[UPDATE 1:30 p.m.] Officer Wounded by a Bullet Near Ferndale

Breaking NewsMedical was requested by law enforcement after an officer was shot at approximately 12:50 a.m near the 600 block of Coppini Lane near Ferndale, according to traffic on the scanner.

Ferndale officers reached the downed officer by approximately 1 a.m.

An ambulance is on the way.

UPDATE 1:14 a.m.: “The shooter is unknown at this time,” reports an officer over the scanner. The scene is on the northside of Coppini lane at the end of a narrow driveway, he also said.

UPDATE 1:24 a.m.: Medical is on their way to the hospital with one person who was wounded in the shoulder.

UPDATE 1:42 a.m.: According to earlier scanner traffic, two deputies went to the 600 block of Coppini Bluff. Shots were fired. A woman who was held hostage was detained in the back of a female deputy’s vehicle.

Below is the unedited five minutes of the initial information we heard coming over the scanner.

UPDATE 1:47 a.m.: Reports early on over the scanner indicate that the suspect was hit multiple times. Currently, officers/deputies from multiple agencies–we believe as many as 16 officers–are on the property where the shooting occurred attempting to locate the suspect.

UPDATE 2:35 a.m.: One person left the home that was the scene of the original incident and went with officers/deputies. This is not the suspect but a witness to the incident.

UPDATE 3:15 a.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is searching for the suspect of an early morning officer-involved shooting.

Just after 12 a.m. today sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 700 block of Coppini Road in Ferndale for a welfare check. Deputies arrived on scene around 12:50 a.m. A deputy was shot shortly after arrival. The deputy was transported to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

The suspect is still outstanding and is identified as Hugo Parral-Aguirre. He is a Hispanic male, 30 years old. Parral-Aguirre is described as an adult male, 5’3″, with brown hair and brown eyes. Multiple local law enforcement agencies are assisting in the search.

Residents in the Ferndale Bottoms area are asked to stay inside while the investigation is ongoing.

We will release more information as the investigation continues. Anyone with information is asked to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251. [Note: the press release has been slightly updated at 3:21 a.m.]

UPDATE 3:45 a.m.: A person has been detained on the west side of the residence.

UPDATE 4:54 a.m.: Press release update from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Ferndale officer-involved shooting suspect Hugo Parral-Aguirre was located just before 4:30 a.m. and taken into custody. Parral-Aguirre was transported to a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 5 a.m.: An ambulance is again being called to the 700 block of Coppini Road for what sounds like another victim, according to the scanner. [Note: There was no additional victim.] In addition, there was a traffic collision on Grizzly Bluff Road that occurred earlier that is being reported as part of this incident.

UPDATE 5:34 a.m.: The Sheriff’s Office tweeted, “Shelter in place lifted for Ferndale Bottoms residents. Investigation is still ongoing.”

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office tweeted, “Thank you everyone for the outpouring of support this morning. We are happy to share that our deputy was released from the hospital and is recovering. We would like to give a special thank you to all of the law enforcement agencies who came to our assistance early this morning on scene and to help us cover the rest of Humboldt County.”

NOTE: Remember this is breaking news and details coming over the scanner can be unclear. We’ll update as soon as we learn more.



  • Yikes!

    Hope everyone is OK.

  • Wild wild west. HOPE ING the officer ok

  • Great coverage Kym

  • Thank you Kym. I heard all the sirens and have been wondering what was going on. Very appreciative you are reporting at all hours of the day or night.

  • Right down the road from my house. Scary, stuff like this never happens in ferndale… hope everyone involved is okay!!

  • I just want to thank you Kym for being such a good and accurate journalist. Much appreciated that you are basically on call at all hours to let the public know what is going on.

  • Have they said if this person is the suspect

  • sounds like a border extraction

    • Wow, really?!? Because they are of Spanish descent?? Keep jumping to conclusions…..you know what happens when you ASSume.
      So tired of hearing people say this!
      Healing thoughts to all those injured tonight.

      • I’m tired of people spitting vitriol on other posters then mouthing pious drivel about those safely generalized. But then, being easiest, it will be the most common.

        Yes, duh! That is exactly what he meant. Did you not assume they are of “Spanish descent” yourself? And that he wasn’t in order to fit your own scenario?

        • As in the Spanish who first set foot in California in 1542? Or are we talking about Latinos which originally came from Latin American countries and have been in California for centuries? There’s a huge difference. The word of today kids is: ‘ethnocentric’
          go look it up.

      • Liberal hypocrisy

        Well now this POS is just a human sprinkler no matter what his effing Heritage is! Good shooting on the LEOs part I hope she recovers completely from her wounds and the emotional Trauma from having to shoot someone

      • Wow really do you live in a bubble or are you so left you lost contact with reality years ago!

    • TheMoreYouKnow...

      Because that’s not stupid and racist.

