Much Loved Local Biker Identified as Victim of Fatal Accident in Eureka

Dwight Stephen Davis,Press release from Eureka Police:

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified the victim of a fatal vehicle versus pedestrian traffic collision on Dec. 14, 2017 near the 600 block of W. Harris Street.
The victim, 71-year-old Dwight Stephen Davis, also known to the community as “Dirty Dave,” of Eureka, succumbed to his injuries at St. Joseph Hospital around 7 p.m. last night.
Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Officer Linfoot with the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060.

Earlier Chapter: Man Arrested for Homicide Yesterday



  • Rest in peace. The world is sadder for your not being in it.

  • Charles Engebretson

    Drunk drivers…aweful..Rest in peace Dave

  • Oh no. RIP DD. You were a shining soul I was privileged to know.

  • hop on the bus Gus

    So sad to hear this.I was on the first toy run with him from Dugans in Arcata to the old town plaza,then to the Vets Hall in 1978-79.Those were the days of the M.M.A. hanging out at the Keg. His ability to organize events will sorely be missed.

  • that’s too bad..he did not deserve to die that way. :0{

  • Rest in Peace brother Dirty Dave! Your laughter will remain in our hearts forever! Our deepest sympathy and prayers to your family! Love and Respect! Cookiemonster, Laloni and girls! 💙

  • hop on the bus Gus

    This suckwack probably isn’t going to make in prison. Dave has touched so many peoples lives, and has done so much for others less fortunate, Pieces Partys, toy runs and Standowns,there will be no place for this dude to hide,ever.Sad but true. R.I.P my friend.

  • Your entire biker community misses you Dave and we pray for your family. You will not soon or ever be forgotten.

  • Dave u were a shining star i have known u sense i was a little girl and u always made me laugh u will be missed rest in paradise my friend

  • Oh no.R.I.P my condolences to his family and friends.God Bless🕊

  • I spent a lot of time with Dave at all the runs and at the meetings at Angelo’s pizza parlor. Awesome dude and will be missed!

  • “You got a heart so big. It could crush this town. And I can’t hold out forever. Even walls fall down”. You will be missed.

  • I really liked being around Dirty Dave. He had so much knowledge to share. He helped me in my troubled life to recognize my faults and how I could correct them. He never had anything to say bad about another person. Dave you definitely touched my life and I like your friends! Even thou I had not seen you in the last ten years as I have been dealing with my family issues I still hear you clearing your throat before you speak. I will always remember you and the lessons of life you taught me. You are forever my brother. R.I.P. my brother.

  • RIP man. So sad. This should have never been the way for you to go. Ive seen this man around town for many years. Never formally met him but have exchanged hellos on several occasions. You are in my thoughts and my sincerest condolences to your family and friends.

  • He will be missed by all. A kind soul and always there to help

  • I didn’t know him personally, but certainly knew of his wonderful reputation. RIP Dave

  • Lovely to read all the wonderful comments about him…RIParadise!

  • Guess theres more than one dirty dave in humboldt. How many dirty daves are there?

  • I LOVE YOU DAVE. From the county line run with my son decades ago and he got a kick out of you.. to the party in march at vets hall every year to the redwood run.i am so sad i cant see you again, heart is broken, and i know how you felt about drunk drivers. hope this is a lesson to others that think its ok to have a drink and then tolerance folks..ZERO.

  • He documented our community.
    Ride in Paradise Dave
    We will all try not to smile, it’s a felony😁😕☹😥

  • OMG one of the greats we always made sure to tell each other about our parties coming up

  • I’ve known Dave for over 30 years, my bands over the years have played countless gigs for his MMA parties, toy runs, etc. Always a super nice guy, always wanted to help (saved my butt & got me & my bike home when I broke down after the County Line Run one year). There are no words to describe this loss to local biker culture. R.I.P. Dave!!! Keep on smilin’ and laughin’!

  • Miss ya today and forever , I’ll ride with you on biker’s hill when my time comes.

  • Rip Dave you will be missed….your killer will be arraigned by tomorrow I believe I read……please let ky and Faith know your biker buddies haven’t forgotten them and justice will be served to Marcy no matter her affiliation or lack there off….[edit]

  • After posting a photo & my thoughts to a couple of fb groups I got a very touching message from a person I have never met. She & her partner witnessed the accident & while she called 911 and helped detain the driver her husband sat with Dave & held his hand and did what he could to comfort him. Her sharing this with me (which I reshared on fb) brought a measure of comfort.
    Thank you Julia for your kindness. Many are grateful to you.

  • Kym, hoping you can keep us informed on court dates for the man who killed our beloved Dave

  • The news shattered all of our hearts, and will never be easy to believe. It’s hard to write how much he meant to me, my husband and our 2 daughters. My husband was a lucky kid that got to hang out and go on runs with the group back in the day, and would catch a ride with Dave on the back of his Harley. I was lucky to marry into the family and I feel very privileged to have gotten hugs for the past 27 years. I cherish the photo’s we have of him especially one of Dave with me and my girls on 4th of July. We love you Dave and know that you are with all the guys that preceded you… riding through the redwoods in one hell of a pack…

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