Impaired Driving Considered Factor in Yesterday’s Major Injury Accident Near Miranda, Says CHP

Closeup of the crushed truck.

Closeup of the crushed truck. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On December 11, 2017,  at approximately 1553 hours, a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup, driven by Ferndale resident Kyle Arata-Matyshock, was traveling northbound on US 101, south of mile post marker 23.5. For reasons still under investigation, the Dodge left the east side of the roadway, collided with a guardrail, and overturned against a tree. The Dodge came to rest on the embankment between US-101 and Maple Hills Road. As a result of the collision, the driver sustained major injuries. The driver was air lifted from the scene to Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA. During this incident, one way traffic control was in place on Maple Hills Road. The cause of this collision is still under investigation, however impaired driving is considered a factor in the collision.

Agencies on scene were City Ambulance of Eureka, Cal-Fire, Miranda Volunteer Fire, [Salmon Creek Fire, Garberville Fire,] and CHP.

This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.



  • I wish the best for Kyle.

  • Salmon Creek VFD were also on scene. 🤘🏽❤

  • Oh glad no one else was hurt. For the last 3 days straight I have driven old Arcata road,from morning till night,to morning there’s ice on the road where the sun doesn’t hit.seen people fish tail and hit the bank,ouch. Please drive safe,slow down a little. Have a safe day❄

  • Sick of drunk drivers.

  • Dab nap while driving. All bad!

  • I wish the best for Kyle, such a good guy

  • I do not condone drunk driving but he is a friend of mine so piss off with all your remarks

    • Oh. That’s different. He’s a friend of yours. OK… we didn’t know. So sorry. Yup. Next time we’ll check with you first. Just to be sure.

      Actually, if you noticed, the remarks on this set have been pretty mild by RHBB standards.

      • Doesnt mean yall have to be fuckin assholes straight up
        Teah he drove impaired but how many of yall drive stoned, or take medication then drive WHEN IT SAYS DO NOT DRIVE.
        Humboldt is filled with em.
        So the lot of ya that are commenting being rude as fuck because he drove impaired need to piss off yall have Zero fuckin room to speak seeing as yall one: Dont know him and Two: dont know the whole situation.

        Politely eat a dick yall, Kyle is in a medical Coma because of this accident. Instead of fuckin being assholes maybe pray we dont lose another young adult to impaired driving. Instead of wishing him worse, why dont you fuckin pray he gets better. SMH im so fuckin glad i left Humboldt because obviously yall are nothing of a come together community that yall used to be

        • Well I was going to apologize for my snarky post upon thinking over you might be stressed by this accident to a friend. It was just the comment you made seemed so nasty.

          Nothing here was personal until you posted. It was just general complaints, some triggered by bad memories of people lost to drunk driving. And irritation that people never seem to learn. So yes, Humboldt county is filled with them. And that’s the problem.

          I hope he recovers fast. And I still sorry for my post.

        • I’ve lost enough friends to drunk drivers that I’m going to be an asshole whether you like it or not. We’re all lucky he crashed before he killed someone, and I have no sympathy whatsoever. If you knew he had a habit of driving impaired, and didn’t try to stop him, you’re part of the problem. That many other people in humboldt also drive impaired does not in any way justify doing so.

        • Thank you,I agree.poor guy I hope he makes it. I hate this county to,the people here are such to faced,back stabbing,mean,lieing,thieveing,self centered,greeding,inconsideret, rude,twisted,snobs,that think there better than the rest of the world,in cappable of trying to walk in some one elses shoe,to buisy pointing there figures at every one!.(sorry)I want to move out so bad.

          • I assure you with that attitude we will be happy when you have gone. We may not be ‘better’ than you, but my 5 year old does spell much better than you. Bye.

        • Ever lose someone you love to a drunk? Apparently not. And you apologize for him and attack the people who are pissed off and sick of drunk drivers killing innocent people? [edit]

  • Hey Shut You’ll Up…You are way out of line. Your post is the nastiest thing in this whole string. Can you just talk with words and not scream obcenities at us all? It’s unnecessary and makes what you are trying to say meaningless. These posts have not been that horrible, just kind of average opinions.

  • Thinking of you Kyle!

  • I hope the driver recovers from his injuries, and does whatever is required to get his life straightened out. Fortunately, no other drivers/passengers were hurt this time.

