Dogs Attack Rancher’s Cow

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On Sunday, two dogs running loose attacked Susie Hunt’s cow on the south end of Briceland off of Old Briceland Road. This attack has been reported to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Remember, dogs running loose frequently attack livestock and wildlife. (See below for earlier stories that we’ve run. There are many more.)

Cow injured dog attack

This image has been lightened. For the original image see below. [Original image provided by Susie Hunt]

On Sunday afternoon between 2 pm and 5pm a Neighbor heard dogs barking and a cow balling in pain. She went to the neighboring Ranch fence line and witnessed a horrific killing going on in front of her.Two dogs were latched on to the face of a cow pulling her to the ground. A brown Pit bull with white on its chest and a all-Black Mix Breed dog.

The attack had been going on for quite some time. The cow was laying on the ground in a puddle of blood while the dogs continued to attack her throat.

The witness was brave enough to run the dogs off the cow. It was turning dark and the the fog rolled in. She then set with the cow and attended her wounds till the rancher got there.

The dogs ran towards the West end of Briceland. I am the Rancher and I really care for my cows. I am asking who ever dogs these belong to to be a responsible dog owner and confine your dogs. They will never quit this abuse on other animals. They have the taste of blood. They pulled down a 1300lb cow.

I am asking the community to keep a look out for these two dangerous dogs. Next might be a neighbor’s goat or worse yet a human. I know they will be back to attack the cattle again. The baby calves are due to be born starting in the next month. No animal deserves to slowly be mauled by dogs.

Pit bulls need special care they need a secure fence to live in, in your yard. They should be kenneled while you’re gone. They should be exercised regularly on a leash. If not, they get bored and it is innocent livestock and wildlife they run down for something to do.

I know this neighbor did all she could at the time. My heart breaks at what occurred to my cow. I believe my cow will survive thanks to my neighbor.

I am asking again please be responsible dog owners. If I catch these dogs attacking my cattle they will be shot. I love dogs and this breaks my heart that dog owners can be this naïve. I don’t want to have to shoot your dogs but I will protect my animals. I am not writing this to hurt anyone’s feelings I just want the problem stopped.

If you have any tips on who’s dogs these are please call Humboldt animal control at 707-445-7251 or 707-840-9132. Susie HuntCow injured dog attack

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  • Don't kill my cows! I want to!

    “No animal deserves to slowly be mauled by dogs.”

    No. It’s so much better to skin that cow while she is still conscious after an abbreviated confined life.

    P.s. While I don’t support folks letting their dogs run around and cause mayhem and grief and in this case possible financial hardships for a farmer. The irony of that statement was too huge to ignore.

    No sentient beings deserves the violence the meat industry metes out. Pun intended.


    • What are you talking about? How do you know this rancher at all? At least he provide food and wrote a sensible letter without throwing out broad sweeps at people like you just did.

    • All my animals have a retirement plan to stay right here. Take your nastiness and self aggrandizing agenda elsewhere.
      #goaway #farfaraway

    • Besides sustaining life of both 2 legged and 4 legged mammals through it’s edible nourishment, the inedible also sustains the ways to sustain order out of chaos.
      if it weren’t for the cow, you wouldn’t be able to type on your keyboard, brush your teeth, wear your favorite work boots (a mythical object to many), ride your bicycle or take a prescription drug.
      They used to also keep the brushfires down in the western states, before most of the ranchers were regulated out of business.
      In any case, a homegrown or ranch grown livestock owner does not eat the livestock alive, nor do they torment the animals for hours while eating it alive.
      I hope those dogs are caught and kenneled quickly and that the owner makes amendments and restitution’s quickly.

    • [edit]

      Our local cattle folk are not running factory farms abd they put their animals down humanely.
      I’ve done animal rights work and comparing small free range cattle owners with factory farms is like comparing apples to gasoline.
      The victim here is exactly the type of person we shuld all be supporting if we want humanely treated meat.

      And guess what, some people keep cows as a “pet” of sorts, meaning
      they just live in the pasture.

