Man Convicted in Connection With 2015 Shooting Death Arrested on Drugs and Firearm Charges Yesterday

Stiglich and brown

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Man convicted in connection with a shooting death in 2015 and accused of murder at first before he pled to lesser charges and was sentenced to six years in prison was arrested yesterday on other charges.

On December 7, 2017 at approximately 1:00 P.M. Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, with assistance from Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at a residence located in the 2000 block of Holly Street in Eureka.

Once on scene Special Agents and Deputies located the subject of their investigation, 35 year old Judson Stiglich and his girlfriend, 30 year old Amanda Brown.

With the assistance of a Sheriff’s Office narcotics detection K-9, Special Agents located approximately ½ pound of suspected methamphetamine, Subox47 strips of Suboxone and approximately 20 Hydrocodone pills. In addition they found a loaded .357 revolver, several working digital scales, packaging materials and other items associated with the sales of narcotics. $2,400.00 in U.S. currency was located and seized as it is believed to be proceeds from the illegal sales of narcotics and controlled substances.

Stiglich and Brown were arrested for maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing a controlled substance, gun and methpossession of a narcotic, possession of a narcotic for sale, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance, felon in possession of a firearm and felon in possession of ammunition. Both were transported to the Correctional Facility where they were booked and housed.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.

Note: We’ve reached out to the Sheriff’s Office to help us understand how Stiglich was sentenced to six years in 2015 but is out of jail already.



  • Shouldn’t this guy be in prison? How about some follow up. Why was he out on the street?

    • Already have a call in to the Sheriff’s Dept. requesting more info.

      • Miss you Ryan!!! I’m in shock right now!!!. Every day our family and friends and loved ones of Ryan deal with the trauma of losing a son, a boyfriend, an uncle, a dad, a brother, a loyal friend. This murdering drug dealer served less than 3 years. Out and back to the same ole thing on his parents property that adjoins Cutten Elementary School. He killed my son with a stolen gun….Praying for justice this time for Ryan.

        • Jo L Borchardt-Smith

          How about a wrongful death lawsuit ? Do not understand how he killed someone and only served 2 years ?

          • Jo L Borchardt-Smith, for the same reason a five-time deported illegal immigrant can randomly shoot some lady on the Streets of San Francisco and not be found guilty of murder I suppose.

          • I heard one guy explain, he killed a guy at a gas station cause he wouldn’t give him the money….he was robbing the place because he was a meth addict…..he did 3 years….the story came out different in court…..

        • Perhaps Mr Stiglich has cooked his goose for a few more years

      • Is this common for Humboldt County, Kym? I do not understand. It seems like I see this a lot.

        • It seems wrong. The Sheriff’s Office has given me some answers but I want to check with State Corrections before I post what I’ve learned.

          • I am wondering what you found out? Thank you

          • I know his family really well and He ISNT no murderer. Put yourself in his shoes and if a drunk man comes to where you live and starts attacking you and you warn him to leave. what would you do? Let him just beat the shit out of you? Exactly! SoPlease keep your opinion on what or who you think judson is. Especially during the holidays its not healty for mother or father having to read about their son.

          • Kym:

            Did you ever find out why Judson Stiglich was released so soon after his 2015 six year sentence? I know you asked questions but I saw no resolution.

  • Killed someone, six year sentence, two years later, right back in the drug supermarket business!

    What a great country! What an entrepreneurial spirit!

    The thing that amazes me about Humboldt is that every common, armed, drug-addict-criminal automatically is issued a girlfriend, and, there is no shortage of customers for poison, in a deeply poisoned community…

    Hail to thee, drug dealers, you made your County strong!

    • Pull your head out of the sand, the drug issues are everywhere!!!!
      Especially in places where small businesses have been put out of biz by big companies. Be it agriculture or a small grocery or clothing store. Its really hit hard in areas where people worked outside &/or in their family’s business. Like our area, a lot of these professions are highly intertwined into lifestyle and community.
      Rio Dell became a huge meth zone after M AXXAM came and destroyed PL.
      Read this book, and note when it was written. At least we don’t have people riding bikes while making meth in gallon jugs attached to bike.