  • Ive known Kyle for yrs, always a cool dude. If he was under the influence of something when he wrecked … at least he only took out himself.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to Kyle and his family,he’s a good young man,to all you haters that don’t know him and just run your mouth,f@!#k you

  • I’m sorry for not reporting him to the authorities myself! Every single day like clockwork, he races up our children filled street right through the elementary school! Ya he’s so fuck-ing Cool in that loud ass truck! And gee, guess who didn’t zoom through the 15 MPH yesterday at Mach one? And then back down again! Every day at the same times. Who are you showing off for, the 8th grade girls?

  • unbridled phillistine

    I do not know Kyle. I do how ever hope he learned a valuable life long lesson? Hope he comes out of his coma.

  • If he was driving while intoxicated, saying that people saying this is bad are not the problem. The problem is driving while intoxicated.

    And people insisting on everyone else pretending along with them that this problem is unimportant need to know that is not ok either. It is not “kicking a man when he’s down”, it pointing out to others that there are ugly consequences for choosing to do that.

    That, not smoothing over feelings, is the only good that can possibly come out of this accident. I would think that those who know and care for him would be among the first to say “Look how this otherwise good person is suffering because of this bad choice. Don’t do it.”

  • it would be good if these perfect people in life here could keep there negativity to themselves job, I happen to be at kyles moms house while she’s at mercy hospital trying to decide if there going to pull the plug on him or not ,,,,kyle is fighting for his life and might bot live at this point and if he does he’s going to gave severe brain why don’t you perfect assholes keep you’re negative comments to yourselves and fuck off,kyle was up late the note before and was on his way home from work at the time of the wreck , kyle was was a good person as well as his family are good people so show a little respect cause it can happen to you’re kid just as easy as one no of mine ,anybody that can’t show respect really need to fuck off and keep you’re comments to youreselves

  • your exactly right I hate judgemental people that try nothing more than to make themselves look better ! :HYPOCRITES:

    • But that was what the point was. Being better. There are plenty of people who don’t drive intoxicated- ever. There is good in encouraging others to do the same. Unless for some reason you think that abstaining is somehow impossible. It has nothing to thinking yourself perfect or being judgemental in a bad way or making themselves look better. If they don’t drive while intoxicated thus reducing the chance of such accidents, then isn’t that simply better?

      I don’t ever use the cell phone while driving because some grieving parents put a video of the accident that happened when their daughter had an accident while looking at her cell phone. It stuck with me. It was not a judgement on her but on the dangers of what she was doing.

      Talking about it has to do with keeping it from happening again. Not talking about it may allow his friends and relatives not to deal with it the negativity but then there is nothing at all to be used for good either.

      I don’t expect that you will agree with this. After reading your post. Not now when the situation is so raw and maybe not later. But it is a way of scraping some good out of an awful situation.

      I hope he recovers. No family deserves to go through this.

  • I’m praying for Kyle and his family my heart breaks for his mom and his dad and brothers and family.This kid has severe medical problems going on right now. He is a good person who never had any bad intentions toward anyone. It hurts my heart to read the terrible comments from his own community. What happened to country people supporting their own?

    • Ill tell you what happened: the lost coast outpost, and the redheaded blackbelt. And people are just so in love with the internet

      • Did people always talk this way and the comment sections merely expose it? Or somehow, did Redheaded Blackbelt by reporting news force people to write certain types of comments?

        • I think if you object to comments about certain subjects, you need to eliminate the comment section. I’ve found it pretty informative. Sort of like what neighbors would tell each other over the back fence at its more civil level (did you hear?) or in bars at its less civil level (a series of highly discriptive words.)

          However, if reporting that a DUI was likely, then it was going to be talked about. In all sorts of ways. Maybe that’s good.

          • As a rule, I like the comment section. I don’t like how judgmental some folks can be but I think it is better to speak about that rather than delete them and pretend all is okay.

    • I’ve read about hundreds of accidents over the past twenty years where it is reported as a suspected drunk driving and the blood alcohol level shows zero alcohol. The correction or facts aren’t reported for weeks, after the persons character has been completely anilated by their own community. An empty beer bottle rolled out of the back of your truck and found at the scene can lead an officer to make a statement of suspected DUI. Suspicions are debunked all of the time with facts. Unfortunately, vile people who thrive off of tearing people down just don’t care if it’s true. They love the act of tearing people down. These are the people who take enjoyment from other people suffering. Often they disquis themselves as good doers, marters, justice seekers, and victims but, they are just empty hateful loners who have usually driven off family and friends, coworkers and neibors.

  • You guys need to get a life instead of writing asshole comments on here about people you
    Don’t know. Is this what you guys do all day? Complain on the internet. GET A LIFE

  • So siting here reading all of these comments and seeing the post if people jumping to conclusions really irritated me, what should be happening is everyone prays he lives through these hard time instead of jumping to the conclusion of him being impaired. Cuz I have been talking to everyone close in his life and not once has anyone seen the official report saying he was impaired so as the law goes that u are not guilty until proven otherwise shouldn’t everyone else be doing the same thing.