      If you care about cows so much then go join humane farming association, humane society or peta and volunteer with them instead of accusing a local farmer. They do great work speaking for animals

      These 2 dogs are unfortunately gonna have to be put down. Letting dogs run loose is sometimes a death sentence for your dog. They will keep killing. The most dangerous thing for livestock is a pack of once domesticated dogs who are now feral. Wolves got blamed for a lot of attacks but after wildlife cameras came into use, the footage revealed dog packs. All over the country, not just here. Wolves dont leave their kill behind, they eat it.

      These packs will attack people too.
      Ive seen dogs matching that description around the 1600-1700 “block” on old briceland road near a tall metal gate.
      Be careful of them just in case.

    • Who, besides you, think she skins her livestock alive??? I have no problem with vegetarians, except for the ignorant, judgemental ones.

    • I go by mountain law. Grew up next to cattle ranchers. Shoot any dogs chasing cattle on sight. Don’t even hesitate

  • Briceland, California the town ? Briceland Rd some town ? A better statement of location would be nice.

  • My sympathies. Such attacks are awful to those of us who love their livestock. When I chased off the two dogs that had killed one of my goats and damaged two others, I had thought for a minute that I was going to pay for the attempt. One of the dogs turned and faced me for quite a bit before the other one broke and ran. The one who refused to leave then changed their mind and finally took off too. They had already killed two of my neighbor’s animals.

    The vet treatment for the surviving goats was hundreds of dollars and I spent hours on follow up care to some very traumatized animals. My vet just mentioned that he has seen dog owner’s say their dogs would never hurt anything while he was looking at the dog that had blood all over its muzzle. Rest in peace, dear sweetie. You were the kindest animal I ever knew.

    Thank you Kym. If even one person reads this and makes an effort to confine their dogs better, it may save a life and much pain.

  • “If I catch these dogs attacking my cattle they will be shot.” As much as I love dogs, I would not hesitate to shoot these dogs on sight. Do not wait for another attack. Those dogs didn’t travel far to the ranch, so it is almost certain its one of your neighbors. I would be actively looking for these dogs. The damage is done not only to the cow, but now the dogs have a taste for blood. This will happen again. If nothing is done, it might not work out so well in the end. Find these dogs and get rid of them. You’re wasting your breath asking the owners to confine their dogs.

    • I doesn’t matter if you do find them once they are off your property. The two dogs that attacked my animals were found at a neighbor’s yard with blood on them by animal control within the hour. When she accidently pulled into the wrong driveway. Nothing was done except the animal control officer talked to them. Then came to let me they said it was an accidental release and they seemed to have good fencing. It matter not a whit that I told her I had seen the dog loose several times as had neighbors.

      Animal control seems to have the philosophy they are there to save dogs, not livestock.

      • Well maybe its time some new laws are put on the books. The Cattlemens Association is large and can make change happen. If there can be proof of which animals did the attacking, that should be easy seeing how everybody has a phone with camera, then it shouldn’t matter if the dogs escaped or not. They should be put down. It is really that simple.

        • Won’t happen. There are actually laws that a dog that has killed stock can be taken in at the stock owner’s request. On the other hand, the animal control officer said she could do nothing. After I id’d the dogs, they were found covered in blood and the 3 dead animals were there to be viewed.

      • Cabin in the woods

        Shoot the dogs. Plain & simple.
        Law enforcement is absolutely worthless here.

        • It’s the owner that deserves it more than the dog. Dogs do what dogs do; it’s the owners responsibility to keep them under control.

          • Yes but if the owners of such dogs were responsible people in the first place, there would not be so many running loose. Then too, if people wanted less fierce and aggressive dogs in the first place, we’d be complaining about all those Golden Retrievers, not all those pit bulls.

            You are right about the owners but saying that does not help. The owners are not held accountable and their neighbors and the neighbor’s animals get no relief.

      • You have better self control than me. If I found the dogs that tortured and killed my animals I would have shot them dead right in front of the owner.

