[UPDATE 9 p.m.: Suspect May Be Injured] Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Seeks Possibly Armed Willow Creek Man Who Fled After Domestic Dispute and Firing a Gunshot

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

(Note: the suspect was involved in a domestic violence situation incident in March in which he barricaded himself in his girlfriend’s home.)

Kason CrutchfieldThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for a Willow Creek man believed to be armed.

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the 100 block of Mountain View Ln. in Willow Creek around 2:54 p.m. today for a welfare check following a 911 open line call. When deputies arrived on scene, they found a domestic dispute developing between the female victim and 27-year-old Kason Crutchfield. The victim was able to safely leave the residence. A gunshot was then reportedly heard coming from inside. Crutchfield fled the residence out of a back door.

The Arcata Police Department K9 unit and a CHP helicopter are on scene assisting deputies.

Crutchfield is described as an American Indian male, approximately 5’7” tall, 230 pounds, with brown/black hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing shorts and no shirt. Willow Creek residents are advised to stay inside while deputies search for Crutchfield.

Anyone with information on Crutchfield’s location is asked to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 9 p.m.: According to a tweet by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, “Willow Creek suspect Kason Crutchfield has not been located. Deputies believe he may be injured. Willow Creek residents, please call the Sheriff’s Office if you see Crutchfield or have any information about his whereabouts.”

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  • Are the Hunsuckers and Crutchfields related?

  • He looks like he’s having a allergic reaction and needs a epi pen…

  • Concerned Trinity County Resident

    Two different pictures of two different men. ???

  • Same address as last time. Come on girls, once a man has had the cops called for abusing you than you have the perfect out including hidden government housing paid for you while you transition. Move and LEAVE the guy before he kills you.

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      Hidden government housing? Really? That’s news to me. The government could care less about a local domestic violence victim. It appears that Kasen will never change. He has had years of opportunities to turn his life around. Going back to when he was a teen. He is dangerous and will end up killing someone. Hopefully this time he will suffer the consequences of his denial.

      • There are Hidden Domestic abuse Shelters, from my experience, only hidden so the ABUSER can’t find the victim. NOT run by the government. Leaving abusive spouse is difficult…Home, food, kids…NO JOB pays enough for childcare for victim to work! EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR MY EX’S PARENTS!!!!

      • Sounds like you know him so well! Lmao!!! He’s no more dangerous than anyone else!! He’s got anger issues just like many other people but that doesn’t mean he’s going to kill someone! If you knew him you would know this!

        • Hahahahahaha, ya multiple arrest in the same charges but I’m sure he’s a great guy. I have anger management issues but I don’t subject others to emotional or mental abuse, instead I got help. But keep enabling him, good job:)

          • No one is enabling him! We all voice our concerns and know this is not the road to be on! Still doesn’t mean he’s going to kill people!! Yeah he needs help but people like you who judge and point fingers don’t help at all. Keep being so closed minded! Good job 🙂 btw, arguing with multiple people on Facebook about someone you don’t know, still seems like your pretty angry! Just sayin!! 😉

          • They ALL enable him and listen to his bullshit stories that he’s innocent. I’ve seen what he does. He’s a psycho and violent.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Could not care less.

    • Truely sexist comments, like this one offend my sense of equality. Spouse abuse is not a gender based item. And it truely is a pet peve of mine to constantly see females protrayed as helpless victims and males as abusive hate filled killing machines. This is not the real case but i guess it fans the flames.
      Do me a favor and look up how many dv shelters there are for males in the country, then try to find out how many there are where a male can go with his children, to excape a abusive spouse. This is only one of the many reasons males are unwilling to report spousal abuse from their female spouses . Be part of the soluation not the problem please.

  • 25 year old McKinleyville resident Kason Henry Crutchfield

    PC 30305(a)(1): Felon in Possession of Ammunition
    HS 11350(a): Possession of a Narcotic Drug
    PC 466: Possession of Burglary Tools

    Also March 2017 Kason Henry Crutchfield, age 26, three felony warrants, violated restraining order, armed and dangerous.

    3 different arrests in the past year. Catch and release unsuccess story.
    Why was he out again?

  • Does he have enough neck for the rest of us?

  • Everyone in this post if pathetically ignorant. No one knows Kason not one of you. He is a good man to his family and a great uncle to his nieces and nephews. Its called a toxic relationship. She is conniving and a liar and instigated everything she ever had coming to her. For her to bring a weapon into this issue is on her. The fact that he just was released and he went to receive his property is not abnormal for anyone. He should have stayed away from her but she reals him in ebery time. This is no more blame on him than it is on her. He’s not a bad man. It’s the fact that he had been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know Kason and I know that he is a huge hearted man he would give the clothes off his back to help someone out just as the rest of my family would do. So unless you know him and know his family you can all go judge your own life’s and your own family’s cuz I can garantee that none of you are innocent as you put out to be. The female victim who is over 40 years old shouldn’t be acting like a teenage little girl and sleeping around with the entire town while she tells him she isn’t. There is so much more detail that nobody even knows so mind your own business or keep your mouths shut.