      Our society needs fixing, until the demand goes down, the supply will just keep going up

      • awesome story and great scapegoat, but the attached link is the reason why he is able to continue this behavior here. there is no Prop that saves him for his priors or this one so what’s the real story.

        • Hismomsthemasterpuppeteer

          His grandmother is deceased and has no part in this. You should be ashamed for bringing her obit into this. Mind your own business.

          • Hismomsthemasterpuppeteer

            Legacy obit link. Tasteless.

          • Jo L Borchardt-Smith

            The grandparents and great grandparents were nice people.The property that was involved in that raid was once a well maintained lovely piece of property.It now has become a shit hole for drugs and violence .

        • What does his grandmother have to do with it?

        • What!?

          “there is no Prop that saves him for his priors or this one so what’s the real story.”

          What, what are you trying to say?

        • Jo L Borchardt-Smith

          Weird reference to obit.
          grandparents not responsible for
          the actions if an idiot like Judson Stiglich.Thank God all of them are gone and know nothing of what their grandson and property have become.Glad that some action has taken place and hopefully he will be put away for a few more years.

      • Yeah, people in Humboldt need to get out more. We’re not the center of the Universe, nor do we have the biggest problems in this country. People need to travel and realize there’s a lot of terrible things and conditions out there in this so-called “greatest” country on earth…

        • Having Traveled all over the world, except Australia ; We may not be number one anymore- But We Are Way BETTER Off Here.
          But you can Always leave

      • Yes, of course, it’s NOT all the pot growing. Nothing to do with it. Clintonian liberals love blaming the alleged “failures of capitalism.” “It’s the economy stupid,” right? Nothing to do with crime associated with weed. Nothing to do with the gangster “culture” that permeates this county. Nothing whatsoever to do with the criminal philosophies of HSU profs who brainwash their students. Nothing to do with the nature of the wild west mentality in Eureka. All perpetuated by dope growing. None of this has any influence. Typical leftist screed. “It’s everywhere.”

        • how many mug shots do you see of college grads? its everywhere people don’t value education. you should look at the Census Maps, its a no-brainer. they Thug because they don’t like making minimum wage and that’s all anyone will pay them.

        • Patriot in Willits

          I am going to guess the the “criminal philosophies” of HSU professors was not a major motivator here. Then again, I never went to school there. Is ‘Introduction to Meth Dealing’ an undergraduate offering?

        • Paranoid conspiracy theorist. 👎👎

  • Umm yeah it IS our problem. This doesn’t happen so much and so frequently in other counties. Even when we find them guilty they are back out quickly and doing the same stuff. The law and the sheriff is not a deterrent in Humboldt.

    • Write your rep, our jails overcrowded from thr state forcing counties to take state prisoners ti serve their sentence. Our jail was never intended to be a place where one serves a sentence, more of holding spot as a prisoner awaited arraignment or sentencing before being sent to a state facility to serve their time. Who attacked the guard at our jail? State transferred inmates.
      The other issues include bail amounts. A lot of people can’t afford bail so they sit in jail for a long time just waiting to see a judge. Its pretty weird, bail bondsman will find & bring back a person so why do they impose such big bail amounts. Rich people like Marci kitchen gets out on bail and goes on vacations to Mexico for manslaughter charges while a petty criminal who is poor sits in jail.
      Another issue has been the DA office lately, with the new hire came much discontent and saw the majority of the DA’s office quit. There haven’t been enough DA’s to be in court so everything has gotten backlogged and people are waiting weeks for an arraignment because of it. That keeps the jail full. All the major murder trials were pushed back in the last month.
      Read up on the DA office issue, and really think about it when you go to vote for a new district attorney and supervisor.

      • I sat through an 8 week trial where three public defenders represented 3 defendants in the same case. They were consistantly ill prepared and one appeared to sleep through much of the trial. I recognized a couple in the pictures about the protests of the new DA.

        I would not believe any protest they make about workload or competence.


    He actually killed somebody with a stolen gun, as a felon
    as part of a previous offense.
    Then out again, caught with a gun; felon with a gun, again. Criminals can get guns; but law abiding
    citizens have to take a test; wait a certain amount of time; etc.
    Why was he out again?