  • I agree, people should be more responsible for their dogs. All the things listed that should be done for a pitbull, applies to all dogs! There was a mixed breed dog involved also.
    I am so sorry this happened to your cow. I hope the owner of both dogs see this and does the right thing. Not only keeping their dogs in their yard or kenneled (no matter the breed), but also offer to pay for the cow!

  • For a long time around here the ranchers had a bounty fee they would pay for loose cattle chasing dogs. If a dog is off it’s own property it’s fair game.

  • A pitbull and a mix breed( read pitbull mix) what a surprise. Not only are picking bulls volitile useless creature. Their owners often are too.

    • I hate to go down the breed path but one of the dogs that killed my animal was a pit. The other worse- a wolf mix. But any dog can join a pack.

      I think that owning any large dog should create extra burdens on dog ownership but especially dogs with the physique to latch on with such violence. Yet the opposite seems to be true with so many of their owners. They do not seem to have respect for others at all.

      • Singling out pits vs any dogs, is a volatile useless statement. It proves your point of view, to Only be bias. Any neglected dog could have done this, pit or not, duh! If you have ever been around a well taken care if pit, you’d know the bad rap they get.

        • They were both excellently cared for dogs. They were not neglected at all. Babied if anything. As the owner told me, I needed to know that, while I had lost my pet, the goat the dogs killed, she was also losing her pets because she had had to give them to a friend. To get them beyond the reach of anyone who wanted to complain. I think on advice from animal control who warned them that my animals were beloved pets, not a cash crop, and would not be forgotten so easily. And she mentioned she was now worried for her new baby too.

          And that is a pretty good summary of the problem. She never once said she was sorry for my animal.

          Pits don’t get a bad rap. They and their owners earned their reputation. Kudos to those who own one and are responsible. But my personal experience is having been seriously threatened by dogs only three times, in a public street – two pit bulls and one schnauzer. The world is apparently full of others having had similar experiences as there are so many with the same feelings. The news makes similar reports frequently. Yet all that comes in response is dismissals. There is no reasoning with people who believe with all that their dogs are somehow the victims of prejudice that comes from nowhere instead of knowledge.

        • So true my friend

      • only dog that ever bit me was my friend’s min-pin, however pits are very strong animals and need training, exercise and secure yard

        • Man, a Min-Pin, gotta watch those bitemoares.
          How bad was it? Were you life flighted? Did it require reconstructive surgery? Drainage tubes? Blood transfusions? Amputation? No?
          Comparing a normal dog bite to a pit bite is the dumbest thing I always hear. A bite is different from a mauling. Seriously, it’s like comparing a domestic cat bite to a lion mauling.
          If that min-pin had attacked those goats or cow, there’d have been no problem. Heck, in most normal dog attacks on livestock, the livestock panic and hurt themselves.
          The only ones my horses and cattle couldn’t deal with were pits. My horses punted dogs, normal ones got the hint. Pits….one finally succumbed to its injuries and the other was shot. The gameness makes them terrifying.

  • If these were pitbulls, I guess it’s ok to mention that. But in reality most dogs will do this. Little dogs will join right in the chase and mauling. Poodles, labradors, collies, beagles….it does not matter. EVERYONE should control their dogs.
    Funny, I get grief from people BECAUSE I keep my dog confined🙄

    • Think there is a difference between breeds that matters. At one time I had a lab and a pit mix. They got through the fence and started to run the neighbors sheep. I called for them. The lab looked over and came running back. The pit mix did not and it was only chance that the sheep ran into an old hollow stump that was close enough that I could get between the sheep and the dog and grab her. While I was doing this, the lab was following me around, no longer intent on chasing the sheep, while the pit mix only gave up when I dragged her back to the fence. Bith had the same training to come when called.

      The next day the fence was hot wired on top and bottom. Which BTW is a good, inexpensive way to ensure dogs do not dig under and add extra restraint to them climbing over a fence. There are low voltage chargers designed for such purposes that cost very little.

      There are dog breeds with a low prey drive and ones with a high drive. When the high drive is bred to go with massive bite strength, that is a high risk dog.

