[UPDATE 2:34 p.m.: Whiskey Is With Family!] Dog Missing After Accident Blocks H Street in Eureka

small brown dogA small brown dog is missing after a white Toyota Camry apparently struck a white Highlander at the intersection of 6th and H Streets in Eureka about 1:25 p.m. According to what witnesses told our reporter, Mark McKenna, the Toyota Camry was headed south on H Street and the Highlander was traveling west on 6th when the Camry ran the red light and hit the Highlander.Highlander accident

Two people were transported by ambulance. Eureka Police are evaluating the driver of the Toyota Camry.

If you have any information about the dog, please contact Eureka Police at (707) 441-4060.

Video by Mark McKenna

UPDATE 2:34 p.m.: Humboldt Lost and Found Pets is reporting that Whiskey, the little dog, has been reunited with family.



  • Poor pup. I hope he’s found soon.

  • Dog was found safe!!! Thanks for everyone’s help he is home now

  • tired of all this

    If the poor doggie was in the Camry that ran the light, it probably went looking for a better driver….

  • Good about the update.

  • You know it was really gross to see everybody running up to the accident like 3 seconds after it happened with their phones out recording, And for the two “ladies” in a grey mini van at wells fargo, i heard your comments and i think you are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves !

  • I am the father of one the passengers in the roll over vehicle. 1st Thank you to all the first responders those that are professional and those civilians who assisted my son and his friend and their family. Also all those that looked for whiskey, he ran the 3 miles to the closet place he knew grandmas! My son and family appreciate the lighting fast response to those that went looking for him. There was several reports and sightings, all leading to helping alleviate my sons stress. Last Kym thank you for the resources you help provide your reporter was an awesome gentleman in assisting my family getting the info out, while we were working on the humans.

  • I’m so very happy they found their fur-baby and no one was hurt to bad.

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