Former Humboldt County Man Arrested for Allegedly Hiring Hitman to Kill Cousin’s Wife Over Marijuana Business


Brad Lanese [Image slightly darkened from that provided by Andrew Goldstein of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. (Click on this link to go to Goldstein’s story about Brad Lanese) See below for the unenhanced version of the photo.]

A former Southern Humboldt man, Brad Lanese, has been arrested and charged with attempting to hire a man to murder a Shelter Cove woman, his cousin’s wife. He allegedly engaged a DEA operative to be the hitman.

This led to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) serving a warrant on the property of Lanese’s cousin and the cousin’s wife in Shelter Cove on December 7.

The DEA operative that Brad Lanese believed was a “skilled mercenary” and hitman named Deeds made a statement on December 4 to the court. In part it said,

[Brad] LANESE previously owned and operated a large marijuana grow operation with his cousin C.B., in Northern California. L.D. is the wife of C.B. … was making substantial sums of money as a result of the grow operation.

However, LANESE soon began having difficulties with L.D. As a result of these difficulties, LANESE was asked to leave the property. [His cousin] gave LANESE $29,000 to leave the grow operation.

Back in Pittsburgh, PA, LANESE quickly spent the $29,000 and the large amount of other cash profits he made from the grow operation.

LANESE became disgruntled that he had exhausted his profits from the operation and that C.B. and L.D. were still making large amounts of money without him. LANESE blamed L.D. for his separation from the grow operation and the profits associated from it. This animus caused LANESE to develop a plan to rob the grow operation and those involved in it, including L.D., C.B., and even his own son…,another worker at the grow operation…

In an effort to case the grow operation, Brad Lanese then allegedly brought another person, a confidential source who was working with the DEA to his cousin’s grow in Humboldt County. There, the confidential source purportedly purchased approximately six pounds of marijuana and mailed it to an address in Pittsburgh where it was intercepted as evidence.

According to Deeds, Brad Lanese then proposed to the confidential informant that his cousin’s wife should be murdered and that Deeds be the one to commit the murder.

At one point the Confidential Source allegedly recorded Brad Lanese saying about his cousin’s wife, “I kid you not, every single fucking day for four years, I’ve fucking plotted how I am going to get this person back.”

Deeds told the court that

LANESE then wanted “Deeds” to wait on the side of the road and pretend that his vehicle was disabled. When L.D. stopped to help “Deeds”, LANESE then wanted “Deeds” to forcibly inject L.D. with heroin laced with fentanyl and push [her] car over a cliff to make it look like a fatal overdose. LANESE stated that once L.D. was dead, [his cousin] would invite him (LANESE) back to the grow operation. LANESE told “Deeds” that he would then be able to pay him once he was back working on the grow operation and that money would not be an issue.

Brad laneseThe DEA reportedly took evidence from the Shelter Cove property on December 7 that they believe supports their case.

Lanese faces charges that could result in 10 years in prison as well as a $250,000 fine. Today, following his Preliminary Hearing, Judge Maureen P. Kelly found probable cause exists that he had committed the offense that he was charged with. Legal proceedings will continue in the case.
Earlier Chapter: Shelter Cove Raid by Federal Officers



  • Charles Engebretson

    All for money…good god

  • Sounds like a soap opera. Or a bad TV police drama. CSI: Shelter Cove…

    • Law and Order: SHCI – SoHum Cannabis Intent

      Ice-t, make it happen dog…!

    • Warning! Warning!

      Kinda sucks that the potential victim of the hit was then busted to face up to ten years. Nice going DEA. that shmuck dragged them out here. Asshole of the year award.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        The article says nothing about the intended victim facing court time….. You may want to read the article over.

        • When you get raided by the DEA, and they are seen hauling many trash bags from your home, chances are good you will be going to court. [edit]

          • communitywatcher

            nope no court time they had fake warrants and even falsely enetered a second residence > no charges whats so ever on victim part , pittsburgh story wont even mention the raid . but the victim gets all their things back! so stop assuming things unless you know them they are the kindest helpful people ever

  • Stay classy shelter cove

    • LOL. Greatest “Resort Town” ever….

