Strategy Session for Redway Community Services District Flows Smoothly

RCSD Board and Staff developing their mission [Photo by Kelley Lincoln]

This past week, the Redway Community Services District Board of Directors met with the entire staff and consultant Heather Equinoss in a strategy development session to determine what role RCSD plays in the community and how to best implement it.

Equinoss stated her goal for the evening as “helping you have the conversation you need to have in the time you have set aside to have it in this evening.” She then asked each participant to put forward the top value they bring to the table. Each of the four operators stated values centered in hard work and delivering water to the customers. Each of the board members stated values centered in environmental regard for the river.

The group brainstormed the role of the RCSD together, picked the most important aspects and broke into groups to work out the details. When they came back together, they put together a draft Mission Statement that read “To provide the best quality service possible for health and safety at a reasonable rate, to maintain treatment operations at the highest level, to protect the resource and the environment within and beyond our District, to plan for the financial well-being and future capacity by ensuring that the most effective use is made of community funds.”

There are three technical line staff, called Operators, at RCSD.  All three mentioned wanting to see the level of progress they have seen this year in the Operations Department carry forward in the years to come with the District’s larger goals.




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