      Save that for LoCo’s page, huh?

    • “You may say I’m a Dreamer…”

  • Thanks for the great report Kym and I thank Jim on the LoCo for reminding me to check with your blog.

  • Great job at getting the news out there.

  • Please shelter-in-place between your cows, you will be safe and warm

  • I hope it wasn’t one of the two FPD cops who survived the Las Vegas concert massacre, now that would be weird and unsettling.

  • Hope the officer quickly heals up and the woman who was rescued from the house gets help in dealing with the domestic situation she was in. I don’t care what the man’s ethnicity is. He is now “alleged” to have committed a few felonies and will go through his medical recovery before the justice system turns its all too slow wheels.

    If he passes then the officer will face a long road to vindication in deciding to respond to the man’s threat.

    May all the investigators have wisdom and clarity of mind as they process the scene.

  • No racially or ethnically mixed society has ever worked. What is going on in this country doesn`t work. It stumbles along at great expense of blood and treasure. Pretending this sort of mixing and that the human race is one big happy family and all that is needed are a few more diversity monitors is dangerously unfair to everyone involved. The sooner this is recognized, the better for everyone.

    • Name one “racially pure” society. Get a clue. Your boy Hitler was half Jewish. Who invaded Rome? Oh yeah, ze Germans. Keep up the good work maybe someday your silly fantasies will come true.

      • Welfare states that are not homogeneous don’t work well because of the pushing and shoving at the government trough. The whining about not having enough , discrimination and the attempt to use government as a referee and judge only creates hostility as the government orders winners to move over for losers, all while snatching what it can for itself. The trough feeders start attacking each other rather than just shoving to get their share.

        On the other hand capitalist states thrives amidst the pushing and shoving which acts as incentive to compete. Those who don’t compete well at one trough go off to try and find their own as the trough belongs to the finder. Lots of troughs, lots of opportunity. But you need to be able to defend your right to your trough yourself. No self respecting trough victor dares to attract the attention the biggest, meanest trough feeder, the government.

    • LOL Racially pure society? What a load of racist dung.

      There is only one race – the human race.

      It appears to me like those wishing for a “racially pure,” society are part of the problem rather than inevitable solution.

  • Any new information?

  • Ok woman held hostage, domestic violence? Wasn’t the gunman at the Texas church put in military jail for a year for that? Oh that’s right he cracked his 3year olds skull too.

    Its way past time for domestic violence to be taken very very seriously not just for the family involved sake but for everyone else too. Its a precursor, like how its said kids who harm animals have high chance of killing people.
    Abusers who hold power through abuse in their home often carry that same thing out into the world.

  • Is it this guy ? (I dunno)
    Name turned up in a Google search.
    He was arrested in Mexico on domestic violence
    charges… (i.e. child rape) back in 2011 ?

    Google translation of the Mexican newspaper account.

    The miller Hugo Parral Aguirre was arrested by elements of the State Investigation Agency commissioned in Pinotepa Nacional when accused of sexually assaulting a minor who came to grind his nixtamal.

    With the arrest of Hugo Parral Aguirre, the arrest warrant issued by the joint judge of Pinotepa Nacional as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of rape committed against a minor was carried out.

  • Is their any information on the officer shot? Sure hoping their ok.😄

  • how is the guy who is assumed guilty party / shooter?

  • Regardless of race, if he shot at a police officer, he would shoot at anyone. He’s a P.O.S.

  • amimissingsomething

    Is he an illegal alien? If he lives we will pay for 50 years of incarceration @ 50K per year. People wonder why we don’t want illegals in our Country….well here is a prime example. If he has a family and they are here illegally then they should be sent south of the border. No need to pay for their welfare.

  • Politically correct…

    [UPDATE 1:30 p.m.] Officer Wounded by a Bullet Near Ferndale

    Because he was shot?

  • Another illegal Mexican reeking havoc bringing dope guns into our County.somebody please build the wall .he is probably in cahoots with the gang members busted in arcata . Not being racist just stating facts. I wish ICE would come in and do a full-scale sweep,and send them back to Mexico where they belong. Mexican Nationals are the root of all evil and it’s killing Humboldt County and everyone in it that uses dope meth and heroin.maybe honsell we’ll do something about curtailing this meneace to society .Now that one of his own was shot buy a illegal Mexican.grow a pair honsel.

  • moral of the story: don’t trade your girlfriend for heroin ever.

  • This is another statistic for the prison system how many are illegal aliens in our
    Ca, prison system today? So he gets 20 years for shooting a police officer .which means the tax payer have to house and feed a illegal alien wtf. If a person has no legal right being here send them packing back to there country .save us money ,and over crowding the prison systems THe Surenos ,and the Nortenos I’m sure are 95% illegals just saying .This fact alone would save california taxpayers a fortune .Depending on the crime in this instance do the time then deport .

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