[UPDATE: Road Open] West Avenue Partly Closed in Eureka After Structure Fire

Smoke rises from a home on West Avenue

Smoke rises from a home on West Avenue this morning as firefighters [All photos provided by a neighbor]

According to a neighbor, “West Avenue between Myrtle Avenue and 13th Street remains closed to traffic and will likely remain so until later this morning” after a structure fire about 7:15 a.m.

Additionally, the neighbor said,

Humboldt Bay Fire units responded to a structure fire in the 1200 block of West Avenue in Eureka…The occupants safely exited the structure before the arrival of firefighters.  The upstairs apartment unit was heavily impacted, but roof ventilation was not necessary…

In addition to Humboldt Bay Fire units (two engines, truck, squad, two command staff, and several personnel from incoming shift), City Ambulance was on scene and provided some medical treatment.  An engine from Arcata Fire moved into Eureka to provide backup coverage.

Red Cross will be responding to provide assistance to occupants.

West Avenue is closed to traffic between Myrtle Avenue and 13th Street.

UPDATE 9:03 a.m.:
Traffic may now flow freely on West Avenue.



  • Thank you all Firefighters!

  • Mmmm, space heater or Christmas lights ?

    • Sharpen your pencil

      My guess is that this is junkie related….. You should see the crowd that hangs out in front of this place.

      • It’s a grandma that live there she can’t help what her grand kids do or other family members just about every one has some fucked up ppl in there family no one a 💯 angle just saying ppl should think how comments can bother others it like bulling if u ask me

    I thought an off the hook party took the phrase we are gonna burn this place down a bit too literally.

  • There are no “accidents.” Fires are caused by the owner (shoddy construction, bad wiring, old wiring, etc.) or the tenant (falling asleep smoking, oily rags near heater/heating duct, clothes left on heating duct, candles left unattended, cooking issues, etc.). Remember this when all the “accidents” happen this season.

  • Was that a condo?
    Good reporting Kyme,
    nobody else provided a picture.

  • Kym Kemp please tell your readers to find out the facts before jumping to conclusions. I am related to this family and what happened was a granddaughter fell asleep and left a candle burning… There in need of any and everything if the community wants to help. and Grandma is now Homeless..

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