    I am half way across the country in the army and waiting on the news ifhe is going to live or not, or if I am going to be able to go see him in the hospital ALIVE or if I’m coming home for the holidays and having to go to a funeral I’m not thinking if he was druck or high.

    I have lost way to many friends at a young age, weather it be at home or friends that have died while deployed and I really don’t want to have to see attend another funeral, so please pay some respect to Kyle and to his family dobu really think they want to come look at this article right now and see this negativity about the son, come on have some respect people.

    And I put my real name on here so if u have any problems with what I said or any negative comments about this situation send them to me and we can discuss them let’s not put this stuff out there in the publlic for the hole world to see

  • We are praying for Kyle and his family. Does anyone know if you can donate blood locally and have it sent to Mercy General in Redding?

    • Doesn’t work like that. But you can create a dedicated account in their name so they get a small credit for each unit they use.

  • I’v know kyle about 2 years I see him at work, good guy. Never ever seen him impaired I talk to him that morning everything seem normal. I am also a ferndale man, no some of his family. Please show some consideration.

  • All u people must feal [edit] that said he was drunk cuze the blood says otherwise dum people. Says might

  • Hey people..his family is going throuh enough right now!!!he was not drunk! Tox report came back neg..he didnt hurt anyone but himself,,last i heard they took him off life support because there was no brain some damn compassion for this family…they have been through enough..keep you nasty ass comments to yourselves till you know whats going on family members read these and it hurts them to the core..

  • Kym kemp you are despicable. You always report shit like this without actually knowing if the tox screen is positive or negative. I just have to say that all of you making nasty comments wouldn’t do that if it were your own child. Kyle I hope you are fighting and I hope you beat this. You are amazing and you can do it.

  • I am Kyle arata matyshocks brother Nathan arata I have been with him seince he crashed and his toxicology report came back negative for drugs and alcohol

  • M.y name is Jeff robone,I’m good freinds with Kyle’s mom ,just so all the judgemental perfect assholes kno wat really happened ,Kyle wasn’t feeling well at work and left ,his boss was worried about him and also left traveling behind him at the time of the wreck ,KYLE WAS NOT iMPARED FROM DRUGS AT THE TIME OF WRECK, according to DRs reports it is belived that Kyle suffered a seizure while driving his truck and that is was caused him to loose control And wreck his truck ,Kim needs to get her facts straight before she makes assumptions and reports them in this site ,TO rREPORT IT IS CONSIDERED a factor in the wreck is a false statement leading people to believe something that nobody knows for Shure ,considered by who ,THE COPS ,they consider that in all wrecks it’s there job ,or considered by KIM ,unless she phyaically witness an iimpared person get into that driver’s seat before the wreck she talking out her ass,the tox screen came back.negative ,he was never arrested because he never regained concsiiusness and he was not under the influence .she needs to consider her reporting ethics and not lead people into beliving or making assumptions about things that have not been proven in a court of law ,IT WAS A MEDICAL CONDITION THAT CAUSED THAT WRECK ,IM ALSO VERY SAD TO REPORT THAT KYLE PASSED AWAY YESTARDAY MORNING AT MERCY HOSPiTAL IN REDDIND he was 27 years old and physically in good shape .his mom has decided to donate some parts that will enable somebody else to live and to also help another to replace some vital organs so they can have a longer life span as well ,WAT A GIFT TO GIVE TO SOMEBODY ELSE YOU DONT EVEN KNO AFTER LOSING ONE OF YOURE OWN ,I have read some of the comments made by people about this accident and assumptions made by people who apperantly are all mightyer then tho,YOURE ALL PIGS AND AS MUCH AS I WOULD LIKE TO SAY I HOPE IT HAPPENS TO YOU ,I CANT ,I GOT 7 KIDS OF MY OWN AND THIS BEING THE LOSS OF HER 2ND CHILD SHES LIVING MY NIGHTMARE ,I CANT WISH THAT ON ANYBODY.Humbolt one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived and at the same time has the most ugly low mantality judgemental people in It have ever seen anywhere ,I’m 54 and I’ve been around the block 3 xs over ,the way people in humbolt co treat less fortunate people ( accident victims ,homeless people ,poor people ,and the disabled is sick) and makes humbolt co one of the most discusting places I’ve ever been in ,KYLE WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT TO ANY OF YOU ,TALKING OR ACTING IN ANY NEGATIVE MANNER TOWARDS ANYBODY WHO WAS ON THERE DEATH BED LIKE THAT,,YOU ALL CAN TAKE IT UP WITH GOD AND I HOPE HE PUTS DOWN HIS RATH ON EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU PERFECT DOOGOODERS,YOURE ALL PEICES OF SHIT AND I DONT KNO HOW ANY IF YOU SLEEP AT NITE ,AND AS A REPORTER KIM NEEDS TO STICK WITH THE FACTS AND NOT REPORT ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT THINGS UNTIL IT IS ON PAPER IN FRONT OF HER FACE ,dumbasses that actuay believe wat reporters say these days take things at face value and believe wat they read ,that just bad reporting and reminds me of CNN reporters,it’s been proven they lie about everything ,you all need to go get with God and worry about youre own lives because my belief is yours life needs Alot of work or you would feel for the less fortunate and stop making assumptions about people you all Kno nothing about ,but that’s just typical Humbolt co.mantallity level ,LOW LIFES ,THAT THINK THERE BETTER THEN EVERYBODY ELSE CAUSE THEY CAN GROW POT BETTER THEN THERE NEIGHBOR ,THERE WILL BE A CELEBRATION OF LIFE IL REPORT WHEN AND WHERE THAT WILL BE SO MAYBE ,JUST MAYBE 1 OF YOU AHOLES JUST MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER SHOWING A SMIGE OF HEART AND APOLOGIZE TO HIS MOM FOR WAT NEGATIVE, RUDE ,AND UNTRUE STATEMENT OR ASSUMPTIONS WROTE ABOUT KYLE ON THIS SITE ,MY GUESS IS NOT A ONE OF YOU HAVE ENOUGH CLASS OR HEART TO DO THAT ,YOU KNO WHO YOU ARE AND YOURE PEICES OF SHIT AND IF YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT MY NAME IS JEFF ROBONE COME FIND ME AT THE CELEBRATION ,IL BE HAPPY TO DISCUSS THIS MATTER WITH YOU PERSONALLY THANK YOU