    • The real question seems to me is, when will he be back on the street?

    • Wow! We have no justice here because we have incompetent District Attorneys. I used to think it was the weakness of Gallegos but…it continues w/ old what’s-her-face (yes, that is to insult her). So the brother was not cool w/ this asshole smoking meth with his sister? Any decent guy would also give him an ass-beating. Instead asshole pulls out a gun and kills him. Then our wonderful DA drops charges to where asshole gets out in 3 years? 3 YEARS?!!! He was already on probation when he smoked meth and killed a decent citizen!!! This guy should be executed and our DA should be thrown out in the streets!

  • I hope that son of a bitch burns in hell !!! Miss you Ryan 😰 ” SWOG “

  • And apparently he was a convicted felon at the time he murdered someone back then. I wonder how many times he has been convicted and released all together.

    • And found with a gun as a felon; just that alone is up to three years in jail.
      They could at least give him an ankle bracelet
      if the jails are too full.

  • What a joke, you get longer for weed..i have friends still in for pot and this guy was walking around free, only in humboldt…..

    • I highly doubt your friends court case was here in Humboldt. It was most likely state or federal.
      But yes you get more time for pot than rape or murder.

    • True. For his previous conviction they dropped the homicide charge, dropped the meth. charge; he plead guilty to possession of a stolen gun as a felon, and pot possession. The person he killed was only 22 with no record. Very sad.

  • Does it have anything to do with the way the authorities add a list of trumped up charges in hopes of making at least one of them stick? Or maybe, the way the prosecutors instruct the jurors?
    If the criminal is innocent of all the trumped up charges and is innocent of the prosecutors jury instruction charge, the criminal is then innocent.
    Whatever happened to honest charges and honest instructions?
    I hope you’re able to uncover the mysteries behind this criminal’s scenario.

    • What is the trumped up charge? Prosecutors don’t instruct juries. Judges do.

      Don’t you find it just a little questionable that the same totally innocent people just keep ending up in court? That maybe their innocence should be questioned, not the charges.

      • I’m not familiar with this particular case, but it happens all the time.
        The judge instructs the jury, true, but it’s the prosecutor who tells the jury what the charges are. Make a “mistake” in the charge(s) and the criminal walks away, because the criminal didn’t do that particular charge against him.
        Let’s say, just for chits and giggles, that somebody is arrested for killing somebody, but the prosecutor touts the “brandishing a weapon” charge. Because the defendant didn’t brandish the weapon, he is found not guilty.
        This article explains more than I ever could.

        • We were told we prolly wouldnt win if we went to court and tryed to get jud for murder cause of the cituation. We should be happy that he is serving the time for probation violation. He was supposed to get 6 years but he got out this summer. His lawyer ross clanton is the snake that gets these dirt bags free of charges like murder. There is a special place in hell for this lawyer

  • This is just ridiculous, wtf.

  • Many cases are lost due to mistakes made by police, not to blame them, it happens. The evidence allowed in a trial is determined by a judge.
    There’s a good chance his case ended in a mistrial.
    Law and Order are pretty good at showing the real thing. Even better, I encourage everyone ti go sit in on some arraignment and court cases locally, you will learn a lot!

    • you will learn more by investigating his great-grandmothers orbit. have you noticed its mainly always locals in these repeat mug shots for serious crimes that somehow get repeated. 2013, 2015, 2017 all serious crimes.

      • I agree you see this a lot….. but I’m not fully convinced that his family being here for a long time has an effect on his sentencing, or early release (likely for good behavior). Do you have reason to believe they are that connected?

        • Family’s been here since the 40s? Damn newcomers!

        • She'llbecominaroundthemountain

          This has nothing to do with the Stiglich name other than Cindy (Judd’s mother) marrying into it. Good decent people except for her and her boys. Her husband is a pawn in her game. The grandparents and great grandparents were hard working good people who never got into trouble. Generations or Williams and Stiglich and never anything like this [edit]

      • Jo L Borchardt-Smith

        What would we learn by investigating the obit of a 83 yr old women that had nothing to do with any of this??? Except coming to California from Iowa and living a law abiding life?

