Blanket Wearing Bandit Robs Fortuna Shell on Main

A robber possibly armed with a handgun held up the Shell Gas Station in the 400 block of Main Street in Fortuna at approximately 6:53 p.m. Reportedly, the bandit was using a black and brown checkered blanket to cover his face.

Law enforcement is looking for a suspect.



  • He was just in Safeway 30mins ago

  • Fortuna turning into a mini-Eureka

  • The dude that walks around wraped in a blanket? With a dog? Sad. I talked to his daughter once, beautiful young lady. She said her dad’s schizophrenic, won’t take his meds. A gun? Bummer. He has been known to attack people at mcdonalds, and openly use drugs. So what is the answer? I don’t know. Does anyone? Really…anyone…

    • Lethal injection

    • Well, it is Eureka courthouse…. so I’d say about 6 months unsupervised probation should do the trick.

    • It’s not him…

    • mayorofmyrtletown

      if that’s the case it is indeed sad that society can’t care for the mentally ill.

      • What is really unfortunate

        The mentally ill have rights to their freedom. And several advocacy groups to ensure they get access to the courts. You can not confine the mentally simply because they make you uncomfortable by their behavior and you can not medicate involuntarily without confining them.

        Good luck with vague statements about society’s responsibilities. Either society toughens up about the extent of the rights of the mentally ill to choose their own paths or it toughens up about living with them as they choose to live.

      • Actually, society can provide for the mentally ill. We had systems in place, called mental institutions, since the ’20’s. But the rich decided that they couldn’t afford to pay for these places, when in all actuality, they were paid for by regular taxpayers like you and I. The Reagan years in California were when all the mental institutions were shut down and all these people were kicked out on the streets, just another dubious benefit of short-range conservative thinking. Trickle down economics working for the rich.

        • It was Brown, not Reagan

          “The LPS Act refers to Sections 5150, 5151 and 5152 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. It is a California law governing govern the involuntary civil commitment of individuals who – due to mental illness – pose a danger to self, a danger to others, or who are gravely disabled and require inpatient psychiatric care. It was named for its co-authors — Assemblymember Frank Lanterman and Sens. Nicholas C. Petris and Alan Short. The intent of the LPS Act was to end inappropriate lifetime commitment of people with mental illness and firmly establish the right to due process in the commitment process while significantly reducing state institutional expense.” (Petris and Short were very liberal Democrats)

          That law gave mentally ill patients the right to challenge involuntary commitments. And within a couple years, the psychiatric hospitals in California were virtually emptied out. Reagan did sign the law but all the work to create it was done by Pat Brown (Democrat governor) who had left office just before it went to the new governor.

          Too bad Trump wasn’t around to cry “Fake News!” when the liberal urban legend got started that it was all Reagan’s fault. As is so frequently true, liberals just can’t believe that their good intentions but bad work result in social catastrophe so they talk themselves into believing that their failure was all some diabolical Republican plot.

          • Excellent response to the conservative basher. How soon they forget the truth and hope everyone else doesn’t remember!

        • Right and when the prison system exploded with them

    • If he’s a menace to the public , then off to prison he goes. The government will house, clothe and feed him with the tax payers money. I tend to agree with “working man” Or send him to Siberia with a one way ticket. Trump could make that happen, he’s tight with the Rus[edit].

    • I know who your talking about,the guy with the dog. He may be odd to some,being homeless, but all I have observed of him is that he is harmless.and always willing to share his food , or anything else he has. If anything, folks take advantage of him in this way.Dont know his story,but has always treated people with dignity and respect as far as I,ve ever noticed. Doubt seriously he has the “chops” to be this brazen.

  • Ahhhhman….that’s Linus’ step brother Chess…ter he runs that lucky blanket…hell he will be out by 9 running again.