    • Jeff, I was very sorry to hear that Kyle passed away. His family is suffering. I was impressed to learn he was an organ donor.

      However, I am not reporting that Kyle WAS under the influence BUT I am reporting this:

      The CHP did arrest him according to their report and they consider impairment to be a factor. I will post a photo again of the original report which shows he was arrested. The CHP can make errors that is why we have a court of law. But I accurately reported what they said and did. I also offered last week to the family and I make the same offer now, if they provide me with an original BAC report including time taken that shows Kyle’s blood is clear, I will post that. No one has yet provided me with that.

  • Once again here is a photo of the original CHP report as issued in a press release. Note the circled area shows he was arrested.

    • Kim I do see the police report and the CHP made that report at a time before toxoligy report was available ,I only Kno wat I was told by his mother and that was there was no drugs or alcohol was in his system and that evidence their brain scan or wat have you showed was that Kyle possibly suffered a seizure ,it was reported that twards the end of the day Kyle has gotten confused and disortiantaded at work and that’s why he left and also why his boss was concerned and was following behind him ,his boss reported Kyles driving was irraticle going down the road rite before the wreck ,I was at the crash site a day or 2 later and it’s a pretty straight stretch of road and unless there was something really wrong there was no reason for him to not beable today control the truck unless 1 you were under the influence or as in this case there was something medically wrong with the driver such as a seizure or heart attack ,stroke something in that nature ,we both kno that everybodys a criminal or on drugs when it comes to cops ,guilty until proven innocent in there eyes and im shure the cops couldn’t wait to make arrest as the report showed but to be honest can one make an arrest on an unconscious person ,until they can comprehend the fact there being taken into custody or even physically be taken there really is no arrest yet anyways ,in this case Kyle never regained concsiiusness and unfortunately surccumed to his injury,,,I’m sorry if it seemed I was caring you a list it really wasn’t meant to be that way I Kno you try to be as care and accurate as any body can possibly be ,but i really get pissed at some people’s rude obnoxious comments about things they Kno nothing about and you are excluded from that ,not meaning you at all ,they have to realize that family mbers are reading wat there saying and it’s only a matter of class and heart that if you don’t have nothing posative to say especially at a time like this THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL,there’s nothing there that can be helpful, familys are already stressed and hurt and really don’t need added negativity and assumptions by wat I call doogooders and that’s people that think there almightyer then tho when in fact there lives are more screwed up then the next guy ,we all know wat drinking and driving can do don’t need to hear it Everytime theres a fatal crash on the 101 and to the cops imparement is always a consideration in an accident ,unfortunately Kyle was in bed no shape for a road sobriety test at the time so until proven otherwise the cops pretty much will treat it like a crime from the get go thats wat they do.but I see over and over in the lost coast or redheaded blackbelt or anywhere there’s room for public comment and some people really are heartless peices of shit by wat they say sometimes it’s like a power Trip they have ,I agree with people have that right to say wat they want it’s there American rite but I also believe in not kicking someone when there down. And having heart and respect by You’re actions ,that why I was a gruff maybe by my post ,treat people how you would want to be treated and don’t beat You’re chest non of us is not perfect and I don’t Kno anybody my age 54 that hasn’t driven iMPARED ,,I don’t drink Andi cant say I never have my whole life and I totally disagree with driving iMPARED my cousin was ran over by a drunk driver when she was 14 when I was a kid it crushed me and the lady who got her I didn’t do a day in jail ,this was in the early 70s,Im glad the cops are cracking down on drunk driving the way they are or any impaired driving for that fact CELL PHONES INCL ,I ride a