Suspect in Domestic Violence Incident Found Dead

Kason CrutchfieldAccording to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, they “located Kason Crutchfield deceased this afternoon near the 100 block of Mountain View Lane in Willow Creek.”

The 27-year-old was involved in a domestic dispute on Dec. 7 following a domestic dispute on Mountain View Ln. in Willow Creek. When deputies arrived on the scene, a gunshot was then reported to have been heard coming from inside. Crutchfield fled the residence out of a back door. 

The Sheriff’s Office, the Arcata Police Department K9 unit, and a CHP helicopter sought Crutchfield without success.

Later that day, the Sheriff’s Department announced that they believed he may have been injured.

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  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Very sad. What a way to die. My thoughts and prayers to family and friends. I knew Kason when he was a teen. Friendly but didn’t seem to want to move in another direction. Blessings

  • This story makes no sense what so ever.

  • My condolences to his family 🕊

  • unbridled phillistine

    So when he fled the house he had a gun shot wound? Maybe self inflicted? Ran out behind home and succumbed to his injuries? Domestic violence is a big deal I guess, Big trouble lose your gun rights for 10 years.Not worth dying over. The sun will come out tomorrow , They can kill you but they cannot eat you. Sad how somebody can think its the end of the world.

  • Sounds like someone is not being truthful about who fired the shot. He might have been running for his life and succumbed from his injuries. So sorry for the loss to his family.

  • What killed him?

  • Sincere condolences to Kason’s family and dear friends. Hope his death is investigated. Far too many rumors going about regarding the shooting and many folks are grief stricken over the outcome of the loss of such a young man. May his family get all the support they need at this time.

  • He was the only person in the house when the shot went off. Witnesses and security cameras verify that. He is seem fleeing WITH the shotgun and injury.

  • If he was alone in the house why is this being described as a “domestic violence incident”?
    A lot of conflicting info around this one. Hoping some better information will come out.
    This is sad and confusing for Willow Creek, which is NOT in So. Hum, btw…

  • So,I just want to say that this was my daughters ex-boyfriend . They were together for 3yrs. even lived with us for a 1 1/2 before him and my daughter went there ways because of various reasons . He was a troubled guy that was lostand just couldn’t get it together. He had a lot of potential. This is what drugs will do to you. As much as I’m glad they split I do not wish he was dead. He has a family who loves him dearly. They are the ones left behind that now have to deal with the loss. My heart goes out to them. People need to take that into consideration before making terrible comments .

    • They were not together for 3 years nor did he live with you for a year and a half. Your numbers are way off and your daughter is crazy. Yes, he had some problems and yes drugs were a factor sometimes but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is foul play involved here and believe it when I say the truth will come out and justice will prevail. I spoke with him many times regarding your daughter and I know that there are always 2 sides and 2 at fault but that’s just it. There were 2. I also know she was known for causing a lot of violent drama in their relationship. I personally will make sure his untimely death is investigated to the fullest and that the truth about what happened will come out.

      • Your mixing up girlfriends. Jenni is Shawna’s mom and We all love Shawna. Carla was the most recent girlfriend.

        • Stop using names. You are violating everyone’s privacy. Someone has passed and everyone is grieving.

        • Kason loved his current girlfriend. She was his everything. No one seems to acknowledge kasons love for her. He told me in jail that he loved her with all his being. He’d yell and scream but then realize that she was the only person who was there for him. Have respect for the person he chose to love. He would call her a million times a day.

      • There was no fouls play. It was a self inflicted gunshot wound. Get it straight and stop blaming everyone but him. He was at fault. There was a Protection order.

        • Yes there was a protective order that was violated by BOTH of them. I guess they thought they were invisible while running around at the casino the day before the incident. It takes two to tango not just one!

      • And the investigation said your brother about himself. Stop blaming others. His family is at fault for not getting him help. He was violent in his youth

        • Shame on you for putting the blame on his family. That is not right and your words are not correct.

          • Kason was incredibly violent in his youth. If your family doesn’t try to curve that behavior, you might end up a 2 time convicted felon alone in the woods with a handgun and only 1 way out.

  • She is not to blame. You people act like you know the truth and you don’t. Too bad that you can’t see he was violent and had a severe drug problem

  • She has the right to live her life. Wasn’t he in jail all year? How immature to even post your comment. It’s totally unnecessary

  • William Crutchfield

    I really believe that everyone should keep their mouths shut! Or keyboards for that matter. We all have issues and some are worse than others but for some reason everyone thinks theirs are less than others. Nobody knows Kason or his issues better than I do!! We grew up together and were very close. Nobody knows the help we got him when he was a kid, teenager or even an adult! And since people act like they know it all, if you need to blame someone than you can blame me!!!!! I’ll take that blame because I know your talking out of your ass!!!! We worked hard for that kid and nobody gives a shit about your opinion. Also, nobody knows how we are feeling right now. Everyone is so quick to judge!! Damn people, where’s your heart??? If something of these circumstances happened to your family, I would never say rude disrespectful things to any of you! Quit judging and making assumptions that you have no clue about. If you have something to talk about than you can message me!! I’m letting my real name known unlike all the keyboard warriors out there!

    • I think the point was that the family is placing blame on the girlfriend. He had a long history of violence. Doesn’t make him a bad person it just helps explain the situation. He chose her and chose to stay with her after the first and second dv cases. And she chose to stay. There was a lot of love there but sometimes people don’t know how to handle that love. I know both of them and spent time with them. They loved each other but kasons temper was the catalyst for their dark times. She wandered while he was in jail and that sent him over the edge. We all saw it coming after his sister told him about it. He started to unravel. All he wanted was her and a life with her. I believe she wanted that too. It’s a tragic ending but no one is to blame. Their love will live forever.

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