      As said above, no lack of stories for Cussler, Mosley, Hillerman, Grishan, Ludlum, etc.

      That waters deep and the undertows steep.

  • oh my God , unbelievable

  • Omg .... $$$ = bad life

    Wow that is sad …people care more about $$$ than life …wth…..

  • Hmmm! All over medicinal medicine! Wake up Humboldt! Your county went to hell in a hand basket twenty years ago. Live with it, get out, or change it. Your county has nothing to offer young people but, low paying dead end jobs, crime infested neighborhoods, out of control alcoholism and drug addiction. I blame the people at the top who have never accomplished a sustainable economy for the future generations after the mill and lumber industry collapses. The Board of Supervisors could have sought out and inticed viable industries to build their facilities in Humboldt by offering inticing contracts for buildings, government land, and local tax break incentives. What have they accomplished in the past twenty years? Other counties are thriving, families are financially stable with a good quality of life and Humboldt was left behind. Compare the medium income, cost of living, medium home price, and the property and violent crimes per capita against other California counties and you will see what I am saying. A thriving local economy that offers a real future to it’s citizens has extremely lower crime, drug and alcohol addiction. When people are thriving, they have something to lose and when they have nothing to lose; they have nothing to lose. Most people who were fortunate enough to get a higher education are under employed in Humboldt and struggling to get ahead. Humboldt must have more to offer high school graduates than trimming jobs, transporting and selling jobs if they ever want to dig themselves out of the hole they have created.

    • Come on. If you can’t separate crazy things that happen in the news from day to day from life in Humboldt (or anywhere) then you are being a drama queen. This is a great and crazy place to live. Yes it’s been a little crazier than usual here lately, but let’s not over react!

    • Sick and tired of people saying there is nothing for kids here, are you involved? That’s what it takes anywhere for a child to be successful. Yes there are drugs and violence, it’s everywhere! And believe it or not there kids being raised here that are happy to be raised in the redwood forest, kayaking the eel and loving the ocean! I have personally raised successful, drug free , amazing human beings here, and their apperciation for home has nothing to do with weed. Just saying its also choices.

    • Pittsburg used to be so nice

      Alot of words for one greedy douch bag. Nostalgia leaves out alot, it’s generally pretty deceptive. This guy Lanese would be a problem wherever he got pooped out.

    • vision quest time

      Palo Alto. There is still East Palo Alto.
      You should get out more. There are things that suck anywhere. It’s not all about Humboldt. These dream communities you speak of still have crime. You should compare per capita crime rates from other counties around the country, and State that are the same size as Humboldt, before you get too worked up.

    • Well said. Where to begin?

      Get Humboldt back on track. Speak out. Stand in the community that you love.
      We should be on the forefront, not a backwater eddy or rural ghetto of California.
      Get rid of the crime, criminals, and cartels occupying and ruining this place and our neighbors.
      Get back to leading the way that we used to: alternative concepts, schools, clinics, radio stations, energy, co-ops, and food. We used to create, and have, beauty and beautiful people here.

      Take care of your family, kids, and community. Stand up for the progressive values and decency we used to exercise.

      Fire the Board of Supervisors! Every one of them! They had a big and irresponsible hand for leading us down this miserable dead-end greedy road of nothingness.

      How far we have fallen in 30 years. When will folks wake up and change our direction? Or have we already lost the battle and come to the point of no return?

    • Only had to read the first sentence you wrote to know that the remainder was worthless.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Apparently, the marijuana business was paying pretty well according to the charges against the suspect. Not only has the marijuana industry moved tons of topsoil back upslope, it has carried the county economically for three decades, yet we get no respect, no gratitude.

      Too bad we have yet another can’t-make-it-up Tarantino script ripped from the headlines.

      Plenty of nutjobs running around who are involved in other businesses. Pay attention.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      You are hilarious! You get all that from CNN?

    • You don’t even live in Humboldt, do you M…as if county statistics tell the truth about Humboldt income..go home, m. Also, whats ‘ inticing’ mean, exactly?