    • I understand why people hesitate to condemn an entire breed of dog, but pitbulls are meant to do this type of thing. That is why they have jaws that lock. They were bred to grab and hold bears and bulls in bear-baiting and bull-baiting. Hence their, name, “pitbull”.

  • Leave some steaks out for the dogs.

    I doubt the owner will come forward.

  • They will be back be ready

  • Lost Coast and Found

    poor cow 🐮 I hope the owner comes forward and reimburse the rancher

  • Ya I’ve seen two labs who worked together to kill cats, they killed every single one they saw even if visiting a property, with the owner saying “no they’re fine” every time it was asked the dogs stay in the truck.
    Its not just pits.

    The rancher makes a great point that bored dogs tend to get into trouble. I very much appreciate the ranchers words.

    Get your dog a Kong or other toy you can put treats in and they have to figure out how to get to treat. It uses their minds (most dogs want a job) & mimics getting the marrow out of a bone.

    • This reminds of the joke I heard recently. It was an exchange between a grocery clerk and a pit bull owner:

      Clerk- Merry Christmas
      Pit own- pit bulls are loving, family dogs.
      Clerk- Ah, ok. Paper or plastic?
      Pit own- want to see the picture of my pit cuddling with my 2 yr old daughter?
      Clerk- Can’t now sir. Want help out?
      Pit own- people are so ridiculous about harmless pit bulls.
      Clerk- thank you for shopping with us.
      Pit own- pit bulls are great dogs.

    • And people think we’re cruel to not let our cats outdoors. They’ve got plenty of windows (with bird bath and seed out side to attract the birds for the cats to watch), plenty of toys, plenty of soft warm places to snooze and 2 people to pet them whenever they want.


      When I saw this incident covered on KIEM TV3, it was totally from the perspective of the dogs being victims of animal abuse. And that law enforcement was looking for the perpetrator.

      There was a subsequent piece that must have been in response to calls from people pointing out that there very well was likely another side to this. But in the end, someone was interviewed saying that letting her two pitbulls run loose was the reason for living in the country in the first place. Against such stupidity there is no reasoning.

  • Im sorry but that’s just mean to say someone would skin their cow while conscious.

    Our local cattle folk are not running factory farms abd they put their animals down humanely.
    I’ve done animal rights work and comparing small free range cattle owners with factory farms is like comparing apples to gasoline.
    The victim here is exactly the type of person we shuld all be supporting if we want humanely treated meat.

    And guess what, some people keep cows as a “pet” of sorts, meaning
    they just live in the pasture.

    If you care about cows so much then go join humane farming association, humane society or peta and volunteer with them instead of accusing a local farmer. They do great work speaking for animals

    These 2 dogs are unfortunately gonna have to be put down. Letting dogs run loose is sometimes a death sentence for your dog. They will keep killing. The most dangerous thing for livestock is a pack of once domesticated dogs who are now feral. Wolves got blamed for a lot of attacks but after wildlife cameras came into use, the footage revealed dog packs. All over the country, not just here. Wolves dont leave their kill behind, they eat it.

    These packs will attack people too.
    Ive seen dogs matching that description around the 1600-1700 “block” on old briceland road near a tall metal gate.
    Be careful of them just in case.

  • Have to say it. The cow was bawling in pain, not balling. If she was balling, she was … well, doing something else and probably enjoying it. Poor cow. Anyone who lives in a rural area and has any sense of responsibility keeps their dogs under control. It’s like closing a gate – you just DO it.

  • Dog owners are fully responsible for their dog’s actions and monetary damage. This web site has now publically stated the dogs will be “SHOT ON SIGHT if they return to the scene/property of the crime . Yes the dogs fully know what they’re doing and have probably dropped a few deer in their folly as well. So, stand warned jerk owners of these dogs. You will find your dogs hanging on the fence like coyotes, and don’t come whinning-oh boo hoo after it happens.
    [edit] Chain’em or lose’m-no more warnings.

    • I would never go that far in a million years. I would like animal control to respond to loose dogs, the media to stop treating every dog as if it was a combination of a saint, Lassy and Scooby-doo rolled into one rather than a problem when loose and dog owners made to face up to their own behavior.