    • I sat on two juries and was called as a witness in five hearings. What I learned is there are probably 30-40 people whose jobs are created by one of the same incredibly persistant 10% of the population.

  • There are counties and cities, and some states, that have a lot less crime problems. It’s because they don’t put up with criminals; and are strict with consequences and follow through with them. In Humboldt, and much of Calif., judges impose the very minimum or less and expect the problems to get better. If there were ‘no bail’ or high bail amounts, it would at least keep criminals off the streets until sentencing. We need more jails/prisons or add to the ones we have. You can’t put a ‘Maximum Capacity’ sign on prisons and just let the rest go. It will only get worse. This guy is NOT a mental health problem, but a career criminal who needs to be locked up for life. He has no intention of doing anything but commit crimes against people. Those who feel he, and people like him, needs help and rehab are a part of the problem for everything getting worse.

  • Our justice system never ceases to amaze me with it’s stupidity. You can replace “Our justice system ” with ” trump’s mind” and the statement is equally true.

  • Thats ok. the Probation officers are SO overworked. Not their fault. It is the guns fault. or the person he killed fault. Maybe just the cops fault for harassing this poor guy.

    maybe because the jails are overcrowded, 373 filled of 417 spaces for criminals.

    just leave the guy alone. he just wants his drugs and guns. maybe he was “triggered”, confused about life.

    (ya, this is BS just like the fact the criminals are out recommitting)

  • Yes, he should have been locked up. He got out, who knows how or why. Once out, was he on probation or parole? Likely so. Was he adequately supervised? Likely not, given the circumstances above.

    There is something seriously wrong with our system.

  • Hismomsthemasterpuppeteer

    His mother is just as involved. She’ll bail him out again and we’ll keep seeing the same stories over and over. She lives up in the mountains and let’s her kids take the fall.

  • Hang. Like a horse thief

  • In October, Jerry Brown signed into law the removal of enhanced sentencing for crimes with guns.
    Do the crime, spend some time. Use a gun, never see the sun, slogan is no more.
    “Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 620 into law which changes how gun crimes are prosecuted. In the past prosecutors would add on gun enhancement penalties increasing the minimum sentence. Under the new law, sentencing is completely left up to the judge instead.”

    • Yep, then he passed a law that legal gun owners will now have to go through a background check and be restricted to the amount of ammunition they can buy. He also changed a law that made thousands of legal gun owners felons overnight. You can also be a five-time deported illegal immigrant and randomly kill people on the street and not be charged with murder in California.

      • Kathryn Steinle, we should have a vigil for her. We should have demonstrations for her; not a word locally.

        Why are they passing these laws? We should fire brown
        and replace him with somebody who can do the job.

    • Can’t we have that replealed, undone?

  • Hismomsthemasterpuppeteer

    Jud’s lawyer said he found Jesus and was a changed person during his murder trial, if that’s the case he’s a methodist.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    OK, if you get 10 years for non-violent overgardening, you do most, if not all the time in federal lock-up in Sheridan, OR. WTF?! This guy is OUT? Never thought I’d see a cushier deal than vehicular manslaughter, but this could be it. Slick city.

  • The neighbors are getting fed up with that place.Two violent felons on the property, Drugs (METH ) and the place is a rat infested dilapitated war zone. The creep kills someone on the property serves only 2 years of a 6 year .
    Gets out of prison and does not miss a beat back into the same old stuff. This is a classic case of what part of the brain is this idiot missing.The girlfriend will be a poster for the look what she looked like then and now effects of meth.

    • Suboxone means heroin addict using it to stop heroin or control it…..Meth with heroin means speedball freak cause the heroin makes them sluggish and the mix it with meth to get up and down at the same time which means they aren’t really getting high, they are just crazy…..

      Heroin is for pain or to block out bad vibes, like alcoholics, just drink and ignore the bad vibes….so they aren’t working with their life as it is happening….they are tuning out or competing which meth is used to compete….addiction means your breaking the rules to life so bad your in trouble…..They won’t check in where they belong…..

      it’s either the streets or someplace cheaper or giving help to other’s……and it may take a lot of years to begin to give back and realize how much killers and trouble your creating to maintain your addictions…..They probably or usually misuse sex also.