  • A fact many don’t know, google it. Trump, behind closed doors, no media, overturned obama’s protection he put in place, that people unstable, with a payee, anyone, can buy a gun. NRA MONEY AT WORK. So a person mentaly unfit to handle their money, ssi, disability, etc., can buy a riffle, shotgun, no background check. I shit you not. I work with disabled folks, and the thought of them able to buy a gun is terrifying. Truly terriffying. The shooter in colorado had a payee. Google it! I’m sure this dude probably just ran accross a gun. Hand guns have more checks. Riffles, shotguns? Not at all. Sleep well, trump supporters. We need sensible gun control. No one needs a AR15. Ever. Check it out kym.😘🎄

    • We already have too much sensible gun control, and non-sensible gun control. The AR-15 is functionally no different than rifles made before WW ll. It is the most popular target rifle in America. Women like them because they are fun to shoot, accurate, and have low recoil. In California , Background checks and a waiting period are required for all firearm purchases, including rifles and shotguns. No one wants the mentally unstable, criminals or drug addicts to access firearms. On the other hand, is it fair to discriminate against someone on SSI or has a disability to be able to protect themselves, especially if they live alone? Society agrees on keeping firearms out of the hands of children and people that would use them to harm other people. We live in a remote area, and unlike in cities, a response from law enforcement can be a long time coming. To add insult to common sense, California has increased the threshold of chargeable property crime, released a large portion of State Dept. Of Correction inmates, and finally, eliminated the mandatory 10 year enhancement for using a firearm in the commision of a crime. Seems the progressives in state government care more about protecting criminals than the citizens that pay the taxes.

      • Come do my job [edit]!!! Give them a gun. I work with these people every fucking day. I duck chairs, punches, etc. [edit] Google crestwood in eureka, they are certifible nuts. They can buy guns. Remember the chick that took a hammer to a walgreens employee? Escaped from crestwood.

        • What is really unfortunate

          First Trump signed a bill passed by Congress. He didn’t just make it up as Obama did by not seeking Congressional approval for his regulation anyway. He just ordered Social Security provide the diagnosis codes to the national data base. Obama’s rule was opposed by disability right’s groups and civil libertarians beside gun right’s advocates. He should have worked with Congress instead of taking unilateral action in the first place. Then whatever the final rule was would have stood.

          And all that is involved is whether Social Security provides what is legally confidential information. The rule would have probably fallen at its first legal challenge anyway.

        • Used to work at Open Door Clinic when it was next to Crestwood, I personally commend you for working there. I worry that ANYONE THERE IS ABLE TO GET GUNS. So many mental homeless, so sad no where for these people after Reagen! Thank you sharon, for going to work there.


            “The original policy changes were backed by scores of national professional and philanthropic organizations and several hundred people prominent in medicine, academia and politics. The belief then was widespread that the same scientific researchers who had conjured up antibiotics and vaccines during the outburst of medical discovery in the 50’s and 60’s had also developed penicillins to cure psychoses and thus revolutionize the treatment of the mentally ill.

            Extravagant claims were made for the benefits of shifting from state hospitals to community clinics,” Dr. Smith said. ”The professional community made mistakes and was overly optimistic, but the political community wanted to save money.””

            The liberal national psychosis that Reagan was responsible ignores it was academics pushing for releasing people from hospitals in the first place. “Deinstitutionization” became the goal of social engineers. Then the court cases regarding involutary commitment and enforced treatment basically opened the doors for all but the worst mentally ill patients. Reagan was just one in a long line of both political parties reducing mental health institutionalization. Not the first and not the last. Not the largest.

        • Dear Sharon, If these people are certifiable nuts, as you claim, and I have no reason to doubt you, then they are prohibited from possessing, or purchasing any firearm in California, or in the nation. The problem in the past, patients rights trumped (no pun intended) public safety. That changed in California, in 2016, when the legislature passed a requirement to report all your “certifiable nuts” to the DOJ, to be added to the federal prohibition list. If your patients are buying guns, than somebody is not doing their job, and you would be doing us all a favor, by reporting this to the Humboldt County Grand Jury, and to the Department of Justice. I am sure Trump would thank you as well.

          Thank you for opening this conversation on gun control, which I am still not sure how it related to this story. You never the less sparked some intelligent discussion on the matter.
          I also thank you for your dedication to work in such a depressing and stressful place. You provide a valuable service that many are not capable of handling.

          I also thank Kym for her dedication and hard work for providing the forum that keeps us all apprised of the pulse of our community, and the contributors that provide many thoughtful and intelligent comments. Well done!

        • maybe you need a new job, Sharon..?

