Hyampom Man Arrested on Child Molestation Charges

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Dave Kirby Trinity Co Sheriff press release

Victim advocates can be reached at 530-623-HELP or 530-623-2024 or 800-358-5251. More information can be found here. 



  • Charlie Manson looking motherfucker. Come on kids when you see that face run.!!

  • Sick fuck, his pic looks familiar was he on here before? Maybe most wanted or something?

  • Why do child molesters always look so creepy? If you check out the sex offender registry, you will see that a large proportion have rubbery facial features. It must be defective genetics.

  • I knew someone I always thought was creepy and skanky. He would go on and on about his grand daughter — how she was 12 years old but had a body like an 8 year old. I always thought he was weird. Turns out he was a molester and was doing kids. Did some time in the pen. Probably didn`t reform, though.

  • I like to think he’s not smiling any more.

  • Having children at all in Trinity and Humboldt is about the same thing as child abuse.

    Please look at the guy before you shag him, for god’s sake and the sake of your offspring.

    • Kym , the ‘don’t judge him for screwing up’ police are in full cry.

    • what beautifull wonderous place on the planet are u from taurus?
      humboldt is nice if u look around
      the ocean is real nice,air is clean and there aint too many peeps and their cars,plus i feel lucky being raised here
      ” make america cleveland again”…..;/

      • Augggghhhhhhhh! Please don’t have sex with children!! AND, forcing people to have sex is not sex, it’s violence!

        Yes, la la la la la, Humboldt IS beautiful. If I could stand the people there, I would stay forever!

        Also, I don’t need drugs, weed, or the mentally ill. I really don’t want to see any children or women abused by brain-dead assholes like the guy pictured above.

        So you were born in Humboldt. Congratulations! Now get ready to be overrun by hipsters and would-be pot millionaires. Enjoy! Be sure to build a MUCH bigger jail!

        Hey! Go up to Garberville Hospital and tell Kent and Matt to hire some goddamn men until the staff there is 50/50, men/women. The taxpayers in SoHum are supporting an entirely biased public agency which is very much exposed, legally.

        AND, 707veggie, have a beautiful day!

  • Kym.. This may be your all time classic mug shot..

  • now, now let the bleeding heart liberal system coddle him. They’ve demanded diversity and want diversity so he deserves his say about his own sexual preference. Damn that President Trump and his underrepresented round up of pedophiles around the country. After all the Vatican Ambassador to the United States just fled prosecution and ran back to Rome to hide from child trafficking charges. Just hide behind the law like the last Pope who resigned over the same looming allegations. So if it is OK for Catholics, and OK for Disney and Hollywood, and Congress, and CEO’s of mass media companies …. and cross dressing school teachers why should this guy get picked on ????

    • President Trump IS A PEDOPHILE, why on Earth would he want to punish others like him!!!!????

      • Blah blah.no proof..how much money and time wasted on collusion.cnn will say whatever so will Dan f

      • Why must we only have a choice between which brand of creepy people we elect to office? I think Trump became President because he would hit back at the same low, scum level that liberals and anti liberals dragged us down to before the primaries. Anyone not scummy enough to survive internet intellects won’t even run for office.

        Innuendo, mudslinging and smears used to be used in politics undercover as it made the perpetrators looks so ugly themselves. But somehow too many people decided it was an acceptable weapon in their agenda and have made rumor mongers and sleaze peddlers into media heros. Formerly reputable journalists have dropped down to the level of the tabloids. They figure if they just keep slinging mud, they can bury the object of their hate. They have become schizophrenic, think their own inner voices are real. Being a jerk over Trump still is being a jerk.

        What exists now is exactly the result of believing the ends justify the means. Those whose life revolves having temper tantrums about Trump are earning their own misery, stupidity by stupidity, and are keeping him fueled to keep going.

      • You like jokes turn on cnn.its really funny.poor wannabe journalist..you can see the pain in there eyes..there wasting electricity and air..

    • Trump backed a pedophile for Senate, nice try. Are you saying Catholics are “liberals?” Additionally there’s a world of difference between choices of personal expression or what happens between consenting adults and a predator pedophile. There’s no “P” in LGBTQ. There’s no “bleeding heart liberals” characterizing pedophiles as part of a desired diversity or standing up for pedophilia as a sexual preference.

      • No proof..only accusations…[edit]

        • when you flip thru the list of 39 or so sex offenders in Mckinleyville, you don’t get a feeling that they are liberals, quite the opposite. this guy looks just like the neckbeard that was spanking the monkey while walking down Hiller on a Sunday at 3 pm with no pants on. the HCSO says he was drunk but meth sounds more logical. if you want proof, get it yourself.

          • I don’t think anyone said he was liberal but that a liberal society will not impose severe enough penalities for his behavior.

            • conservatives blaming liberals for their problems, priceless. how about we pass a bill that forces the parents to pay for their kids incarceration with the ability to garnish wages. how about you quit bitching and come up with a solution. I have been coast to coast and I can assure you all problems lie with not educating your kids. I have a kid in college and another graduating HS this year and then going to college. they may have problems but none of them will effect you nor will their mug shot end up here.

              • I love how people use conservative and liberal to de scribe who people are these days. Like it’s a race. You all are misguided. Get back to god.

              • because people who go to college don’t commit rape, pedophilia? wtf planet you on?

              • Conservatives just want to be left alone. So the only thing that they blame liberals about is that liberals always want to change laws to force people to do what liberals want.

                On the other hand, liberals,who want to force people to change, get very angry when they find people don’t want change. They then blame conservative, usually in a string of juvenile name calling, because they firmly believe to the bottom of their little toes that everyone wants to be told what to do and only malevolent right wingers are stopping them.

                But the purpose of my post above was to only point out to you, not liberals in general, that you misunderstood Ralph’s post. But go ahead. Take pot shots at your personal hobgoblins that aren’t really there. No skin off my nose.

              • Yeah pass another bill.lol..goof

          • I don’t want proof because there is none..lol..all pedifiles should be hung..after it’s proven..you don’t have to prove you innocent,mabey you would like north Korea..or China..you would be a good bad cop

      • O like there’s no gay pediphiles….wtf!??!!

  • Sick bastard! Made my skin crawl😝

  • Shawn Cherry, your right as rain. Hang the sucker!

  • If you shoot someone, they take away your gun. I think they should take away his “weapon”

  • Wuts a liberl?

  • Kym, I couldn’t help not responding to this….whatever. I spent some time in Hyampom and was wondering if I knew him. That’s why I clicked on. What I said is what “should” be done to him. At least he wouldn’t be able to ruin another child’s life.

  • Judge this book by its cover.

  • Kym, I have enjoyed your blog and news but when you deleted my non offensive response to taurus ballzhoff comment at 4:53 am, his comment is now edited at 7:11am and now my response to him is a fart in the wind. What gives?

    • To be honest, I’m not really sure what occurred. I believe this is your comment “And over there, where you are, the men are kind and intelligent?”

      I show it on my dashboard but it doesn’t show on the website. I think Taurus commented twice a very similar comment–one several hours later than the other. You replied to one which was deleted and when a comment is deleted all the replies including yours in this case, disappear. I think he must have deleted it and then reposted it? But it could possibly be a software glitch.

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