Fatal Accident South of Laytonville

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol.

CHP Traffic Collision reportOn 12/19/2017, at approximately 10:25P.M., a 2004 BMW 745 LI was traveling northbound on US-101, north of SR-162, in Mendocino County. For reasons still under investigation, the driver of the BMW allowed the vehicle to leave the roadway in an easterly direction. The BMW traveled off the east roadway edge and down the embankment where it collided with a tree on the driver side. The vehicle came to rest approximately 25 feet off the east roadway edge of US-101. As a result of the collision the driver( identity being withheld pending notification) sustained fatal injuries. The passenger sustained major injuries as a result of the collision and was transported by ambulance to Howard Memorial Hospital.

The cause of the collision is still being investigated, however alcohol/drug impairment is considered to be a factor in the collision.

The Garberville CHP would like to thank Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department, Laytonville Fire Department, Veri-Health Ambulance, CalTrans and Ukiah CHP for their assistance on the scene and during the investigation. This collision remains under investigation by the the Garberville CHP.



  • So sad to read of yet ANOTHER Drunk Driver!!! The only good thing is they only took themselves out!!! A Darwin Award to the driver for removing themselves from the Gene Pool!!! :-C

    • I don’t think one bad act at a moment in time qualifies someone as having bad genes. This was an accident plain & simple. I am surely glad my children are home safe & sound. Death should never be glorified even in the event of a mistake.

    • Nowhere did it say they were drunk!!, last night way foggy and cold i say speed and ice, slow down!!!! Did you even read the report.

      • amimissingsomething

        @tiredofit, Did you read it?? The cause of the collision is still being investigated, however alcohol/drug impairment is considered to be a factor in the collision.

      • Can’t you read???
        The cause of the collision is still being investigated, however alcohol/drug impairment is considered to be a factor in the collision. DAH

    • Hey dan fuller that is someones friend and family so have some respect [edit]

    • That was my daughter as the passingger think before you Wright

  • You should watch what you say Dan Fuller. This is a horrible ACCIDENT and sad loss. He is someones son, grandson, and good friend. For you to be so cold, is terrible. He was in fact not drunk, and spent the night ice skating.

  • amimissingsomething

    Drunk or Drug + driving = death to someone. In this case it was the drunk driver. Most cases it’s someone completely innocent and It’s time to stop Drink or Drugged driving forever. Every car should have a interlock device paid for when the car is purchased. Compared to the hospital, Doctor and health insurance costs it’s a simple solution to an ongoing problem which most people feel it will never happen to them. We need interlock devices on every thing that drives on a highway. Period!

  • I know the way that the CHP has begun wording things is confusing. However, the article states that “alcohol/drug impairment is considered to be a factor in the collision.” This doesn’t mean it is the only factor. It doesn’t mean that the CHP is infallible. But, it does mean that in their opinion, the driver was impaired.

    • In other words-smell of alcohol on their breath(s) and or containers in the BMW to denote alcohol proximity. If he was ice skating -where? Fortuna or Santa Rosa? Fortuna wouldn’t fit because “he was headed north bound” on 101. Only other choice is Santa Rosa and there’s lot of places in between to buy or access liquor. Sad loss, but luckily no one else died from his poor choice.

  • Do you people have anything better to do than gripe about how the article was written?
    Christmas is less than a week away and someone else’s relative just died! No more holidays for that family jerks!
    Lumps of coal coming your way!

  • STUPID happens 365 days a year 24/7. Don’t defend any driver who drives like an idiot. Only feel sorry for them since they died by their own foolish actions. We have 330,000,000 people in this country and stupid will show its ugly head again and again .

  • For anyone who cares, there is an holiday ice rink in Ukiah. Please be kind, peeps. This post was about a death and people are suffering.

  • It could have been a sober driver, and the responders smelled alcohol from a passenger. Nobody really knows, so why not just let the driver rest in peace? There’s no reason to jump to conclusion.

  • Someone past, have some compassion, seriously stop being so judgemental

  • Waite until you here the real results of the accident then you can judge, that driver was my step brother and I just heard about it tonight so please have some respect.

  • What asshole’s you all are! Just saying!!!

  • R.i.P
    To my best friend I’ma miss you forever I wish I didn’t live threw the accendent I wish I could trade you places I love you an your on my thoughts every moment

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