    • You can’t even spell rifle 🤣🤣

    • Nobody needs cars either and they kill way more people that AR15s every will. Maybe we should outlaw them and go back to riding horses. Or people could pull their heads out of their asses and get off Facebook for 15 minutes while they drive around town. It is not the products that are the problem it is a people problem. I feel sorry for all your folks who worry so much about gun violence when there are probably a 100 more dangerous things in your life that you are completely oblivious to.

      • Could not have said it better myself.

      • Actuall, with death rates from cars continuing to drop & death rates from firearms continuing to rise….I believe they are now about par….you are blowing smoke.

        • Engineering , duh.

          Oh I luv facts!! Some ppl think u die in EVERY CAR COLLUSION. So fuckn dumb.

          • If we are so fckn dumb would you please inform us what a car collusion is? Is it where a Honda and a Toyota get tother and conspire against their American made counterpart mr ford?

        • No you happen to be wrong, they have been declining firearm deaths since 1990, with most deaths do to sucides of males over 60 years old. Research just a bit please. Pew has alot of research.

    • Your fear and hatred is tainting facts. For instance, gun deaths have fallen steadly since 93. With gun related crime also falling. Most gun deaths or the largest share is from sucide, with the largest group being males over 60 years old coming in at around 47 percent. The fact that police shootings are also counted in the over all gun death count is also disturbing as it tilts people to think that reducing gun ownership would also reduce those numbers.
      The purpose of the rights for Americians to keep and own guns , isnt for hunting or even personal defence, but to defend from an over reaching goverment. All laws restricting type of firearm ownership or limiting them are in fact against the law , the same law merely differant section that grants you the right to express yourself or say what you want.
      Personally , religon or ones beliefs that others should conform to anothers views of how they should live, think, pray, eat, spend their money, find happiness, enjoy pleasure , or whom they should sleep with is a over all larger contribuiting factor as to the voliance we see in the world today and infact through out history.
      Did you realise that the weapon that is most often used to commit crime and causes more deaths and hospitialations each year is in fact knifes ? Maybe we should demand background checks on those ? Restrict people convicted of dv from owning or having a job where they might come in contact with one, and of course create a data base for background checks with a 15 dollar fee for every knife sold. Oh yeah and a 10 day waiting period to boot. While you are at it demand knife safes are required and all knifes be locked up unless being used, i mean kids often get a hold of knifes and end up hurting themselves . If it saves one child we have to do it right ? Gfto with all this gun fear crap. Seriously, go through life and enjoy it, treat others right , the same way you want them to treat you and , you wont get your ticket punched before your number is up. Pretty simple.

      • I was intrigued by the gun deaths falling stat that you cited. And you are right to a certain extent. There are some important caveats though.

        “Gun HOMICIDES “declined precipitously over six years in the 1990s, then have remained basically stagnant for the past decade or so.

        Why is this important? Because the decline, to a large degree, has to do with a specific reason — the end of the crack epidemic.

        The decline in gun homicides in the 1990s “was largely a reversal of an upward trend that occurred in the mid-to-late 1980s,” said James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University. “There would not have been much of a downturn were it not for the surge. This up-and-down change was primarily in cities and among offenders under age 25, and indeed have much to do with crack markets and gang activity.””

        On the other hand, suicides account for by far the largest number of gun deaths.
        “In terms of both raw numbers and population rates, gun suicides have been on the rise in recent years, even as gun homicides have fallen. In 2010, the gun suicide rate was 6.3 per 100,000 people, compared with 3.6 per 100,000 for gun homicides.”

        • Check out the research of gun deaths decline from the 70’s to the banning of lead in gasoline and paints, it was the fall of Rome. Then extrapolate that to different gun death populations and removal of lead from those populations and you might find a correlation to gun violence and lower test scores of students today. You will find the highest lead is in minority populations with the highest crime, violence and economic stagnation. Stockton blows Flint away.

          BTW, there are 2 Chuck’s here. I don’t agree with the other or the delivery. I am going to separate myself with a U.

      • Spot on. Defend the country from foreign invaders. It wasn’t that long ago.

        “In response to “Armed civilians no match for armies” (Letters, June 7). In 1963 there was a meeting of the surviving officers of the United States Navy and the Japanese air force that bombed Pearl Harber on Dec. 7, 1941, destroying America’s 6th Fleet. One U.S. Navy officer asked the top surviving Japanese officer why did Japan not attack the United States mainland.