      As it is, a mother I met recently had made a wise choice, knowing that her neighbor is never going to stop his dog from running loose constantly, and animal control was never going to do anything about it, so she set out to have her kids make friends with the dog was puppy in the hopes it would not attack her kids at their own home when it grows up. And there is a dose of what county government is like these days.

      • Animal control will just refer the rancher to the agricultural officer at the sheriffs department, who will restate the law. Which is its 100% legal to kill animals/dogs threatening the health and safety of livestock.

        This rancher is already be nice by giving a warning, in fact its not uncommon for bird shot (to scare them off) to be used in such situations as farmers know just as well as anyone what it means to loose a family pet/beloved dog. But he has no legal obligation to do so, and whoever the responsible party is for the dogs, has no legal means of retaliation under the law. In fact if they threatened legal action after the fact its likely they would be facing a number of large fines.

      • Dang, us media, always reporting only good things about dogs….

        • Is there anyone reporting on this sort of thing besides you? Which is true for other things beside dog attacks. Which is why I rely on your service.

          But you can’t tell me that 99% of dog related news isn’t either fluff or tear jerking fund raising or adoption stories.

          • No one likes to be tarred with the same brush. I’m media.

            (Also, I’m constantly frustrated by people making vast pronouncements about how the media never reports on [Fill in the blank] while citing a story in the media so you caught a bit of my frustration. The other day I was listening to KHSU during the funddrive and an otherwise very nice woman said, after listening to NPR’s reporters talk about a story in the New York Times that she listens to NPR because it carries stories that other mainstream media doesn’t. I’m still clutching my head over that one.)

  • the dogs will be removed one way or another at this ranch

  • Here we go singling out the pit again. Any type of dog could do this. Funny how there where two dogs involved but yet the pit gets called out. For a fact not all pits are this way. Its on how they are raised any dog for that matter could of done this let’s stop picking on just the pit breed of dog and justify it’s all breeds or should I say the owners fault not the dogs.

    • No, we will keep picking out the pit, seeing as almost every time this happens they are involved. Make excuses, my dog is sensitive, it was raised right, it’s great with my kids, you just don’t understand the breed. The fact of the matter is everyone that is not a pit owner has stopped caring. This may sound cruel but if you see a loose pit anywhere near ag ground the rule of thumb is to put it down and the owner says the same predictable thing every time, “my dog would never.” Are all pits bad? Probably not. Is there something about that breed that attracts irresponsible owners? Obviously.

    • Yeah jack but it’s mostly pits that cause the problem. I could tell stories but I’ll just say this; it’s partly the pit bull’s natural instinct, partly that people who own pit bulls own them because they seem like a tough dog (and those kinds of people are usually idiots).. so yes it’s mostly the owners fault. But please stop breeding your pit bulls people

  • It’s not the dog breed, it’s the dog owners. I have seen many small dogs with Napoleon complexes attack and kill small live stalk. Just like foxes do. Chicken and rabbit coops being raided, cat/kittens, even one case where the Chihuahua killed the tweety bird! It’s all how you raise them. I live in the country, and I see pits and GSD that run the hills, and they come visit me and my animals just fine. Loving and sweet, owners that feed them well, love them, bring them in the house at night. However, there is a pack of aggressive mutts, that have attacked horses, goats, and my dogs (in my yard), and pedestrians; that has an owner who thinks feeding raw meat and gun powder is okay, and no police force will touch him, because he has a bag of alpo on his porch!! No proof. No video.

    I’m sorry to read about the cow. I hope she recovers fast. Even though she is a bit battered, she looks adorable.

    • The other side of the cow’s face had a big bloody chunk bitten out of it. The rancher chose to put up a picture that was less shocking in order to avoid being criticized for upsetting the viewers. I think it’s a shame that she had to scale down the presentation. Maybe if people saw the real carnage they would do more to help solve the problem.

      • I don’t think they would. Many people know dogs as companions but they don’t know cows, goats, sheep, etc . I remember someone telling me a story that people were up in arms over the idea of eliminating wolves preying on cattle herds near Yellowstone until someone videoed the wolf pack tearing apart some guard dogs. Then it was popular to eliminate the wolves.

