Cubs Claw Their Way to Wrestling Wins

Information from South Fork High School Wrestling Coach:

Kaydon Pogue sticks his opponent at 58 seconds into the first round of their match.

Kaydon Pogue sticks his opponent at 58 seconds into the first round of their match.

South Fork’s wrestling Bear Cubs have been busy leading up to the Christmas break. On December 9th we attended the McKinleyville Invitational wrestling tournament. The team worked hard throughout that tournament. Senior, Aaron Etherton walked away with the first place metal in the 195-pound weight class. Senior, Levi Kirk injured his elbow in his second match of the day. During his fourth match which was for third place Levis injury forced him to make the decision to stop the match so he could wrestle another day. Levi took fourth place in the tournament. Freshman Jared Sullins walked away with a two and two record, and senior, Daphne Hobbs got her first win of the season in an exciting match that was fun to watch.

On December 16th we visited the Fort Bragg Timberwolves for Fort Bragg’s annual Holiday Bash. This worked out to be a good day. The team kicked the day off right with our first match being Kaydon Pogue at 126 pounds catching his opponent in a tight, standing front cradle. For his first pin for the season.

John Gamble and Orin Paula also showed great improvement earning their first wins this weekend! Coach Chad Kirk said, “The first win is a big step… Now that you know you can win.. All you have to do, is get out there and do it again..”

Our captains continue to do us proud. Levi Kirk and Aaron Etherton both had perfect records in Fort Bragg earning them both the first place medals in their weight classes. South Fork brought home four fourth-place medals and two first-place medals from the Holiday Bash. “I thought that was really good. Everyone is progressing,” Kirk said. “A coach couldn’t ask for better. I see our first-year wrestlers throwing moves that they’ve been taught but just haven’t had enough time to perfect yet. While our captains are sharpening their skills together. There is really nothing better for progression than having a skilled wrestler of your own size as a practice partner every day. The more these two continue to push each other, the stronger they will continue to become. I can’t wait to see where it takes them..”

Probably the most exciting news that we received over the past weekend was that our home dual meet on January 25th is confirmed. Wrestling will start at 6 p.m. We would suggest spectators get there around 5:30 p.m. It should be a fun night with Hoopa and Saint Bernards. Please spread the word around. It’s been so long since South Fork hosted any wrestling events at all… Let’s fill these new stands up for the kids.

Left to right Daphne Hobbs 4th, Aaron Etherton 1st, Orin Paula 4th, Levi Kirk 1st, Kaydon Pogue 4th, John Gamble 4thLeft to right Daphne Hobbs 4th, Aaron Etherton 1st, Orin Paula 4th, Levi Kirk 1st, Kaydon Pogue 4th, John Gamble 4th



  • TreeFairyPrincess

    Good job guys!!! U rock🐻

  • Way to go guys and gal! Wrestling has to be one of the most physically challenging sports there is. And one of the most rewarding! Keep up the hard work. I will be there for the dual meet cheering you on! Go cubs!

    • Thank you so much for planning to come out on the 25th!!! Keep reading the black belt. As I get the evening organized I’ll be publicizing information here. Wrestling will start at 6. 530 should stay a good time for spectators to arrive. Maybe even a little earlier depending on warm up schedule and Face-Off timings. I sure hope we can get these kids a good crowd. None of these wrestlers have ever experienced a home match. It will be the only one for the seniors. I want to make it something they will never forget.

  • Awesome Job South Fork…

  • Coming from Iowa, I’m glad to see wrestling related news here.

    Btw, Kim, I’m guessing Pogue pinned his guy in the first period of their match rather than the first round.

    In wrestling, there are multiple rounds in a tournament and multiple periods in a match.

    Thanks again for this coverage.

    • I’m not a sports person. I just take the info given me by the coach and post it with very little editing. I’ll ask him.

    • LOL! Yes scooter, you are correct. You caught my mistake. I should have said period, rather than round.. I apologize if you lost sleep due to my poorly worded article. I sure as heck did not.. I personally slept wonderfully last night even after noticing my mistake. The article had already been turned in. It was late, and I had faith that people would be able to understand the point perfectly fine.. Thank you for being a fan of wrestling we do appreciate anyone who understands the value of the sport!

  • It’s an absolute shame what Title 9 did to this sport!

    • Damn those women who wanted their sports to get some funding. They should have sacrificed so men could keep on getting the lion’s share.

      Seriously: Blame football, not women. Note: I’m using ESPN as a source I think you might value.

      • Did some really complain seriously about women in sports? I canlt find it.

      • Thank you for posting that link Kim!! I’m sad to admit as the coach of this team that I was unaware of what Title Nine was when I read the previous comment. We have fought in this country for equality for generations now.. I personally, firmly believe in our equality as human beings. Whether we are talking about race equality or gender that makes absolutely no difference. As a self-employed construction worker. Some of my favorite workers have been females. What it boils down to is work ethic and attitude. Color of skin or gender has ZERO effect on your ability to be an Effective worker or teammate. Females are not only welcomed on this team and on my job sites they are wholeheartedly invited. As far as the Articles reference to money generating sports.. that is absolutely a sad truth. Even in youth sports money rules.. Im not sure how to get around that one yet.

        • I was 12 when it passed and I still remember how I felt. Finally….just finally. It still hasn’t been smoothed out but things are much better. At least now the principal is unlikely to call a junior high girl into his office and try and pressure her to take HomeEc instead of Woodshop. I was terrified.

          • This is why their called life skills.. every person who breaths is living what is called life. Every person needs to know how to make themselves dinner. On the same hand every person needs to know how to keep themselves warm in winter. Boys can cook, girls can split firewood. It’s a Better World we’re building

    • What’s that supposed to mean?

  • Hey Doug, my understanding of the Title Nine thing, is that title 9 was the name they gave the rule that forced males and females to be treated equally. Especially where it came into high school sports. It dates back and is very relevant to the women’s Liberation movement. Title 9 is from the days when the idea of equality was still new and we had many people that were reluctant to the education of this new idea. There are still many people out there that believe females shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle. Let alone wrestle against boys. They feel it defaces the sport. I have my own opinions of the people who still feel that way but we won’t get into that here . The point of my last comment was to say, Now, many years and many struggles later. Jobs like cooking or cleaning or splitting firewood or building homes are no longer gender-specific and I believe that due to our time of equality the world is better place.. I hope that answered your question..

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