        The Japanese officer replied they knew America had government-sponsored rifle matches and local municipalities also sponsored rifle, shotgun and pistol matches and Americans were privately and personally armed. They were not going to attack an armed and and trained civilian population that kept these arms in their homes. There would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”

    • [edit]..the second amendment don’t say right to bear arms less then your opponent….all military in the world carry more than a ar15 ..if they come here I don’t care if my 6 year old has a fucking rocket launcher..

    • what a dipshit

  • Gun controls won’t stop criminals from obtaining guns.


      Right. Just like outlawing Carbofuran didn’t stop it from contaminating the 100’s of creeks in the story before this one

    • Your right. But it would stop people that back in the day would be institutionalized from buying a gun. I work with these folks every day.

      • I would like to see these facts ? I know of veterans who had their gun rights revoked because they claimed ptsd, yet they were of no harm to others only themselves, and they went seeking help. Many veterans can not relax unless they are armed , and it is safer for all of they are.
        Under the same rules they lost control of their personal finances as well, merely for reaching out for help. Those rules and the way they were enforced in ways that were not intended , caused many of my friends to not seek the help they needed, as they were unwilling to give up the freedoms they fought for. Saddly we still have vets way to many 22 each day killing themselves , because of how all mental illness is stigmatised and how unfair laws regiarding people with mental illness are enforced at times. It is fear mongering like this , claiming all mental illnesses are the same that increases this problem and isnt helping in reducing the stigma to a level where people are not unfairly judged . I find it no less ofending then people claiming gay people are more likely to be child molestors, which has also been proven wrong so many times , yet the past and current fear mongering while it has lessened the effects are still being seen and felt today.
        You might work with mentally ill people but from what you have been posting you truely do not have a clear understanding of mental illnesses. In fact one could say your unrational fear of firearms is a mental illness .

        • All legal cannabis patients have no gun rights. I don’t know about the new rules for growers.

          • You are correct! Anyone that admits to consuming cannabis or has, in the past, cannot legally purchase or possess a firearm in California. I suppose if you just grow it, but never sampled your product,( if that is even possible) you would be fine.

      • It was Brown, not Reagan

        Sharon, you have the totally wrong end of the stick. You need to do some research on the causes and timeframes for the closing of California’s psychiatric hospitals.

  • Bump stocks used in las vegas still on the open market. WAKE UP USA!!! #&$@ trump! Now he’s f’d up the middle east? He should stay out of affairs he has zero capability of understanding. He should stick with sniffing whatever…

    • Parroting what the liberal press says is not being rational. It’s being a tool for their personal agenda. Pushing this irrationality is why Trump got elected in the first place. And it serves no good to keep at it.

      Think it through for yourself.

    • Bump stocks are merely peices of plastic. They are not numbered, there is no way to track them. Without a firearm a bump stock would do less damage then a baseball bat. Seriously so much anger and fear over something that you as a commenter have little personal knowledge of. I really try to find logic in your comments however, saddly it is very rare. I think everyone has had a dislike or untrust of potuses through out the years, there will never be one that everyone agrees with. And everyone has the right to state their disagreements equally. However like the boy who cries wolf, all the time, it is hard to take comments seriously when they are presented in the manor presented above. Chicken little and the sky is falling etc. I personally dont agree with politicains period. Imo most are or were lawyers and members of the bar, which could be called a club. They get elected pass laws in a fashion that you need to hire their club members to understand them, you are defended by members of the same club that is charging you with crimes, judged by yet another member of the same club as to wither or not you are innocent or guilty. Seems pretty rigged to me.


    [edit]Sharon Peters. Your comments has little to do with this topic or the criminal element nationwide. And if you researched your media better you would find out bump stocks were not even involved. Maybe more need to cover their faces with a blanket like burying your head in sand!

  • Get informed people. Watch Meet the press or a.m joy in the morning. Sunday morning news is very informative. Our government pulls shit over rhe weekend, when we’re not paying attention. Watch it.

  • Would someone explain why guns are a recent problem? Looking through “American Rifleman” from the mid 1950s, guns of every type were available mail order and this didn`t seem to be a problem. 1892 Winchester rifles; great weapon. 1897 Winchester shotguns — as good an alley sprayer as ever made. One could buy a 5 gallon can of handguns, European oddities & military surplus. This didn`t seem to be a problem and not one of those guns went out and shot anyone on its own.