motorcycle slot of times and can’t tell you how many times I almost was ran over by some dumbass playing with there phones and not watching the road way more then I almost was hit by a drunk driver ..but to make along story shorter u wanted to set the record straight on wat really happened all evidence seem to support wat I’m saying all tho I have no toxology report to show ,that is wat is speculated by the DRs and the truth is non of us my never really now wat caused this but it apperantly was not a drug or alcohol related accident ,it’s a very sad time for his family ,it was a fairly new truck to Kyle he was proud of it , and he was loved and respected very much by freinds and family so we on behalf of his family would appreciate people to please keep any negative comment to themselves ,there’s already enough negativity in there lives rite now and to maybe spend more time looking at there own lives instead of speculating on others ,and show some freaking heart for God’s sake people in humbolt co love being assholes and that why I no longer live there is they thrash so much negativity around humbolt it’s really making it an ugly place and ruining the beauty humbolt has to offer ,I apologize to you if I said anything offensive twards youre reporting ethics youre one of the few reporters I have respect for ,thank you for youre time and allowing me to help Kyle and his family by setting the record straight Merry Christmas

      • Jeff,

        Kyle was obviously loved and respected by his family and community. I hope that they are able to clear his name.

        What I’d most like to see us as a community do is step beyond judging someone completely on the basis of a few words offered in the news. We can judge an act as wrong but trying to judge a person based on one deed partially reported is an act of futility. Everyone screws up sometimes, especially if sick or distracted. Sometimes screwups have terrible consequences and sometimes we look up just in time to avoid an accident. It would be kind to remember that.

        • Unfortunately, there is no point for criticism of a life style that should be critcized if one is not allowed to say it until proven because it will no longer be news then. It becomes an obituary where again no criticism is allowed. So it is defacto never discussed.

          It is good to have the family defend its members because it means the issue is put in its proper place. If he was unfairly judged, it should be known. It means they take the accusations seriously but should not take a discussion of the problems personally, however hard that is. And hard it is because an open forum is often an intemperate and ugly one.

          So, if there is an issue that needs unpleasant discussion, when is the right time?

    • Sadly, he is gone. We have lost a great soul and to those of us that actually love and care for him, we will forever hold him in our hearts. Many thanks to you that have taken a stand for my cousin.
      As for those that love to get their nose in what they perceive to be gossip or a “juicy story” get your facts and even then, consider the pain others may be going through.
      Also, please, everyone take care of yourselves and those near you. Sadly I am across the map and can’t be there with my family. Kyle is a great guy and even if you have some complaint about him, kindly keep it to yourself. We don’t want to read it or hear it. Now is the time to love and uplift. Care and comfort. <3

  • Some people: Plenty to say about you nothing to say to you

    I know maybe 2-3 people in my community that actually have hobbies (and class) the rest, even some surprisingly “nice” on the surface folk’s, only hobby is JUDGING OTHERS! Be it their driving, water hauling habits, greenhouse illumination, generator use, personality or looks they think they are fucking perfect . Last I heard when we meet our maker it’s only OUR OWN behaviors we must answer for. Everyone cuts themselves a million miles of slack if they err behind the wheel or fudge on obeying to the letter of the law, I only wish they’d STFU and extend that same “oh shucks no biggee” attitude to others!

    What a sad story. It is inspiring that his family is generously donating organs but the grief must be huge. And so many unanswered questions! In the meanwhile please try to ignore the hatred and harsh put downs, those comments say everything about the authors and nothing about this poor young man.

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