Dodge Dakota Blocking Northbound Laneof 101 Just South of Confusion Hill

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 5:40 a.m., a Dodge Dakota pickup crashed just south of Confusion Hill on Hwy 101. The vehicle is blocking the northbound lane. The vehicle has front-end damage and four blown out tires. A tow truck is not expected to get to the scene until 7 a.m.

UPDATE: Road cleared.



  • Another pick up truck driver crash. What is it about pick up truck drivers and so many crashes?

    • I’m not sure…but last night on Hwy 36 heading home to Carlotta, a HUGE newer 4WD crew cab, i was doing 5mph over the limit, he came up on me so fast, thought he was gonna plow me over, he swerved to the other lane over double yellow. Hit my brakes so if a car was coming around the corner other direction, it PERHAPS wouldn’t try to swerve into me! Then up in Hydesville, he turned onto Rohnerville, back towards town…and passed a car on double yellow lines heading into the corner down into Wolverton? Gulch. THAT MAY BE THE REASON SOME PICKUPS WRECK!!!!! Plus the more lifted, the more top heavy, my med size SUV is top heavy, corners horrible, and not lifted! Then add ANY small pebble, ice, ect,, Cars corner so much better. Many pickup drivers are a$$holes, up your a$$, with ALL their lights in your mirrors, completely blinding.

  • This is the second crash in the last few months with four blown out tires, how does that happen,tires are pretty tough,hope the driver is ok

  • Its pretty icy in the morning closer to the river, higher elevations not so bad it seems, at least in south county.

    I was hearing the corridor between arcata and eureka was icy, colder on the bay, like in the 30’s while above 1000′ it was 60. No joke.
    Slow down!!!!!

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