One Woman Wrecking Ball From Eureka Leads Law Enforcement on High-Speed Chase Across Three Colorado Counties

Sonia Sovereign

Mugshot from her May 2017 arrest.

On Sunday, Colorado authorities met Sonia Sovereign, a Eureka woman who was arrested in May of this year after being involved in multiple hit and run accidents. This Sunday, Sovereign led Colorado State Troopers on a breakneck chase through three Colorado counties in a stolen van. Officers were tipped off to the problem by other drivers who called in that the driver of the van appeared to be intoxicated.

Last May, Sovereign struck two vehicles and two houses in Eureka.

CBS4 Denver has video and more on the story here.



  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    its a refreshing day when the punks/thugs from Eutweeka figure they’re gonna go ‘on a trip’ to pillage. When they get caught in OTHER states, they get time behind bars. REAL BARS! REAL TIME! No revolving doors as a rule!

  • This sounds like Ma Barker gangland trip thru Colorado. She must have attended a hi speed driving school to avoid all the resources that were in place to stop her. dui reckless driving, evading law enforcement. that is a little more than a slap on the wrist.

  • Maybe Colorado can arrest her & keep her in jail since Eureka doesn’t seem to want to.

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      Eureka may want to keep her locked up, but the progressives in Sacramento, elected by LA and SF, say otherwise. As to this particular case, was she trying to come back to HumCo to pick up a shipment for Colorado??

      • I don’t know any progressives with such awesome parenting skills. maybe quit blaming the solution and focus on the problem.

        • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

          Sorry, what does your lead sentence mean? Or am I dealing with a bubble dwelling elitist.

          • Do elitists have small soft hands?

            Means it looks like she came from good ol fashioned Rio Dell. Whats the connection to politics here? Connect the dots for us between her behavior and a specific action in Sacramento, instigated by somebody in SF, or LA.
            What does an elitist look like? A spray tanned rich kid from New York City? A celebrity with a TV show and a golf club? Who would an elitist give a tax break to? the richest 21%, foriegn investors, or somebody who works?

            • its an 2013 EPD press release of her father with an ounce of meth passed out in a van very similar to the one she stole in CO, the rio dell times publishes. these criminals don’t come here, they are raised here. if they came here in the 20s what generation is that? 4th.

              • Us fighter pilots have to take it to fly.i read in a journal on pharmacology.meth is not drug of addiction,like is that we have a unique crave stimulation is instinct,like sugar eating.our little micro culture is made for and around the best stimulant.not cheap captagon of Saudi princes,in ton quantities.more spun than chapo guzman’s elements.see the sanpaku eyes.have pity on the damned.

                • the misadventures of bunjee

                  Um. Was that a Haiku?

                • Ya I’m gonna agree with the above commenters….WHAT on earth are you rambling on about? And did you just admit to taking danegerous & illegal substances while working for the US military or are you just THAT desperate for attention?? Also…”Have pity on the damned”….kinda makes it seem like the entirety of your very absurd spew of sentences [obnoxiously & frequently interrupted by misplaced punctuation] is aimed at defending the scummy “star” of this article. In that case, no.
                  I will NOT be part of the problem by making excuses for or “pitying” morons like her who force others to suffer on account of HER addiction… the one she has CHOSEN to inflict upon herself AND the rest of whichever community she’s in.

              • He is not her dad

              • Not her father her stepdad was rick sovereign her mom Mary warren aka crazy Mary so cps placed her with the worst possible foster parents where abuse started at age 5 to put it politely Sonia is simple but doesn’t lie and I’ve never heArd of her stealing. By now I’m sure the authority s in Colorado have figured this out

              • Get ur story straight, do ur research b4 u blast my father for some shit u don’t even know what the fuck your talking about [edit]

              • That’s not our dad [edit] our dad is dead get ur facts straight before u start running ur neck!

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              Richest 2%, but go, baby, go!!

            • You know nothing. Her “Father” is Rick Sovereign. Not Mike. She isn’t blood related, she just got the name at birth. Not all Sovereigns make poor choices. That being said, I am disappointed to know that people will link a name from one article to another and suddenly think they are a genealogist. If you don’t know a persons relation, don’t talk as if you do.

        • For your information my father in law is doing great. He has been drugfree for quite sometime. Mike is a great person.

          • The sovereign family are a burden to society. Constantly in the news for crime. Every one of them receives welfare, medi cal etc.

            • I have never recieved welfare in my life. My Father owned and operated his own trucking company. My Father was a great Man, and a Sovereign. Your way of thinking sure seems to be a burden on yourself. Please open your mind to the reality that a name cannot solely represent every member of it’s family. I feel fortunate to come from the people I do. For the members of my family who make poor choices, they certainly teach me what NOT to do.

            • [edit]
              Also, my entire household is on Partnership (which is the actual name for medi-cal…they changed it 3+ yrs ago…)
              We have 3 jobs between 2 adults, have a beautiful home, neither of us have ever been arrested, we are productive members of this community… but apparently our medical insurance deems us a ‘burden’ by your scale..

            • [edit] I am a Sovereign and am not like her.or anyone else I am a good person and i was raised to have respect and be loyal to my family. That is uncalled for.

