[UPDATE 7:46 p.m.] One Person Being Extricated From an Accident Near Miranda

[Photo by Kym Kemp]

One person is trapped and the Miranda Fire Department is attempting to extricate them after a white pickup truck went off Highway 101 onto the Maple Hills Road area across from Miranda a little after 4 p.m.

UPDATE 5:58 p.m.: The pickup, a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Power Wagon, went through the guardrail and struck a tree crushing its front end.

The occupant was taken by ambulance to Miranda High School where a Reach helicopter waited to transport the patient to an out of the area hospital.

Closeup of the crushed truck.

Closeup of the crushed truck. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

According to Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman, Salmon Creek Fire, CAL FIRE, Garberville Fire (for JAWS), a Reach Air Ambulance the California Highway Patrol and City Ambulance were all there. [Note: Miranda Fire was there, too, as confirmed by people on the scene.]
Photos from Miranda High School by Lonnie Whitlow.

UPDATE 6:14 p.m.:

Salmon Creek Fire and the ambulance crew help make sure the patient gets aboard the helicopter.

Salmon Creek Fire and the ambulance crew help make sure the patient gets aboard the helicopter. [Photo by Robert LeClair]

UPDATE 7:46 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports this a major injury accident.



  • I hear a chopper comin in towards the high school, praying it isn’t for a seriously injured occupant of this accident.

  • I’m glad he’s still alive to be helicoptered out. It looked pretty awful.

  • Chopper just flew over heading out with patient, in my thoughts and prayers.

  • There was 2 units from Miranda fire at scene.

  • Will you keep us update please kym?

  • He has a serious brain injury..there not sure if he’ll make it through the night..hes a strong person and I know he can make it..please everyone pray for him and his familly..

  • #presistentlyprayinginmiranda

    When I hear that helicopter come in I start praying immediately. I know someone and their family and friends need those prayers for they are probably going threw their worst experience in life. So very thankful for the emergency grew but double thankful for Miranda fire department! You make a community feel safe. I hope my prayers are answered? I hope they are o.k.?

  • Going a bit fast are we? Wtf guy slow the f#%@ down!

    • I don’t recall the article saying that he was speeding..we have no idea what occured to cause him to wreck.this young man is near and dear to my heart and I am praying for him and his family..I know they have already dealt with enough tragedy in their lives without adding this 2 weeks before Christmas..try to have a little compassion for them and refrain from ride or negative comments..yours is the only negative one..

  • Our local VFDs are incredibly valuable!
    BIG THANKS to all those VOLUNTEERS who help protect people and our communities!!

  • Expired license plate? 2017 tag but possibly old and not renewed. Therefore, driver may not have had a valid license or insurance. So Mara-you think no speeding? You don’t go “thru” a guardrail unless you are speeding. The rails take a beating and bend and bounce you back, but aren’t capable of stopping a speeding vehicle weighing 8000 lbs. The accident’s cause could have been have anything imaginable, but the result by his actions is the crash and his possible death. No one wants anyone to die especially in December with Xmas so close. However, this person is the responsible cause of what happened and we can’t protect everyone always 24/7. We all can pray for his survival and recovery. For those reading this sight, you too need to slow down ,and pass on the same slow down attitude to your loved ones.

  • Wtf does an expired license or plate have to do with speeding.
    Plus I’ve seen 4 door sedans go through a guardrail, they’re not that strong in many spots.

  • this is the same joker that t-boned me on redwood drive in 2012. he told the highway patrol i must have wanted him to pass on the left since i had my left turn blinker on. You know across a double yellow. stupid! And he was drunk then too.

  • So the answer to :(- no new license means he had outstanding arrests(?) like drunk driving priors, driving on a suspended license, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE which you need to reregister your truck.
    So my point may be out there, but anonomous’ comment confirms my theory. He has a past bad driving history and my idea of the license plate as a clue was close.

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