        Too much distance from farm life and too many wildlife videos of hunting lions I guess.

      • Oh I am sorry, I didn’t know her injuries were so horrible! Will she make it? My uncle had a bull that was my best friend growing up. He was the perfect Ferdinand. I loved that bull. I know how humans can get attached to any animal. I am truly sorry your cow had to go through this. Any dog that is aggressive, regardless of breed or size should be put down. I would shoot the dogs that hurt my dogs, but it’s against tribal policy to discharge a firearm on the valley floor.

  • Shoot the dogs…won’t be able to retrain their behavior. Makes me disgusted because I have owned dogs for 30 years and am a responsible pet owner. If my dog disappeared, I would know and start searching. Ranchers have the right to kill on site. I wouldn’t hesitate…

  • Kill those dogs on sight. The only good livestock killing dog is a dead livestock killing dog.

  • I live on Old Briceland Road. Those dogs fit the description of the ones we caught killing one of our sheep. There were 3 dogs. Only 2 dogs left the property. That was less than a week ago.


  • It doesn’t matter if it is on the cow, merely stalking anybodie’s herd is grounds for disposal. If it is in incorporated or non pet owners should be responsible pet owners
    or you could face damages above and beyond for intruding in one’s livelihood . Look up the statues this person at least had the compassion for the dog’s sakes as well as the owner. Most ranchers would simply drop on site anything on their land that appears a threat!

  • All Pit Bulls need to die, they attack everything when given the opportunity, they are naturally wired for “PIT “fighting . gee hence the name PIT Bull. Common sense here folks. No doubt the bleeding hearts will say how cruel not all pits are bad, Bulls—-[edit] I shoot every pit I can git, as long as it is worrying livestock, or running loose chasing the poor deer, and other wildlife. [edit]

    • This is so untrue, I have a pit bull breed of dog. He was raised with livestock trained to not go after them. He listens well, he doesn’t do anything to put them in danger AND he is my daughters best fucking friend he hasn’t once tried hurting her and he will be 3 in a few months. On the other hand my uncles LAB has gone after my daughter multiple times. Lab as in number one family dog people so often recommend as a pet.

      • Let’s phrase this better. One lab acts badly and that writes off the 100s of incidents involving pit bulls? Or one pit bull has not hurt anyone so every pit is just fine? Even if correct, this can not stand as cancelling out the sheer numbers of serious injuries and deaths caused by pit bulls.

  • your honor-the verdict is in. We the jury find the DOGS guilty of all damages and charges and are now sentenced to DEATH ON SIGHT.

    Now let’s get on with our lives and go to the mext blog’s topic. Thank you.

  • Obviously we need to ban all-black mixed breed dogs!

    I haven’t noticed pits being any more violent than other breeds. Most are silly huggable sweeties. The problem is a self-fulfilling prophecy – idiot owners want a dangerous dog, they hear pits can be dangerous, so they get a pit and abuse it until it’s dangerous, then others hear about the dangerous pit, etc etc. The best way to deal with the pit problem would be to ban growers, tweekers, and parasites…

    • It might reduce it but not fix it. Many of the people who have been killed by pit bulls are in cities where no growing goes on.

      And I have noticed that pit bulls are both more aggressive than many other breeds and have the jaws to do the worst. And, frankly, owners who know this because they sought out the breed for that purpose, honor the breed for its fierce loyalty yet can’t acknowledge that the other side of that coin is to have a dog that needs exceptional control.

      • I was in my yard standing next to a neighbor and his pit bull. The speed and ferocity of what the pit did next to a deer was SHOCKING.

        My other neighbor was walking past a pit that she had known for years. Went past the pit several times and then the attack bit her upper lip OFF.

  • when the fiirst hippie pot growers came to humboldt their undisciplined dogs put the sheep ranchers out of business. now the vast number of antisocial misfits that have followed them to humboldt with their pit bulls and other attack dogs in tow have further ruined this place. [edit]

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