‘Great Season’ for Miranda Mustang 8th Grade Girls Basketball

Miranda Mustangs 8th Grade Girls Basketball

Miranda Mustangs 8th Grade Girls Basketball

Information from the Coach of the Miranda 8th Grade Girl’s Basketball team, Tess Cotter:

The 8th grade Lady Mustangs had a great season. They played in 5 tournaments and placed in 4 including 1st place in their division in the big end of season Crescent City Jaycees tournament. They went 14-11 in season play.

“I played my girls up in non league games against bigger schools. They held their own really well. One game in particular was against Zane, one of the top rated teams in Humboldt. There were some people who told my girls and me that Zane was going to win by 30-40 points. My girls played hard and only lost by 10 points. That says a lot coming from such a small school.”

    AUTUMN BLACK  was my best offensive player this season with 292 points scored including 7 three pointers. She’s the fastest player on the team with great crossovers that gave her a huge advantage with fastbreaks.
    KAYLEE COTTER was my MVP this season with 251 points scored including 31 three pointers. She was my most consistent player, always giving 100% on defense and offense. Win or lose she had absolutely no give up in her.
    MICHEALA MCMAHAN was my best defensive player this season with 137 points scored. She was my only center so she played all game most of the time. She lead the team in rebounds and rejected the other teams shots left and right.
    KYLEE HUFF was one of my smallest players but that never  stopped her. She had 67 points this season including 3 three pointers. This was my 2nd year coaching Kylee and I watched her really come together this year.
    MACY YARBROUGH was my smallest player but she’s an absolute sniper. Macy was my 7th grader who didn’t join the team until her 7th grade season was coming to an end. She played our last league game and 3 tournaments with us and still came out with 59 points including 5 three pointers.
    NATALIE ROBERTS was my player I switched around to all the positions depending on where I needed her at that moment and she played all positions great. She had 58 points on the season including 10 three pointers.
    MERISSA BEEBE was another one of my players who played all positions and adjusted well to anywhere I put her on the court. She had 27 points on the season including 5 three pointers. Although her points helped it was her aggressive defense that helped us win games.
    OLIVIA WARD was my rookie. She joined the team a few games in. She picked up on the game quickly. For never playing before she still game out with 4 points on the season and if she sticks with it will be a great player next year.
    SONYA OSBORN was my player with the best sportsmanship. Win or lose she always had a smile on her face and kept a positive attitude. She became a little more aggressive with each game and by the end of the season was able to hold her own on the court.
    ALAINA WILLIAMS was my most timid player at the beginning of the season, a little afraid to grab the ball. She came out of her shell by the end of the season and was stopping the ball on defense and wasn’t afraid to get in and rebound.

I want to give a special thanks to Karl Terrel, Miranda Jr High athletic director, and all the parents for making this season a fun and successful one.



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