.

  • We could get rid of half our homeless if people would stop giving trimmigrants bad acid. Keys to the wrong door. Did this guy get paid? He could just be on a voluntary bender, he is an adult.

    • Or maybe he didn’t get paid and that’s why he isn’t able to make contact
      His friends and family are obviously on here. Maybe some of you could muster up some sort of positivity or at least comforting words instead?..

      I’m hoping the person above who mentioned maybe seeing him recently actually did but there’s no guarantee on that I work at a fast food place in Mendocino county south of humboldt but it’s a regular stop for the travelers
      I will remember his face if I see it

      I don’t know about up there but down here we just voted for reinstatement of our mental health resources and maybe he will decide to make his way this direction

      You never know

  • If he won’t call friends or family, maybe he doesn’t want help or to be found.

    • A process exists for that. A person contacts law enforcement, is verified to be healthy, and then the person continues their way. Very little info is passed on to their family. Certainly not where they are located.

  • Everybody who wants to find out more about Ivan Linan´s familiar & friends surroundings can visit the Facebook page created by his friends to help to find Ivan Linan: “creando suenos para ivan”

    You can see he is healthy, friendly, funny, generous and a great friend

    I am Ivan Linan´s nephew . On behalf of my family, I thank everyone for the help to find Ivan.

  • I’m praying for him and his family and friends.God Bless

  • I had a hunch LSD might have been a factor and posted as much in the previous story.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing bad to say about that sacred medicine. But it’s easy to find in those hills and not everyone handles the experience well.

  • [Edit: You’re blocked. Anyone who would be that cruel to the family of a missing person can’t be trusted to comment responsibly]

  • OMG!
    How can you talk like that about a person you don,t know?
    He is my best friend, i know him since he was 12 years old and he is one of the most sane person i know.
    He is proffesional climber and a mountain expert, but the most important thing is that he is a lovely person.
    He is not a junkie, he had a really bad trip with the drugs in the worst period in his life, don,t judce him, please.
    If you want to know him, visit his facebook page Ivan zentao.
    He allways have a smile for everyone, he always want to help, he is a really good person who never hurt anyone.
    He only had a bud trip whit lsd, FIRST in his life, he never took drugs before, no cocaine, no marihuana, no lsd, no metha, no nothing.
    My heart and my head are going to explose when i see people speaking like that about him without know him.

    I apreciate all your help, USA people you are lovely, i want to say thanks for your help, thanks for all the efforce and help for all the time you invert to find him.
    God bless you

    • It’s a nightmare when someone you love is missing. I don’t know what Diesel Dually said, and I don’t want to know, please ignore him and don’t allow his own mental health issues and cruelty to hurt you. I hope your friend is found, I hope he comes home and you get to see him again.

    • “Professional climber and expert.”

      LIES! He would have had sponsorship. Some that may have been looking for him.

      Definitely NOT trimming pot.

  • lsd and schizophrenia is a scary combination

  • My prayers are with all of his family and friends.

  • Please do your job LEOS

    Last seen “running away”

    Further interviews with the person that made that statement are needed.

    Where are the dateline guys when u need em?

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