EPD Still Awaiting DNA in Case of 18-Year-Old Jennika Determined to Have Died of Asphyxia Almost One Year Ago


[Composite image using family photo and photo by Mark McKenna of those gathered for her candlelight vigil.

Press release from Eureka Police:

Nearly a year ago, on December 9, 2016, 18 year old Jennika Lee Suazo was found deceased in her residence on the 300 block of P Street in Eureka. Detectives with the Eureka Police Department began an extensive investigation involving 22 people residing in the residence.

In June of 2017, the results of the autopsy were received and the cause of death was determined to be asphyxia. The case is being investigated as a suspected homicide. Eureka Police Department is still awaiting DNA laboratory results and continues to actively investigate this case. Detectives have kept the Suazo family informed during this process.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call Detective Amber Cosetti at (707) 441-4300.

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  • A year waiing for DNA unacceptable.

    • agree. From my understanding, the likelihood for being caught for murder has actually dropped quite a bit in recent years, which doesn’t say much for this new dependence on DNA and such. very sad.

    • Don't Drink While Pregnant

      they had to DNA test not just her, but all 20-odd people who lived in that house.

    • Absolutely. Unfortunately, California voted against a ballot measure that would have increased funding for crime labs a few years ago.

  • >”A year waiing for DNA unacceptable.”

    Hmmm… I wonder if they are trying to clone her ????

  • Thing is , while dna has helped solve many cases and free many that were falsey imprisoned, there have been recent discoveries that have proven dna evidance isnt 100 percent and is losing it value.

    • Can you link to any of these discoveries?

      • I’ve read that too. I’ll look around.


        not sure if this site is left or right leaning, not that it matters much

        • What that article means is dimply that humans interprete findings through the lens of its usefulness to them. If a prosecutor thinks- without understanding the science involved- that it will get him a conviction, he keeps any quiet about any doubts about whether the testing was done correctly or not. On the same case, the defense- equally without understanding- will latch on to any caveats as cause to dismiss any unfavorable test, whether the caveats are meaningful or not.

          No one will tell the jury the real situation and what it means so they will either believe one attorney’s expert or another. It’s exactly the same with breathalyzers, blood typing, etc. A trial is frequently a script edited by the judge and the only ones left to be in the dark about the validity of any test is the jury.

        • Incompetence leans all ways; that seems to be the conclusion of this article.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      References? Please do not quote Fox News. This was meant for “Truth.”

  • A year ago my guess is someone at the house knows but is not talking.
    A year later the lips have not loosened. Crime by random strangers is rare.

  • This is so sad,it shouldnt take that long she was beauitydull,I bet if it was the corners daughter or a judges it would have been solved by now.

  • It takes them a year to figure it out? Cant you tell immediately by the broken bloodvessels in her eyes?
    Being in humboldt time shouldnt be acceptable to be applied to police work.
    How about Marci Kitchen?
    Are they hoping we all forget what she did?
    Wtf is going on?

    • Nobody remembers couple weeks ago, they finally received the DNA results back from a young Man”s body that’d been found…it took over a year for that DNA to identify the body. Does no one really read articles at all? DNA testing seems to take a year, said article.

    • Asphyxiation can be natural too, the result of any number of medical or physical happenings. Not necessarily murder. I wonder if it’s the lack of clarity about the cause that takes a long time to resolve.

      • She was found in an old shower with her socks stuffed down her throat. Not natural by any means..and was telling people for weeks before then that she was real afraid of her stepfather..Her Facebook friends tried to get all that out right after it happened..

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Yet another hinky LEO press release. People are assuming DNA determines cause of death. Not true unless the disease is hereditary. This case was obviously drastically delayed for some reason. So now they have to look for her killer from a year ago? They couldn’t tell she was suffocated? You don’t need DNA to recognize drowning or asphyxiation.

    Oh, now I see. It only took 6 months ?!? to figure out she was suffocated. That’s about 5 months late, but they didn’t need DNA. I assume the hope is that DNA may lead to a suspect. Months later.

  • Darlon Stevens-Daniel

    Isnt it time for investigation to let us know what has happened to this beautiful young girl I feel it has dropped to the back burner

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