Eureka Suspends Search for New Corporation Yard

City of EurekaPress release from the City of Eureka:

For the past six months the City of Eureka has been reviewing potential alternatives for relocation of the city’s Corporation Yard. This was spurred by two primary interests: A proposed 20,000 square foot expansion by Costco, and their need for additional parking that could be sited at the Corp Yard, as well as the city’s long term interest in moving the Corp Yard out of the tsunami zone and need to maintain and improve the facilities within the yard. After initially considering city owned property at Kennedy Field, across from Sequoia Park Zoo, that site was removed from consideration due to community concerns. Further searches included both public and private owned property but the cost of the project, estimated on the low end at $12 million vs. $4 million from sale of the site, left $8 million to be financed from city sources including enterprise funds and increased sales tax revenues. However, given the uncertainty of a long term commitment of sales tax dollars, the city is suspending its search for relocation of the Corp Yard. The city recognizes that maintaining the Corp Yard at the current location may preclude Costco from expansion and that the Corp Yard remains vulnerable to tsunami damage.
Should outside grant funds become available for this project in the future, the city would reconsider this action. In the meantime, the city will continue to analyze potential changes within the existing Corp Yard that would improve the efficiency and resiliency of the facility.



  • Maybe focus that energy and potential funding on mending the illegal camping, panhandling, near daily violent crime, massive drug problem and above all bring back the go-karts at the mall!

  • Love it,I agree thou. I don’t consider a corp.yard a important thing,when this city,county has big up the drug problem,mental health,getting better law enforcement.on,and on,on. Monies could be for the better of Eureka!!just a thought

  • >”Monies could be for the better of Eureka!”

    I think they were going to get a ‘sizable’ chunk of $$$
    for the existing ‘corp yard’ site from Costco.

    IMHO: Probably more than moving it to another publicly owned site.

    Probably moot now.

    • it says 4 million for the sale of the property. they knew all of this going forward from the start. there is something they aren’t telling us or all of the staff that spun these wheels should be fired for incompetence.

  • mayorofmyrtletown

    LOL missed out on the blue light special sight. how bout Jacobs/ Zoe Barnum site

  • >”Jacobs/ Zoe Barnum site”

    That’s a good idea.

  • Does even one person at County government even think ‘Can we afford this?’ It reminds me of a debtor who spends all their effort on wheeling and dealing to get more useless stuff and no time on trying to pay anything off.

  • And once again I’m disgusted at NIMBYs. A small handfull of people bitch the loudest, so the entire rest of the county (and parts of trinity county – I’ve seen more than a few truckloads of costco shopping going up 36 and 299) gets to suffer.

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