Deputy Shot and Woman Held Hostage, Says Sheriff’s Office

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

PARRAL-AGUIRRE Just after midnight on Dec. 17, 2017 a call was placed to our dispatch center for a disturbance at 706 Coppini Ave, just outside of the city limits of Ferndale. The caller described a conflict between two non-English speaking male individuals. A sheriff’s deputy and a Sergeant were dispatched from the Eureka area at around 12:19 a.m. These sheriff’s deputies were in standard uniforms and marked patrol vehicles. They arrived on scene at 12:46 a.m.

Deputies arrived and parked a short distance from the two residences located at the far north end of Coppini Lane. As deputies approached the smaller barn structured residence on foot they identified themselves through the doorway. A female ran out the front door of the residence and told deputies that she was being held against her will by a male subject who was later identified as 30-year-old Hugo Parral-Aguirre. She advised deputies that Parral-Aguirre was in possession of a firearm.

Deputies saw Parral-Aguirre inside the residence. The deputies drew their weapons and ordered Parral-Aguirre to drop his gun. Parral-Aguirre then turned toward the deputies and the female, and shot one round from a 12 gauge shot gun at the deputies through the open doorway. The round struck one deputy in the left shoulder just above the bullet proof vest. The deputies returned fire as they pulled the female victim to a position of cover. The deputies held the cover position while requesting county wide mutual aid. Officers from Ferndale, Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Rio Dell, HSU, CHP and Fish and Wildlife responded. Ferndale Fire and City Ambulance responded to render aid to the officer struck by the gunfire. The Deputy was transported to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment. A call was placed to area residents regarding the police action through the Emergency Alert Notification system.

County officers held the cover position until the Sheriff’s SWAT team arrived on scene. At approximately 3:45 a.m. the SWAT team approached the residence. Parral-Aguirre was located laying on a bed in the bottom floor of the residence. He refused commands both in English and Spanish. The SWAT team then entered the residence and attempted to take Parral-Aguirre into custody. Parral-Aguirre was uncooperative and began to fight with the officers. The team subsequently took the Parral-Aguirre into custody without further assistance.

Emergency medical personnel were immediately dispatched and medical aid was rendered. Parral-Aguirre was transported to St. Josephs for treatment. He sustained three, non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Parral-Aguirre was treated and then released to the custody of the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Through interviews and investigation, it was determined that Parral-Aguirre trespassed into the residence with a shotgun over a dispute with one of the residents. He shot at another resident and was holding the female subject hostage prior to deputies’ arrival. Parral-Aguirre was not employed at the dairy and he is a citizen of Mexico.

This case is still under the investigation by the Humboldt County Critical Incident Response Team. Members of the Eureka Police Department, Arcata Police Department, Humboldt County
Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney and State Department of Justice Criminologist are actively investigating the case. At the conclusion of the investigations, charges will be requested with the District Attorney for attempted murder on a peace officer and false imprisonment.

Several lead pellets were removed from the injured deputy’s shoulder. She was released from the hospital later in the day on Dec. 18 and is currently recovering. The names of the sheriff’s deputies involved will be released at a future date. Both deputies have been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

Parral-Aguirre has a criminal history. On Aug. 8, 2008 Parral-Aguirre was arrested for assault and battery. At that time, he was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement on a warrant for illegal entry into the country. Parral-Aguirre was transferred to Federal Prison on Aug. 20, 2008. He voluntarily left the United States in 2008. In 2015 he was deported from the United States by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Parral-Aguirre is in the country illegally.

This is still an active investigation. Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Officer Wounded Near Ferndale



  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    Build the wall and wire it with really hot electricity.


    • The wall is a huge waste of money. If the US needs a monument to express their race issues then folks should go hang some tinsel on one of those Confederate general statues they threw up in the 50s.

  • And here come the trolls…if you trumpers got out in the world more, you’d realize there are good people and bad people and everything in between, pretty much evenly divided up everywhere. There are lots of really good illegal immigrants right here in this community. I work with them regularly.