    • Just my observation. If a new business or industry wants to come to this area, there is an outcry from the people to stop it. There is more time spent on keeping job producing industries OUT than bringing them in. We have two great schools to educate kids and then they go to where the jobs are, not sit here waiting for the job to come to them. This is a beautiful area to live in but it’s a retirement home for the ones who can afford it, not the ones who need to work for a living.

  • How in the heck does the DEA stumble upon this s#$t!

    • says right there the murder man mailed it . [edit] !!

    • communitywatcher

      lanese and his son were mailing it and the other friend involved was DEA. it was intercepted by his friends and he thought he was such a big shot he talked shit this is the third time that guy did stupid shit like that and he was a drug user so he couldnt see that his friend was DEA ! and then the son and cousin sent bad man there ! anyway i know the whole truth and lanese is a big loser gong crazy <

  • She has a hit taken out on her and they take her out.

  • Hahaaaaaahaaaaa😂😂😂😂😂. Mmmmkay dope is goooood. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Something similar happened on the S coast of Mendocino county quite a few years ago. A member of a prominent family was tapping some local babe and they decided the wife was an impediment so this clown gets it together to try to hire a hit man. The MCSO caught him; he did 3 or 4 years in the big house. He and his wife eventually got back together.

    Go figure….I feel well adjusted. Makes me appreciate cast iron.

  • Didnt he used to be married to hannah salter? From garberville? Harralyn who later married dwight and they lived in redway?
    Jake salters mom?

  • Brad could get 10 years and a DUI driver that killed two was recently sentenced to a year in county jail?? Does this make any since to anybody reading this?

  • Marci kitchen? Any updates?

  • Very confusing as the previous article only stated ‘Pittsburg’ no PA after it and notice no ‘H’? There is also a Pittsburg CA, no H. It was decided many years ago that anything West of the Rockies, I believe, would drop the H. It’s not noted with an H in the beginning of this story either, until the actual police report. Where it then says it’s in PA.

  • Because weed makes you healthy and happy… Krugerrands in the backyard will never make you any happier, and dope is for dopes…

    Shelter Cove, home of the broken toys…

  • Typical government employee, can’t even complete a private sector job…

  • One stupid [edit] on your crew will ruin the whole op for everybody forever.

  • And the dead beat goeeeeoooosss onnnn!

  • Greed,greed,greed!!ok so he goes to prison,how does he pay back the fine? Where does that fine money go?

  • What a fucking coward! His ass deserves to be locked up. So sick of the greedy SOBs. This behavior inhibits any motivation for quality ethical people with a consciousness to come here. For those of us who spend our lives trying to improve our communities we are evaluated by these Fuck heads. Sick of the darkness brought to my neighborhood. Fuck the growers who come here to profit at our expense. Fuck the growers who manipulate the whole cannabis movement with their putrid energy. Your a bunch of liars and hypocrites!!!

  • Lost Coast and Found

    We need a Make Humboldt Great Again! campaign but first let’s fix some more of those pot holes on the road then we can all drive a lot safer .

  • Forward, never straight!

  • Looks like a worn out george clooney

  • I like munny. Do you like munny?

    • Keep Humboldt clean!

      Anthony calleja likes Munny and he’s busy getting it out of the country with foreign workers and himself;! Shame he plans on taking the Munny and run!!!

  • I’ve seen this one around, let’s just say he should go back to Alabama and take the dog with! FAST!!!!!

  • He was a “Security Guard,” yes, Security Guard, at a Grocery store I worked at. Yes, he caught people who stole groceries and got them arrested. All while he was trying to “rob” and “murder” his cousins wife. I talked to him all the time. Hmmm.

  • The worst scum of the world resides in humboldt county. This guy should be executed, 4 years making himself sick over money he didnt even earn.
    This guy is the worst of the worst.
    What stopped him,from getting a job or starting his own show. What a loser low life scum bag!

  • Misprint ! The son never ever worked for the operation . Those words are dead wrong the son was involved with his dads plan to rob . http://Www.pittsburghman hires dea operative to murder woman .

  • Misprint ! The son never ever worked for the operation . Those words are dead wrong the son was involved with his dads plan to rob . http://Www.pittsburghman hires dea operative to murder woman .

  • Any update on this case ?

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