    • Well. That shut em up eh!? lol l

    • Reality fact check

      A somebody. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. According to the facts your brother took possession of Not one, but two of the victims firearms and fled with one. She was likely protecting herself from your psychotic brother. Yes we know who you are. Your brother is a repeat offender who will not leave this woman alone. He has violated court orders multiple times contacting her. He pursues her. According to the facts, she broke it off with Kason and he would not accept that. It was illegal for him to go there. The report indicates the majority of his personal items had already been returned to him and only a few items remained. He should have had the sheriff and a trusted friend go retrieve anything. AS THE COURT HAD INSTRUCTED HIM TO DO. So it appears that your brother intentionally violated the court order and has refused to stay away from the victim. No one can reel anyone else in unless they allow it. Kason was the aggressor and no one should be held at gunpoint. He clearly is the problem here, not her. The rest of your rant irrelevant and frankly very distasteful and slanderous of you. YOU should keep your false statements and blinded point of view to yourself. Your brother has a long history of violence. Look at his juvenile record. He has been violent with several of his girlfriends. We understand you love your brother but you should try getting him help instead of blaming others.

    • Actually there are whole generations of many families where no one has shot a gun at any family member or associate. Most people are in that catagory in fact despite various provocations. Not everyone seeks resolution through violence.

      So yes, most of the posters probably as innocent as they make out to be. I’m sorry that your experience has been otherwise.

    • I agree that you cannot judge one person based on their current situation in life. But let me explain to you why this man is not, and now that he has passed, was not a good man.

      In pre-school Kason broke my best friends nose after an altercation involving the possession of an etch-a-sketch.

      In middle school he bullied myself & several friends at Trinidad School. He fallowed me & my sister home one afternoon after we got off the bus. He chocked me, punched my sister in the stomach, then knee’d me in the groin. He grabbed my sister by her wrists and said that one day he would rape her and even her loudest screams wouldn’t stop him. He spit in my face. The next day in school he & his friends laughed in our faces, and made lewd sexual comments at my sister.

      The fallowing year we left Trinidad school after he shot my sister in the stomach with a BB gun he was carrying in his backpack. No punishment was given, and Geoff Proust chopped it up to kids being kids.

      At an Arcata High Dance he and many other familiar faces from the Cher-Ae-Heights Reservation showed up drunk. They were smoking weed & doing cocaine in the bathroom when I entered. I didn’t know they were there, or I wouldn’t have entered. For the next 45 minutes they locked me inside the stall, and ushered out students, telling them the toilet overflowed. They held a knife to my stomach and gave me mundane commands. “Put your face in the toilet,” “piss on yourself” “drink the toilet water.” One left and returned with a pistol. He held it up at my head, pulled the trigger, and yelled bang. The hammer of the gun clinked and I started to cry. They called me a pussy and said it wasn’t even loaded. They broke my cell phone, and told me to get the F out. I took the bus home that night covered in urine and all kinds of bathroom funk

      After coming home to Humboldt on winter’s break my wife & I went out to dinner at Tomo’s. After the meal we left around 9:15ish PM. Walking back to our car we passed a group of men on the square. After passing one of them called out my name, I turned back to see Kason among the group of men. He ran up to me and pretended to be an old friend. I tried to act the same, giving him a handshake sort of hug. He asked me if was still living in the area, I said no. He then turned to my wife and said, “Damn whats this faggot doing with a bitch like you?” I grabbed her arm and said goodnight. We continued walking towards where we parked. The next thing I knew she was holding my arm with both hands, screaming once in pain. Pieces of concrete in her hair, I realized they’d hit her with some kind of rock object. We went back to my mothers house, where we treated the wound. I wanted to file a police report, but decided not to, a choice I dearly regret.

      The man you’re defending had many sides you didn’t see or chose to ignore. I’m glad he’s gone, because for every terrible thing he did to me, I know he did just the same or worst to others on this planet.

      • You are right he had a long record of violence. He had a good side too but his violent tendencies were common and frightening. If you were a recipient of this side, you wouldn’t soon forget it. He needed mental health help not enabling.

      • What a horrible person. I’m glad he’s in hell, getting what he deserves.
        Thank you for being brave and sharing.

    • I only know, from what I’ve read over the years in these local media, that he was a violent repeat offender well on his way to being a career criminal. Toxic relationship? Probably! Know one knows Kason? Yeah especially you, a somebidy.
      She is very lucky to be alive.

  • I’m sorry for the family. That being said he was an extremely violent person. My son played football at Mack high and Kason decided to make himself his tormentor. He would stay around and threaten him and whatnot. Push, shove, call him names. Fast forward to 5 years later. My son is now 6″ and on leave from Afghanistan. My son runs into Kason and he was all “hey buddy” like they were the best of friends. First thing i said was “tell me you finally kicked his ass?” Nope he just talked to him listening to Kason rattle on about his life. When i asked why he didn’t DO ANYTHING his reply was “Why do I need to do anything? I let him know what a loser he is. He’s ruining his own life.” I feel sad that such a young man died just because he is dead no chance to make amends or change his life no chance period.

  • It is unfortunate that there are some families that value defending those members with problems over fixing the problems. They live in a world where problems of violence and vendetta are believed to be just the way it is.

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