    • You said it all right there in one word Emily! “illegal”

      • While Emily’s comment is accurate, it doesn’t mean we have to give the bad people free access to our country. Perhaps if Emily had been the woman held against her will she would think differently.

        • I guess my point went over your head.. I didn’t say this guy is a good guy, just that the fact that he’s illegal isn’t relevant. Critical thinking… not very common w trumpers.

      • Who cares if they are illegal? Lots of things are illegal u til they aren’t. Do you follow every law? Would you break a law if it meant feeding your family or getting them money for medicine for your family?

      • Emily, good people don’t kidnap a girl than shoot at the police. drop the liberal think and land on planet earth.

        • Didnt say he was a good guy did I? I know I need to speak slowly for you trumpers…. the one thing you all have in common is the inability to separate out facts (critical thinking) One headline about a Mexican and it’s all about Build that damn wall. It’s hard to have a conversation. The only thing that could help your little brains is to get out in the world a bit more, and meet some people outside of your neighborhood. It’s a big world!

          • Bring rude is not being right. Critical thinking is especially short in liberals, whose response to pointing out the defects in their arguments is invective.

            I have lived in Asia and Europe. Even Italy, nowhere near as law abiding as other EU States,would not swallow this nonsense. Japan would think you’re crazy. Even Canada is tougher on illegals. Though I think they are heading to be even more harsh since the Trump inspired exodus of illegals from the US has been a shock to their self satisfaction.

            • Not trying to be rude. I have plenty of conservative friends. Like I said before, not defending this guy, but I hate when people from this community- I’m pretty sure I know most of you- show the ugly rascist underbelly that you truly have. It really bothers me. I have family who are Mexican and many friends. They are good people. It makes no difference how they got here. I don’t know if my ancestors were legal or illegal. People move from state to state, to different countries, following money or love or whatever, it’s been happening forever. Who cares? Why worry about it? They are just as good (or bad)of people as anyone else.

              • Thank you for taking the time to try and explain that one person who did terrible things of Mexican descent is not the entire population of Hispanics in our community.

                • One person? What you mean is that this is one person that was labelled in public as an illegal in the last week. Here. Mostly the legal status is hardly even mentioned. But why would there even be such nonsense as a “sanctuary” state, city or church with a significant number of illegal people.

                  If the status was reported as the matter of interest it is, rather than the pollitically correct silence that is deemed acceptable, we’d know whether this was really just one bad actor.

                • If someone is arrested, their state of immigration is reported if the crime is deemed significant. I report it if I know it.

              • Nonsense. Mexico has currently an extreme amount of violence going on.

                One someone working really, really hard at it can convince themselves that it is not carried here in the midst of the flood of people coming here without any check on their back ground. And even if such a person persists in being deluded, they do not have the right to push their delusion on everyone else.

                Then someone mentioned about the obligation to pay a “living wage”. When labor is cheapened by the ability to hire people who do not insist on adherence to their rights under FLSA, who are not going to sue for workers comp benefits, who do not maintain obligations of native born to the community. In the last recession, whole communities were devastated by their non native populations abandoning housing and schools to go home where the non liberal hands of taxation and regulation make living cheaper. There is little good to be had by a community that has a two country society going on. They lose their ability to get paid a good wage while the community still has to pay a subtantially high privpce for goods. The savings on illegal labor seem to stick in the pockets of those willing to hire them.

                Meanwhile the native born segment gets to live in a community where there are no casual jobs for them that pay the “living wage” that liberals seem to think falls like rain from the sky without any protecting being required.

                • The problem is that we need low wage workers. I am a small scale organic farmer and I can tell you that I make poverty level income, even with low cost Mexican labor to help sometimes. I can’t find any other people to help, that are worth a damn, and will work hard for minimum wage. I’ve even started paying the mex crew 15/hr because they are such good employees. I get a few high school kids from time to time that are excellent workers, but beyond that, I’ve had no luck. So, if I were to pay more for locals to work my farm (if I could even get decent workers at say 18/20 /hour) I would have to raise my prices and, already as it is, it’s hard to compete with big ag. And everyone complains about organic food prices being high as it is. So what would you recommend I do, since you seem to have it all figured out.