    My family was in the logging business and “powder” — dynamite was a commonly used tool and readily available. This wasn`t a problem either. No one seemed to be concerned with every gyppo logger, farmer or excavating contractor having explosives. Any thoughts or ideas on what`s changed? Or has anything changed other than as consequence of propaganda that now everyone is afraid of their own shadow?

    • when hunter/ weapon safety stopped being taught in schools , is notesbly when the statisrics for gun violence started to increase. this stopped somewhere around the early 60’s. at that point what had become common knowledge/common sense, began to decline. The ability for the masses to call each other out for poor safety practices increased as well. urbanization is also to blame since the necessity to hunt and protect yourself/family from predators declined. areas that remain isolated and relatively free of law enforcement have generally maintained higher degrees of weapon useage for general safety.

      A decade or so after this point is when you see the statistics start to climb in citys for gun deaths due to improper handling/ knowledge. Women become a big part of this statistic when a gun is left questionably secured or left in public. Due to improper disarming/ handling of a loaded weapon. (the eww response and picking it up by the trigger/trigger guard really does happen)

      obviously theres more than just this, but my hands are killing me so i jst can’t keep typing at this point.

      Imo even if you hate guns you should know how to handle and safely disarm a weapon. If anything so you can atleast safely secure a weapon in case you come across one for the safety of those around you and children.

      • I often hear people talk about how they would walk to school in the mornings checking their trap lines, but their .22 s in their locker at school and walk the lines home again. No school shootings happened. No robberies . These are people talking about doing this in 5th grade. I often hear how the scouts used to have rimfire rifle practice in school gyms . Firearm safety was well known and well taught, respected. What if we went back to that verses taking rights away or demonising something, go back to old fashion teaching. Not just gun safety but teaching respect , not just for ones self or personal views but respect for others, and their views reguardless if you agree with them or not. Respect is something that is often over looked. Yet when there is none or someone feels like they are personally not respected or that their opionons are not respected, it creates a deep seated emotional responce to fight for it. You see it in schools, you see it on the streets, you see it in politics , you even see it in religons. Bottom line is , if we all worked harder at respecting each other we would not have most of these problems we have today

  • Night. Glad i stirred up covo. Trump sucks so bad. He’s cray cray….💃🎅🎄🎁 💝💝💝nite to all…without dentures….thnite tho all…. 😂😂😂 peace to my community.💖

  • Oh, don`t give me any nonsense about “AR15s” “assault weapons” etc. Weapons of this type have been readily available to the public since 1906. They weren`t flashy looking and had wooden stocks — however, anyone on the receiving end would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Functionally similar to the point of being identical.


    Good Liberal only media here. Glad to see any other opinion is deleted.

    • Do you read the other comments? There are a very large number of conservative comments. However, I did search out what comment of yours was deleted and couldn’t find it at first until I discovered it had been moved to spam. My guess is that there was a glitch in the software. (I move unapproved comments to the trash, not the spam.) I’ve restored it.

      Also, you only think you know what I think. I learned to shoot at a young age.


        Thanks, Sorry and I will try to clean up my comments anyway, love this site it is local like me feels like being apart of a group, born and raised here, never been much involved with pot had local jobs paid taxes and now run a small business but think conservative. I really enjoy reading the comment base and commenting here. I feared that was null.

        • I promise I don’t delete comments because I don’t agree with them. I have a few simple rules.

          No insulting other commenters.
          No slurs–racial, gender, religious, political or otherwise.
          No encouraging violence.
          No accusations of illegal behavior that aren’t based in facts–usually that means an accusation by law enforcement.

          There are a few others, but those are the basics.

          • Yet above this comment someone was called a redneck Trump supporter based on language use. A double no-no. You need to include more words in your banned word list. It seems that like so common these days, who you insult is more important that why you insult them.

            Oh and the “what a dipshit” might actually be called an insult too.

            • Saying someone sounds suspiciously like one isn’t the same as saying one is one. I let it stand. Though I will watch and see if that gets abused. I believe dipshit is referring to the bandit not another commenter.

  • Everyone has an opinion.Everyone thinks their right!GOOD MORNING ALL🌄

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