Garberville Sanitary District Completes ‘Will Serve’ Letter to be Used by All Customers Using Treated Water for Commercial Agricultural Products, Crops

This is a press release from the Garberville Sanitary District:

Garberville Sanitary District Board met on December 19th to conduct District business and attached is a summary of that meeting.

A community group has been working diligently to build a restroom adjoining Town Square and had a few representatives at the meeting to request assistance on providing the required amount of water needed for efficient operation of that restroom. Research will be done with GSD staff to develop a plan that meets the required water flow and pressure. The project has started and they are waiting on concrete to continue but the group is optimistic that they can complete the restroom quickly.

The Board completed a “Commercial Agricultural Treated Water Use–Will Serve Letter” to be used by all customers using treated water for growing any type of agricultural crop for sale.

  This “Will Serve” letter is the first step in assisting those applying for permits with the County and in preparing for updating our water use ordinance.

The District has received $60,000 in Measure Z funding and has sent out a bid package to replace defective fire hydrants. The project package to submit a bid is on our web site, the Builders Exchange or you can receive a package by contacting the District Office 923-9566.




  • So, they will give all the pot growers all the water they need for their for profit grows, but need a plan to figure out how to supply water to a public restroom. This town is too fucked up. How does a municipal water district have the authority to supply ag water?

    • No, not at all. How many pot growers are permitted?

      • What agriculture do you think they’re talking about? Bananas?

        • How many pot growers do you think is “all”? I agree the double standard of distribution is obvious, but it’s hardly fair to not denominate the allotment, as all things marijuana gets a real bad rap from some. Many, in fact most when compared to wine growers and infrastructure moneys, have been treading lightly for decades.

  • So nothing about the 30 inch/100 psi pipe that exploded? Or that the water treatment plant was only built at its current location for future development at the Southern Humboldt Community Park?

    It’s amazing that GSD could lie in their environmental documents and claim the new water treatment plant and Kimtu waterline would not induce growth, development or future connects and services. And now we are finding out that was the only reason it was built ($7 Million combined).

    • Shady indeed. The planning commission is stacked with real estate moguls, the board of supervisors are wealthy sellouts to development money. They didn’t spend over a year crunching numbers to arrive at the current situation by accident. The impending pot flop will happen with a whimper, not a bang, and it will bring about rural subdivision after subdivision, each with development “rights” that, taking the original parcel sizes into account, will produce more “legal” pavement than any current “agriculture”. Service fees, property taxes, new services etc. will go through the roof. For people making County Supervisor levels of income, its will be a drop in the bucket, but simple living back to the landers will be pushed out completely. Many, sadly, are already gone.

  • And why do they wish to require that anybody wanting to grow thinks on their property need to install a new meter specifically for that endeavor. They state that in case of drought or some other emergency they will need to deny water for that use. $8000 a pop for that new meter and the right to come on your property and assess how you irrigate your garden, a service which I am sure they will charge for. A lockable valve would do the job just as well. Could it be for the maintenance of the huge salary that that the general manager receives? Duh. Water per gallon should cost the same for all ratepayers up to a certain tier of use and then they can reasonably charge more for higher users. This water district bullshit gets more convoluted by the day!

    • It’s been happening since GSD purchased the Garberville Water Co in 2004. GSD thinks they have unlimited water from the South Fork Eel and they can take as much as they want and too anyone who wants to pay for it. Look how many years they allowed water trucks to fill their trucks from that fire hydrant 24/7 on the “honor system” and paid pennies on the dollar!

      For me, its the fact that GSD’s water treatment plant was funded by state and federal grants/loans. So my question, how can federal funding be used to provide water for marijuana/cannabis?

  • The pot growers have been dropping wells for water right and left. Any official decisions regarding water usage will have no effect on them. Those of us on the grid will still be regulated on how much and when we can use our water.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Treated waste water to be used for ag? Must be to title 22 standards, Drinking water standards. Must take daily coliform samples to lab. Lab not open on weekends. 270 bucks a test times 7 days a week, Yeah they cannot afford it. Have to pay somebody to pull samples on weekends. Somebody has to go inspect once a year to make sure its being used as stated. Nobody thinks this is good.

  • How is it that one of the GSD board members is a substantial pot farmer living in another district voting on charges for the GSD ? Oh, you did not know this ? Mr.Emerson currently gets paid $500 per day at work here, 300 miles away from his home that we pay him to commute to.Stopping along the way to put in time at the other water districts he says he works for. The GSD board members and Ralph Emerson have created a toxic uninviting atmosphere that no-one in their right mind would want to tolerate. But then again, Emerson had three members appointed by Estelle Fennel that DO NOT live in this district that immediately gave Emerson a raise from $78k per year to $120k per year !! a $42k a year RAISE. Yay ! GSD !! Just a local example of how the government works. Thank you Estelle, Ralph and the GSD board for the lessons in corruption. The more you know, the less you want to…

  • Blame the previous GSD board and previous general manager for the corruption and boondoggle water treatment plant that was unnecessary and indebted the district for millions of dollars.
    This has been going on since 2003.

    Rio Anderson was appointed to the board before Ralph Emerson was hired.

    • “Rio Anderson” is the last person you want to talk about; he was only appointed on the GSD Board at the request of the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board so they could get a water connection from GSD! Ask Rio how he got the water & sewer connections from GSD for the apartments above Chautauqua and at what price?

      Rio, like Dennis Bourassa, wanted development and wanted the Park Board to have GSD connections. And I do believe Rio was on the Board when Emerson was hired!

      And sure, you can blame all the “previous” Boards and GM, but not one GSD Board Member since 2010 has lifted a finger to make it right or change the backroom deals and development schemes, have they?

      You see “Rio Anderson” was a bagman for the Park Board and was paid to solicit money/donation for them. I recall several times at GSD Board meetings, when Rio (as a sitting GSD Board Member) would openly in public meetings discuss how he should vote with Kathryn Lobato like no one else was in the meeting, it was amazing to hear and see. That is how arrogant these people are, they do not care and they sure don’t care how their actions and development plans affect the South Fork Eel or its population of wildlife inhabitants…

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