Kason Crutchfield: ‘When Kason Loved, He Loved Hard’

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Kason CrutchfieldOn Oct. 28, 1990, Kason was born to his mother, Trina R. Byrd, and father, William H. Crutchfield Jr. He was 27 years young when his journey to the spirit world began, on Dec. 7, 2017.

Kason grew up in Trinidad. He had the greatest sense of humor, the biggest smile, and he loved to make people laugh. He always had a way of getting into trouble but he could charm his way out of almost anything, and he knew it too, a definite goofball.

Kason had always loved learning new things. He was a bit lazy but his creativity made up for it. He once made a contraption to turn off his light switch so he didn’t have to leave his bed. He was very artistic; if you looked around him he’d drawn and colored on just about everything in his reach.

Kason was a very family-oriented gentleman. One of his main highlights in his life was becoming an uncle to his six strong nephews and one beautiful niece. He had many hobbies such as: fishing, automotives, inventing, drawing, tattooing, dirt bike riding etc. A protector, a fighter and a lover he was — when Kason loved he loved hard. He had a very strong, heartwarming soul, and touched many, many lives. Friends were very easy to make and he made friends everywhere he went.

He had many goals and dreams that he’d never gotten a chance to achieve. He was always full of life and was taken from us too soon. He will be greatly missed by many. Kason had always said he wanted to come back as a bald eagle so he could fly, and we now know he is soaring the sky watching over us.

Kason Crutchfield is survived by his father, William H. Crutchfield Jr., and mother, Trina R. Byrd; grandmothers Marian Seidner and Linda Cisneros; grandfather Richard Byrd; siblings William R. Crutchfield and husband Eddie, Talina L. Nelson and husband David and their two sons, Kit-ka and Toh-tet Nelson; Michael C. Taylor Jr.; Samantha R. Crutchfield and her two children, Aaralyn Morris and Aaron Phines; Julia (Honeys) Simms, her husband Willie, and their two sons, Willie and Kepel Simms; Brendan Crutchfield and son Michael Crutchfield; Alex Crutchfield; JoeAnna Megan Crutchfield; Trayce Crutchfield; and his beloved dog Ruger Crutchfield. Also his great-aunties and uncles; aunties Tracy and her two sons, Carleen and her four children, Chelsea and husband Rich and their two children, Myriah and her 5 children; uncles Rick and wife Kari; Bob and wife Lisa and their four children and numerous extended cousins.

There will be a viewing on Tuesday, Dec. 19, from 6 to 8 p.m., and services will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 2 p.m. at Paul’s Chapel in Arcata. Following the service will be a potluck reception at 4 p.m. at the Trinidad Town Hall.



  • It would seem his style of “Love” was a bit too hard in some areas!!! I hope his journey to the Spirit World is an enlightening one!!!! Sorry for your loss!!!

  • Kason. You will forever have a place in my broken heart. Your sweet side was what I fell in love with. I wish we had stuck to our dreams and stayed focused on what was important. I will never forget you or that laugh of yours. Just hearing it made me giggle. You were a proud native man and I wish I could’ve given you the strength to push through the darkness. Sometimes life throws us too much for us to handle. I thought we would have another chance to be together. We got cut short. Now we will never know what could’ve been. I love you and will forever regret some of the choices we made. I hope you are at peace and remember the love we once shared. I don’t think anyone has ever loved me as much as you did.

  • Last year when my son passed on it I was in shock when I wrote his obituary,He was very young.Someone wrote a mean comment and I was crushed!I would like to encourage everyone to acknowledge that it is heart wrenching to loose someone so very young.Please be gentle and kind and if you cant I beg of you to hold your tongue.My heart hurts for Kasons family and I would like to say to you,”I honor you at this time.”Fly high young man…

    • Right on Westside…blessings to this family in their time of mourning. I hope your young man visits your dreams and lets you know he wishes you to live life as joyfully as he would if he were in this world, and as joyfully as he will live in the Spirit World

  • This is an obituary……nothing negative should be posted here. My brothers obit was posted here last year and I had to ask that people not make comments regarding the company he was working for because they were having a full on pissing match in regards to things that had nothing to do with my brothers obituary. So I ask you all to please be respectful to the family.

  • Did someone post something negative? Cause all I see is positive loving comments

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. He is beautiful and has a great smile. I am so sorry

  • Love you forever. I will miss you more than words can express. I’m so so sorry you’re gone.

  • Recalling how his friends carried on the search for him for days after authorities had given up, its obvious that he must have been very well loved by those close to him.

  • No search was carried on by anyone. I heard a fisherman discovered him and then family members arrived after.

  • Heard is quite the word to use in that simple comment.. My name is Talina Nelson maiden name Crutchfield. I hadn’t heard from my brother neither did my family so I called to file a missing person report Saturday. I went to Willow creek to look for him and get his dog. I arrived at the house at 3:37 pm I was hoping to find him alive however the sad truth was I didn’t. I found him and I dialed 911 at 3:55 pm on December 10th. I took my jacket and my shirt off and layed them over top of him. I stayed by my brothers side until I was told I no longer could. My brother had died with a smile on his face and he was at peace. Thats the true story about what had happened. And yes a man on a boat seen him just before me and had dialed 911 just a little while after I did. The woman he lost his life over wouldn’t give our family his dog Ruger like she said she would and didn’t even have to decency to pay her respects to my brother or his family.

  • She was not welcomed by your family is why she didn’t attend the services. I watched this woman cry for hours and days bc she couldn’t be at those services. And you and your family continue to harass her daily. And You weren’t given the dog because Kason asked her to keep him. Same as he had when he was in jail. He wanted the dog with her. Stop blaming her for everything. Your brother loved her and it’s a shame you couldn’t respect that love instead of alienating her. Your brother would’ve wanted the woman he loved to be treated with respect. She is grieveing just as you are. Leave her alone and focus on healing yourself. She doesn’t bother any of you. She has many friends who love her and will continue to support and protect her. She has been respectful of your family’s grieving. Show her the same I believe she was also the one to suggest you file that missing persons report. Guess u forgot that. I was there when she sent you the message.

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