UPDATE: City Schools Close as Absenteeism Grows

humboldt county department of health and human servicesUPDATE: Eureka City Schools close. See below for more.

After several northern Humboldt County schools had to be closed due to a norovirus outbreak, the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services reports they have been monitoring the situation in the schools. Heather Muller, Public Information Manager tells us that although absences in Eureka City Schools were slightly up yesterday, the absentee rate today is in the 15 to 20% range.

“[B]ecause of the time of year and the incidence of the usual Humboldt crud, it’s hard to know how many kids are out with symptoms of norovirus—nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea—and how many left early for Christmas or stayed home with an unrelated illness,” Muller explained. “There may also be perfectly healthy kids kept home from school because parents are worried about the virus.”

Schools, she said, “are attempting to contact the parents of absent students to find out why they’re not in school. Public Health may recommend additional closures based on the outcome of those calls. We’re hoping to put together a short news release later today to let the community know where the situation stands.”

Muller said that parents who believe their kids have norovirus symptoms should let the schools know.

She added, “[W]hile we definitely understand the concerns of parents, our experience with the schools and district in no way suggests any attempt to cover anything up. To the contrary, they and we have worked closely and openly together to make sure we’re all doing what we can to keep kids safe.”

UPDATE 2:34 p.m.: Handout sent home with students to parents from Eureka City Schools,

All Eureka City Schools’ sites will be closed on Thursday, December 21st and Friday, December 22nd in an effort to prevent further spread of the Norovirus illness. This decision was made based on the recommendation of Public Health officials following increasing absences. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



  • Oh yes, the schools need their money. They will hunt down your child. And it better be a good reason they are absent. Cps could be up your ass. Oh, and expect a vaccine to be shoved down your throats soon. If youd like your child to attend public school that is. I wonder how many kids got the flu vaccine. It sheds. And spreads.

    • Stop believing everything you read on the internet! ECS for example would get more money by closing than by staying open with a 15% absentee rate. Also, CWS does not consider truancy to be child abuse or neglect in this county… Any more theories?

    • So sorry that being a responsible member of society involves you ensuring your [edit:child] isn’t a walking breeding ground for contagion, that’s exactly why Jerry removed the farcical personal belief exemption from vaccination laws. When you refuse to have a conscience and immunize your children, other innocent folks pay the price–do you even consider the people put at risk by your foolish world view?

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      You are in left field…

  • Humboldt Crud must be an official diagnosis?
    Can we just face the fact that the virus is going through the schools and the county accept it? It’s all about money for them……..

  • The misadventures of bunjee

    Word on the street is 20 EHS kids sent home already with more than a few puking in bathrooms. A couple of the kids I know.

  • They need to pull the kid out of school to harvest the last of the weed crop..

  • The misadventures of bunjee

    News: just got the robo call from Eureka City Schools: EHS is closing.

  • All Eureka City Schools will be closed Thursday and Friday now

  • You haven’t heard one explanation where this noro started. Heh Health department -wake up and spew some of your BS to us to reassure us were safe and protected. Cold and dry weather patterns have helped NOT spread and support any air born or mucous contact contagion. Ease of mobility by the youth (and young adults) allows anyone sick to float thru the community hacking and coughing and sneezing and touching everything. Hate to say it-“stay away from shopping centers, theatres, locations of large bodies of people in close proximity”.
    Old school by parents and general prac doctors was-Quarantine. Yep the word’s in the dictionary, but very few follow what that word means.
    Parents work,leave their kid alone, he goes out and mingles, and lo and behold someone else gets sick. Multiply this behavior a thousand fold and the community is going to be puking a lot for Xmas and New Years.
    Don’t get a flu shot. They’re worthless and directly attack your immune system and MAKE you sick-not PROTECT you from the flu. ITS BS and don’t fall for the DHHS or CDC’s pathetic guilt trip against you. Say no. The flu shot would NOT have protected you from the NORO going around!!!!!!!

    • Don't Drink While Pregnant

      “The flu shot would NOT have protected you from the NORO going around!!!!!!!”

      Thanks for stating the obvious. Flu shots are for the Influenza Virus. This outbreak is caused by the Norovirus. This is like saying the Polio vaccine won’t protect you from chicken pox.

      Wash your hands with soap and water, people. 15 seconds lathering, THEN rinse. Hand sanitizer isn’t effective.

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