                • Emily. If you need to hire illegal employees to be profitable then your business model is not viable. If people want the product you grow and want to pay the oft repeated living wage, they will have to pay more it. If they won’t pay more, then you need to reevaluate whether your business can continue. Just because it suits does not mean it is realistic.

                  I never said that such choices are easy but way too many people want what is contradictory. To rely on constantly imported cheap labor means that too many native born are not working. Then the cries go out about supporting them through government. Beside the resentment and disruption of social cohesion among those shoved out of prosperity by being unable to support themselves through their own work, the distruption of those brought in who resent being resented is added to the tension.

                  The government can not support them all because it simply can not pay for social patches for ever increasing levels of non working people while simultaneously the earnings of those who would work and pay taxes are suppressed by competition. Beside the loss of native born jobs taken by low wage imported workers, those imported workers then have children as native born as anyone else. They will not work as hard for as little as their parents and come to demand just as much or more from the government. It’s a system designed to fail. The only reason for not collapsing before was that there was room, literal physical room, for enterprising people to carve out a place. It was at the expense of the indigenous peoples but altogether resulted in inceased wealth. That safety valve is gone.

                  If the government tries to get the money to support non workers by taking from corporations or only rich individuals, these sources either find ways to avoid paying or simply move elsewhere where the taxes are low to non existent. As I have heard said, it is a small world. People can go as well as come but the people who go will be taking wealth with them and the people who come will require an expenditure of wealth. No country can survive such a short sighted plan of bringing in cheap labor, expecting other countries not to complete with their products so the government can tax the profit and provide welfare for geometrically increasing mouths. Sooner or later the cheap labor is no longer cheap and the whole structure collapses. That is a recipe for revolution and demagogues.

                  The only way to slow up illegal immigration is to hold employers responsible for it. Neither political parties wants to do that. Doing nothing just makes turmoil and poverty inevitable for most while a very few get very, very rich. We see it all over the world now. Can we afford this new generation of Carnegies, Vanderbilts and Gettys that are named Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos? The ones who obscene wealth was founded on cheap labor yet high prices? Who simply ran over masses of working people who would or vouid not serve them in their ever expanding quest for more money than one person can ever spend? Not really but good luck on enough people standing on their own and refusing to play that game. We prefer mouthing platitudes about human rights, waving out arms expecting magic while carving out our own tiny fiefdoms.

          • Open your eyes Emily ,this isn’t about trumpers or mexicans,it’s about stalking your partner after they tell you it’s over, stalking is a problem , and stalkers suck

    • White Powerstroke

      Emily…. you lost. Get over it, and get back to work, picking flowers with your illegal compadres.

      • what’s the difference between this guy or one of our homegrown scumbags like the Fortunian living in Ferndale that shot at DFW, took a long time to find, and just got 20 years? which cost more? which one provides better grant opportunities? which one would you rather complain about?

        • local Observer- no difference. one is from here a local, one is from Mexico. We should deal with our own, but let Mexico deal with theirs. Is this a deal I will make with you, agree ?

    • Emily, we have more than enough ‘bad’ people and criminals of our own to deal with. You come up with a way to keep crap like this out of the country, I might see your point. Otherwise, you shouldn’t encourage an open border for anyone illegal/undocumented.

      • You can’t keep one person in and the other out. Look, Mexicans pay taxes just like we do. They aren’t obligated to be perfect people. That’s one reason we pay taxes, so the police can deal with the bad people. Im saying, there are way larger problems with our own right here, but as soon as a Mexican does something it brings out all the ugly racism. Kind of like when the chinaman accidentally shot a white guy back in 1800’s. I guess we are the same as back then?

        • “You canlt keep one person and the others out.”

          Why yes we can. It’s called the immigration process. Those set of rules that you insist are not needed.