      Well, generally someone cannot buy heroin or meth and LSD, all the illegal drugs without contacting a killer from a gang cause nobody get’s into a gang unless they prove they killed some random person……It’s required, PERIOD. So even if you know someone on drugs, which I used to…..they are involved with the killers who certainly find out where their addicts live and keep tabs when the money doesn’t roll in for deliveries……

      That’s where people FAIL… can neither hire them nor friend them nor much…without bringing the low energies and negative vibes of the killers that make and/or deliver the shit but the makers of drugs will be looking as good as any upscale lab technician…..the runners are greedy military delivering according to two Lt. Col….who told me 30 years apart from each other and the last one said “If you think anything else your stupid” Drugs come from the military and nazi scientists making them…..Delivering it to gang leaders….who might be ex military well trained but thrown out for violations in the military…. to the streets with no identity and see no other job, cause dishonorable discharge and no papers…. so they teach military skills and affiliate with the street people…. so nearly everybody is ignoring their demons….looking the other way….how it’s handled, why the system knows about it and wants it to happen…..War is necessary in their eyes so they set everybody up.

      • Please be specific

        What are you saying?

        • Well, I guess that just about sums it up… Military trained and dishonorably discharged (with no papers or identity) drug dealers, dealing Nazi made drugs, probably or commonly misusing sex, ignoring the bad vibes and generally running amok in Cutten. Oh, and best believe you cant buy meth,heroin or LSD without buying it from a gang affiliated murderer, I mean c’mon maaaan… It’s a prerequisite…
          I’m glad somebody finally figured it out..

          Hard to believe that someone so plugged in to “The Truth” or at least “The Truth according to 2 Lt. Cols. 30 yrs apart” (who shall remain nameless…) Could mistake a “Speedball”(heroin and cocaine) for a “Dirtball” (heroin and meth)… And we all know there’s no cocaine in eureka because it is only dealt by out of work uncertified tax professionals driving good humor ice cream trucks during the lull in the tax year AAND WE DONT HAVE ICE CREAM TRUCKS IN EUREKA!!!…(Ice cream truck music in the background)… “Oh Christ!!..Here we go…😖

  • This story is just too fucked up for words. How in the hell is he out menacing again? Lock him up,

  • The “NOTE’ at the bottom of this article is most disturbing! The question is a million dollar one. I think this is why crimanals come here TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!!When I was a kid I always heard folks say “if you want to get away with murder head to Humboldt” SAD,SAD,SAD

  • Reality is the test of truth

    There are ‘criminal families’ just like there are ranching families or military families or fire fighting families. Children are comfortable with the things that are familiar to them and tend to take those lessons into adulthood.

    Nothing strange or wrong in knowing this. Such families exist everywhere, both for good and for evil. Not every member is guilty automatically but the recognition factor is there when someone mentions a name in connection to a crime. ‘Not surprised’ would be a typical way of expressing it.

    All the sanctimonious lecturing about society’s responsibility or not judging is way into delusional. The more that isea is trotted out as some sort of principle, the worst society is screwed. Providing examples of alternative choices to poor family history is much more useful than leaving the poor kids to figure it out without giving them a clue.

    • The sad part about this character is he did not come from the criminal family.The fact is the system failed and allowed him out.
      A young person died because of him and of course it will spark outrage that he was out of prison and up to his old game again. I am thankful that i was not the parent to have to endure that never ending grief. The fact that he was up to his old tricks means no remorse or lessions learned on this one.Meth and a loaded weapon is asking for trouble

  • Stay tuned folks we have not heard the last from those folks.
    Just hope the school bus does not stop near that dump and no one is killed or injured

  • This is just nuts. The more of this junk I read, the more I am convinced we made the right decision to leave SoHum and Kalifornia. The entire County and State have lost their focus of what is best for the people. The inmates are running the asylum. I voted for Maggie and I’m sure she is doing the best she can with our liberal justice system. I was born in CA and lived here for 70 years. But now, it’s AMF KA.

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