            • Tabitha Sovereign

              Wow for your information not all of us Sovereigns have a criminal history or are still criminals thank you very much.
              Yes its sad to say that a majority of my family does have a criminal record but you don’t know their stories you don’t know all the details[edit] I know for a damn fact that just because I am a sovereign does not mean I am a disgrace to society [edit] Got nothing better to do then bash my family? [edit]
              Thanks (:

            • I do not receive any assistance. I work my ass off. [edit]

          • Yes he is, and I’m proud of him. He Volunteers at the redwood fields doing cleanup, after youth sporting events.

          • That’s right

        • That’s not her dad lmao

        • Drone pollinators inc.

          Ah were finally facing reality. Thumbs up. It’s true always someone or something else’s fault. Can’t be me. Humbolt for life.

      • Grow up and do some research. Your constant blame of one party is old and ignorant. See how your rep REALLY votes.

  • You mean “wrecking crew,” right -?

    • One person is not a crew.
      Hence, wrecking ball.

      • It’s terrible language. Referring to an idiot criminal as a “wrecking ball” is just bad writing.

        • Stay on topic please, you’re shifting gears to justify.

        • met·a·phor: a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

          • I liked the ‘wrecking ball’ metaphor, and your writing is fine Kim. I’ve written a weekly column back in college, a monthly for a magazine for a few years, and various articles for magazines and newspapers – writing for publication is hard, and you (thankfully) do a lot of it to keep the folk of So Hum informed of what’s going on.
            Be of good cheer and undisturbed by the trolls.

            troll: (/troʊl, trɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog)…

  • Sovereign that name sounds familiar LOL

  • Sounds like she’s gonna’ be watchin’ a lot of Rachel Madow in the day room at Denver County womans prison.

  • Cabin in the woods

    I went to school locally w/ a Sovereign. Didn’t know him well, just passed in the halls.

    He was murdered in Eureka a few years back.

    It would be my hypothesis that this young lady is directly related.

  • Maybe if she had killed someone, they would sue Calif and Humboldt for not keeping her locked up. One day it may come to a law suit for Calif, and Humboldt, to wake up and stop releasing habitual criminals.

  • We need to stop accepting bad behaviour as the new normal

    She probably thought it was like here, where you can endanger other people with your crazy selfish behaviour and get out of jail the next day on “probation”, so you can do it all over again.

    I hope they throw the book at her and she’s locked up for a good long time. We’ll all be safer because of it. It’s too bad our own legal system can’t protect us and we have to rely on another state to do it.

  • The Pride of Humboldt.

  • Tweaker family including their own meth cook. She probably didn’t pull over because it took a while to do all the drugs she had with her…

  • What an amazing story! What a unique spirit! Reminds me of Kowalski! “The lone hero, the supah-drivah, the last beautiful free soul on this planet…” We all know what happened to HIM!
    1970 Dodge Challenger, Colorado plate OA5599.

    Nice going girl, you are my hero!

    Eureka/Humboldt hasn’t enough jail cells for all the miscreants among us, but Colorado might…

  • Sudafed?ephidrine?who gave an addict that.and why?

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    Sovereigns sold out their place on Titlow and it’s now full of huge obvious greenhouses that the sheriff always refused to bust. Sovereigns get involved in all kinds of Eureka drug crimes and are out walking the streets the next day. Sovereigns do multiple hit-and-runs and are out driving again in no time. What is the problem in this county?

  • Thirty years ago I was looking for a man who was owed some money. Eventually the word got to him and he called. From jail. He was driving drunk in the midwest and got arrested. He was thoughly shocked to find they actually put such people in jail there. As he put it, he was coming back to Humboldt as soon as he got out. Where people were nicer.

    But what the heck Emily. Illegal is only a state of mind.

  • I’m ashamed of myself. I loved in Arcata for 3 years but spent a great deal of time in Eureka. Business, shopping, etc., and I must have had my head buried in the sand. I saw the homeless issues, but not the drugs and criminal elements at all. Maybe I was just not in the areas these things happened, but if I was so busy, that I was anywhere around and didn’t noticed…shame on me. I am making a better effort to open my eyes and truly see my surroundings.

  • Anyone know if this Sonia Sovereign individual is related to Shane Alver Sovereign, whose name appears frequently in jail booking lists?

  • At least they are leaving to commit crimes.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    I know some Smiths. Real bad family. Always up to no good. Anyone know them? Understand there are a whole lot of Smith’s out there. All related? Hardly not. Sovereign is a vast and wide name. I would say 92% are related around here. But that does leave 8 % that aren’t.

    • plug the name into the LOCO search engine. or simply google it with Humboldt or Eureka attached. I would say its these local problem families that cause 92% of the problems around here. and Orbits actually do spell out the tree quite clearly. maybe try investigating, very few crime families with the name Smith around here.

    • Not a very good analogy. In nationwide surname ranking lists, Smith is #1 and Sovereign is #41,309, so there is a very good chance that Sovereigns in a small community are related. See how that works?

  • This dumb [edit] has just been released! Ugh!!

  • All yall are just dumb stop assuming and starting rumors get the facts first before ya get slapped with a law suite

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