          People whose agenda can’t tolerate reality needs to remember that while persecuted Jews made up a large percentage of pre WWII illegal immigration attempts, Nazis made up a large percentage of that catagory after WWII. Being an illegal does not convey anything about either need nor honest intention except the intent of depriving locals the right to refuse their presence.

  • Now the prison system has to feed ,and clothe this scum bag for the next 30 years .

    • I wonder if Brown would have instituted his catch and release policy if there weren’t so many illegal immigrants being held in California prisons. Older stats seem to indicate that it would have made more than enough room. Recent stats are hard to come by since California politicians put their hands around the necks of any information that reflect pooring on their choices.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Just deport all illegal people, Bite the bullet and let the pieces fall where they may! Our economy will recover, And thing will work them selves out.

    • I’m all for deportation of illegals as long as the deportation laws are retroactive to 1492.

      • unbridled phillistine

        Not retroactive deportation, Just from here on out. Obey all laws already on the books for migrants. Illegals are the reason that a average American cannot earn a living wage! Why hire a someone who is law abiding citizen when you can hire 3 or 4 Mexicans for less?

        • way to scapegoat the laziness of the American Workforce. it take one hard worker to do the work of 3 to 4 lazy workers. why do you think Trump hired the Polish? they were the hard workers at the time. right now its Russians on the eastcoast and its because Russia’s economy has tanked. it changes constantly on the eastcoast, but not so much on the westcoast. right now you can make $10/day in Mexico City, which is considered high pay.

          • unbridled phillistine

            The Mexicans are great workers, They work hard. The problem is they are willing to work for little money, Much cheaper then Americans. Has nothing to do with being lazy. The Mexicans who work cheap are responsible for driving down the wages for normal American people who do not have an education. An average American lives pay check to pay check. And there is a gaggle of Illegals waiting to take his job for less.

          • And why some Americans retire there. The cost of living is proportionally low too.

      • So you support open immigration?

  • Sanctuary cities at work. Thank you Arcata!! Along with some good people, you also invite scum like this.

  • THE WALL is a schizophrenic symbol of human separation & misunderstanding –

    • Or of reality and the only way to deal with idiots on this side of the border. If he was working here, his employer should be held accountable too.

  • Just another stalker, goodbye means goodbye, so wipe your tears away ,stop with the suicide pleas ,pack your sheet and get the f out, peace out

  • Screw the wall! (Waste of money. Voter bait).
    Here’s what’s REALLY IMPORTANT in this story…..
    Local sheriffs are often derided about various issues, but THIS is the dangerous type of work they sign up for, and during which they can be SHOT/ injured (in this case, to protect a woman from a hostile man).
    Thank you HC Sheriffs! Am wishing quick healing to the injured officer!

  • Like it or not, America has an illegal immigration problem. No other free country has open and unprotected borders. Something must be done to rectify the problem and if a wall helps, build one.

    Declaring the state, certain counties and cities “sanctuary” harbors does little but confuse the situation and impede law enforcements ability to do their jobs.

    I don’t know what the answer to the illegal immigration problem is but I know that gunning them down in the street is just as wrong as letting them come and go as they please.

  • My God people, A countries border has absolutely nothing to do with racism. there are people of every race that are United States citizens. A country’s border is there to protect the country and its citizens, to keep people that would come into this country to abused our Social Services in check and to keep people that would come into this country to do direct harm in check. whether that’s an MS-13 gang member that just wants to come here to loot or a terrorist from another country that wants to come here and blow people up. Sure we can’t keep all the bad people out and yes we have lots of bad people already in the country, but when we have a prison population of over 30% that are illegal immigrants and we cannot house our own criminals because of overcrowding, something’s got to be done. How many of you people that do not want any kind of borders for our country would feel comfortable leaving your home without locking it. Why do you lock it? to keep people that you don’t want in your home from coming in and taking or using your stuff right? Yet those same people could easily enough break a window out and still get in, yet you still lock it right? how is the country you live in any different. What do you think would happen to the mall if the stores had no locks no guards and no security? Is it racist for the owners of those stores to lock them to keep people from stealing their stuff?

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