Measure Z Helps Hire Two New Attorneys, Says Humboldt County DA

Measure ZPress release from The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

[Yesterday,] Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced the hiring of Deputy District Attorneys Josh Rosenfeld and Joel Buckingham.

Mr. Rosenfeld, a graduate of UCLA and UC Berkeley School of Law, has worked as a Deputy District Attorney in the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office for over five years. He has been assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit.

Mr. Buckingham graduated from California State University, Sacramento and UC Hastings College of Law and has worked for the past 11 years in the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office. In that Office he was assigned most recently to the Cold Case Homicides Unit. Here in Humboldt Joel has been assigned general felonies and homicides.

DA Fleming noted that the addition of these experienced prosecutors is a major step forward for the District Attorney’s Office: “Not only will Humboldt County benefit directly from their ability and skills, but our Office will benefit indirectly as they share knowledge with fellow prosecutors.”

Both prosecutors are funded through Measure Z.



  • Meanwhile, what is happening in the public defender’s office?

  • Why didn’t she have the public defender’s office pick them. Or better yet, just hire David Marcus . I heard he was available.

  • I voted “Yes” for Measure Z. I understood it to be used for Emergency Services and the like. I have watched great uses of our 1/4 cent sales tax on new safety equipment and fire engines. These things are very much needed by our first responder community.
    I find the act of hiring personnel a very bad idea. What happens when the Measure Z funds sunset? Do we let these employees go?
    Now the county will have to cough up salaries for employees that are not in the budget. And that isn’t the bigger fiscal problem. How will the county pay for the PERS retirement for all these new employees? We are looking at substantially huge sums of money that are now going to fall on the taxpayers shoulders beyond when the “Z” funds terminate.
    I agree we need DA and SO but they are unfunded at the close of the “Z”.

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